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Adorable and Heartwarming Dog Moments Caught on Camera

There’s a reasonable explanation as to why dogs are considered the best friends of humanity. These animals have a remarkable inclination to not only be steadfast companions but also to bring endless laughter with their funny behavior. We’ve gathered an adorable selection of the sweetest moments ever captured between dogs and their humans. Very much like people, canines have a funny bone, and their sense of humor is golden.

The Post-Anesthesia Look

The most awful part of awakening after a medical procedure is the side effects of the anesthesia. The babble some people come out with as they try to sort out of the real world is priceless. 

Clearly, this poor pup was having an unpleasant reaction to something that happened to him at the vet’s office. Whether it was the anesthetic, the castration, or both, we’ll never know for sure. After waking up from the sedation, the vet clinic snapped a photo for his owner to see. Not the prettiest of pictures out there, and he’s presumably thinking, “what just happened to me?”

Reliving The Past

Recreating vintage moments has prompted some of the most awkward and amusing photographs on the web as of late. A lot of people have attempted it over the years, remembering moments of the past from their vintage snaps and repeating the pictures as best they can. 

Image courtesy: News INI

However, things don’t always go smoothly. While the first picture is totally adorable, the guy attempted to replicate that moment without considering the little dog’s size, weight, and silly personality. The second image is a reminder that dogs don’t care what they look like in photographs.

Enjoying the Snow

Some dogs are made for cold climates. These super-furry puppers won’t be too cheerful in hot, tropical conditions, but when the snow hits, they are in their element. Just ask the adorable “snow loaf” below.  

Image courtesy: Reddit

Keep WatchingThis big guy is having a good time with the snow thanks to that thick, furry coat. He’s ready anytime his owner calls him for playtime and cuddles. However, snow-proof attire is required!


Some canine breeds have exceptionally short legs, leaving them helpless unless their humans help them reach higher spots. In such circumstances, people often place small stairs close to the sofa or bed to make it reachable for tiny pooches.

Image courtesy: ifunny

This pup’s eyes say everything! His owner neglected to put the stairs back in their place after a tidy-up of the living room and ended up leaving the dog feeling neglected.

The Latest Hat

Canines can be very clever when they need to be. However, they also enjoy lazing around throughout the day, doing hardly anything. This is something we’re happy for our beloved pups to do, but sometimes they take it a bit too far. 

Image courtesy: fallinpets

These doggos are relaxing with their master, but one of them has decided to put this whole “master” thing to the test. He’s perched atop this poor man’s head in an attempt to prove that he is the boss in the household. 

The Elusive Man-dog

Children will always be children in the minds of their parents, even after they’ve grown up. This picture proves that the same is true for pet owners whose puppies grow up. 

Image courtesy: fallinpets

Regardless of how enormous he grows, this dog’s owner will never mind carrying him. This big guy is held up by his owner who is clearly delighted to pick up his best bud. However, it’s the resultant image that has astounded everybody. The man-dog shadow is pretty amazing.  

Not Me, Please!

We all know that canines reject the idea of bath time, even when their owners invest a huge amount of energy into setting up the ideal temperature and a pleasant experience.

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

Of course, this pup’s owner would never put him in the washing machine, but there’s no way of telling the dog that. He is presumably thinking if the adorable toy puppy can be shoved in the washing machine, it very well may be him next! 

A Bad Day

While grown-ups have figured out how to cover their feelings, kids normally glare and throw tantrums when they’re miserable, and well. From this picture, it’s clear that the same can be said of dogs. 

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

The last thing anyone wants to see is an unhappy doggo. However, this guy’s cranky face is so adorable we can’t help laughing. This pup was forced to leave the dog park early only to have to wait in the car while his owner ran an errand. Obviously, somebody isn’t happy!

Only Himself to Blame

Canines have a knack for fitting directly into people’s hearts and homes, making themselves indispensable parts of the family. They are faithful buddies, always entertaining to hang around, and the memories made with them will last a lifetime.

Image courtesy: Tumblr

This dog was doing what puppies do best – taking a midday nap. His terror-struck face suggests something awful happened, but in reality, he simply farted so loud that he surprised himself out of dreamland and back into the waking world. Poor pup! 

he Trickery of Shadows

Once in a while, even the boldest of us can get terrified from the simplest of things. The following photo is as scary as it can get. At first glance, it looks like there’s a wild tiger roaming the neighborhood.  

Image courtesy: Imgflip

On closer inspection, the fearsome tiger turned out to be an adorable dog taking a break in the shade. We’re certain the individual who snapped the photo needed to look carefully to detect the truth here. We wonder if this dog was clever enough to know what he was doing?  

A Perfect Shot

Here’s another picture-perfect moment caught on cam. The owner of these dogs is clearly a creative person. They’ve taken the curly tail of one dog and used it as a lens through which to snap a portrait of their other pup. 

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

The whole scene is perfected by that thoughtful look on the dog’s face. We wonder what was going through its head in that moment. Surely something deep and poetic.

How on Earth did this Happen?

Felines are excellent climbers, able to make their way into the most elevated branches of the tallest. They’ll also happily climb all over your house. However, we’ve never seen a dog do the same. 

Image courtesy: Twitter

How did this doggo even figure out how to go up there? The other dog looks just as confused as we are. Perhaps it’s been getting climbing tips from the neighbor’s cat.

Please Notice Me

A fence will never be enough to keep a canine away from connecting with his favorite people. They are the expert go-getters and will wait for the ideal moment to ask people for pats, cuddles, and treats. If we saw this adorable canine, we would definitely give him a pat. 

Image courtesy: Imgflip

In the modern world of nine to five jobs, many dogs spend a great deal of time alone. For this reason, it’s important for humans to be understanding of them and to give them love, attention, and friendship. 

Beat the System

Somebody once said, rules are created to be broken, and this dog accepted that tip in a real sense. Regardless of how well-trained a dog is, there will always be incidents where they discover an escape clause in the rules and standards of the house. On such occasions, a clever dog will turn the circumstance to its favor. 

Image courtesy: meme

This charming pup found an adorable way of beating the system. People used to close the entryway behind her every time she ventured outside. So she developed her own system. Smart creature.

The Sweetest Pup

Dogs really are the sweetest creatures. In addition to the fact that they are magnificent, they are unbelievably faithful to their masters. If a dog is treated well, it will be loving and affectionate to the end. 

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

In spite of being visually impaired, this dog remained at the entryway, trusting that his mom would come back home soon. The poor boy had stationed himself at the wrong door, but it’s clear that his heart is in the right place. 

Too Cool for School

Seeing animals emulate people is a source of entertainment for many. This dog is one of the best ones we’ve seen. Take a look at that casual lean and judgemental expression! We’ve definitely people perched at the bar looking just like this (minus the dog collar, of course). 

Image courtesy: meme

Each club consistently has this one individual remaining in a corner simply noticing and passing judgment on everybody around them. Of course, the judgemental frown looks far cuter on this dog. He could remain there and judge the entire web throughout the day and everyone would still adore him.

Best of Friends

We’ve been advised that felines and canines are sworn enemies. In all honesty, though, these creatures are perfectly capable of getting along. Indeed, they can be the greatest buddies. It looks like these two animals were best friends in a past life. 

Image courtesy: Reddit

It is clear they are not dazzled by the human attempting to interfere with their play time. As much as Tom and Jerry tried to tell us that dogs and cats can’t be buddies, this photo proves that love can win.

Dog Turned Cat

Anyone who’s lived with an assortment of pets knows that it isn’t inconceivable for a creature to take on the traits of another as they attempt to figure out what kind of pack they’re in and where they fit in the hierarchy. 

Image courtesy: Twitter

We’ve seen a little dog attempting to pull off the clucking and pecking of chickens. We’ve also seen cats who seem to think they’re dogs. However, this is the first time we’ve witnessed a dog who thinks he’s one of the cats. Here, the pup stops being a pup and takes the characteristic of his cat pal by chilling in the cat’s climbing tower. How cute!

Is It My Birthday?

This adorable dog has been treated to a canine-themed cake for her birthday, and the look on her face says everything. As the human said himself, “her reaction was worth every penny.” 

Image courtesy: greenlemon

We trust the cake was dog-friendly and didn’t contain chocolate. Happy Birthday, Lucy! We hope this gorgeous girl had a blast on her special day. Her reaction suggests that she did! It’s just that she cannot recall her birth date. Nevertheless, ‘twas a sweet surprise from her owner.

Six Shades of Grey

A husky mom gave birth to six puppies, and as they came out, it appeared that something had gone awry with her printing machine! The first pups are a dark shade of grey, but by the time the last one popped out, it was as though the ink had run out. 

Image courtesy: Reddit

We have to give praise to the photographer and their clever captioning as this is a detail many people would have missed. After all, it’s hard to come up with jokes when faced with this amount of cuteness!

When Jealousy Strikes

Canines can be possessive. They don’t like it when their people show love to different creatures or strangers they’ve never met before. Be that as it may, this jealousy rarely prompts more than sad puppy eyes, much like those on display in the picture below. 

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

Somebody assembled a Lego model of their canine but didn’t get the response they were expecting. The little guy is totally neutral and appears to be somewhat unhappy about the presence of his clone.

Caught in the Act

This doggo’s expression says it all. The poor boy was caught in the act of attempting to go through the bag of his owner’s momma. Somebody should have advised him from the getgo that stealing things is bad. 

Image courtesy:, kidfriendly memes/pinterest

That guilty look on his face is priceless! We can hear him saying, “I was simply attempting to discover a few treats here. It’s not my fault I’m so hungry. No need to call the police dog, okay?”

Don’t Disturb Me

After a big day of romping through the garden and playing fetch in the park, it’s understandable if a doggo needs a good snooze. The funny part is, dogs don’t like being too far away from their owners, so they’ll often take this much-needed nap while curled up on the couch. 

Image courtesy: BrightSide

This young lady nodded off on the sofa, and the result had her owners in stitches. She seems to be deep asleep. We wonder if her snores were what first attracted the attention of the humans in the house.  

The Joy of Autumn Leaves

Canines get excited over the littlest of things sometimes. Autumn leaves are an excellent example of this enthusiasm they have for life’s small pleasures. Rake up a pile of crunchy Autumn leaves, and any dog in the vicinity is bound to want to leap in. 

Image courtesy: Imgur

This pup is so happy she can barely contain herself. Look at that massive doggy grin! We hope she didn’t make too much of a mess since her owner will have to rake the yard a second time, and who needs that?  

Fancy Legs

This dog seems to have a natural talent for modeling. It is simply another typical day for this canine. He’s having a lovely time sitting and unwinding on the sofa, but his master can’t stop giggling and taking photos.

Image courtesy: imgur

All things considered, this doggo merits an opportunity to be in the world of modeling. We can just see him stalking down the runway, showing off his long legs and fancy feet.

Lazy Begging

Canines can be the greatest over-reactors, getting dramatic when they don’t get the treats they’re begging for. At times, their cravings know no limits, and they will go to any lengths to score a little treat. 

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

This adorable boy had been begging his human for food, but after a while, he just didn’t have the stamina to keep on trying. Did he give up? Never! Instead, he took a load off and found a lazy way to keep his begging game strong. 

Doggos’ Class Photo

Canines are among the most focused animals when they are trained properly. Even untrained pups often show superb habits. This picture proves that a well-trained pup can be better behaved than a human of the same age.  

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

This class photo from doggy daycare is an ideal illustration of their good behavior. The coordinated and serious faces of this group are proof that they are disciplined. Congrats, doggos!

The Dog Bus

Getting on a bus isn’t much fun for most people. It’s something we have to do to get from A to B, but if we’re honest, we’d usually pick a different form of transport if we had the option. The bus below, however, would be our first choice any day of the week. 

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Riding in a bus packed with so many adorable dogs would be a blessing from heaven! Without a doubt, this bus is loaded with cuteness, love, and cuddles. We envy the bus driver for the stress-free trip they’re about to enjoy. Sigh.

A Green Retriever

From the littlest chihuahua to the monstrous English Mastiff, there is a great deal of variety in the size, fur type, colors, and coats of dogs. From all this variety, we have finally discovered the canine that would have unquestionably made it into The Avengers! 

Image courtesy: greenlemon

This Golden Retriever was going about his business in the yard, not the least bit concerned that the grass was newly cut. The outcome is hilarious. He looks like he’s ready to go out trick or treating dressed as the Hulk! 

Meet Dog-topus

We all know about legendary monsters like the Kraken and Cthulhu thanks to our favorite sci-fi writers. The picture painted by these authors is usually of a creature so ugly it’s impossible to even imagine. However, the picture below proves that this might not necessarily be the reality. 

Image courtesy: Daily Mail

Say hello to Dog-topus! She is a doting doggo mother, and her children have an uncanny ability to make her look like an octopus. We wonder what H.P. Lovecraft would’ve thought if he’d seen this fearsome creature.

Old-school Reasoning

Everyone knows the famous old excuse for failing to turn in homework. However, what happens when the instructor lands in a similar spot? How on Earth is this teacher supposed to explain what happened to the class without having them roll their eyes?

Image courtesy:Daily Mail

The tables have at last turned, and now the educator needs to disclose to his class how his dog ate everybody’s schoolwork! We’d love to have seen what the reaction was when he broke the news. 

Say Cheese!

It’s not always easy to take photos of a canine, particularly if the doggo is a vivacious one who doesn’t like sitting still. Add to that all the distractions of being out in nature, and it’s next to impossible to capture a good photo. 

Image courtesy: Reddit

This poor dog had no desire to sit still and pose for pictures. After all, there are so many new smells to take in, squirrels to chase, and patches of grass to roll in.  

The Transformer

Shower time can be tricky with canines. While a few of these furry creatures love their experience with water and bathing, others reject the thought of getting wet. Be that as it may, what happens when a doggo transforms into a polar bear while showering?

Image courtesy: meme

This dog clearly adores bath time. It’s a special time of the week when he gets to let his inner polar bear loose, making him feel like a wild predator. Of course, there’s nothing to worry about here. This polar bear is full of love and would never bring a human any harm.

Puppy Love

What’s better than having a dog as a pet? Having three! This picture proves that the joy brought into a home by the presence of a dog grows exponentially with each new puppy added to the picture.  

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

Regardless of the fact that he can’t see at the present time, we’re certain this big dog adores his smaller siblings. We have a feeling all this love extends to the person catching this epic moment too. 

First Snow Experience 

It’s not unusual for individuals who grew up in the tropics to have never seen snow in their life, and the same is true for dogs from these regions. Seeing snow for the first time is an incredible experience, for dogs as much as humans. 

Image courtesy: Reddit

One look at this happy doggo’s face and it’s clear that snow truly is a magical substance. He has hours of play ahead of him, and it’s going to be hard to convince him to ever come inside again. 

Dealing with Siblings

For people, the more dogs they have, the merrier their family is. Yet what happens when the old canine of the house needs to manage two additional siblings? This photo says it all.  

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

At a certain point, he was obviously the solitary little guy at home and got undivided attention from his human family. However, since his younger siblings arrived, this changed, and maybe the old guy is thinking he has been sold out by his owner. Hopefully, he soon learns that there’s enough love to go around for everyone.

Husky Down

Alaskans have been using dog sleds as transportation for centuries. Though a sled will never get a flat tire in the traditional sense, there is such a thing as the “Alaskan flat tire.” 

Image courtesy: kidfriendly memes/pinterest

This is a unique image of a husky taking a break in the snow. Now we know what a flat tire looks like in the frozen parts of the planet! The rest of the dogs are surely appreciating this break, and it looks like the people don’t mind waiting.

Loved-up Pup

Looking at a dog’s patches can be like gazing at clouds – there are all sorts of pictures to be found in the patterns and spots. Though some require a lot of imagination, others are far more obvious, like this heart-eyed pup who stole our hearts.

Image courtesy: snapchats/Pinterest

Those dazzling eyes are certainly going to win many hearts over the years. We bet the owner has a hard time getting anywhere when they take the pup out on walks. They’d be stopping every few feet for passing pedestrians to admire the special doggos eyes.  

The Guilty Face

Pets feel remorseful when they realize they’ve broken the house rules. In some cases, they pull it off. However, it’s more often the case that they’re caught in the act, with no hope of getting away with their crimes. 

Image courtesy: dog snapchats/Pinterest

These two miscreants clearly have their guilty faces on, and the owner knows something isn’t right. Coming home to those looks of shame means doing an immediate sweep of the house to see what they’ve done. 

Snapshots Of Shelter Dogs The Second They Get Adopted

Shelters can be crowded places, these days. Often, there are more doggos than adopters! For the lucky ones, the day arrives when a friend takes them home. When dreams do come true, that moment is pure magic — worthy of a snapshot and a story!

Miles of Smiles

The joy of having a furry friend is best explained all in one picture — this one! On his way home for the first time, this lil’ pup is perched on his daddy’s shoulders. It’s just so exciting, to be out and about in the world. Where are they going, after leaving the pound?

Reddit / Hi-sup

The answer is a new house, nothing like the cages of before. Cuddles are planned, adventures await, and freedom is in the air. And so is love, between man and pup!

Next: See the moment that mutts realized they had their forever home-sweet-home!

Smile Like You Mean It

As Pharrell Williams sang: ”Clap along if you know what happiness is to you, because I’m happy.” This very good boy probably can’t do it fully, because of his clumsy paws. But he sure can smile, something few know a dog can do!

Facebook / saafspayneuterclinic

It’s just heart-wrenchingly sweet to see the moment this dog knew he was going to have a family. Toys and treats await. Fetch is no longer just a fantasy. Cheerfully tucking into his new master’s arms, he is just having the best day. The first of many, hopefully!

Joy to the World

Scarlett the dog was actually scheduled to be put down at a local animal shelter. Oh no! It’s the reality of overcrowding, as many know. In this case, she had a mild skin condition that was scaring off visitors. Would there be a rescue, at the last possible minute?

Reddit / mithimithi

As it turns out, the issue was totally curable. When one compassionate family took a look at her face, they were happy to deal with it! Today, she’s all better and settled in to her new life. Happy and free, she escaped right in the nick of time!

Best Friends for Life

It’s hard to say who has more glee, in this photo. According to the owner, this is the moment man and dog met for the first time, ever. Both are pretty well matched, in terms of energy. It’s a perfect friendship, here in the making!

Reddit / zackbusselsd

Both know the days of sitting in the shelter with uncertainty are gone for good. These pals are grinning wide for the camera, a hint of good times to come. Unconditional love, playfulness, and cuddles are on the schedule now. Maybe even some visits to the park, occasionally!

Goodbye Old Friend

Adopting a dog is a kind act, to be sure. But sometimes, the friends made at the pound cannot come along for the journey. This is the moment when one little doggy reazlied his adoption was real. But it was a solo choice, sadly!

Facebook / HeartsandBonesRescue

Saying goodbye to a dear buddy is never easy: Paw to head, it’s a little heartbreaking from afar. But the truth is, better days lie ahead. New adventures, walks, and treats are just around the corner. Lots of new love, too. Destiny awaits, as hard it as it may be now!

On Cloud Nine

This sweet beagle had a sad story, at the beginning. Overweight and very old, her previous owners actually abandoned her. Yes, the cruelty exists out there. And in many cases, that would mean the end for a shelter pooch like this. Day after day, she waited for her family to return, but they never came.

Reddit / TheDonQuixote

One day, a human stopped by. It wasn’t anyone she knew, but he knew he wanted to get to know her. Just eight hours after her adoption, a photo was taken of the new pair. Second chances are the best!

Military Mutt

Sometimes, military bases have pet adoption events. Totally coneveninent. sinc they spend so much time there. And great for doggies too, to get extra exposure! One Staff Sergeant found a loving companion, seen here. It’s an English bulldog, adorably named Pinkerton. When they first met, it was true love!

Sgt. Valerie C. Eppler / Wikimedia Commons

It’s clear they bonded instantly. And luckily, there was a camera to capture the magic! Licks and cuddles from pets are therapeutic for many veterans, who often deal with emotional challenges. Some shelters wave fees just to pair them together, forever!

Goodnight, Sleep Tight

Accroding to the National Sleep Foudnation, canines spend around 50% of each day snoozing. That’s 12 to 14 hours! While it might seem like a lot, most of it isn’t observed while humans are away. And there is always extra cuddle time for bonding, as seen here.

Facebook / muddypawsrescue

A little girl and her pal are peacefully getting some Zzz’s on the doggy bed. In this case, she has joined him in his special space. Perhaps he is banned by the rules of the house from human bedrooms. It’s a common demand, out there!

Four of a Kind

An empty home can be a lonely place. As they say, the more the merrier. In this case, it’s definitely true! Tiny paws, floppy tongues, and toothless smiles all around, these senior chihuahuas all got adopted together. A dream of all dreams, if there ever was one!

Julie Docherty / Instagram

It’s hard for older shelter dogs to get a hearing, with so many puppies around. But these boys really seemed like a package deal! Naturally, dogs run in packs in the wild. Humankind has altered this instinct through civilization. But when they get a chance to hang out together, it just feels right!

The Fluffiest Floof

Sometimes, a match happens right away. This little pup was instantly snatched up at the shelter. So much poof and fluff were hard to resist. And this couple decided they didn’t want to hold back! Riding home in the car, he can’t wait to get home and see what’s in store. Treats, perhaps?

Tiffany Statham Rogers / Facebook

Or maybe, snacks and rubs? That silly grin is all excitement and anticipation. No one doubts there will be at least a few sneaky tickles. With so much soft fuzz, it will be impossible to hold back!

Lean on Me

This gal decided it was time to bring home doggie. Sometimes, it’s just the missing piece in life. Here, it seems the feeling was mutual. A human was clearly missing from this pup’s life, and he rests his little head on her shoulder to thank her back!


On social media, she explained the photo: ”Adopted this girl from the pound. She rode like this the whole way home”. It seems like she just wants to bond, right away. The magic of dogs cannot be overstated, no matter their origin — shelter or shop!

Bull Terrier BFF

Dogs are a worldwide phenomenon. In Italy, they are definitely part of the family! Rodrigo is the miniature bull terrier, seen here. The picture of his first drive home is a good introduction for him. Look at that grin and cuddle action!

Instagram / @rodrigo_bully

On social media, he has a lot of fans. Around 10,000 people from all over the world follow his rescue story. These days, he spends even more time in the car. The family loves to travel, and he’s happy to ride along!

Real Puppy Love

To the shelter no more, little pup! For the holiday season, one man decided to give himself a present. But as those things go, it’s a two-way blessing. Here, on the car ride home, the little one looks up at dad. It’s pure magic, and true love!

Imgur / Chemilliam

Maybe it’s not so traditional. As the old song goes, ”On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.” It’s clear that this is a much better than a bird in a tree. It’s a puppy in a lap! Can’t be beat, sorry songwriters.

Donuts the Dog

It might sound silly, but someone thought it fit. Former shelter dog Donuts did have this name, and that’s A-ok. He had bigger challenges on his mind: Donuts was old, deaf, and blind. And worse, he was diagnosed with cancer! Would anyone even consider taking him home?

Susie?s Senior Dogs / Facebook

It was a tricky sell, to be sure. But as destiny had it, someone fell in love. When Matt here visited the pound, he knew he was the right caretaker for this dog. Knowing their time together would limited, he prepared for the end with compassion. Not all heroes wear capes, as they say!

Luna is a Lover

Rescue pup Luna is just in bliss, in this first photo with her new best friend. It’s finally time to say goodbye to that cold, lonely cage, and Luna is ready for love. Here, she cuddles up and relaxes. Bumps in the road can’t get her down!

Reddit / zombeejeezus

A moment like this is what pet adoption is all about. Shelter dogs appreciate their rescuers so, so much. While some people opt for designer dogs, others know there are plenty of virtues in a mutt. Unforgettable memories are ahead, for these two!

Coso the Cutie

Life is full of surprises, even in the animal world. This energetic fellow is more than a little bit excited to be leaving the building. In this touching moment, it seems like Coso the shlter pup knows he is headed for a new life. Waving his paws in the air, he jumps for joy!

Lort Smith Hospital / Facebook

As a wise person once said: ”Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Overjoyed to know his new humans? Yes, that’s definitely the case. And it looks like the feeling is mutual!

Rosie Goes Ruff

Every dog must have his day, as they say. In this case, Rosie the good girl is about to have hers! This photo shows the moment she understands she arrived home after a mysterious car ride. And she’s pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing!

Allie Lucchetti / Facebook

Anyone can see it: Mom completes her, and she completes mom. This is a cuddly couple destined for snuggly times. Holding Rosie in her lap might be a temporary activity, though. By the looks of it, there’s going to be a real growth spurt, sooner than later!

Wiggles Get Her Wish

After a decade in the shelter, one rescue dog finally finds his happy ending. That dog is Wiggles, seen here. At 14 years old, many thought this day would never come. But life is full of twists and turns, and in this case — a new family!

5A Animal Shelter / Facebook

Apparently, Wiggles did not get along well with other dogs. She was a tough cookie! Then, she developed a cancerous tumor. Oh no! There were many obstacles to gaining health and companionship, but it worked out this time against all odds. Congrats, Miss Wiggles!

Just Old Friends

Seniors don’t always get out of the house like they used to. But sometimes, it can really motivate someone to have a new dog. Just the doo doo duty alone means a lot of walks, stretching and getting exercise in the great outdoors. It’s good for everyone involved, truly!

Reddit / I_speak_Australian

Here, a sweet older lady found a cutie pie of her very own. It all happened at a special adoption fair at her neighborhood park. When she saw that little chinny chin chin, it was impossible to go home alone. A match made in doggy heaven, as anyone can see!

Finally Uncaged

Sometimes, there is a new leash on life. This is one of those times! After repressing so much young energy in a cage, this pooch finally gets to run free and stretch his paws. Riding home in the car is pretty meaningful, knowing better times are ahead!

Imgur / RunningPoohinator

Almost smiling in the passenger seat, isn’t he? It’s pretty relaxing to hang out on that pink blanket, set out just for his very first ride. Traffic jams can’t get this dog down: He’s already learned to be patient for so, so long!

Pablo Perks Up

While many shelter dogs are dropped off by their old owners who can’t care for them anymore, plenty are found wandering the streets. This case was just that situation, for little Pablo. Scruffy and scared, he settled into his life in a cage. At least there was reliable food, right?

Imgur / RunningPoohinator

But wait! There was a surprise in store, and a second chapter in life. A warm and cozy home was the next destination after one family spotted this good boy. They took him right away, for a new lifestyle of luxury and love — exactly what he deserved!

Three Long Years

It’s hard to believe, but some dogs end up spending years in a cage at the local pound. It’s admirable that some facilities don’t put any dogs down, as a policy. But that means they might spend a lot of time alone, and that’s sad, too!

Animal Friends

Good things sometimes come to those who wait, though. Capone the canine spent more than 1,100 days waiting for his new friends. But eventually, a foster family came through. Here they, relaxing like it was always meant to be. In the end, they stayed together forever!

Sister From Another Mister

One dog with a very human sounding name was all smiles on the day of his paperwork. A shelter post explained: ”Alex Watson was smiling all day like he knew he was getting adopted. His grin only widened when he was reunited with the forever mama he met this weekend. This time’s for keeps!”

Facebook / BadassBrooklynFosterDog

The pictures are pretty toothy, but that was part of the appeal. As many have observed over the years, a lot of owners look like their pets, conscious or not. Resemblance, or coincidence? This one is showing off her own pearly whites, too!

Double Trouble

Road trips are the absolute best. On spring break or just for fun, there is no end to adventure when there’s a long road ahead and snacks in the trunk. Here, these two pups are taking their very first trip in the car. Where will they end up? It seems like they may already know the answer.

Reddit / ericalaurie

From cage to comfort, they seem to understand they have been chosen. All smiles, this photo was snapped just two hours after leaving the pound. It’s amazing how validating adoption is right away, even for animals!

Cracking that Smile

As one dog lover once observed: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” But it can be hard to test when the animal is locked away, in a tiny cement box. Here, a toothy pooch was adopted, and quickly showed an attitude of gratitude. Just look at that grin!

Imgur / RunningPoohinator

Life is completely different with a human to hug and hold. And lounging around on comfy blankets would make anyone smile, after a lifetime of sleeping on cold stone. Never again, says doggo!

Chance Gets a Chance

Sometimes the dog picks the owner, in its own special way. Chance the dog did exactly this, walking directly to his new human and sitting in his lap. Sometimes, everyone just knows. It was a done deal, and they headed home forever and ever!

Facebook / @alaskanshelterdogs

They say that dogs can hear sounds that people can’t detect, and have a powerful sense of smell thousands of times stronger than man. But is that all? Now irreplaceable in the home, this smart pup must have sensed a good match. Animals do have special intiuti0n, sometimes!

A Sweet, Lonely Boy

This little monster was waiting at the shelter for what seemed like an eternity. It’s hard to believe that no one would pick him. This bulldog just a face that begs for snuggles! The shelter knew it, and they decided to post his ad online. Did the extra PR help?

Instagram / @FrankTheDoggoTank

Indeed, it did! Responses came roaring in. In fact, too many people wanted to meet him, all at once! The internet eventually brought in the right family. A photo caught him grinning instead of growling, as soon as he knew it was the real deal. They named him Frank the Tank, a perfect idea!

Those Puppy Eyes

Tucker the puppy was scooped up by a family prepared to spoil him rotten. By the looks of it, his previous life wasn’t so pampering. It looks a bit sad and empty, really. But as the universe would have it, that would not be the case for long.

Reddit / shes-wandering

Photographic evidence shows the second he realized it was all over. Smile time! Collared up and enjoying his very own couch, things would never be the same. Bones, car trips, and bouncy balls were the new order of the day. Welcome to the good life, Tucker!

A Magical Week

For one adopted dog, things went from brutal to beautiful in a very short amount of time. Sadness was common for this boy, before it all changed. Unfortunately, he came from a bad house! Social media publicized the case, and that was the first step to his new life.

Reddit / epustuflant

A foster family decided to take him in, and he quickly perked up. His update online read: “Meet Fluffycus Augustus Maximus Rex (working on that name). Exactly one week apart.” The humans fell in love, and now his grin is a daily event!

Floating Off to Dreamworld

This Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix is a rescue dog with a lot of fans online. Maybe more than most humans trying to make it on social media, maybe! His family created a page for him, and more than 1,400 people follow the journey. What was this moment?

Instagram / @lunatheborderaussie

Why, it was the rescue! The caption explained it all: “One year ago we spontaneously got this little nugget and it was the best decision we ever made. Her sassy attitude and wiggly butt make us laugh every day. Happy adoption day Luna!” Happy anniversary, indeed!

Sleepy and Secure

There’s nothing like the feeling of security to fall asleep, next to trusted friends. Here, this shelter pup does so for the first time in her life. Adoption can do that! When she wakes up, things are going to get more amazing by the minute.

Pinterest / @corinne4340

But for now, it’s okay to snooze. Off in doggy dreamworld, there is a lot going on, too. Giant bones, cats to chase around and around, and shoes to chew are all unlimited. Maybe there will be a few rules at home, but that hasn;t happened yet!

Jackson is Jubilant

In a forum about doggy adoption, one user shared a heartwarming photo. It was his brand new dog, and declared: “What a difference one day makes. Meet Jackson!” It’s hard to believe this was all just a day apart, isn’t it?

Twitter / @carocawaldo

It’s easy to get into a better mood after winning the lottery. Escaping a fenced in hell, that’s basically what happened here! Rolling around with such obvious emotion must have been a joy for the owner. Their vibes just brighten up everyone else’s, automatically. No wonder dogs are man’s best friend!

Booker’s First Ride

Meet Booker, seen here. One social media user decided to share his experience with the rescue dog. He explained the adorable image: “I’d like to share the very first picture I ever took of Booker…This was the car ride home…I think I was smiling wider than he was that day.”

Reddit / NaJ88

Undoubtedly, this was a good move. New day, new puppy. New adventures and snuggles, too! Dogs only stay puppies for around a year, though. Remember to take photos for the family — and treasure the magic, while it lasts!

Lost and Found

Somtimes, a shelter mananges to reunite dogs with their original owners. This is the moment that one dark doggy realized he was a good boy back in good hands. A nice man found him and brought him to an NYPD station. The police brought him to the pound. And then, his family returned!

Facebook / SeanCaseyAnimalRescue

The shelter explained on social media: ”Baby is one spunky 11 year Labrador and didn’t really want to pose for a picture as he just wanted to jump around and go back home with his family who were very happy to have him safely back.” Happy endings are the best!

Family is Forever

Today a dog with a regal name found his family, finally. The shelter posted the photo online: ”Looks like Edison Latimer got his Christmas wish after all—even if it was just a little late—because he found his forever home!” Vocalizing delight, he seems to know it!

Facebook / BadassBrooklynFosterDog

Confined living is nothing to howl at the moon about, most of the time. But something was different today on Xmas. Freedom was just on the horizon. Led out of the cage once and for all, this pooch was unable to hold back!