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People Who Definitely Deserve a Refund, ASAP

According to 20th-century business legend Henry Ford: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” But maybe online shopping hasn’t gotten the news! From size lies to fabric fraud, there are all kinds of tricks to bamboozle the public. And from the comfort of the ‘net, it’s never been easier to do!

With all the crazy products out there these days, customer satisfaction is still a core part of any successful brand. Sometimes, buyers simply deserve a refund: In full, with apology, now! It’s time for a very special consumer contest: Who had it worst, out of these victims?

Beary Scary

Ever since ole’ Theo Roosevelt spared a cub on his famous hunt, the Teddy bear has been beloved. The plush toy has delighted kiddos all around the world, and it’s not surprising that this was ordered. With a cozy sweater, too!

Reddit / vilapon

But wait, what is this? Underneath, there’s no body at all — and the arms are fake, too! This cuddly horror show is all legs, which can’t be what any shopper anticipated. Time to find the receipt, and quick: It’s scaring the children!

A Critical Cook

Universally beloved, pizza is something even fighting enemies tend to have in common. But with all the topping out there, it seems there is still room for disagreement. In a perfect world, the pepperoni and veggie lovers would find common ground. But world peace and pizza are still mere theory!

Facebook / pizzapornitalia

It was innocent enough: One hungry customer placed an order for their perfect pie. It included pineapple. Although a rare request, there are people out there who swear by it. Evidently not at the shop, though — this time, there was a preemptive refund!

Exactly as Described

Everyone secretly loves a good deal. Two products for the price of one is the best value out there! But for this poor buyer, the Christmas mug received wasn’t exactly what she ordered. Or was it?

Imgur / mhoa

In the original picture, the item is shown to be a color-changing cup: The dark night becomes Christmas with Santa and his sleigh as hot liquid touches the surface. Very novel, as an idea! But when it came, it was clear that no special materials were used. It’s just a picture of what might happen on the real thing! Whose holiday business was this, the Grinch?

Tank Top Trick

A guy can never have too many undershirts in his drawer. Why not stock up, thought this fellow. A few more sleeveless shirts could come in handy for the gym or a hot summer day. Ordering online seemed like a convenient idea, so he went right ahead with the plan.

Facebook / Jeremy Russel Priola

Surprise! It looks like this fellow now has a dress to add to his collection of tanks. Maybe he didn’t have enough before, but now he has at least one. Where will he wear this exciting, new garment? The possibilities are endless!


No one can argue that a good Marvel costume is going to be the talk of the Halloween party. With so many superheroes to choose from these days, it can be hard to decide on the right look. Why did Spiderman demand a refund, this year?

Well, for one, the mask does not go all the way down to his shoulders. On the costume model, that is clearly advertised as the design. But this is just too short, even for a tiny neck. Superheros are supposed to fully camouflaged, and this just doesn’t cut it!

Tatted Trainwreck

There are many elements that go into a world-class tattoo. Skin artists spend years refining their script and illustration skills, but they must have test subjects along the way. Who is the lucky customer today?

Reddit / Lolololokokok.

First of all, the singer’s name is way off base. But even worse, the catchphrase is all wrong! The grammar is appalling, and what’s going on with that font? Was this an attempt to avoid copyright issues? So many questions, but maybe one thing is certain: It is your life, sir! And now, it’s also your tattoo.

North Face Disgrace

Wearing branded merch can be a big deal, in school. Whether parents like it or not, the right logo carries a lot of social currency for teens. Here, one boy decided to sport The North Face on his tee. What’s that company all about, according to them?

Reddit / ohiyoo

Well, they claim to ”provide the best gear for our athletes and the modern day explorer.” Sounds like a great idea, for a teen to rep in class. But upon close inspection, this is a big ole’ fake! No way, no how did this come from any authentic store. Mom, ask for a refund!

Happy Firth, Kiddo

Parents all say that the first year after birth is a big adjustment. Sleepless nights, crying days, and everything in between: Making it to the one-year celebration is a big benchmark! Even if the baby won’t remember, why not commemorate it with a festive balloon?

dontfuckthat / Reddit

To be sure, the design is bright and happy. But the message is a bit confusing. Happy firth birthday? What language is this, Latin? Odds are, it’s English — but not the variety anyone ordered. Special days sometimes require special refunds. This is just that occasion!

Long and Leggy

Most clothes nowadays are mass-produced in factories. Thanks to technology, a lot of manufacturing is standardized to avoid human mistakes. So what’s the deal here? This unlucky person with normal limbs must have gotten a reject! 

Twitter / @GeorgeRiggall

What was received may have been perfect for a WNBA star, or Bigfoot. But if the store is honest here, that wasn’t exactly what they advertised. Online shopping can be hit or miss without a real-life dressing room or mirror. If anyone out there deserves a refund, this gal is nominated for the honor!

The Hair, the Horror

A woman’s hair is her crown, as gals will be proud to testify. There’s always real fear out there, and it’s universal: What if they chop off too much?  Even though it can be hard to let the stylist take the reigns, a trim and a touchup is a necessary part of self-care for hair.

Imgur / seventytimes

Maybe there is a good reason women fear shears. Look at this disaster from the back! The idea of creating shape and body through layers is a basic one learned in beauty school. This is an unacceptable cut, even for free!

Bejeweled Mess

Cinderella would jealous of the ad, but one shopper got lucky. Ordering this sparkling creation online seemed like the right thing to do, at the right price. But when the box was opened, there was no magic at midnight. Look at the fashion fraud!

The customer’s face says it all: Hopes and dreams dashed, this is serious buyers remorse! The fit and cut are not appealing at all, in real life. Looks can be deceiving, as online orders have proved again and again. Saying yes to the dress is just not possible here!

Can’t Veg Out

No Mexican fiesta or Superbowl party would be complete without the perfect guac. Dipping is a key part of the fun, but that does require avocado. Sometimes, that can be easier said than done! One Reddit user explained: I Chose the biggest avocado to make guacamole, I think is not going to happen.” 

Reddit / gortrix

With pit to spare, it’s going to be hard to make a good dip today. It probably was a good choice, at the time. Everyone goes for the biggest, fattest ‘cado at the shop. But looks can be deceiving, and this customer found out the hard way. Refund, hello!

A Very Big Celebration

As Peter Parker once said: “With great power there must also come great responsibility.” A wise character, he was. Someone should have asked him: Does that principle apply to birthday parties? It seems a villain at the party store went rogue, right here! 

Instagram / @comicbook_ads

Everything looks good, at first glance. But following the string down, there is an intrusion. And it’s unwelcome, at this party! Helium professionals seem to be handing out balloons left and right that simply shouldn’t make it to market. Even Electro and Mysterio are uncomfortable with this one!

Butt Why

According to a Starbucks spokesman: “We have never asked or directed any of our partners to misspell names of our customers for any reason. Writing names on cups is a fun tradition born out of the relationship and interaction between our employees and customers.” Oh really, Starbucks?

Tumblr / starbucksspelling

The lovely Ann-Lousie simply wanted to drink a pumpkin spice latte in peace. But that was too much to ask, for one barista at the bar. How could the spelling have taken this naughty turn, in good faith? This demands gift card compensation, at the very least!

Warm Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are a special time to tell loved ones just how much they matter. It’s the one day of the year that is all about them, and no one else. Here, one man received a custom cake from the local bakery. A touching message was included in sugary detail, too! 

Imgur / Druz

First, the message tactfully addresses the age of the birthday boy. Then, it gives him a compliment that he is timelessly handsome. Or does it? Anyone receiving this baked good is going to need a little denial if they hope to enjoy it!

Lost in Translation

On the lookout for local Harajuku Girls, one Reddit user scouted for trendy young ladies in Japan. He reported: I saw this girl in Tokyo and asked if she knew what her shirt said. She didn’t speak English.” Looking closely, it seems ignorance is bliss!

Reddit / kevlarisforevlar

Shopping is all about wearing the latest trends, from all over the world. It’s true that English text has a bit of prestige, internationally. But if none of the designers or shopkeepers are literate, it’s better to go without. Interpol — fashion police — solve this cotton crime!

Don’t Do That

The leaves are a changin’, an that means one thing: It’s time for fall fashion, again. The colder months are all about layering, and that mean tees, long sleeves, and sweaters are on the list. Graphics are always a nice touch to liven up an outfit!

Reddit / TatumStrangely01

Or are they? There seems to have been a big error, down at the factory. Perhaps the spell checker was broken, or an employee quietly pranked the batch. Clap your hand and make noise, they said. Crap your hands, though? Nobody said that, ever!

Welcome to China

A vacation abroad is always an exciting adventure — especially to the exotic far East! When this traveler arrived at the hotel in faraway China, they were greeted with an unusual welcome note. Written in two different languages for clarity, it doesn’t seem professional in either!

Reddit / code0011

First, the guest is warned not to do drugs on their stay. Then, further wording is added about visiting ladies of the night. Is this a common problem, or what? With luxury service like this, a refund is the least they could do!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Preparing for camping is always an ordeal. This adventure at least involves shopping for the gear, organizing the backpacks, loading everything into the car, and setting up at the campsite. Pitching a tent can be tricky, too! This customer decided to order a no-brainer model. Online, it all looked quite modern, and easy!

But in real life, this was no two-person tent. It was not even a one-person tent! Perhaps it’s a dog shelter, at best. Now stuck in the woods, this internet victim should have opened the delivery box before leaving the house!

Outside In

It’s hard enough waking up in the morning and stumbling to the coffee pot without this nonsense. Here, it looks like the factory looked at the blueprints in the mirror. Or perhaps, it was a sick, sick joke! A disgruntled worker might just be the cause of many customer returns.

But the bigger question at play here is really about caffeine. Just how much coffee space does this mistake take away? At least five percent, but that’s no small thing for an insomniac. Perhaps this product is intended for casual sippers, if those exist!

Fun Size Surprise

No doubt about it, the centerpiece of just about every living room is the TV. People put them on tables, sometimes. But to achieve just the right Feng shui, a little more intention is needed. One girl decided to try online deals to decorate her room. Did she succeed?

Twitter / @brendablancart2

No, it’s not really the right vibe. Most people will realize immediately that it isn’t going to fit this room. Or any room, actually! It seems the real-life item is made for ants. Hopefully, she didn’t pay the human furniture price!

Shrouded in Mystery

Many people secretly fantasize about loved ones shocking them with a surprise party. When this good daughter decided to do exactly that, she was thwarted. And the screw up was from the party supply company, itself! How could they write this, right on the box?

Twitter / @NicoleDaviess_

Mom, don’t look! All the details of the plan have been revealed in bold, block print. Whoever wrote this must be fired from party planning. It’s just not what they are mean to do, quite obviously. A discount would be the least they could do for ruining the big day!

One-Eyed Monster

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea — absorbent and yellow and porous is he? Yes, SpongeBob SquarePants does. And recently, he also decided to live in the freezer. This cartoon ice cream was a novelty one customer couldn’t turn down. Time to unwrap!

Reddit / TheNicestAF

Now, the terror. SpongeBob has lost an eye, and the other one has floated over the middle. He’s become a cyclops, and let’s face it: People are judgemental. It’s cruel, but it’s time to demand a refund. This just isn’t the sponge anyone signed up for!

I’m Not at All Lovin’ It

Fast food is often the first step on the job ladder in life. Teens and new workers learn to use the cash register, keep things squeaky clean, and smile all the while. There’s been talk of automation recently, though. Should robots replace people at Mickey D’s? 

@tomflanagan_ / Instagram

It’s controversial, to be sure. But after one customer received this order, it might be time to think about the idea again. The request? Only sauce. The order: Literally, only sauce! Obviously, this was a reference to toppings, not a demand to remove the meat. Money back, please!

Distorted, To Say The Least

One time use beauty face masks have been all the rage, a trend hailing from South Korea in recent years. Promising to deliver moisture and more, the treatments are a luxurious night at home. Sometimes, though, what arrives in the mail is a little confusing! What’s this here, today?

Everyone wants clean, healthy skin. But this K-beauty Winnie the Pooh mask is a little bit scary! The package was friendly enough, but it just doesn’t transpose well on a human face. Some might even call it traumatizing. They’re not wrong!

Million Dollar View

Watching the game wouldn’t be complete without a hot dog, a soda, and good friends to enjoy the balls and strikes. It’s been an American tradition at least for a hundred years now! Today, though, there is a break with classic baseball norms. Just for one unlucky fan, sadly!

Here, a column holding the whole place together is right in his view. How is he supposed to root, root, root for the home team? This fellow’s half-smile is telling. On one hand, he wants his money back. On the other, he is already here. The struggle is real, and so is that blockade!

We’re Jammin’, We’re Jammin’

A doughnut is what it sounds like: fried dough, sweetened to perfection. Many cultures have their take on the treat. But in America, variety is king. Whether it’s blueberry, glazed, or creme-filled, it’s hard to eat just one. But today is that day: Look at this terrible filling letdown!

Maple_Cry / Reddit

All cake, no sweet surprise. I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, it sang. Yes we are, everyone said. This isn’t any fun, and it’s going to be impossible for the manager to deny. The photographic evidence speaks for itself!

Framing Issues

Hello, Health Department regulations. Hand washing should never be optional, around food. Here, the public can see a sign that clearly states that all employees must wash their hands before returning to work. This cafe takes the warning so seriously, they framed it and placed it under glass for safekeeping.

But that is probably a bad move, if they are equally serious about the braille. How are the blind employees supposed to read the sign under the frame? Yuck, indeed: Any customers who notice might be entitled to a meal refund!

Size Does Matter

New, bigger sized bags should generally follow only one rule. They should be bigger than the old ones, of course! Sadly, the chips look smaller. What kind of cruel scam is this, at snacktime?

Maybe small is the new large? Maybe lying is the new truth? This is madness, and society should have none of it! These must be boycotted, after a few chips. But afterward, a stern letter is in order! Selling air is not an honest product, and it never will be. Chip lovers of the world, unite!

A Horse, of Course

Stallions. mares, and racehorses have captured the imagination of humans forever. According to Winston Churchill: “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” There is no shortage of love and admiration for this special creature. No wonder so many children’s toys are modeled after it!

Imgur / Hallucinado

But wait, what’s this? Examining the figure here, there’s realistic hair and eyes. And something else is true to life, as well — too true, in fact. Turning it over, there seems to be way, way too much detailing. Refund please, before it scares the children!

Rugged By Reality

”I can open your eyes, on a magic carpet ride,” he planned to sing. But shopping online has its hazards, and his lyrics are going to need an adjustment. The whole plan might need to change, frankly! What this guy received is not about to take any pretty ladies to Agrabah. 

Twitter / @adamhess1

The main reason is clear. It’s too tiny! His face says it all, showing his sadness over the mini. The 993 people who gave the product a like might want to read into the details, a bit more. Learn from him, as he seeks his refund!

Literally Correct

Birthdays require unique cakes, for an extra special day. This family decided to wish dear Adam all the best. To accomplish this goal, special instructions were given to the shop: Write Happy Birthday Adam, with blue flowers. And that’s exactly what they did — quite literally!

Imgur / Zergcollective

Perhaps someone is new on the job! Experienced workers would figure out the real meaning in the ambiguity. Spelled out in the beautiful script, there is no mistaking that they tried to please their customer. But did they? Probably not, unless the birthday boy has a dry sense of humor!

Pedal to the Metal

Riding a bicycle seems easy now, but thinking back, it was a process to learn! Scrapes and falls were all part of the fun, but most people did get the hang of it eventually with a working bike. Today though, one boy is about to learn a much harder lesson than most. Big yikes!


Captured at just the right moment, this photo shows the front wheel just popping off without warning. It’s obviously quite dangerous. Since when were wheels optional? A refund, and probably a recall, are coming up ASAP!

‘Cause This Is Africa

Ah, yes. The diverse and mysterious continent of Asia. China, Vietnam, Thailand — they all have their own special attractions. This shirt really captures the beauty, too! But wait a minute, something isn’t quite right about the design.

Casual geographers know this isn’t Asia at all! It’s Africa, obviously. They may both start with A, but there are a lot of differences from there. With a mass shipment back to the factory, there are bound to be some questions about the recall. Clearly, this t-shirt was made in Chian, or Shina!

English is Exciting

This older gentleman was just looking for a trendy tee to wear around town. That’s an innocent enough goal, to be sure. But it appears that his first language is something other than English. And whether he knows it or not, the internet had a good laugh! 

Imgur / yodaddadadda

It probably seemed like a normal item. An American logo was a nice touch. But actual Americans can see the truth of the matter: This is not something to wear to work, play, or school! It’s a dishrag at best, but it looks like he may be the last to know he should demand his money back. Sad times!

Sweet, Petite Feet

While ordering clothing online is always a Russian roulette game of sorts, there is a special challenge when it comes to shoes. Unlike dresses or shorts, they cannot be hemmed with the help of a tailor. If the wrong size is received, there’s no salvaging that purchase! 

Twitter / @Sallamandersal

Women’s shoes generally run from size 6 to size 10. Getting up to 11 is often a special purchase, large ladies know well. But here, it’s hard to say which department these shoes even came from. The department of fairies? Call the credit card company: This scam cannot stand!

Everyday Gourmet

It’s true that many Americans believe that potatoes are vegetables when it’s time for a diet. Maybe they are, technically. But salads have the potential to be much healthier than that! Here, someone actually tried to purchase an exotic variety for lunch. What did they really receive?

Reddit / space_waves

The peas and carrots look plentiful. And the rest of the salad? Well, it’s nonexistent. Some might even say this doesn’t qualify in the category at all. No dressing, nothing fresh in sight. That might be appealing to some, but it really missed the point!

Many, Many Regrets

And it’s tattoo time, again. According to the dictionary, a regret is ”a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.” Today, one customer is going to be looking up the formal definition as he prepares to sue!

Twitter / @no_ragrets_pics

Many would say he ought to, in a fair world. While inking isn’t a profession that requires a college degree or high school diploma, it might be time to start using a spelling test. This is no smart re-gert, after all. It’s a permanent one!

Time After Time

According to the FDA, manufacturers apply date labels for a variety of reasons. Usually, they want to inform consumers and retailers about the basics: How long can food keep its quality and flavor. Here, one tasty Mexican joint decided to be very, very specific! 

rainierisrad / Reddit

Marked right on the roll, no one is going to mix this up with old food. But despite its guarantee of freshness, it’s still a bit unappealing. Some customers might even send it back on the basis of being way too weird. And no one can blame them!

Lavender Living

When this fellow ordered a royal purple rug on the internet, he thought he found the perfect solution to brighten up his space. A bold new look, coming right up! To his shock, though, the real-life rug was itty-bitty. The picture on the internet was not quite the same size received!

Sad, sad times. It’s hard to anticipate when a company pulls the rug out from under a person like this. The scoundrels, really! But if this customer has the courage to speak up, a refund will be requested. Ask, ASAP!