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35 DIY Home Projects That Went Horribly Wrong

Nothing beats that surge of fulfillment when we endeavor to fix something around the house, and we do the job well. There are numerous reasons why people take this route rather than bringing in professionals. However, the results aren’t always as wonderful as we imagine when we commence the task. There often comes a point when the valiant DIY-er realizes they’ve taken on far too much. Though this is unfortunate for them, it offers hours of entertainment to people on the internet who get to giggle at their DIY disasters. 

This article is filled with evidence of what happens when people refuse to admit defeat and instead persevere beyond the point of reason with their disastrous DIY projects. While some are absolutely amusing, others are risky and should have been dealt with by experts from the start. These projects go beyond simple things like changing a light bulb or painting a room into truly terrifying territory.  

A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Obviously, there wasn’t an abundance of thought put into the slope of this driveway. How on Earth do they imagine they’ll be able to navigate that lofty landscape while keeping their foot on both the brake and gas simultaneously? Every attempt to enter the carport would be flirting with disaster.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and tradesman4u.com

If the driveway was, indeed, cemented in by an expert, the contractor ought to be called out for this fiasco in the works. It’s far more likely that this was a DIY job, and the property owners ought to promptly pause and talk to a professional.

Toilet Time

We don’t understand why these toilets are so near one another, and more astounding is that they’re different sizes. While we don’t have the history of this bad dream of a washroom, it seems that it was designed to allow two people to share quality time while on the toilet. 

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

Regardless of how well the relationship is going, nobody should do their business close to their other half. From its vibes, this bathroom has all the earmarks of being in a public space, which makes its design even odder. 

Bathtub with a View

Who doesn’t love lounging in a hot bath surrounded by scented candles, floating petals, and relaxing music? If the restroom in question doesn’t have space for a bathtub, please, don’t believe it’s okay to install one anyplace in the house. 

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vansessawv

The way that this homeowner chose to put one at the top of the stairs has us stupefied. In addition to its strangeness, this tub offers no privacy and the possibility of sprinkling water on the stairs, which could bring about a physical injury. 

Driveway to Nowhere

Well, it looks like a finished carport. However, it seems the owner didn’t want to disturb the sapling growing between the carport and the road. There’s no sensible way a vehicle can get into this space, making this is a great example of why experts ought to be brought in before embarking on a home improvement project. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Ariana Pluhi

Let’s make this clear: We’re not dissing the work, which looks fine. We’re simply wondering why more thought wasn’t put into the design. Of course, a landscaper should be able to help by replanting that beautiful tree in a more convenient spot. Let’s just hope they don’t try to DIY that job too! 

The Weirdest Wedding Proposal

This is a great wedding proposal idea for those who are nervous about popping the question. Delay too long, and the avocado will darken, making it less than ideal. This gives the hopeful bride or groom a time limit that will prevent them from letting their nerves get the better of them. 

Image courtesy of dailymail.com

This is a bit of an assumption, but we’re guessing the cheerful proposal happened in California, the state that adores avocados and everything green and healthy. Good job on the original idea. 

Welcome to Our… Toilet?

Those with huge families may see the requirement for an additional restroom, however, this is taking it all too far. The proprietor of this appealing home chose the ideal spot for an additional toilet – directly by the house entrance. 

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

We hope they at least build some walls around the toilet to give users more privacy. Even if they do, that beautiful archway looks a bit too see-through for our liking!  

A Shameful Outcome 

This simply makes us flinch. Few DIY-ers have the skills required for cutting up stone benchtops. We hope the homeowners saw the error in their ways and brought in a professional to fix the confusing geometry.

Image courtesy of sugardaddy.com and Reddit.com

The placement of the sink in this spot is also unacceptable. We trust they conceded their errors and had an expert come in and remedy the situation. Indeed, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the expert who snapped this picture and shared the DIY disaster on the web. 

Shopping Cart Turned Grilling Station

We like the resourcefulness on display in this DIY project. While it’s justifiable what’s been endeavored, wouldn’t it be easier to just use a normal grill? We’re supportive of repurposing things for different utilizations, yet don’t comprehend the benefit of turning a grocery cart into a BBQ.

Image courtesy of urbangardens.com

With an appropriate barbecuing station, there are security factors built in to ensure the cook stays safe. This alternative appears to be more hazardous than viable. The way that the whole truck would undoubtedly heat up is putting everyone in the vicinity in danger.

Wrong on Many Levels

This is so off-base on such countless levels that we don’t know where to start. When done accurately, recessed lighting is cool and stylish. The ceiling’s popcorn type surface isn’t just obsolete, it’s likewise not helping with the randomly positioned lights.

Image courtesy of d3troit40xz248.com and reddit.com

What’s more, don’t even get us going on the bulbs utilized here, which appear to be fluorescent. From what we see in this picture, no thought was placed into the lights’ positioning other than ‘the more, the merrier.’ 

Remodeled Pickup

This one got a ton of chuckles. We liked the idea and comprehended what the vehicle owner was attempting to accomplish. Instead of buying a genuine pickup that would give the stature and capacity required, this DIY-er chose to accomplish something unique. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com

While we can’t deny that stature and extra room was accomplished, we likewise can’t deny that the result is outright terrible. It looks more like a dungeon on wheels than a pickup truck. 

Driveway Design Fail

It would seem that we’re zeroing in on carports, however, we were unable to pass on adding this to our list. The baffling part for us is that the space provided around the tree suggests the owners made a conscious decision to place all these conflicting elements together on purpose.  

Image courtesy of @popmech and twitter.com

One can’t resist the urge to address what started things out, the carport or the tree? While we’re not professing to be arborists or tree specialists, we’re asking why this tree can’t be moved to another spot. 

Stairway to Injury

This picture causes one to think about what purpose these stairs serve? We’ve said it previously and will rehash the mantra: it’s best to consult with a professional prior to initiating a DIY project. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and @marks.pressley

We’re figuring that either the ceiling or the stairs will eventually be removed to make the space useful. Nonetheless, the whole construction seems as though it’s fallen into confusion.

Multitasking like Kramer

We’re all for productivity, and this kitchen bathroom mashup is extra special as it reminds us of a favorite scene from Seinfeld. 

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vanessavw

Enthusiasts of the show will remember Kramer making a serving of mixed greens in the shower, which might actually clarify why the weird design pictured above was concocted. Despite the fact that to see a bath in the kitchen made us recoil, we must give credit to the homeowner’s creative mind. 

Two is Better than One

Taking a gander at this, one must wonder whether the installer even contemplated the idea of having two separate light fittings prior to cutting out an opening to make room for this wreck. We’re not even talking about the terrible paint work. No, we are zeroing in on the lighting, which was clearly not properly thought out at all. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezburger.com

Regardless of whether this was done as a cost-saving trick or a way to avoid messing with the electrical wires, it is such an aesthetic failure that it just cannot remain. This DIY-er needs to get an expert in pronto.

How to Cook Spam Creatively

This one got a laugh from our group. We understand that undergrads or those living alone may be inventive when they realize they’re lacking essential kitchen tools. While this is clever, it’s also hazardous. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com

Setting hand sanitizer on fire to warm up Spam (or any other food, for that matter) is never okay! Let’s reiterate that sanitizer is made to keep our hands clean. No questions needed. Please don’t try out this hack – playing with fire in the home is never worth it.

Another Questionable Hack

Indeed, we’re here to talk about problematic hacks and are torn over this one. Some concur that touching toothpaste on a paper plate, drying it out, and utilizing it for setting up camp outings is the best approach. Others contend that there’s a reason why travel-sized items exist. 

Image courtesy of lifehack.com

So if we’re talking about saving money, we’re supportive of this hack. However, if we’re talking about personal hygiene, we’re more disposed to buying a smaller toothpaste tube for camping trips.

Yep, Another Hopeless Garage

It appears to be that carports aren’t as simple as one would suspect, which is the reason we’re sharing one more DIY driveway project that turned out badly. We’re actually attempting to fathom why so many carport DIY-ers don’t mull over the fact that a vehicle must eventually be put away in one.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Jefsourd.com

Apparently, this carport is for the storage of things other than cars. Perhaps the owners of this home have a band and they use the space for practice. In that case, the elevated carport would be ideal for use as a stage for entertaining the neighbors. 

A Bizarre Hack

This peculiar hack makes us curious about the thinking behind it. You may struggle to see what’s going on here at first, but some of the trees have been painted on the window, just like the snow on the lower part of the glass.

Image courtesy of reddit.com

Our guess is that the kids in this home were eager for it to start snowing, but nature just wasn’t cooperating. Rather than seeing their kids disappointed every morning, the parents got creative and whipped up this snowy scene. We appreciate the detail and work put into this Christmas creation.

Accurate Measurements, Please

The work in this picture looks very much done. However, from the outcome, we’re seeing that an expert wasn’t brought in to measure out the job before starting the build. 

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com

Fortunately, this problem can in any case be resolved. The stairs should be eliminated, and the space should be measured again for appropriate positioning of a new set of stairs. It is essential to remember that taller individuals may have to get to the attic, so calculating for above average height would tackle the issue. 

Another Vote for Expert Consultation

We’re not here to ridicule DIY tasks finished by amateurs; truly, we’re most certainly not. Yet, we are here to show what can happen if basic planning isn’t applied prior to pushing ahead on a venture. Take a gander at this entryway that didn’t turn out as expected. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Luis M.

It’s actually quite difficult to tell what’s going on here. Our best guess is that the owner wanted to raise the level of their yard by laying bricks but forgot that they’d need to do something about the doorways to accommodate this.

Ironed Sausage, Anyone?

Most of us don’t have much need for irons anymore. We don’t wear apparel that requires careful pressing, and with the assistance of fabric softener and clothes dryers, most modern clothing items are just fine without an iron. In such situations, we recommend gifting the unused apparatus to somebody who can utilize it. 

Image courtesy of mashable.com

We don’t propose endeavoring to cook on the warmed surface of this appliance. As seen here, a burner was failing to work as it should, so the crafty DIY-er decided to replace it with an iron, creating a makeshift grill. It may look clever, but this is one DIY hack you shouldn’t try at home!

Introducing Lego Shorts

There are many sworn admirers of Legos, and we can’t resist the urge to share this attempt at fashion design. While we flinch when imagining what it would be like to sit down in these shorts, we love the inventiveness and regard paid to one of the world’s favorite toys. 

Image courtesy of 9gag.com

This picture became famous online, and the remarks from readers were epic. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Lego became a much-adored item back in 1932 when it was first presented in Denmark. It didn’t take long for Lego to evolve into a cherished thing for children of all ages.

Imaginary Sunlight

Like the previous people who painted trees and snow on a window, this DIY-er went above and beyond. The wall seems to show the sun spilling through windows and striking the wall. In reality, the reflection was painted on. The question in all our minds is, why?

Image courtesy of reddit.com

We know that this may give the fantasy that daylight is spilling into dreary territory. However, this would show up in the evening hours when it would simply look wrong. Perhaps the owners are scared of the dark.

Lonely Island

Our dream kitchen incorporates an island for easy food preparation. As a general rule, the appropriate measurements should be taken to ensure the right-sized island is selected for the space. Islands are usually an extraordinary upgrade to the kitchen, offering more bench space and seating options. However, that is plainly not the situation here.

Image courtesy of honesttopaws.com

This is a forlorn and pitiful island that ought to never have been installed. Looking at the picture, a longer island might have worked here, yet tragically that is not the situation.

Mismatched Frames

This space is wrong in so many ways. Cramming a sink into such a tiny space was an odd decision to begin with, and placing those two oversized mirrors in just makes the whole thing feel overcrowded and awkward. The one thing we kind of do like is the way it opens up multiple dimensions with other bathrooms disappearing into mirrored infinity. 

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vanessavw

This optical illusion was created by placing mismatched mirrors together. The one thing you have to say for this bizarre DIY experiment is that it would be a conversation-starter. 

Country Décor Gone Wrong

This strange creation turned out badly. While we’re alright with both independently, we can’t comprehend why anybody would put a wooden wishing-well type cover over a white electric oven. 

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

It’s obvious from the picture that this cover was an afterthought. It doesn’t fit as expected over the oven. While we don’t know the origin story here, we are expecting the cook in this kitchen was out for a walk when they happened upon this wooden structure abandoned on the street. With a bit of TLC, they turned it into a hideous DIY project. 

Is This Even Legal?

Who would’ve thought bathroom-kitchen mashups were such a thing? This list has also revealed a trend that many people seem to have no desire for privacy when they use the restroom.

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

The huge window by the toilet isn’t improving the situation. We understand that space can be a factor when choosing to design a spot, and we get that amplifying each square foot is pivotal to a few. But this? 

So Close yet so Far

This is a genuine disgrace. This ceiling was prepared specifically for the beautiful crystal fixture, but then the execution leaves a ton to be wanted. This DIY-er should’ve done some basic research to accomplish the ideal outcome. Indeed, even just looking up for a few minutes would’ve revealed the ideal spot to hang the chandelier. 

Image courtesy of Facebook and Vanessavw

While a lot of good work was done on the ceiling, it seems the owner decided they didn’t want to spend more money on expensive contractors. How hard could it be, after all, to hang a chandelier? Clearly, they underestimated the demands of the job. 

Toilet in a Stairway

Strange as this may sound, there’s something cute about this staircase toilet setup. Of course, it’s not practical at all and offers no privacy. However, it makes us think of a surreal and magical house that has an endless staircase. In such a world, you would definitely need a toilet break here and there!

Image courtesy of terribleestateagentphotos.com

In reality, restrooms need doors and the ability to hide yourself from intrusive eyes. Regardless of whether this was made due to legitimate need, it could’ve been done well, and this wasn’t.

Almost Perfect

This is a genuine work of art, even with the peculiarly cut door. We love the advanced lines and can see this carefully planned attic being an extraordinary play spot for youngsters.

Image courtesy of loveproperty.com

The only problem is, the entryway really doesn’t seem to fit the door. We’re likewise a tad put off by the staircase. Is it safe to have it protruding into the doorframe like that? 

Time to Move the Beds

Vaulted ceilings with wooden columns are an extraordinary component. However, we need to work with them, not against them. We know that the pillar from the ceiling to the floor is important for the room, so it’s important to adapt to it.

Image courtesy of piximus.com

It’s clear from the picture that there are two twin beds in the space, and they should’ve been moved to another part of the room. From what we see here, it’s smarter to move the beds to the right, under the window. Otherwise, there will be a lot of stubbed toes and other middle-of-the-night injuries.

A Different DIY

This hack is so entertaining we needed to incorporate it. We’re also happy to take a mini-break from all the home improvement fails! We get the fun of strolling around shoeless. Indeed, we adored going around barefoot as children. However, we need to grow up sooner or later and act like responsible adults.

Image courtesy of uDeepSeaMax and reddit.com

We’re calling this person Peter Pan for choosing to stay a child for eternity. Peter sorted out an approach to accept the fun of going barefoot to feel the floor and ground underneath him while making it look like he’s being mature. We just hope he never encounters any broken glass, bubblegum, or gifts left by dogs! 

Creepy Lounge Area

Some of us may have gained a couple of pounds during the lockdown of 2020, and our pants simply don’t fit as they once did. We propose considering exercise and a healthy diet prior to setting out on any DIY projects of this sort. 

Image courtesy of Phoneaddictanonymous and reddit.com

Indeed, reusing unused things for various designs is an extraordinary method to safeguard the planet. However, this monstrosity looks like a giant denim spider died on the living room carpet. That’s a hard pass from us!  

Repurposed Power Strip

Once more, we love helping the planet by promoting the repurposing of old things into new inventions. However, there are times when you just need to let go of things. This power strip had satisfied its objective and was ready to be disposed of, but its owner had different things in mind. 

Image courtesy of notsauce.com and reddit.com

We’re attempting to measure how long was spent on eliminating the electrical components to allow the tea lights to fit in. We simply don’t perceive any reason why it was made. Yes, it’s functional, but don’t you want your candle holders to be pretty?

Please Call a Technician

We simply must be straightforward with ourselves and understand that we aren’t MacGyver and we may need a little external support. It’s always okay to ask for help. This fridge broke down after numerous moves from house to house. However, its owner wasn’t willing to get it repaired or get a new one. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and nowaygirl.com

He concluded he could fix the cooling issue himself and save a couple of bucks in the process. Apparently, connecting the AC to the wrecked fridge didn’t tackle the issue. It did, at least, give us a decent giggle. 

Just Hire an Interior Designer

This kitchen isn’t right on so many levels that it’s difficult to tell where to start. Kitchen renovation is a major cost, and there’s generally no getting around it. If you’ve been thinking about doing your renovations yourself, let this be a warning to you. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and dwell.in.com

While these DIY-ers may have saved some cash doing it without anyone’s help, they are now compelled to re-do it and will probably end up spending more than if they’d gotten a professional in the first place.

And The Winner Is…

This washroom and kitchen combo has all the earmarks of being moderately new and recently installed. We’re guessing this is one of those tiny studio apartments in a big, crowded city.  

Image courtesy of kitchenmisteriosdomundo.com

Even in a small unit with restricted space, the restroom territory should be as far away as possible from the kitchen. It’s important to protect the occupant’s health at all cost.

A Genius Idea

This is acceptable if it was a hack proposed to work just until the plumber arrives. We can’t get over the way these DIY geniuses thought to address their plumbing issue. 

Image courtesy of theNdog20 and Reddit.com

Certainly, handymen charge a great deal of cash each hour. However, this particular fix can undoubtedly be remedied by even a beginner DIYer. All that is required here is another tap, which can be picked up from the local hardware store.

The Double Sink

This DIY flop merits a spot on the list, and we’re glad to oblige. This is a typical error for the unpracticed DIY-er. We need to fault the sales rep who failed to impress upon the homeowner that they should really have a professional handle installation. 

Image courtesy of powersiteblog.com

We would like to thank the person behind this photo for giving us a decent snicker. However, we hope the next thing they did was to put the phone down and get to work rearranging the fixtures on this mixed-up sink!