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40 People Whose Best Intentions Did Not Turn Out as Planned

Life is a series of trial and error. Sometimes, we try something and succeed, but other times, it goes horribly wrong. For the people you are about to meet, things went hysterically wrong. We’re here to discuss times when someone made a valiant attempt, but it didn’t exactly work out as planned.

We are fortunate to live in an era in which we can simply share everything online with strangers, seek advice, and learn from their mistakes. These people posted their endeavors on social media for others to learn from. We guarantee that each of these fails will give you a laugh, a learning opportunity, or both. Enjoy!

Smart BB Shoes Gone Dumb

Are you sick of tying your own shoes? Nike’s self-lacing shoes can take care of it for you. Nike’s BB sneakers are supposed to connect via Bluetooth, sync with your phone, and control how tight you like your shoes to be.

A faulty software update has ruined the smart sneakers for Android users just days after they were released. Users have noted that the right shoe no longer matches the left, and thus the self-lacing functionality is no longer functional. The update effectively rendered the smart sneakers useless. That doesn’t sound so smart! 

But Where’s the Cinnabon?

There are countless inventive methods to propose to the person you love. It’s best to do something less cliché and more personal. A unique proposal that goes well is an adorable moment.

It appears that Nahomi’s spouse is familiar with her and understands what she enjoys – delicious pastries. Noraswag, on the other hand, isn’t buying it and points out that Nahomi’s boyfriend lied about the Cinnabon. No matter how much you want that ring, if you’re expecting Cinnabon, you should get Cinnabon. 

Comically Giant Pigeons

For a second, this photo will make you believe that giant pigeons are the next unbelievable thing the world has to throw at us. Thankfully, giant pigeons do not exist, but this shot makes it appear as though they do. It takes more than a second or two of staring at the image to realize what’s going on.

The pigeons are perched on a ledge that’s the same color as the car park, creating an optical illusion that makes them appear as large as the cars below them. This photo was created by a stroke of pure luck. 

Spell It Out

Every wise company understands that when consumers feel valued and appreciated, they return. Starbucks has capitalized on this principle by enabling customers to have their names printed on their coffee cups.

Marc was the unfortunate receiver of this barista’s error. Misspelling Marc instead of Mark is a fairly typical error, but the barista took it to a new level when this customer indicated his name was “Mark with a C.” Who would name someone named Cark? That’s not even a proper name.

Not Impressed At All

The media is obsessed with following and covering the royal family. Everything about what the family does, from merely leaving the house for lunch to attending a business meeting, appears to be of interest to various media outlets and photographers.

Finding out that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s two-year-old daughter speaks two languages was, of course, significant news. Good for Charlotte; she must be a gifted child. However, as this Twitter user pointed out, most immigrant children speak two languages from an early age.

Epic Heroic Moment

It appears that having a nice heart and drinking too much can lead to some humorous situations. On Christmas Eve, this person returned home from a wonderful night out, noticed the oven was on and switched it off.

They undoubtedly thought they were doing the right thing by averting a potential fire – a wonderful goal. However, there was no fire hazard. In reality, it was Dad’s meat slowly simmering overnight for tomorrow’s lunch. Bad luck. You tried to be the family hero but ended up becoming the Grinch who stole the Christmas feast.

What Was Old Will Be New Again

Digital technology has gotten us pretty far. We can now listen to music on Spotify, movies on Netflix, and podcasts while driving. Because of the internet, we’ve made amazing strides. But that doesn’t mean all old technology is obsolete.

Jody was so accustomed to our current technologies that she was unaware that her brilliant idea already exists and has done so for over a century. Fortunately, Matthew was present to remind her. The internet’s fact-checkers are always looking for anything to correct.

Quit School?

Smoking is a very addicting practice that is detrimental to our health. It is estimated that just under 13% of adults over the age of 18 in the United States are hooked on cigarettes. There are numerous inspirational adverts out there attempting to persuade people to stop smoking. However, this one misses the mark in a crucial way.

The good news is that various advertising efforts are aimed at encouraging smokers to quit the unhealthy habit. “Take Action. Take charge. Quit.” Unfortunately, it appears to be sending an unintended message. To be clear, don’t quit school – quit smoking!

A Fashion Throwback

Being a parent means deciding whether to give your child what they want or to be the severe parent who says no to their weird demands. This mother got inventive by saying yes but with a catch.

Zach’s mother was certain that he’d look foolish in his JNCO jeans. The stylish eight-year-old was certain that he would look great in those pants. His mother forced him to take photographs to demonstrate her argument. Zack, now an adult, doesn’t think his images are as horrible as his mother thought.

Creepy Weird Neighbor

Being a nice neighbor is rewarding, especially if your neighbors are lovely to you in return. Sometimes, however, you live in the vicinity of some questionable people. Some of them are just disturbing. One of Valery’s neighbors posed an unusual question.

Why should your neighbor be upset about you locking your door? This guy acknowledged with a straight face that he had tried to sneak into her house at midnight to “greet her.” That’s quite strange and disturbing, isn’t it? Whatever his motivations were, it’s a good thing that Valerie locks her door at night!

Big Brother to the Rescue

Cat-calling is a highly irritating and humiliating type of harassment. When this young lady was getting out of her wetsuit, a group of geniuses decided it would be a good idea to start catcalling her.

Fortunately, she had an incredible brother who stood up and decided to divert attention away from her. He began removing his own wetsuit and acting like they were catcalling him. The tables have turned! What a wonderful way to turn a humiliating situation into an amusing one. 

The Wrong Billboard

A digital billboard is one that displays digital images that are altered every few seconds by a computer. Although digital billboards are typically used for advertising, they can also be used for public service announcements. What they shouldn’t be used for is whatever’s going on in the image below.

Someone seems to have forgotten or misplaced the artwork for the billboard advertisement. It seems like the issue was noticed at the very last minute on launch day, so they came up with a workaround. What do you think of their handiwork? 

Do Not Disturb

Soccer is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport. Tens of thousands of supporters flock to stadiums every weekend to cheer on their favorite teams. There’s sure to be an unusual item or two where thousands of people congregate.

In this case, the strange thing is a man going through dog photographs on Google while sitting in a packed stadium. Of course, if you take a closer look, you’ll see other computers and out-of-place things in the picture. That’s because someone cleverly photoshopped a picture of a classroom and a picture of a soccer stadium together. 

Couple Pranks

It’s wonderful to be in a relationship with someone who shares your beliefs. Chances are, the relationship will run much more smoothly in general. This couple’s similar attitude has created a humorous predicament in this case.

Elaine devised a plan to startle her boyfriend when he emerged from the shower. However, he came into the bedroom with the same thought in his head, so they both ended up hiding in various areas of the room! Playing pranks and games together is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Unplugged and Impatient

Preparing for a date can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. But, every now and then, we get overly enthused, which leads to ridiculous situations. We may even become so flustered or frustrated that we end up canceling the date altogether.

That appears to be the situation with this image. This lady is attempting to use a curling iron to achieve huge, bouncy curls for a night out. There is one issue. The curling iron is not connected to a power source. She must have been rushing and forgot to plug it in.

A Tiny Zombie in a Corporate World

Halloween is one of those times of the year when kids enjoy dressing up as their favorite scary characters and receiving fantastic treats that are harmful to their teeth. The only limit to the outfits kids can wear is the inventiveness of their parents.

This kid’s uncle failed to give him the zombie appearance. He appears to be a fatigued accountant who works long hours and lacks the courage to quit his monotonous profession. Still, anyone who has ever been buried by a pile of work and deadlines will recognize that expression. We bet that kid got extra candy in his Halloween haul! 

Look on the Positive Side

A creative mind is one of the strongest weapons you can have. Every great conflict begins in the mind before it is waged physically. If we lose the mental fight, we are likely to lose the physical struggle as well. That is why it is critical to look after our thoughts and our habits.

We must sometimes reinterpret negative beliefs in constructive ways. This lady is attempting to provide a great suggestion on how to replace negativity with optimism. The commenter has used his sense of humor to provide a fantastic example of why it doesn’t always work.

Breaking an Old Habit

Breaking habits that have been imprinted in your brain for years requires a lot of purposeful effort and mental labor. It appears that the same is true for dogs. This dog has a horrible habit of nipping his mother in the backside. His owners are determined to put a stop to that.

The discouraged expression on his face suggests that things aren’t going well. The streak card indicates that the dog reverted to its former ways that day. His eyes have a guilty aspect to them. He is aware that he has made a mistake.

Romance Is Dead

Men used to be gentlemen, greeting ladies with flowers, opening vehicle doors for them, and treating them with dignity. Nowadays, men are less likely to open car doors for their partners or make other little gestures of respect.

Of course, we now know that such tiny gestures are worthless and that there are other, more effective ways to honor the one you love. Someone took this woman’s inquiry about whether males still open car doors too literally. That was a pretty chivalrous response, buddy.

Left a Paw Mark

Trying new things for the first time contributes significantly to our life experiences. The same phenomenon appears to be true for puppies as well. Puppies don’t like the snow because their coats aren’t thick enough to keep them warm. This puppy tried to leave the house to frolic in the snow, but he quickly learned the truth about that soft, white substance.

The chill of having just one foot in the snow jolted the pup back to reality. He understood that the warmth of his home was preferable to the frosty snow. The paw mark is adorable and serves as a remembrance of the pup’s bold attempt.

Grill Like a Pro

Cooking meat on a grill is one of the most stereotypical “manly” things a guy can do – but one lady wanted to show that a woman can do it just as well. The photos show a blonde beauty ready to grill burgers for herself. “Girls can do it too… I got this,” she tagged the first photo, but things quickly went sour from there.

She took the stage with assurance. In the second image, however, she has a frazzled brow and a caption that says, “I lied.., and I think I lost part of an eyebrow.” Whoops! 

Complaints Can Be Good Too

A simple desire to assist their parents is usually what motivates children to put on their thinking caps and devise novel ways to earn money. Sometimes, out of difficult circumstances, they’re able to do something incredible. However, there will always be a cranky neighbor ready to tear them down.

Jaequan is one of those bright, fearless children. Rather than waiting for a handout, he opened a hot dog business to pay for his school uniforms. Unfortunately, a sour puss noticed his efforts and called the cops. Thankfully, the city of Minneapolis values young entrepreneurs and assisted him in obtaining a permit and starting his own legitimate business!

Nook, Book, Look

Fact-checkers on social media are constantly on the lookout for their next victim. You must be certain that what you say is accurate, or else you will be fact-checked. On social media, people are always eager to correct others.

This person was quite excited to let the internet in on this “fact” they thought up. It was poorly received and did not proceed as planned. A quick search on Google would have rescued this person from a lot of shame.

It Wasn’t Me

When properly taught, dogs may perform stunts similar to humans. Most dog owners start by toilet training their pets. This spares them the trouble of having to stop what they’re doing to take the dog outside to pee.

This pup seems to have lost his training and created a mess. He appears to have attempted to use the toilet but failed. We’re not sure if he’s attempting to cover up his mess or clean it up, but we’re sure his owner will forgive him.

How Fast Society Changes

Social change is the process by which human interactions and relationships affect social and cultural institutions over time, with substantial societal consequences. Technological advances have had an impact on our daily life.

This image of two men from various generations simply shows that tattoos are becoming more popular these days. Is that, however, a societal comment? How so? Many trends have brought big changes in our society, and much may be said about our modern-day civilization, yet this image says nothing.

Met the Other Me

People attempting to enter pubs with phony IDs has been an issue for a long time – possibly as long as bars have existed. There will always be the daring underage drinker who wants to take a chance and have some fun.

This bartender was given her own driver’s license, which she had lost two years before. It has to have been a creepy surprise. We’re sure she looked different, which explains why the girl who was using it didn’t realize she was passing it on to the prior owner.

Tedious Cat Race

Cats enjoy hiding in tiny spaces such as pots, drawers, beneath the bed, and so on. A box is one of their very favorite places to snuggle up in. Boxes give them a sense of safety and security in a world that’s nowhere near as cute as they are.

This cat enthusiast had the brilliant idea of organizing a cat race for these kitties. They couldn’t believe that no one had ever thought of the idea of cat racing before. Unfortunately, they overlooked one fundamental fact about cats: they would never leave their boxes unless absolutely necessary.

Editor Slip-Up

Journalists and newspapers must ensure that their sources are reputable, and they are even urged to use many sources and give credit. A source confirms the report and lends credibility to it. A credible source is normally cited in published articles to ensure the story is fully backed up.

However, in certain circumstances, these sources are unwilling to be mentioned in the report. Unfortunately, this paper mishandled the entire issue in a humorous way by providing the name of the person who requested anonymity.

Plus-Sized Mannequins

Customers of various sizes, demographics, and ages all need to shop for clothes. So, you must fill your store with a wide range of products that appeal to all of these demographics. Having them at the store is one thing; putting them on mannequins is another.

Plus-size pants are available at this store. Unfortunately, standard mannequins are not often intended to display plus-size clothing. With limited options, the employees had to use their imaginations. For each leg of the pants, they united two mannequins. It’s pretty creative.

A Hilarious Miscommunication

When you buy a new or used vehicle, you must acquire auto insurance. One of the factors to consider when selecting a car insurance carrier is how quick and easy the claims procedure is.

Filing an auto insurance claim usually necessitates the provision of photos of the vehicle as proof. This lady’s mother was asked by the insurance agent to do so. She didn’t appear to understand her request and instead sent images of herself to the agent! Fortunately, the agent was courteous enough to correct her.

Treasure Hunting

A metal detector is useful if you want to find lost objects or buried treasure. Many people like using metal detectors to locate money, missing antiques, and valuable metals. There are even groups and clubs where they exchange their knowledge and interesting finds.

When the man in this photo heard the shifting melody of his metal detector, he must have been pleased. Unfortunately, it was a false alarm created by his steel cap safety boots, which he discovered after digging 12 feet into the ground.

The Millennial Philosopher

You can find answers to all of life’s questions on the internet. Sometimes the responses are completely unexpected. That’s what makes social media so entertaining. This lady, for example, posed a provoking question.

Fortunately for her, someone had a simple solution she hadn’t considered. You can listen to the same music as someone else using an FM radio. It enables multiple people in various locations to listen to the same song at exactly the same time. This lady most likely belongs to Generation Z.

Loving This Mozzarella Stick

A family dinner at a restaurant is a wonderful thing to do if you want to bond with your loved ones without having dishes to do at the end of the night. Dining out allows everyone to not only have fun but also to unplug, try new meals, and enjoy a moment away from home!

That was not the case for this small child, who was only trying to eat a mozzarella stick. She ended up having her work cut out for her with a mozzarella thread that stretched across the table. The task of eating it gave her evening new depth.

Sleeping Inside a Kitchen Appliance?

No matter how old your kids are, seeing them sleep can provide you immense comfort. Few things are more fulfilling and heartwarming than watching your child sleep quietly, free of anxieties and worries.

The parents responsible for this photograph clearly adore their child. Her parents posted the gorgeous photo on Twitter, and it didn’t take long for someone to notice. She appears to be in the microwave. Thankfully, it’s just the wall of her crib creating that effect!

Friendship Over

Dogs have been a part of our environment for ages and have learned to adjust to living with people and being friendly companions. Dogs are the sweetest creatures who reward your love and affection with infinitely more in return.

However, not everyone wishes to associate with them. Consider Barkley, who attempted to befriend a porcupine and quickly realized he had made a grave error. His attempt did not go as well as he had intended. Instead, it resulted in a painful trip to the veterinarian’s office. 

Defeating the Purpose

Uber and other carpooling applications provide individuals with a more accessible, cheaper, and innovative mode of transportation, as well as being environmentally friendly. Crucially, they also give people an easy way to get home when they’ve been drinking. This service is important because it keeps drunk drivers off the road.

For some, the whole point of Uber is to share a ride with someone after a night out when you’ve had too many drinks and can’t drive home. That wasn’t the original aim of the company’s creator – providing customers with a handy ride after a wild night out. This news makes no sense!

Unintended Consequences

Unintended outcomes are classified into three kinds: unexpected advantage, unexpected detriment, and perverse result. We all know the unexpected benefit called “luck,” and we all hope for it anytime we try something new.

The building’s managers placed poles at the entryway to prevent homeless people from establishing a camp. Unfortunately, this is an example of unexpected effects. It turns out that those rods were substantial enough to provide support for individuals with mattresses – a strange conclusion for management but an unanticipated gain for the homeless.

Dazed and Confused

Some people are influenced by alcohol in bizarre ways. If you overindulge on a night out with a buddy or group of pals, you can always count on your friend to transport you home and take good care of you.

This inebriated person decided to call an Uber to get home. The problem is, she forgot that she hosted the event at home. Her well-intended attempt to avoid burdening her buddy resulted in an amusing but hilarious chat. Fortunately, her friend texted her quickly and resolved the situation.

You Got Me

We’re not sure what this knitted pigeon is all about – is it street art? Is it part of a show? Whatever it was, this person was taken in. They initially assumed it was just the bag of chips that was knitted, and this foolish dove fell for it.

Closer scrutiny revealed that the joke was on them since the bird was likewise knitted. Pigeons are among the cleverest birds on the planet, so they would never fall for this type of ruse. Humans, on the other hand…

Cool Dad

Great fathers do everything in their power to maintain that link throughout the many ages and stages of their daughters’ lives. This dad made an attempt to learn about his daughter and comprehend her world.

He tried his best to learn some modern-day language. Unfortunately, he went a little too far, and his daughter could understand what he was saying. He was most likely just looking for a method to communicate with her, but he appears to have taken his schooling too seriously.