Heard Of “Elf On The Shelf?” Now here’s “Elves With Ill Health” - too cool 2 be true

Heard Of “Elf On The Shelf?” Now here’s “Elves With Ill Health”

A joyful Christmas tradition for families, the “Elf on the Shelf” meme is becoming more and more well-liked every year. The idea is that Santa sends “scout elves” to children’s homes who celebrate Christmas. To amuse the children, a family member—typically the designated elf driver—moves the tiny elf doll to various locations throughout the house.

Since adults like this concept as well, the custom has become widely adopted in houses, even without children. However, sometimes things turn out differently than expected. Grownups try to convince their youngsters to embrace the custom, but as you can see from the list of failures we’ll provide you below, the outcomes are much weirder than expected.

Get ready for the most wonderful time of year with these hilarious “Elf on the Shelf” fails!

This Isn’t Yours, Pup

Every dog has a propensity for chewing, regardless of breed or age. It’s only a natural instinct! They use chewing as a stress reliever, and a means to fight boredom. When this Boston terrier attempted to flee with the elf, he was caught on camera.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@the_sloaneharlowburkett

The dog’s mistake in thinking the elf was one of his toys is really not his fault! The parents will have to wait it out in the hopes that the elf doesn’t get chewed to the point where it is beyond repair—yanking it would result in an elf decapitation via dog.

Turn the Situation Upside down

It’s terrible that this elf had to go through this ordeal. The elf at first appeared to be hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen with the aid of some candy canes, possibly alluding to an acrobat or circus performance—or elaborate spy work.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@brandi_cerone

But this elf’s situation gradually deteriorated. It failed to support itself and dropped directly into a pot of soiled dishwater. Following the incident, the humans put a towel over the rescued elf to keep him warm. We hope the little boy heals quickly!

Prankster Elf

These parents hoped for their children to experience a special elf-on-the-shelf fun. Instead, when the youngsters awoke the following morning, there were some tears as a result of their overzealous elf prank.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@sgomuwka

They gave the impression that the elf was mischievous by drawing on their faces while they slept, which seemed innocent. However, the elf frightened both children, and they were unwilling to interact with him any longer. Fortunately, they were unaware that it was actually their parents; otherwise, they might have seen the funny side.

A Tragic Nibbling

Although hiding your elves can be quite fun, the elf must also be safe. If you decide to place them in a high place, make sure to check again that they are securely fastened. Even a light breeze can cause them to fall and cause a catastrophe.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@annikaskye89

The elf was knocked over while sitting on a curtain rod, and when the household dog grabbed hold of him—it was game over for the elf. The funny thing is that the dog was a very fussy eater and only nibbled on the elf’s forehead and ears before losing interest.

Gon’ Fishin’

These two Barbie dolls are hanging out with their friend, the elf, and seem to be fishing for some fish nibbles while using their straws as fishing rods. The more you look at it, the messier it appears to be. There isn’t even any water in that sink!

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/Justin Carver

Elves are supposed to be hidden, aren’t they? If so, they did a terrible job since there is nothing concealed. The elf was truly on display for all to see. The unusual reunion with the two dolls must have attracted lots of attention. Stay on task, elf!

Taking The Plunge

The elf-on-the-shelf tradition is practically impossible when you have a child. Things cannot be left within a child’s reach with the expectation that they will remain there for a whole day—or even an hour. At some point, something is going to fall over.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@sowhatimamum

This picture is a great example of this. Their parents placed the elf on the toilet, probably as a reminder to the kid to wash their hands and behave for Santa. Unfortunately, their toddler decided to drop the elf inside the toilet very quickly.

Baked Elf

There are several areas of the kitchen where you probably shouldn’t hide your elves. Most of the time, you will just forget where you hid your pointy-eared buddy before getting on with household business. If you forget in a place like an oven, all you’ll get is traumatized kids.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@a.mums.world

The moment these children opened their eyes, they hurried to the kitchen to see how the elf was doing. The kids probably didn’t like what they saw, to put it mildly. It will take some time for these kids to get over the shock before the tradition can continue.

Cheek Frostbite

Elves are not immune to fire or intense heat. Being too close to a lightbulb caused burns on the unfortunate elf, but thankfully, his parents quickly realized that he was slowly burning and managed to save him. The elf is still completely unharmed; the only issue is that it has a burn on its face.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@kellyjyust

The parents’ approach was pretty clever and allowed them to continue using the elf each year. They explained to their young children that the elf had frostbite while traveling from the North Pole to the south.

Open Flame

Well, it seems that some people can’t keep the whole “don’t put your elf near hot stuff” rule straight in their heads. Posing your elf anywhere near open flames may be even sillier than putting it next to a hot light bulb or even inside the oven. We can’t know the parent’s thought process, but they should have read the candle warnings.

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/Teresa Tangen

Most candles come with the warning, “Never leave candles alone,” so it stands to reason that you shouldn’t leave them unattended near anything combustible—an elf doesn’t count as a watcher. This house could have caught on fire! Fortunately, nobody was hurt or burned.

Creepy Christmas Countdown

Red font can signify happy, bold, and warm intentions, but sometimes also implies creepy and violent themes. When painting with red, it is essential to make sure that red paint doesn’t drip to avoid an eerie impression that it was written in human blood.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@elfgilbert

Christmas was on its way—in just 16 days—so one parent decided to paint a small reminder for their daughter Ellie. The outcome, though, appeared to be that the elf on the shelf was actually warning Ellie that something terrible would happen to her.

What Will The Neighbors Think?

What can seem like a novel and cute idea can come across as a stark and ominous design. This man felt it would be a bright idea to tie the elf up so that it looked like it was hanging from the chandelier. It was a better idea in theory than in execution.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@c_r_ali

The elf, viewed through the window, appears to have suffered a terrible fate! The elf appears to have been hanged from the chandelier by its neck rather than swinging from a rope. They’re giving the wrong impression to outsiders about what they think of Christmas elves.

Failed Piano Performance

This picture shows how a musically inclined elf attempted to play the piano but was unexpectedly trapped when the lid dropped. This family positioned the elf to appear as though it were tenderly teaching the children a Christmas carol.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@janetfreisner

However, it looks like the elf met its ultimate fate at the hands of the piano lid. The family’s objective was to enchant, not to frighten, their little children. It’s a good thing this elf is just a little doll and not actually a festive fay folk. 

Shallow Grave In A Lizard Desert

Not everyone has embraced the elf-on-the-shelf tradition. Some grownups simply don’t enjoy it, and this picture is symbolic of that sentiment. They endeavored to make the poor elf strike the most horrifying poses.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@elisejanelle

Fortunately, neither the elf nor the bearded dragon was harmed while taking this image. However, the reptile’s expression suggests it feels the same way as its owner about the holiday custom. At least the elf appears to still be intact—from the outside, at least.

Kitty Favorite Spot

This grownup located the ideal spot for their little elf to fulfill his role. Using some fine sand, they fabricated a snowy landscape to give the impression that the elf was making snow angels. But there was only one snag—the family cat had to relieve herself on the counter because she associated the sand with her litter box.

Image courtesy of facebook.com/Katie Wright

The cat at least demonstrated that it was well-mannered by avoiding the elf. Her owners now have to teach it to use her actual litter box rather than letting it go anywhere that even slightly resembles sand—or snow.

Keep Him Warm

The majority of parents on this list set their elves up close to a candle or lightbulb, forgetting that elf dolls are extremely sensitive to heat. Fortunately for this parent, their elf hasn’t been completely destroyed. To cover the burn wound, they merely needed to add a small scarf accessory.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@melbrookins14

Although their rapid melting might be considered a design problem, it seems that these elves were made to melt rather than burst into flames when heated, at least. If they didn’t just melt, a lot of houses would have burned to the ground by now.

Toasted Elves

Here we go with another oven disaster. Hiding the little fellas in the oven is sweet. But let’s face it, when you’re preheating a range, you hardly ever open it to check what’s inside. Who would guess that the appliance contains a toy?

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@randomkcv

The grownup who let these unfortunate elves bake probably thought it was a brilliant idea. But when someone preheated the oven and melted the elves, the scene changed from amusing to scary! What is it with these people?

The House Guard

It’s a blessing that this dad arrived at the right moment in time to catch the crime. As soon as it realized that they needed to defend the house (as it considered the elf a threat, apparently), their kitty got to work. The elf was no match for this battle-hardened kitty guardian.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@sugar_and_ginge

Unlucky elf! These little fellows look like they’re desperate to retire as soon as they can, possibly because they can’t take much more pain. The cat is fortunately only gnawing on the elf’s hands, which means that no severe damage is going to be sustained.

Part of Growing Old

When this elf’s owner attempted to reattach his hat to his head using super glue, this little elf lost more than its dignity. The parents attempted to remove the glue’s residues using nail polish remover, but their attempts were in vain.

Image courtesy of Reddit.com/u/RoscoeDC

They didn’t consider that the elf’s “hair” was actually only painted and that it might be ruined by the acetone in the polish remover. The result? An elf with a bald spot. They made the best they could out of the situation by having the elf strike a stance while holding a hair clipper.

Entertaining My Family

Cats have a bad reputation for throwing objects off counters and yanking at dangling cords. A helpless elf may receive a hard smack from a cat or two while dangling about over the holiday season. We’re happy that this one gave the whole family, even the animals, a little entertainment.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@mochi_momo_oc

We’re curious to know if the elf was positioned in this way on purpose, but it seems that the cat didn’t enjoy the arrangement. The cat gave the elf a piece of its mind by removing the elf from the décor. Clearly, it didn’t like that the elf was there. 

It Wasn’t Me

Behind this adorable, innocent-appearing dog’s face lurks the visage of knowing guilt. It nearly seems as if the dog is saying, “I have no idea where the elf’s head came from or how it managed to get severed from the body!

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@chitasticdolly_rex

This dog owner captured a perfect image of the little perp who killed the elf and ate the creature’s remains. What impeccable timing! What comes next is: where is the body? We pray that the dog didn’t struggle too much passing it through.

Improvised Snow Fail

The elf sitting against the cereal boxes appears to have done a terrible deed to her friend. But if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that it’s actually colored sugar that a grownup has mistakenly used for decorative snow. Another snow angel mishap, it seems.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@pixiee83

What might appear to be two elves having fun with mom’s baking supplies instead became a bit of a crime scene. Their kids are hopefully old enough to laugh about something like this. Otherwise, they might become alarmed by what this “elf-on-the-shelf” might do to them.

I Might Fall

One of the silliest rooms in the house, the bathroom, is where some adults prefer to put their elves. People frequently put their elves in the restroom to remind everybody to wash their hands but be careful to give them some space. Imagine placing your elf on the toilet seat and having one slip cause them to fall into the bowl. The entire scene is somewhat revolting.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@brittanysfontenot

We hope that it wasn’t on purpose. If we had to guess, the unfortunate elf who fell into the toilet was hanging from the ceiling. If you’re going to hang an elf above the toilet bowl, make sure it gets stuck fast!

Suppose To Be An Annual Message

Elves have spent the entire year anticipating the Christmas season when they can at last return. Finally, the elves, at last, saw the light of day again after spending an entire year locked away in a box in the basement. That’s why the elves hold a welcome party and announce they are back.

Image courtesy of thesun.co.uk

It’s important to keep in mind that spray-on snow contains certain harsh chemicals that might discolor your wood flooring and leave an imprint. In this instance, it left a message that, to people unaware of the situation, will appear to be quite foreboding.

Now It’s Mine

Keep your elves secured and away from your pets’ reach! The elf was put where children and animals could get to it. Fortunately, this parent didn’t yell at their dog for biting the elf because it was their fault in the first place. The dog was justified in believing that it was theirs.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@tillyandfozzy_spoodles

The elf’s life seems to be coming to an end now. The dog will shortly move to the elf’s head, and then it will vanish forever. Some opponents of the elf-on-the-shelf tradition may commend this canine for his efforts!

Hit By a Hurricane

Elves and gingerbread houses go together like macaroni and cheese. Both are brimming with holiday cheer and frequently involve the family taking part. Some people become so infatuated with these elves they think to give them a cute little home. However, not everyone brings the best materials for the job.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@insta_armydelk

Making a gingerbread house is tricky. Despite the lightness of the elves, the gingerbread house was unable to support that small amount of additional weight. Get some top-notch materials if you want to give this one a try. You certainly don’t want to explain to your children why the elves’ home appears to have been crushed by a hurricane. 

The Shame Game

This cute dog’s malice caused this poor tiny elf no end of misery. The other elf is on his knees, grieving for his friend. The dog’s shame sign, which it is wearing while having no remorse for what it has done, is the funniest part of this picture.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@tamcam10

To add credibility to this picture, they should have added tiny crime scene tape. Anyhow, we can safely assume that this family laughed a lot while setting this up. We’re happy that this family posted the image online.

Trapped Elf

Ever pondered the process of stuffing a balloon? You can put practically anything inside if everything fits inside and doesn’t cause the balloon to pop. But it is best carried out by professionals using their specialist equipment. This mom hoped to create a sweet show for their children by convincing the elf to climb into a balloon.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@skyeleaa

The balloon was not elastic enough to accommodate the full size of the elf. She had completed less than half when she ran into issues. The elf appeared to be suffocating in a plastic bag, which is not a nice sight for young, impressionable minds.

Caught Orange-Handed

This little elf seems to be a fan of two things: hockey and Cheetos. This elf is awkwardly caught in the act of being a fully animated being and seems to be stuck in a freeze frame while reaching for another cheesy snack.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@carriehoppenjans

But who could blame this little elf? Imagine being that small and having access to snacks that big! Sure, it would suck not being able to reach places, live a normal life, or be free from burns once in a while, but it sure would be comfy being dressed like that all year round.

Somebody Call An Ambulance

We’re probably on our nth burning incident now—which again involves elves getting too close to lightbulbs. These poor tiny elves must suffer from severe lighting-related traumas! Since we’ve seen so many elves devastated by burns, hopefully, this will be the final victim.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@the_tao_of_jh

The light melted the elf’s small leg off after the parent placed him too close. But the lightbulb also experienced a side effect and blew out! The parent concealed the elf inside the shattered lamp rather than tossing it away. We don’t anticipate their children discovering it any time soon!

Freaked The Kid

Skip this one if you’re searching for a clever and intriguing way to deploy your toy elf. Despite being hilarious, this one probably isn’t appropriate for kids. The kids won’t find it cute; they’ll be horrified and will have nightmares all through Christmas and beyond.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@mom_of_3_great_kiddos

You can certainly understand why it is unsettling. Let’s be real—any kid would be terrified after seeing this. Let’s just hope the child forgot about it and stopped worrying that one of his cherished toys contained a sinister ghoul.

Smokey Eye Look

We beg you, parents—don’t hang your elves from the lightbulb! This little guy got burn scars on either side of his face as his sad face progressively melted, giving him a gloomy appearance. Before this happened, his small smile could have made your child’s day.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@christinebunn

These burn wounds look like heavily-applied eyeliner—like someone just spilled a whole vial of the stuff down each cheek. Well, it’s an interesting explanation of how this elf became so strange looking, but it may be a little hard for a young person to accept. 

Elf In A Sac

Finally, someone managed to get their elf inside a balloon. However, they picked a poor balloon and a hideous color. The bizarre-looking deflated balloon greeted the kids when they opened their eyes. Somehow the blur effect makes this look even creepier.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@dzintrasullivan

The intention was to make it appear as though the elf was enjoying himself while partying within this balloon, but because of its odd color and deflation, it seems as though the elf is about to get released from an alien biological sac. 

Leaving A Note

The person who used toothpaste to write a message on the mirror deserves credit here—or a scolding. They placed the tube of toothpaste on the elf’s lap to make it appear as though he had written on the mirror. As a constant reminder for his kids, the note read, “Be good.”

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@erinhawe

But before the children could see the words, someone had a shower, and the steam made the message slip down the glass. What a colossal waste of good toothpaste. It’s still as eerie as they probably intended it to be.

A Well-Deserve Rest

Posing in various positions every day for over a month is difficult for an elf. This mother put the young elf on the countertop face down as she was preoccupied with other household chores. When the youngsters were awakened, the elf was resting in this exhausted-looking pose.

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/Karen G. Quiroga

We feel you, buddy. The mom reassured her children that the elf was simply exhausted and enjoying a well-earned nap. She didn’t want the kids to get frightened as they questioned whether the elf was still alive. We hope she didn’t take too long to come up with an explanation.

Bob’s Unfortunate Accident

Elves are made of delicate material—hanging them or putting them close to a hot object is not a good idea. Lamps might be considered an elf’s natural predator. For a few seconds, the elf’s pose will look adorable, but then the plastic will start to gently melt away.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@lilyslittlecupboard

Unfortunately, a very specific area of this elf’s anatomy burnt or melted away. Bob, we also regret your injuries. Fortunately, his owners were considerate enough to fix him. Maybe the kids won’t be as frightened now.

Puppy’s New Target

We know that puppies are unruly little creatures that must be trained, or else they will devour or destroy anything they come across. Because it didn’t know the difference between toy and toy-with-not, the puppy that grabbed hold of the little elf assumed it was something they could chew on.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@msummers23

The outcome was this: children who were undoubtedly traumatized by the image of a ravaged little elf. But hey, at least they each get a toy elf to play with now. With the elf being split this way, you now have about three times as much work. Where can you hide each piece of the elf? 

Writing Test

People frequently act without even considering the outcome. An example of this is writing with shaving cream on mirrors. We sincerely hope that this was not a parent who thought this plan would actually work but rather one who was simply a little weary and didn’t think too much about it.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@lschultzy23

Shaving cream quickly expands into a frothy foam that you can use to shave; thus, using it to write within this limited area would never be successful. They might have been testing this concept for the first time.

Traumatic Amputation

Yet another fatality brought on by a lightbulb! This mom wanted to toss the elf away because it lost a limb. We can see where she’s coming from, but it might be possible to design one final dress and setting for this poor elf.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@thawthorne11

We feel a little guilty for laughing at this because the damage appears to be quite severe. Is there a way to fix him? If not, this mom could put him in a hospital gown as a warning to the children against handling lightbulbs!

Complete Blow Up

Although we can’t know what this mother was attempting to achieve, the idea may have been just as dangerous as the eventual outcome. The elf’s backside got covered in green goo—that’s actually a deflated bubble from chewing bubble gum. What did she have in mind?

Image courtesy of Twitter.com/@AmCo711

When made with bubble gum, bubbles don’t linger as long as they do in movies. We don’t know why this mother thought it would be a good idea to attach a bubble on his behind, but the collapsed bubble looks horrible on his butt!

A Big Night Out

Another brilliant idea gone horribly wrong. Although the concept was quite cute, the outcome was not that appealing. Here’s a picture depicting an elf who seems to have had a crazy night. What a mess!

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/@swinter2780

To make it appear as though the elf had brought the kids some delicious icy blue candy from the North Pole, these parents created some fresh cotton candy. However, the parent overlooked the fact that cotton candy that has been removed from its box will melt within a short time. It turned into a massive mess.