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Stunning Drone Photos Will Give You a Wild, New Perspective

It’s that time, folks: Time to take a look at the future, from above. But these days, flying high often means drones! Now available for anyone to buy online, the contraptions expose one-of-a-kind, spectacular views. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Super High, Over Dubai

Why limit photographers to just one drone? Clearly, two is better for the task at hand. These mindless robots in the sky take orders like a dream, perfect to hover over the modern city of Dubai. The photos are cloudy but in the best way!

It’s shocking to see how truly sky high these drones had to climb just to capture the roofs. Dubai is one of the most advanced cityscapes in the world. It’s logical that only fancy, zooming equipment truly captures the extent of their urbanization. It’s glorious, really!

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Hello, Lady Liberty

There is definitely no shortage of images when it comes to the Statue of Liberty. But with flying cameras at the disposal of any New York amateur these days, get ready for a whole new stock! The lady in copper is ready, forever posed.

Today, this photographer did something a little different. He wanted to show the iconic statue from above, as a symbol of America’s greatness. Did he succeed, with the help of modern drone tech? The biggest gift France ever sent looks even more majestic from above. Verdict: Yes, he did!

Why Halo, There

This drone operator managed to capture a rare and natural phenomenon — no Photoshop required. The beauty is undeniable, folks! It almost looks like an oil painting, at first glance. But not even Monet could ever fully match the beauty of mother nature, untouched.

Perhaps during the day, the lighting and the deep colors are less magnificent. Perhaps it just looks like a big pile of rocks, unremarkable in a world of stones. But with the moonlight, all bets are off! Drone photography is an undeniable boon to the art world. Amazons packages might be one part of the tech story, but the other side is quite romantic!

Don’t Rock the Boat

At first glance, this may look like a mosaic. But no! That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Zooming in, it becomes obvious this is a bunch of boats, kayaks in every color that are jam packed like sardines. It’s a Chinese lake, and everyone knows that country is crowded. But still, there has to be more to the story!

That can’t be a normal traffic day, can it? Well, no. It’s festival time! An aerial shot of all these floaters managed to capture a real life jigsaw puzzle on the water. How did anyone exit, at the end? Some things are just meant to remain unsolved mysteries. This right here, is no exception!

Chinese Traffic Trap

Navigating the freeway on route to work can be a challenge at any time of the day. But in mainland China, just give up all hope. Nothing is going to be open and free, without car competition. This might not even be rush hour, as astonishing as thet may seem! This aerial view serves as the best bike ad, ever.

All these drivers are truly hostages. No toilet or snacks in sight, it’s going to be a long ride. Perhaps flying cars will be more suitable in the future. But for now, flying drones are all that’s available. Stunning photos are an easier task than perfect urban planning, that’s for sure!

Freeway Freakout

The truth is, accidents happen. Everyday, there’s a little more rubble. And sometimes, it gets smoky on the road! The terrible aftermath of this collision on the I-5 in Los Angeles was captured from above, seen here. When a semi-trailer crossed the median, it smacked right into oncoming traffic!

This physics of this drone captured the incident strongly, and in color. It may be frightening to see the thick black smoke, but it’s the truth! Hopefully, everyone emerged from the accident unscathed. Burning gas is no joke, is it?

Yeezus Christ

Many might recognize this breath-taking shot from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The huge statue of Christ the Redeemer was shot from above, an impossible angle to see previously. Even climbing the mountain would not have exposed the truth. Thank that drone action, amigos!

As one of the world’s tallest man made landmarks, it’s hard to see every side from the ground. But people certainly crowd to do so, every day. The massive work is 98 feet high: Completed in 1931, it represents more than the city or the church. Christ the Redeemer is a symbol of the whole nation of Brazil, itself!

Never Fear

Quite easily one of the edgiest images ever taken — literally, this man is on the edge! He has been steadily climbing upwards for some time, and it seems both his hands are pretty busy with balance. How’s a selfie a addict supposed to capture this perilous moment?

No safety bars, here: Instagram will have to wait. It’s dangerous to think otherwise — unless a flying camera happens to be in the area, of course. Drones are the best solution! Rock climbing and social media, merged fully at last.

Chick Magnet

Never underestimate the power of a gull, they said. Wear a hat, they said. This man took all precautions, but there was no stopping the swarm. These crazy birds were frightened by a metal device in the sky they did not recognize. And no wonder, because it was a drone! This guy’s drone, to be precise.

Soon, the gulls took out their fear on the machine and its operator. The red-eyed bird staring into the camera looks evil, even soulless. Nature is always beautiful, but this is enough to give the entire internet nightmares!

School’s Open

A day at the beach is always relaxing, with a lifeguard on duty. But for anyone who’s heard the shark announcement on the loudspeaker while swimming, this photo might be more than a big triggering. What’s lurking out there? Merciless toothy monsters, that’s what!

The ocean is full of fish, just about everywhere. But for those that live in it, it can get crowded sometimes. Sure, most of the water is empty and dark. But the warm hotspots are popular! This shark is out looking for food, and its dinner knows trouble is near. Like parting the red sea, there’s a clear path for this hungry fellow. A drone managed to capture all the action, before the munch!

Perverts Beware

Drones have never been more available, and it’s time society discusses the ethics. Any flying machine with a camera has upsides and downsides — but technology doesn’t change good vs. evil! In the wrong hands, the zooming device could become a peeping Tom’s dream.

Today, it seems like one woman is not going to tolerate hidden cameras. No, not even if they are floating, technically in public, and outside the window. Broomstick in hand, she hopes to destroy the contraption that haunts her. Invasion of privacy is illegal, and its hard to blame her!

Loose as a Goose

Caught in the act, this feathered subject is hogging the camera. Uninvited to the shot, too. A drone doing its thing around the pond was going to share some quality images of the family farm. But this fowl wasn’t familiar with the flying guest. The result is demonic!

What is this bird, really? A duck? A goose? Satan’s pet? Surely, not. It’s just an animal exploring the outdoors, rudely interrupted by a machine. Whose airspace is this, anyway? The answer is complicated, as man vs. machine, and machine vs. duck becomes a real debate!

Where Planes Go To Die

Yes, the question has been out there. But it’s a little tasteless to ask. Just where do old planes go when they’re old? Broken down, useless, sad aircraft have been captured right here. It looks like the most organised junkyard in the world!

This drone managed to capture a huge collection of planes from the US military. But for mechanics fans, this place is totally off limits to visitors. Secrets must be kept, in the Air Force! But drones provide a glimpse of the stock that can be repaired, if ever the country needed these craft again. It’s a great place for spare parts, probably forever!

Volcano Voyage

Lava looks pretty interesting from far away. In photos and videos, all that oozing goo just has a glow about it. But until recently, humans were required to get up close and personal with the molten mess. By all accounts, it’s pretty hot stuff!

Is there anything more incredible than a hot pit of molten matter? One scientist has all his gear on to take a quick peek. But even the best suits of NASA have their limits. Drones are clearly the answer: No risk, high reward. Please just stay in the office, professor!

Jump the Shark

For some folks, there is just not enough money in the world to try this one out. No motivation, at all! Swimming with one shark sounds crazy enough. But twenty, all at once? Now that’s something better viewed from afar. Perhaps via drone!

Why do people want to spent time up close and personal with sharks? Now, it’s not even necessary! Sure, in the old days, there was only one way to investigate the sea. But with drones capturing all the activity in crystal clear Caribbean water, there is no need. From now on, only daredevils need apply. Odds are, they will!

A Whale of a Time 

Whales are not big fish. Or are they? Science weighed in, a long time ago on the matter. Fully aquatic, yet milk-producing and sentient, it’s an unusual mix of traits in the animal kingdom. Real fish, truthfully, are not very emotional creatures.

Instagram / @fromwhereidrone

Whales, porpoises, and dolphins are all in a different category. And most of them are known to be pretty friendly! Orcas can be aggressive, in the wild. But not this big blue guy! He just wants to say hi to visitors in the vast, lonely ocean. Only a drone could capture the real mood, today. It’s a good one, thanks to this rare encounter!

Heart’s in the Right Place 

No, it’s not editing by girls on Instagram. This is a real place, in Japan: Lake Toyoni is a freshwater body in Tomakomai city. But perhaps only now, it’s getting a lot of attention around the world. Aerial shots show a lot more than what the ancients knew about its shape!

Instagram / @dronepals

Known simply as “Heart Lake” by many, it’s really made a splish-splash on social media. Surrounded by virgin forests, it’s not the easiest to get to for a quick dip. A public restroom, and free parking and admission make the visit even more appealing. But who’s really in the area to enjoy the beauty? Only the Japanese, perhaps. Drones fix that issue, like so many others!

Flower Girls

Vietnam is known for its rivers, beaches, Buddhist statues, and modern cities. Hanoi is the capital, and visitors can see the contrast of Asia with French colonial architecture and Vietnamese War markers. But that’s city life, for city slickers. What’s going on, out in the countryside?

Instagram / @ptkhanhhvnh

A lot is still pretty traditional there, as it turns out. These women hope to bring something beautiful to market today. They carefully wash each gun flower, a local species. Then, they bundle things for transport and arrange everything in a circle. From above, it’s definitely a new and fascinating perspective on the old craft!

Big Fish in a Small Pond 

Beautiful images of Vietnam are not hard to come by, these days. It might just be the next big place to send flying cameras, without a plan. Almost anything that comes back is dazzling, and this shot was no exception. Hello from on high, mister fisherman!

Instagram / @ptkhanhhvnh

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime! Deep in the coconut forest, tasty snacks await locals. And they’re not hard to snag, either: Tonight, coco cod is on the menu!

High There, Hong Kong

It’s hard to believe this wasn’t planned, but the city skyline of Hong Kong looks like a musical pattern. From the sky, some might say it resembles the acoustic sounds seen on the Garage Band app. How did they fit in so much in such a cramped space, without missing a beat?

Move over New York, Hong Kong is one of the most advanced places in the world. Many visitors proclaim the skyline is the most beautiful in the world today. Local builders have never fallen behind in architecture. And in fact, they might just be a few steps ahead. Only drones tell the full story, and it’s worth a peek!

Friends in Low Places

Woah, there. Onlookers may notice this plane is pretty close to the ground. Dangerously close, maybe? It’s not as strange as it seems: This is merely a drone shot, from above. All day, every day, exactly this is happening at every airport. It just looks like there’s more wiggle room, standing on the ground!

Many people are actually quite frightened during descent. Just how many feet per second is the trip down? While the answer varies based on the day, air traffic control is always watching closely. Modern planes have computers to manage the process, too. A controlled landing from 30,000 feet begins 100 miles away. The photo is shocking, but reality is not!

Pablo’s Plane

Just say drug kingpin, and most people will immediately think of one man: Pablo Escobar, 70’s dealer. While he may not be around today to explain himself, there are ways to prove his activities. For example, the ruins of this plane wreck in The Bahamas!

Instagram / @blogmundodeviagens

Norman’s Cay is a quiet little island in the area. Just offshore, a sunken WWII transport plane flipped to its watery grave as it was carrying cocaine to America. Major fail, clearly! The powder has washed away, and so has Pablo. Relatively inaccessible, it takes special effort to go visit the carnage. But tourists still love to see where it all went down, captured here via drone!

Oh My God

Viewers could be forgiven for thinking this church is actually in heaven. It’s no sin to be wrong, when drone shots are involved! If anyone wants to feel closer to their father in the sky, Italy offers quite a few choices for Roman Catholics. Why not try this glorious sanctuary?

A quick lens managed to capture a moment when the fog totally surrounded this landmark. And it looks like a dream! Europe has plenty of mountain and castles, many unexplored beyond local lore. No aerial photographer can be disappointed, on this continent. Next stop, Switzerland?

Concrete Jungle

In Russia, tennis play you. Is that the old saying? Here, deep in the forest, a hidden gem awaits for Maria Sharapova. If she ever gets sick of warm, sunny Florida, there is a better place to practice! Total privacy, except when nosy drones fly by. Today was such a day!

Instagram / @fromwhereidrone

The sport is pretty big, over there. Despite the snowy months, locals manage to train year round. This is just a summer pleasure, but it’s not the only option. Somehow, the indoor courts in Moscow have raised more top 20 players than the entire United States! Game, set, match?

When Animals Attack

This image was captured during a perfectly delightful romp in the river. Pups do love to splash, from time to time. But this day was different. The young dog spotted an intruder in the sky, flying low. And he leapt right into action!

Once he spotted the drone, he attacked! A good boy, if there ever was one. But the truth is, no pet is going to be able to catch a modern device flying 360 degrees in every direction. Side to side, sure. But up and down, as well? Impossible, even for the best doggo out there!

It’s a First

The excitement can barely be expressed in a picture. After all, it’s worth only a thousand words! The drone encounter here was a special one: These Africans friends had never seen such a thing in their lives! drone, meet people. In such a tech-saturated world, their expression was priceless.

Instagram / @zekedrone

But soon, it might become a lot more common. Right now, institutes across the continent are teaching students how to build them. One day, drones might regularly deliver medical supplies, map disease outbreaks, and monitor crops from above. Very clever, and exciting to watch!

Prowling Lions

There is no question as to why this beautiful cat species is labeled as the king of the jungle. This drone is lucky to not be a human because the lions clearly noticed something out of the ordinary and we all know what happens when a lion spots something it could fit in its mouth.

There is nothing more timeless than wildlife photography and drones have allowed us to take it to a whole new level. There is no creature we cant get close to.

Winter Wonderland

Besides Portlandia, Oregon has not traditionally gotten a ton of press. That quirky, unpredictable city spoofed by SNL funnyman Fred Armisen happens to be very different than the rest of the state. It’s a natural escape that merits more attention, though. Especially in the cold season!

Instagram / @dronepals

Snowfall in the Beaver State is greatest in the Cascade mountain range. Ski resorts are plentiful up there, for good reason: Based on weather data, yearly snowfall ranges from 300 to 550 inches in the area. Plus, the drive up there is just gorgeous! Drones don’t lie. Why would they want to?

Oceanside Spaceship

I was today years old when I learnt that NASA move space shuttles on rafts on the water. Well, I guess it’s not like they could drag them through the highway. It is fascinating to think what this space shuttle is going to see or has seen in its lifetime.

Although space shuttle programs are a thing of the past, we have so much to thank them for, for their discoveries which we are still benefiting from today.

Little Do They Know… Shark!

Although these girls were most likely on the hunt for a new picture to Instagram, little did they know, they were a part of history in the making. These girls were simply high-fiving the fact that they could stand on their two feet in the ocean.

We can only assume that these girls had no idea what so ever, that a killer shark was right underneath them. If they knew, they definitely wouldn’t be smiling. We hope everything turned out alright.

Bird Of Prey

This bird was clearly having a bad day and was in no mood for intruders. Although he seems pretty angry, it did make for an incredible shot! This bird seems to be attempting to eat this drone alive!

Thankfully, this is happening to a drone and not a human because birds can be unbelievably vicious and dangerous. However, since it is a drone, you may go ahead and laugh.

Add Fuel to the Fire 

Without an action plan, there is no obvious way to survive a raging, plane inferno. But the good news is, engine fires are rare. These days, most of the chaos can be prevented in the factory. Tech is pretty advanced, after all! Good news, for frequent fliers.

Instagram / @dronepals

But the motto of firemen is to always be prepared for disaster. Today, it’s time for a simulation. If flames break out, there are strategies to battle them. The professional force will be ready to rush in, with hoses in hand. Maybe drones will be there for the real deal, too!

Figure Built Out Of Stones

In the hills of England, if you enjoy being freaked out, you can see a sinister shaped figure hiding in plane site. If it wasn’t for drones, would we even have known it was there?

It is unconfirmed as to what purpose this weird statue has because you can only see its strange shape from above. We’re going to go ahead and assume this is some sort of attempt at art.

Road Collapse

Water is one of the most unforgiving elements of nature. This image was taken after a river flooded from a rain storm, and in seconds whisked away what probably took months to build.

Luckily, there were no people on the road at the time thus no disaster was caused. Besides for the giant missing piece of road.

Diamond Mine

Although you may think this image captures the mystical Bermuda triangle, you couldn’t be more wrong. This giant hole in the earth is a huge diamond mine in good ol’ South Africa.

This mine looks like the same pit Joseph’s eleven brothers pushed him in and although one would think it needs to be situated far from civilization, this drone image captured the neighborhoods right next to it! We hope they are careful.

The Aftermath In Mosul

Although you would never be able to tell, this piece of dilapidated land was once the place which fostered a historic mosque in the Iraqi city of Mosul. This landmark was built in the 12th century and an entire generation of Muslims were heartbroken when they lost their spiritual home to an ISIS attack.

Not only was the mosque destroyed, but so were the surrounding cities. When looking at this photo, one can’t help but feel remorse for a people who took a major knock owing to politics. We can only hope for better times…

On The Hunt

You will definitely need a drone if you want to capture an image like this. Let’s face it, we just don’t have the same wings this guy has.

There is nothing more majestic than the widespread wings of a bird moments before it is about to capture its long-awaited prey.

Car “Intimacy” At Tire Dump

At first glance, this may seem like a regular photo. However, the photographer of this image revealed that after this driver and his lady had dropped of their tire, the entire dump started burning. Moments before that, the couple in the vehicle were in the middle of an intimate moment, they had no idea they were being watched.

Although this couple may not be as grateful for the photographer as the rest of us, this is a fine example of how drones can be used as an extra set of eyes when spotting an emergency.

The Tubbs Fire, Santa Rosa, Ca

In the year 2017, a true tragedy occurred with the Tubbs Fire started on Tubbs lane in Santa Rosa. It was not long until the fire was completely out of control. This devastation resulted in over 5000 building being completely destroyed. This drone captured several city blocks in total ruins from the fire.

This incident took the lives of 22 people and also caused over a billion dollars in damage. Luckily we have drones which can assess the damage before sending in more people, in case of any possibilities that they could be hurt.

Beautiful Whale Spouting

This is an example of being in the right place at the right time. This drone managed to capture the perfect moment of a whale spouting whilst having the sunlight hitting the water and creating a beautiful rainbow.

This is yet another magnificent caption of an image that would have been impossible to capture without a drone. We can’t get enough of these nature shots.

Forest In The Winter

We’re freezing just looking at this photo! That being said, the beauty of this image is also keeping us warm. This drone managed to capture a forest that is succumbing to the winter chill from the outside, in.

Here we see a shot that waiting a hundred years for drones to come around and capture it. The results are stunning, and the comment it makes about the synergy between technology and art is very exciting.

My luckiest shot. Shutter speed: 1/4 sec. Drone shots taken: 100+. Pics with bolt over Kuala Lumpur

Instagram / @petedemarco

Shark Buddies

Thank goodness we have drones to capture moments like this! Here we have an entire team of sharks all bunched together as they make their way across the ocean. We would much rather look at this image from the comfort of a drone.

It is a mystery as to why these sharks all want to be cramped on top of each other, when let’s face it, its not like there is a shortage of space in the big blue sea.

Bird’s Nest Bird’s Eye View

Here we have yet another image that could only be taken by a drone. Like MTV Cribs, we basically get an indirect invitation to this family’s home. These birds made lemons out of lemonade when it comes to this utility pole!

Not only is this a perfectly constructed nest, but it also looks like the most beautiful home. Imagine waking up to a view like that everyday! We’ll give these birds credit for their impressive construction.

Blue Whale Lunging For Dinner

Studies revealed that blue whales actually have to wait and build the strength to open their enormous mouths. They also have to use their discretion as to whether the amount of fish around them are even worth the effort to open their mouths.

Although these creatures may look like they spend their lives eating and that’s how they became that size. However, they don’t eat often at all but when they do, they can swallow tons of tuna at once. This drone caught a whale getting what seems to be a decent portion.

Petting Zoo

When this tour group set sail, we’ll bet they didn’t expect to receive an experience like this! This image was taken of a tourist group in Mexico, who were out searching for dolphins and were suddenly graced by a whale who swam right underneath them.

Something as enormous as a whale could only be captured by a drone and this image could literally make history. There is nothing more magnificent than the beasts dwelling in the mystical ocean.

Flooded Theme Park

No, this is not a super cool water park, but rather a result of a truly upsetting event. This used to be a popular theme park until the devastating occurrence of Hurricane Katrina. This Louisiana theme park has remained flooded ever since.

This drone managed to capture the true extent of how powerful this hurricane was for surrounding cities. We hope images like these encourage awareness and cause an initiation for change.

Terrible Accident

This image is extremely disturbing. A drone happened to capture an accident which occurred when a cattle truck lost control leading to a terrible collision in Australia. This unfortunately resulted in the death of a few cows.

This image just doesn’t sit well with the heart. Cows are known to be exceptionally scared animals so we can only imagine how afraid they must have been when this accident happened.

Whale Spouting Water In Action

Now this is art! This photograph was taken whilst a whale was playing in his natural habitat and spouting water at such a strength, it caused a ripple effect of bubbles surrounding it. Whoever was operating this drone, could retire on this caption!

This whale is actually performing an exercise in which is creates a bubble net which ultimately traps its school of prey. Once the bubbles are in place, it collects the fish into the middle and just like that, he has his meal.

Shark For Lunch

Here we have a product of the luckiest drone operator of all time. He managed to capture two of the most feared predators in the ocean. Many tiny fish in the sea owe this whale a huge thank you after he ate the creature that was most likely going to eat them!

Although sharks are seen as the most dangerous and feared creatures in the sea, they are no match for the size of a killer whale. This whale chomps on the shark like it’s a little bowl of popcorn!


There is nothing that can ruin your afternoon stroll like a massive hole in the earth! This image makes us wonder how we would react if this occurred in a neighbourhood we lived in! More than that, where does this hole even go to? And is it by any chance another Narnia situation?

It is unconfirmed how this even occurred but regardless, it is an extremely scary thought to imagine your home being swallowed up by a massive hole in the ground.

Shamoo Feasting On Great Whale

This drone operator managed to capture a powerful moment here. Here we have a family of killer whales in the middle of a hunt while they decided to feast on other whale. Although this is a vicious site, it is simply the circle of life.

Even though mother nature knows no mercy, it is a little heart-breaking to see whales turn on their own. Surely animals are supposed to be better than humans? Just a thought.

A Landing Accident

This image captured what was definitely a catastrophe at the time. An aeroplane was involved in an accident when slipping down the side of the runway after descending.

We can only hope there were no injuries and a really good excuse for an accident like this to occur with such clear weather! At least the plane doesn’t seem to be too damaged so maybe they can still repair it.

Hurricane Harvey

Since the year 2005, USA had not received a category three or higher storm, until Hurricane Harvey came about. This drone image managed to capture a section of the damage it caused. This storm took the lives of 37 Americans and cost them over 10 billion dollars of damage.

This is truly disturbing as one can see a regular neighbourhood which was completely taken by the incident. It is impossible to even imagine what these citizens went through.

Poor Cow

Never underestimate the strength of a crocodile. This guy seems to have ordered a steak to go! This alligator managed to drag an entire cow in its mouth. Truly impressive!

Crocodiles and alligators have been known to steal gigantic livestock. So this isn’t a new trend that has just been discovered. Farmers need to start investing in some security a little more efficient than a scarecrow!

Funny Bunny

Whatever the explanation is behind this one, only a drone could have revealed the mystery. The internet can’t get enough of it. What is the conspiracy, here? It looks like a stuffed toy for a friendly giant. But as far as science is concerned, that’s not a real thing!

Odds are, this artist never expected to find the image when he sent his drone through the Alps. But life is full of surprises. Some even say it’s like a box of chocolates. Now, it’s clear: Life sometimes involves a giant, puffy, big bunny. It might be pink, and there might be little explanation. C’est la vie!

A Family Of Whales

No, this isn’t a pretty little bathbomb as it hits the water. This, my friends, is war. A family of whales were captured along their travels across their big beautiful home. Make way for these beasts of the sea!

This is a moment of pure chaos and the birds hovering above them only makes it even greater. Nature truly is the most exciting and dangerous thing we have.

Crocodiles Love Bacon Too

This pig was in the wrong place at the wrong time because just as he was vulnerable, this crocodile was hungry! The crocodile is gliding through the river with its prey trapped in its mouth.

It is easy to forget the power of a crocodile when there are creatures out there such as whales or sharks, but crocodiles can be even more brutal and dangerous in some situations.

The Silverdome

For some time, the Detroit Lions Football team would play their matches at what is now a rundown Silverdome. However, they relocated once the new Ford Field was built in the year 2002.

Only a drone could capture the magnitude of how truly messy and destroyed the Silverdome was after the roof collapsed. The Silverdome is known as a resemblance of how bad Detroit’s city problems are.

Snowy Pile Up

This photo was taken in Illinois during an unbearable winter storm. As seen, all the traffic piled up because of slippery icy road. Can you imagine the horror!

We can all give thanks to the first responders who were sent to this scene and must have froze as they assisted the lives of others so selflessly. We salute them for their dedication and hard work!

Catching Some Rays

There is no logical reason to sit on top of a windmill other than a desperate need for a new Facebook profile picture. Although this picture probably roped in a hundred likes. Is it worth it?

Besides for the danger of this picture, the surrounding greenery and blue skies are beautiful and only a drone could capture such a gorgeous background.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

The hippopotamus loves to hang out in the African river. It’s simply too hot not to take a dip, everyday! Usually, that space is shared with an unfriendly foe: The croc. But since hippos are large and in charge, the reptiles stay in their lane. Here, as this photo explains, that might be tricky.

Instagram / @zekedrone

Mostly herbivorous and completely adorable, people probably assume that hippos are safe to pet. But no! Every year, locals are killed more often by these fat chompers than crocodiles. Shocking, but true! Drones are the way to go, for those who value their arms but love to look. Anyone and everyone, really!

The City Of Homs, Destroyed

In the year 2001, the civil war against Syria began. The opposing forces were mainly situated in the city of Homs. This drone- captured image displayed the severity of the situation. The damage is frightening and most of the city is in ruins.

In this image, the city is mostly abandoned and looks almost like a ghost town. The Syrian civil war caused multiple deaths and injuries, no matter your political or religious take on the matter, you can’t help but feel deep remorse when looking at this image.