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This Food Seems Broken: The Strangest Food Anomalies Found Anywhere On The Internet

In the modern age, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to good–looking food. However, occasionally, these products exit the factory or wrapping plant looking quite of the ordinary. It can be off-putting, but it can also be incredibly amusing, and sometimes, it’s even better than getting the regular version.

Maybe the fertilizer was a little too effective, or perhaps there was an issue on the manufacturing line that caused more items to be wrapped than intended. Either way, these culinary anomalies are uncommon, and you should consider yourself fortunate if you ever discover them. Take a look at all of the strange anomalies discovered in people’s meals.

Uprooted Home of the Fairies

Finding a mushroom growing in the garden is common. Mushrooms are fascinating—they grow in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some people love them, and some people hate them—after all, they can be quite poisonous, even deadly, if you don’t know what you’re doing.


This mushroom was discovered by a man in the wild near his home. The egg is for size reference. They couldn’t possibly have left the mushrooms alone, especially one this large. A mushroom of this size could easily feed a family of four—but we’re not sure whether it’s safe to eat.


Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which is essential for various important health functions. Because it’s so important, odd culinary abnormalities like these are really helpful. Imagine, you could get four times as much potassium with one bute!


Given its width, the person would probably have been able to tell something was wrong before peeling. They didn’t realize it was four bananas in one until they looked inside. The bananas themselves do not appear strange; it is just the fact that they have fused that makes this such an intriguing sight.

Two Bags In One

How many times have you opened a bag of chips just to find that there isn’t as much food inside as you expected? Many manufacturers get away with packing as much air as food in their products. Fortunately, they do make mistakes from time to time, which leads to delightful results. Take this, for example.


This inadvertent merger of two bags of chips as one is one of the strangest food abnormalities. How did this pass quality control? Well, we’re glad it did. This design was clearly not planned, yet we can’t think of anyone who would object to it. 

Rooting For You

Here’s a carrot that will not only give you night vision, but it will probably glow in the dark—assuming it grew that big with the help of radiation. No, in all likelihood, it’s just one of the big boys. Sure, it’s as large as this guy’s forearm, but at least it looks like a carrot rather than a monster.


How would you juice a carrot this big? You’ll have enough carrot juice for a week. This guy seemed to be overjoyed to have received such a large prize. It probably wouldn’t fit in the juicer. He’d have to chop it up before putting it through.

A Giant Lobster Claw

Exploring what dwells in the ocean can be both intriguing and scary. There are tons of terrifying creatures down there, including lobsters with claws this gigantic. It’s one of those strange dietary abnormalities that make your skin crawl.


Hopefully, the fact that it’s a food anomaly indicates that there isn’t a species of monster lobster lurking beneath the surface, ready to attack humanity. It would be amusing if the lobster was normal size but had to carry around a massive claw.

Finger Grape

These unique grapes are unlikely to be available in your local store just yet, but they are well worth the wait. Witch Finger Grapes, also known as Tear Drop Grapes, derive their name from people with unusually long, pointed, and creepy-looking fingers. They’re quite sweet and have a deep, rich flavor.


These grape varieties are typically sweeter than conventional round grapes. The man who discovered this scary finger-sized fruit might have thought he had found a new fruit variety, but in fact, this type of grape has long been available on the market—just maybe not in most places.

“Low Calorie” Cereals

Breakfast is widely regarded as the most important meal of the day. Of course, if you do want to start your day healthy, you shouldn’t eat bowls of sugar and chocolate—and certainly not a bowl of cereal like this.


The chocolate pieces in Special K are intended to improve the bland taste, but they are not intended to be the focal point of the dish, despite what you may think. As far as strange culinary oddities go, there’s nothing to be unhappy about here. However, consuming the entire chocolate chunk probably won’t be good for your gut.

Mega Egga

Eggs are a terrific option for a more nutritious way to start the day. A couple of them in the morning, loaded with high-quality proteins, should set you up for a good few hours at least. This would be especially true if you ate an egg as large as this one.


This person discovered a huge egg in their hen house that was twice the size of some other eggs. That one might yield twice as many scrambled eggs. Perhaps an ostrich impersonated a chicken and laid an egg while everyone slept? It’s egg-stremely unlikely, but maybe. 

A Baby Tangerine

Tangerines are another food that should be included in a regular diet. They’re high in vitamin C and fiber, both of which are beneficial to your body. So tangerine with a little something extra isn’t something to complain about—unless the idea of eating a tangerine’s baby disturbs you.


Fruit should not be able to bear babies. But this tangerine had to be pregnant because it came with a smaller version of itself inside. You might say that the individual who opened this recently performed a successful (vitamin) c-section.

Giant Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

If you have a sweet craving, a tub of ice cream with chocolate chips is a terrific way to reward yourself after a long day. Of course, depending on the tub you purchase, you might not get as many chips as you like. Sometimes they’ve just been distributed unevenly.


Because of the way they prepare their ice cream, Graeter’s is known for having massive chocolate pieces mixed in their tubs. This person discovered an extra-large lump of chocolate in their ice cream. Excellent! The only downside is that this looks like the only chocolate chip in the whole container. 

A Lost Wizard Bear

You anticipate the contents of a mass-produced item to be uniformly standardized. However, when this person opened a package of goodies, they discovered something rather magical. This can’t just be a simple case of bad molding—this mythical gummy looks specially made.


How did this wizard wind up with all of these other bears? Perhaps it was part of some kind of contest in which finding the golden wizard earns you a gift from Haribo. In that case, we hope this guy didn’t just eat the little bear!

Miracles Do Happen

Some things in life are impossible and the stuff of dreams. One such example is the ability to fly without the use of technology. Another is to open a yogurt pot without any of its contents being smeared on the roof of the lid. That’s what we used to believe—until today.


It is unusual to open a yogurt container and find no yogurt on the lid. It’s smooth and clean. Almost too smooth. Now we’re suspicious. It’s similar to seeing fresh snow but not wanting to disturb it because it looks too perfect and pristine.

Heavy Load

How ever would you transport a cabbage this large home from the store? You’d need a truck like the one pictured here. This cabbage had to be quite heavy. We can’t help but wonder where you’d find room for it in the fridge. There would be no room for anything else.


Consider the possibilities—sauerkraut and kimchi for weeks. At the very least, you’d be getting a lot of gut-healthy probiotics. Only one more question: where did this guy find such a large cabbage? Did he climb a beanstalk and steal a sprout from a giant?

Berry Big Berries

Blueberries are frequently regarded as one of the healthiest things you can eat because of their antioxidant capabilities, which aid in the treatment of diseases such as heart disease and cancer. These blueberries are enormous in comparison to a standard-sized blueberry.


A dozen blueberries would ordinarily fit in the average hand, but not in this case. These berries are so enormous that just two of them are considered a handful. Their size implies that they should be packed with nutrients to keep your health in check. However, you should always be wary of consuming anything so oddly sized.

A Pearl From An Oyster

It is occasionally necessary to exercise caution when eating seafood. Even while dining at a restaurant of renown, there is always the possibility of getting sick. However, it appears that this is not the only thing to keep an eye out for—check out this emergency dentist appointment waiting to happen.


This person never expected to come across such a wonderful treasure while dining out. Fortunately, they spotted the unusual dish before biting down. They appeared to be more perceptive than the folks who gave them the dinner, who had no idea a pearl was hidden in one of their oysters.

Heart-Shaped Strawberry

Strawberries have several health benefits, one of which is that they help with your heart’s health. Maybe that’s why this strawberry is shaped like that of a heart. And because it is so large, this strawberry is likely to be more effective in promoting your heart’s health—unless you tried to eat it in one go.

Source: Bored Panda

While you might debate whether a regular strawberry looks like a heart, this one is undeniably shaped like one. We’re not sure why it’s taken on that shape. This berry had blossomed and would be ripe for Valentine’s Day for some reason.

A Bicycle Pasta

You can have the same pasta dish at numerous restaurants and get something completely different each time. It all depends on the type of pasta the chef uses during cooking. Spaghetti or linguine? What’s better, penne or ziti? They don’t typically mix and match.


In his penne, this person discovered a solitary bit of bicycle spaghetti. Because they seem so similar, you might see regular spaghetti winding up in a linguine recipe. What about this, though? It might be a hint of what he should get down to after consuming all that pasta. 

A Handy Carrot

After you plant something, you never know what it will look like when it is completely developed. Based on the seeds you’ve planted, you can only make an educated guess. There are no assurances, however, concerning the precise size, color, or anything else. This is one of those odd food anomalies that prove it.


This is not like any carrot we’ve ever seen. It looks to have developed five distinct stalks, resembling a gigantic hand. We’d be scared if we saw this coming out of the ground.

Full Bottled Drinks

It’s not just potato chip packs that seem to have too much air in them at times. Before the bottle of a beverage is sealed, some air usually manages to get inside, wasting the precious space where juice might be in its place.


This customer was really fortunate to purchase a bottle that was completely full. It couldn’t hold a single drop extra, which probably meant it was difficult to open without screwing it up. They could have avoided spills and realized the benefits of this food anomaly if they had been diligent.

A Perfect Amount Of Garlic

Garlic is an ingredient that should never be overlooked. Most foods will taste better with a clove of garlic in them, preventing the blandness that can occasionally ruin a meal. Plus, garlic is high in health benefits, so you know you’re doing your body good by incorporating it into your diet.


When recipes call for a clove of garlic, they do not mean this size. If you combined all of this on a single plate, you probably wouldn’t be able to taste anything else. However, this would save a lot of time while peeling each garlic clove.

Grapes On The Cob

Grapes, like any other fruit, are worth including in your diet if you appreciate their flavor. They’re a terrific substitute for bananas and blueberries because they’re high in potassium and antioxidants. Of course, because of their natural sugar content, you shouldn’t consume too many in one sitting.


This is one of the strangest culinary anomalies since it does not resemble a bunch of grapes at all. Of course, we assume it tastes as good as a bunch of grapes should, but we’d say there’s more than enough for more than one sitting.

Every Avocado Lovers Dream

Avocados have several health benefits, including improved digestion, a lower risk of depression, and cancer prevention. Perhaps this is the primary reason why this fruit is so well-liked and beloved. The owner must be excited to eat this avocado because it weighs almost two kilograms.


If you grew a weird food oddity like this, you could eat a lot of avocado on toast. We hope the pit inside was average size. That way, you’d have a lot more avocado to consume, which is never a bad thing. Otherwise, you’d have a boulder to get rid of. 

Extra 42 Grams Of Skittles

According to the package, a regular bag of Skittles this size should weigh 2.17 ounces. That usually signifies that the full bag isn’t packed with sweets but with air, which would understandably make most people upset.


This bag apparently weighed up to 3.63 ounces (103 grams), which is nearly double its normal weight. Rather than filling most of the package with air, this was entirely candy, which is fantastic for its lucky buyer. It’s a shame that strange food abnormalities like this don’t happen more frequently.

Perfectly Melted Cheese

What’s the point of a burger without cheese? A dry, naked burger isn’t a burger worth eating for most burger enthusiasts. Of course, a cheeseburger as exquisite as this is rare. Just look at that glistening, smooth yellow surface.


The cheese has adequately melted over the contents. It would almost be a shame to put the bun on top. There isn’t a single flaw on that yellow surface, which makes you nearly want to eat it. After all, a tasty burger is designed to be consumed, especially when it looks this good.

Boneless Avocado

If you enjoy avocados, then this strange food anomaly appears to be tailor-made for you. As if a four-pound avocado wasn’t enough, it appears that it’s also possible to get one with no seeds at all. You don’t even need to hack the stone out—just dip in!


Because there are no avocado seeds, there are more of the wonderful insides to enjoy in a salad, guacamole, or spread on toast. While the seed has health benefits and can be used in cooking, the majority of people aren’t interested in what it has to offer.

Happy Grapeween!

How many times have you misidentified one food for another? It’s unusual to hear about someone confusing grapes with pumpkins. After all, the two are distinct in terms of color, shape, and especially size. This little-big grape seems to have gotten the shape right, at least.


After nature decided to birth another of these strange culinary oddities, it appears that someone came across a grape shaped like a pumpkin and took a picture. While the color and size differ substantially from those of a pumpkin, the shape is spot on. Grapevines must have cheated on a pumpkin’s wife.

A Roll Of Cheerios

Cheerios are popular in America. When you look at the sales of the top-selling cereal brands in the United States, it’s easy to see why. With so many people enjoying this, we’re sure there are a lot of people who would love to be in this person’s shoes.


Only a Cheerio this long is better than a single bowl of individual Cheerios. We’re not sure what occurred in production to transform it from a hoop to a tunnel, but we’re entirely on board. Cheerio brand straws, anyone?

Abnormally Large Squash

What do you think of when you picture a squash? Presumably, something long and rounded. Would people immediately recognize this as a squash? You’d be proud if you discovered this growing in your garden.


After all, while it can be one of the most bizarre culinary anomalies, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a larger-than-average squash. It just means that there is more you can do with it. That’s always a good thing in the world of food.

An Apple For An Apple

Food generating small versions of itself appears to be both a common anomaly. Apples have now been added to the list of foods that appear to be capable of having children. Or maybe it’s a conjoined apple twin.


We’re not sure what we’d think if this grew in our backyard. We figured there’d be nothing to complain about—it’s just some more fruity delight to enjoy. Sure, it looks strange, but as long as it’s not rotting, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be eaten like any other apple.

“Cookie” and Cream Ice Cream

The days of having to choose between the holy trinity of strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla are long gone. You can now choose from a variety of delectable tastes, including Oreo. This spin on cookies and cream is hard to beat. However, it can result in some strange dietary abnormalities.


The idea behind Oreo ice cream is that the cookies are crushed into tiny chunks. It’s not supposed to be this well preserved. It makes less room for ice cream, which is what you’re really after.

Block of Hot Cheetos Dust

Cheetos are one of the most popular snacks among children and adults alike, yet everyone has a favored taste. Those who want a little heat in their food tend to choose Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. However, they’d be more hesitant if they all came like this.


If you ate all of this, you’d probably come to regret it—because it would burn up your insides like lava being dropped inside a cotton hut. It wouldn’t be so horrible if you used it to garnish other things. If you like things hot, we think putting it on pizza or nachos would be really tasty.

The Mutant Carrot

You would not be disappointed if you discovered some of these strange food anomalies while gardening. They can appear strange, yet they truly provide you with more nutrition than you expected. We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to rebury it after digging it up.


This mutant carrot appears to be taking over the world. This is their leader, and he has come to find out if the earth is a good place for its kind. The best approach to deal with anything like this is to kill it with salt, pepper, fire, and a pinch of garlic for flavor.

A Small Bun Inside A Bun

This bread bun appears to have grown a tiny version of itself on its top, resulting in a strange food anomaly. After all, it wasn’t just extra bread on top; the addition also included a tiny version of the bun.


If you were served one that size, you’d probably feel like you got the short end of the stick. However, if you got both, you’d feel that there was too much bread and not enough filling—at least, that’s how we would feel.

Gold Bears Centipede

When this was created, the manufacturer’s quality control department must have been on vacation. Whatever happened in that factory was strange enough to generate a creature like this. The majority of the candy in the packaging appears to have combined into one entity that resembles something out of The Human Centipede.


We love how the green turns into yellow and how the sweets align to form a rainbow shape. We’d be alarmed if we opened a bag of gummy candy and discovered this within. We’d think it was a frightful insect. 

Granny’s Fresh Produce

Look at the size of these things. The tomatoes are nearly the size of the woman’s head. She’s probably the most ecstatic tomato farmer the internet has ever seen. This woman and her gorgeous tomatoes must make Italy very proud.


We’re curious what she did with them: tomato soup, salad, or marinara sauce? They’re almost too beautiful to chop up and cook. These tomatoes should be on display at a state fair. They’d certainly win first prize, for sure.

Berry Big

Look at how big that blackberry is! And it appears even larger in this child’s little hand. This fruit must have consumed the majority of the package it came in, or if it was hand-picked, it must have brought down the whole vine. Because her hands are so small, we need a larger object to compare the blackberry with, such as an egg or a banana.


Now here’s the dilemma: do you eat it in one mouthful or gnaw on it like a regular fruit? This blackberry must be loaded with seeds. It would be ideal for jam or pie.

Getting Your Greens

Collard greens are a Southern staple, frequently served with macaroni and cheese, pork chops, cornbread, or fried chicken. Instead of using a handful of collard greens in a dish, all you really need is one massive one that’s almost as tall as this gorgeous pair.


Imagine how large the rest of the plant would be if this were a single leaf. We would be so proud if we could grow plants that looked like this. You could use it as a handy umbrella for when it rains, keeping it fresh in the process.

A Giant Cabbage

We mistakenly thought he was dressed like cabbage at first because the vegetable is so large. It has taken over his entire body and appears to be growing out of him. Just look at how big it is! It looks like some kind of Power Rangers villain.


We don’t know what kind of miraculous formula these folks are putting in their soil, but these massive plants are huge. In comparison to the cabbage, the man appears to be tiny, like a garden gnome. It looks like a week’s worth of cabbage is rolling in for the entire family.

Unlimited Lemonade

What exactly are we looking at here? How can this be a lemon? The fruit dwarfs her head in size! We can think of a million uses for this lemon, including lemon pie, lemon bars, and lemonade. It looks like she’s just having a good time holding it.

How could you not be happy with this magnificent fruit in your arms? She could whip up a large batch of lemon bars or unlimited glasses of lemonade. With this enormous lemon, there are so many possibilities. Or there would be if she ever lets it go.

The Monstrous Zucchinis

Is this summer squash called a zucchini or a courgette? The answer depends on whether you live in the United States or the United Kingdom. What we can all agree on is how enormous these monsters are.


This man appears to be posing with his zucchini minions, and he seems to be a proud father, grinning from ear to ear. He’s thrilled with his harvest of mutants. We wouldn’t be smiling if it seemed like they were about to take over his house.