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People Respond to Jimmy Fallon’s tweets and Describe Their Ultimate Wedding Fails

What do you do when life does you dirty on your wedding day? These couples are about to show us all the best and worst ways to respond. When Jimmy Fallon asked Twitter users to share their worst wedding fails, the hashtag quickly went viral. These couples can’t change what happened, but they can at least give others a good laugh out of it. 

Some of the disasters arose from unsuccessful attempts to be charming, while others were cringe-worthy from the get-go. Without further ado, here are the funniest and most horrendous tweets, collected in one place so you can enjoy all the hilarious and shocking ups and downs.

An Imperfect Gesture

After exchanging wedding vows, your guests congratulate you and you’re likely putting a lot of trust in your photographer to capture all the best moments. For this couple, their cameraman got each and every second, even the ugly ones.

After saying “I Do,” the man of the hour was most likely reasoning that carrying his wife back down the aisle would be the ideal action. However, luck was not in their favor on their wedding day. Ouch!

A Little Sour

With all the cameras going around, you must look pleasant at all times at a wedding. The last thing you want is to be that wedding guest who is caught on cam rolling their eyes. 

This young lady got snapped when she saw her sibling, the man of the hour, kissing his bride. We absolutely understand where she’s coming from with that sour facial expression. We just hope her brother and his bride thought it was funny when they flicked through the wedding photos.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Missing buttons, ripped seams, stains, and ill-fitting clothes – these wardrobe mishaps are inevitable during weddings. In any case, the most terrible thing you could do would be to cause such a disaster because of negligence. 

Wearing the wrong tux was a double fail for this groom. Not only did it fit him poorly but it also was a mismatch for the bride’s dress. Considering how shocking some of the upcoming wedding fails are, though, we think Jenna’s parents got off lightly! 

An Amazing Coincidence

If this wasn’t arranged, this is one astounding coincidence! These three grandmothers appeared wearing the same dress with the same color. Perhaps they all went out to shop at a similar dress shop. 

It’s nice to see that they all looked happy and even had a photo taken as a souvenir. While there are some who accidentally wear the same outfit and end up unhappy, these grannies took it in their stride. 

Nap Time

Having your pet dogs involved in your wedding is adorably unique. You have the most faithful friends who may even cherish you more than your partner. In addition, for a doggo, being part of your special day implies they are ready to join the new family. 

Given how momentous it is for the puppers, you ought to forgive them if they need a little nap on your wedding dress. After all, they are super cute. We think this is more of a #WeddingWin than a #WeddingFail.

Outdoor Wedding

Some people have jobs that tie in well with wedding planning. A meteorologist, for example, should be able to feel confident about planning an open-air wedding, right? 

As it turned out, this weather expert wasn’t about to predict the downpour that made her wedding soggier than expected. From the looks on their faces, though, the rain didn’t get them down. Perhaps it was even a gift from the weather gods in honor of this meteorologist!

String Of Blunders

You want everyone to have a good time at your wedding, and it’s always a good feeling when someone laughs at your joke. For this bride, however, these positive events turned into a #WeddingFail. 

Twitter/@ellenpaigeIf we were in her shoes, we’d cover ourselves with sheet wrap after the second spill. How mortified would you be to spill wine on the bride’s gown? Likewise, how could they get the wine off? May her married life shower her with favors!

Costco Cake

When your wedding cake winds up not arriving in time or getting ruined, there’s only one thing you can do to rescue a cakeless wedding. Bring together a lot of styrofoam, some icing, and pray hard that nobody can tell the difference. 

The icing on the cake, so to speak, was the Costco cake they sneakily served to guests. Five stars for the creativity and effort! Perhaps the resourceful best friend should consider a profession in cake design. We admire her resourcefulness and quick thinking.

Savage Speech

Everybody loves joking with the lady of the hour and lucky man, and it is tradition to make some cheerful fun. Otherwise, a wedding can get far too serious and boring. 

This best man took it a bit too far by calling out the fact that everyone had reassembled for round two. Though the groom didn’t approve, we have to admit it’s pretty funny.

Wedding Cleaners

A wedding should be a wonderful experience for both the bride and groom. However, for this couple, it sounds like their big day involved far more work than is reasonable. 

You’d think after the occasion, you’d ride off into the dusk with your new spouse. Yet, no, these two organized the entire thing and returned inside to help tidy up. The question on all our minds is “why?”

Wrong Shade

Uniting two families ought to be something great, but it can regularly end in one individual from each side disdaining something about their new in-laws. In any case, what went down at this wedding was most certainly not normal. Can you imagine having a long-lasting family feud over the wrong shade of peach?

Reality check: dyeing your shoes the incorrect tone is certainly no justification for estrangement. Also, it’s far better if someone “dyed” at your wedding than “died,” even if they do a poor job of the former. The difference is massive! 

The Late Guests

Even if you’re a supporter of Daylight Savings Time, there’s no denying that many a lamentable mistake has been made as a result of it. This couple sadly messed up their wedding day thanks to a simple Daylight Savings oversight. 

They neglected to specify that their ceremony began on the first day of Daylight Savings Time, so their guests were late. We hope the newlyweds didn’t pay extra for holding the venue.

Catch Me

Truly, we wouldn’t have any desire to go anyplace close to a flight of stairs on our big day. This photograph is giving us palpitations because we know what’s coming for the poor groom.  

Since he’s able to joke about it on Twitter, we’re hoping the fall didn’t hurt him too badly. We can only imagine how the poor bride must have felt. Here’s hoping the whole wedding wasn’t ruined!

One Word

Wedding vows are frequently sappy, sweet, and packed with affection and warmth. Couples typically compose their vows ahead of time to get everything right, but some put in more effort than others. 

This groom went through hours, presumably days even, to get his vows perfect. It worked! The bride almost cried prior to saying one distinctly unromantic word that summarized her adoration for him. We hope he appreciated the sentiment!

Calm Down, Girl

Catching the bouquet at a wedding is a traditional way of predicting who will get hitched next. Some people take this so seriously that they are surprisingly savage when the time comes to go for the bouquet. 

This lady clearly wanted that bouquet, despite the fact that she was already hitched! Maybe she considered it to be a way to flaunt her catching abilities? We just hope her husband wasn’t offended. 

In Love

When hit with inspiration on your wedding day, it’s hard to resist leaping into action. However, as the following #WeddingFail reveals, you may not be in the best state of mind to make rational decisions. 

This poor bride had a tumble after her groom thought it would be romantic to sweep her off her feet. Many brides forego wearing high-heels on their wedding day to avoid embarrassing falls. However, there’s no way of keeping your partner away from the celebration, no matter how clumsy they are! 

Fateful Night

The groom and the best man are usually either old buddies or perhaps siblings or cousins. In any case, they represent brotherhood, which is why this pair confused everybody with their actions. 

The night prior to the wedding ought to be a happy yet lowkey time as the wedding party attempts to unwind before the huge occasion. However, these two chose to throw down. We seriously doubt the thing they fought over was worth all the mayhem. 

Mistaken Food

Who puts wasabi right next to guacamole on a table full of food? The two dressings come from entirely different cultures, so they don’t even match in terms of cuisine. That must’ve been one odd and mismatched banquet table!

We are almost certain somebody was quietly observing while this went down. Indeed, this was probably the person who called the paramedics. Next time you see someone about to load up on wasabi, remember this #WeddingFail and warn them. Otherwise, you too could be calling the paramedics! 

Poor Decision 

To make sure you capture each second on your wedding day, the best thing is to hire a professional team of photographers and a videographer. This individual, for reasons we cannot comprehend, chose to give the job to their niece.

Twitter/@af62004This niece sounds like she was just a kid at the time. Why should she record somebody’s most joyful day when she would rather have fun taking photos and videos of a cute pup instead?

Decorating The Wrong Car

It’s exciting choosing the vehicle you will drive off in once you get hitched. Plenty of couples even lease vintage vehicles for their wedding day. The most exhilarating time, though, comes from dressing up the vehicle in your own style.

You are able to add nice lights, banners, and, obviously, that lovely huge sign that says “Just Married”. These friends, however, added all these traditional touches to the wrong car. They “decorated” the preacher’s car. Oh no!

Awkward Announcement

In the past, a lady would take on her significant other’s last name after marriage. However, these days, women are just as likely to keep their surnames. Some men are even reversing the old trend and taking on their significant other’s last name.

This bride teased her father-in-law, joking that she would make his son take on her last name. When the priest accidentally got the names mixed up, you can see how delighted she was with the coincidence. 

The Outcry

You know the movie trope: The bride and groom are at the altar, waiting for the priest to read their vows, then comes a tense moment when the question of whether anyone objects is posed. 

“If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace” is the typical wording of the question. For this ceremony, a bunch of dogs howled their discontent!

Harsh Honesty

Kids are known for being brutally honest; they will say what they’re thinking, and it doesn’t matter a bit to them if you’re a superstar or even a bride. Keep this in mind when deciding who will be involved in your wedding party. 

His mother was getting hitched and like most small kids, this one had no respect for the wedding ceremony. Shockingly, he chose to communicate his opinion on his mother’s second marriage in an exceptionally boisterous manner.

Breaking Tradition Literally

In Jewish wedding customs, it is standard that the groom tramples a glass with his right foot, breaking it to recognize the annihilation of the old Holy Temple in Jerusalem and to honor the life partner who has been found.

This groom was either too excited or feared the responsibility because he sent the glass flying instead of breaking it! May the remainder of their life as husband and wife be as thrilling as this beautifully captured moment. 

Fire at the Wedding

While arranging their wedding, many couples go through a rundown of everything that might go wrong in an attempt to come up with solutions beforehand. 

Whether it’s a torn dress or a collapsed cake, people can come up with a workaround for almost anything. This couple had a fire at their wedding, and still, they were able to “have fun with it”. 

Is That Ross Geller?

Remember that iconic scene in Friends where Ross says Rachel’s name rather than his prospective spouse, Emily’s? Well, this happened at a real-life wedding, and fortunately, it wasn’t the groom saying an unacceptable name. 

The priest continued saying Catherine, leaving everybody scratching their heads and wondering who this Catherine was. He conceded that it was simply a memory lapse that caused him to get the name of the bride wrong. It would have been infinitely worse if the groom had an ex named Catherine!

Get Up!

Parents assume a critical role at weddings, standing as good examples of what real marriage should be. It’s wonderful having them around, especially if they’re able to tell you embarrassing stories about their wedding to take the pressure off yours! 

This woman’s folks offered an excellent lesson in communication and not making assumptions about your partner. They also revealed that if you think your partner is doing something “wrong,” it’s always worth looking to see if you might be at least partially at fault. 

Wedding Jitters

Wedding jitters affect every individual involved in the ceremony and reception. All things considered, the bridge and groom have entrusted you with a significant part of their big day, so the pressure is real. 

It’s normal to be anxious when you’re asked to deliver a speech at your sister’s wedding. However, this girl’s nerves were on fire. She didn’t just get her own name wrong while presenting herself, she claimed the name of the bride! We’re sure all the guests were understanding. We’ve all been nervous about a speech before!

In Dreamland

Weddings can be indulgent and extravagant events, and guests are sometimes left sitting through sermons and speeches that feel like they’re dragging on forever. If you feel like you might nod off, here’s a tip: go for a seat in the back rather than making your slumber obvious in one of the front rows! 

Of course, if you’re the priest, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Not only do you have to be front and center, but you’re also supposed to be running things. This poor old cleric looks like he was so content in his dream world! Perhaps it might help to give him a less comfortable chair at the next wedding. 

Please Help Me

These groomsmen likely watched Toy Story the night before the wedding and got the best idea for a prank. They wrote “Help Me” on the bottom of the groom’s shoe. 

While it may have been humiliating, it would make for a hilarious photograph and a cute story to discuss when you’re old. We hope the bride and groom both got a laugh out of the prank. 

Runaway Groom 

Wedding cakes usually take pride of place on that most extraordinary day. What happens, though, when you don’t have backup plans at an outdoor wedding?

You leave yourself open to whatever Mother Nature may toss at you! When she saw this wedding topper, the bride was furious but the groom was nowhere to be seen! The funniest part is the way the bride appears to be waving goodbye! 

Stealing Someone’s Thunder

If you’re not the one getting hitched, it’s not about you. Don’t wear anything excessively garish, don’t propose at someone else’s wedding, and don’t do anything that will steal attention from the newlyweds. This lady clearly didn’t get that. 

This troublesome mother-in-law chose to bring out a cake and set it on a table at the reception. However, it wasn’t for the wedding party – it was for her niece’s birthday! How entitled would you have to feel to want to take the spotlight on someone’s special day?

Big Revelation

Getting married and getting pregnant are exciting, but what happens when the two of them occur simultaneously? This couple got pregnant before the ceremony, and that is fine. However, it had not been revealed to the bride’s side of the family.

The best man inadvertently revealed the baby announcement sooner than the couple intended. That would’ve been an incredible wedding video. We can only imagine the tension. Yikes!

The Missing Ring

Beach weddings look extraordinary in photographs. In reality, though, they can get pretty chaotic. Though the sea breeze is lovely, your hair will get frizzy and your skin sticky. 

For this couple, a totally different issue happened. Drop the ring in the grass or on the floor and it’s effortlessly recovered. Drop a ring in the sand, and you’ve got a tense (and potentially expensive) treasure hunt on your hands.

Follow The Music

With so many details to arrange for your wedding day, it’s inevitable that one or two things will be forgotten. The song for your first dance doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but this couple revealed that it’s not a good idea to leave such choices to the wedding DJ. 

With so many things going on, it’s understandable to forget about something. If you have a wedding coming up, however, and you’re not keen on introducing yourself to the world with a country-EDM mashup, make sure the first dance tune is a detail you remember!

Epic Vows

It’s challenging when you’re up there at the altar. You’re listening to the sermon and need to ensure you are ready to hold yourself back from stammering (or pulling a Ross Geller). 

This helpless man of the hour got so anxious that he failed to remember his vows and wound up crying. He began making bland promises that are great but hardly romantic. You have to give him points for sincerity though! 

Dreamy Photoshoot

When else do you get the opportunity to get all dressed up and pose with an expert photographer? On your wedding day, you have the additional advantage of doing it with friends and family. 

Of course, if you choose to do your photoshoot close to a water source, you will need some good luck on your side. This couple took their shoot over the edge for a soaked but romantic boat ride.

The Late Dress

This wedding fail is unbelievable! The bride’s wedding dress was not there when she needed it. Though it arrived over two hours late, the dressmaker had the nerve to gripe about her awful day. 

If we had been in the bride’s shoes, we would have wanted the dress to arrive at least a week or two before the wedding. That tailor would do well to not have charged her at all for that dress.

The Grim Reaper

There’s always at least one buzzkill who isn’t thrilled about weddings. They may drop little signals like a profound moan or a snort, and some even declare that they aren’t going to attend the upcoming nuptials at all. 

Truth be told, it’s better if they don’t show up. Who needs the awful vibes? Shockingly, this lady chose to dress in all black and sit in the back row. Why would you do that on anybody’s wedding day, let alone your son’s?