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30+ Strange Secrets Disney Employees Had to Hide at Work

Truth be told, Disneyland and Disney World may not be the happiest places on Earth after all. This is because the beloved theme parks designed for kids (and kids at heart) have their share of the world’s best-kept secrets. The thing is, Disney’s secrets are of the dark variety. Despite Disney’s spotless impression, the place has a lot of wild mysteries that are kept very much hidden from children. 

With the large numbers of individuals that come into Disney’s theme parks each day, it’s actually quite understandable that at least a few un-Disney-like things should occur. However, some of the incidents we’re about to reveal will truly make Disney fans reconsider their love of the brand. These stories come directly from Disney employees who uncovered unbelievable secrets at these magical places.

No time for sickness

This Dumbo costume may be smiling on the outside, but the cast member wearing it was, at that time, feeling under the weather. Since he could not just take his costume off, he had no choice but to vomit right in the head.

image courtesy of Drillbit Taylor

He knew he would risk losing his job if he tore the head off and broke character. Disney prohibits cast members from taking their costumes off during a show, no matter what is going on inside. It’s for the sake of the kids and the audiences, but still, you’d think a person’s health would take top priority.

Secret codes

Essential for communication, staff members at Club Disney use code words as part of their protocols. However, one worker saw a kid pooping in the play area. What’s the best code phrase for that situation? No one has prepared for it.

image courtesy of Disney

Caught in the act, the kid cried and ran off half-naked. Thinking on his feet, the staff member said “I have a code Pooh in the play area, and Piglet is on the loose.” Circumstances like this bring out the creativity in attendants.

Like a bomb

One Disney cast member let out a stinker in front of a big line of customers. He was looking after the Space Mountain line when he dropped the bomb. It was too much to take in for the crowd.

image courtesy of Disney

Sure, all people fart. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of place and timing. This cast member dropped his bomb where there were a lot of kids and adults that could be affected. Unfortunately for them, they had nowhere to go.

Mickey Mouse wouldn’t approve

The cast member inside the Pluto costume below broke a limb, thanks to a family who went ballistic. They attacked and pushed him off the fountain for failing to take a picture with him.

image courtesy of twoevilsdan/ Twitter

The family went wild after they waited in line but then the cast member had to turn them away. Of course, Disney management did not let it pass and had them arrested. Situations like this show how hard this celebrity-like job can get.

The need to pee

There was once a tourist at Disneyland who decided to let her daughter pee on the floor of Club Cool. This was witnessed by a staff member. Disney has a lot of decent restrooms, but the mother seemed unwilling to look around for one.

image courtesy of Disney

Not only did this give workers another problem to fix, but it is definitely not a pleasing sight for other tourists. The little girl probably could no longer hold it, prompting her mother to make this ridiculous decision.

For everyone’s reference?

According to one of Disney’s costume designers, a random guy walked around the park half-naked, with a Magic Kingdom map tattoo over his back. It was Disney’s anniversary, and a lot of people surely saw this map. 

image courtesy of Disney

Tourists often need a map to navigate Disney World. We appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness, but this man’s gesture was kind of awkward. People can have their own hard copies of the kingdom map. It’s far more practical and handy than following around a half-naked stranger.

Not so happy

In the mid-2000s, Disney hired personnel to sort through every picture taken in Splash Mountain. This was due to an emerging trend whereby women would lift their shirts and flash the camera.

image courtesy of grunge.com

Since Splash Mountain is meant to offer family-friendly fun, Disney decided they would need to hire a crack team to remove all the X-Rated photos. Thankfully, funny images like the one above survived the culling. 

Fireworks fiasco

The photo below is from 2014 when the Magic Kingdom fireworks accidentally landed on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. Thankfully, none of the tourists or dwarfs got hurt from the fire. Firework displays can indeed be life-threatening if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

image courtesy of coaster101.com

Fortunately, Disney management was quick in responding to the situation. They were able to evacuate everyone and put out the fire. Reportedly, it was the fake grass that caught on fire. This is something for which every park should be prepared.

Diva attitude

Disneyland once had a Mickey Mouse cast member whom everyone in the band hated. He played Mickey back in the 70s, and on one occasion, he tripped and fell during the parade. Because of his bad behavior, no one helped him.

image courtesy of Lauren Turner/ Popsugar

This cast member became a laughing stock because of the incident. Had he been nicer, they would have helped him get up and carry on. Perhaps he should have put more effort into emulating Mickey Mouse’s friendly attributes.

Mingling with humans

The nearly 10-foot snake in the photo below was found on Disney property. It probably got bored and decided to act like a human and explore Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

Image Courtesy of mickeynews.com

What’s bizarre is that none of the 200 people noticed the reptile at all, except for the cast member who spotted it. Thankfully, the snake caused no harm to anyone. It probably would have been a huge problem if it did. It was eventually brought back to its original habitat.

A Tom Cruise fan

A former Disney employee who worked at Space Mountain often talks about his encounter with Tom Cruise in 2003. The actor took a ride with his girlfriend at the time, Penelope Cruz, and her family. A series of odd events led to Cruise’s hand brushing against the attendant’s – a moment he’ll never forget. 

image courtesy of Splash News

Everyone panicked when Penelope’s family stood up and demanded that the ride be stopped. The poor attendant had to deal with a stopped ride, blaring alarms, and panicking patrons. At least, he was able to touch his idol’s hand.

Use your powers

A random male tourist once asked a Magic Kingdom attendant to “turn off the rain.” This patron wasn’t alone. Another woman asked a Disney staff member to “close the dome.” Hilarious as it sounds, these people genuinely believed Disneyland had a climate of its own. 

image courtesy of undercovertourist.com

Reality check: the employees do not have an on-off switch for the weather, and the Magic Kingdom does not have a dome to cover the whole area. These people’s wishes are so hilarious but odd at the same time.

Dimming Disneyland’s glow

Despite Disneyland’s fun atmosphere, it’s sad to say that this is where fathers leave their families behind. According to a front desk attendant, a distressed woman and child once approached her desperately looking for their husband and father. 

image courtesy of Disney

The woman’s husband supposedly just went to the bathroom, but he never returned. When they checked the car park, his car was gone. This is just one of many sad stories that Disneyland holds.

Present-time Snow White

The girl below is obviously Disney’s Snow White. A random man once gave her a real poisoned apple with pinpricks in it. Had she taken a bite from it, this story could have been a tragic one.

image courtesy of davidplantinga.com

Though it may sound very much like a fairytale, it was serious business. Cast members are there to make us smile and laugh, but it is never okay to take their stories seriously.

Little Harry and his spells

An overly religious lady came across this innocent kid dressed up as Harry Potter. He had this little wand and used it to “cast spells” on people, but the lady took this childish game too seriously. 

image courtesy of PotatoPusher/ Reddit

The little boy is obviously harmless, but the lady shielded her family from him. She even went to the father telling him that these spells will destroy the kid’s life. If this isn’t the definition of a killjoy, then we don’t know what it is. Luckily, the little boy got to meet Hermione, so all is well in the world!

Spritz on the face

A dad visiting Fantasyland decided to spray water from his mouth on his little girls’ faces. Apparently, he felt the spray bottles were too pricey, so he came up with that alternative. What happened to manners and decency?

image courtesy of Disney

Sure, items in Fantasyland (or any other theme parks) can be a little expensive. However, we cannot fathom the thinking behind the father’s act. It would have been better to leave those bottles and his kids’ faces alone.

High heels for my son

Below is a little boy whose mom decided to lend her pair of heels to her son. News flash: park rides impose height limits. When she was unable to fool the attendant, the mother argued with her, but the kid was still denied. 

image courtesy of undercovertourist.com

Of course, the attendant asked her to step out of the line. It is fascinating how some people can violate rules in the silliest of ways. She even spent 20 minutes complaining to the ride’s management.

Packing punches

A WDW staff member witnessed two young friends throwing punches at each other during the fireworks display. Unfortunately, they accidentally hit a 12-year old girl in the process. They messed with the wrong kid and the wrong dad.

image courtesy of Disney

The little girl’s father, who stands 6 feet and 4 inches, did not let it pass. Infuriated, he beat the guy responsible in front of the massive crowd. Management had to send a couple of security guards over to stop the scene.

Self-entitlement at its finest

Disney provides privileges to kids of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, particularly being able to cut in lines. One particular lady felt that no one should be given such a privilege, so she yelled at a poor little boy. 

image courtesy of wowsabi.co

She knew that he was a Make-a-Wish kid but still did not hesitate to complain to the manager. Management decided to ban her from the park, but we still feel bad for the young boy who had to endure her harsh words.

No need for public attention

We understand where the father is coming from, but letting everyone in Disneyworld know that your wife has been cheating on you is just unacceptable. This dad called everyone’s attention and spilled the unsolicited family news.

image courtesy of disneyparks.disney.go.com

After making a scene, he casually paid the bill, walked away with the kids, and left his wife there crying. It was supposed to be a fun dining experience, but no one got to enjoy themselves that day.

Left behind

A staff member of Tomorrowland attractions noticed a little boy with special needs waiting in line for a ride. He decided to look for his family with the help of the coordinators, only to find out that the family was on another ride.

image courtesy of Disney

The family’s negligence and lack of concern for the kid were evident. It’s as if the kid could take care of himself and enjoy the park without assistance. This is definitely one of those sad scenarios that happen all the time in what’s supposed to be a fun park.

Hot-headed Donald

This Donald Duck actor embodied his cartoon character’s furiousness and irritability. A cast member saw how the fellow in the duck costume lashed out, ranting about a kid who kicked his balls. That surely would’ve hurt, but it’s just hilarious to hear someone in a Donald Duck suit ranting.

image courtesy of Hiroshi/ tdrexplorer.com

He was surrounded by his fellow Disney characters when he burst out in anger. A random kid probably tested the costume’s durability by throwing a kick. We desperately need to know if he complained in Donald’s characteristic quacking voice.

Premature ride

It is common knowledge that infants aren’t allowed on extreme rides. This mother right here probably wanted to enjoy her time at Space Mountain without leaving her daughter behind. That explains the hoodie she was wearing before the ride.

image courtesy of disneydreamer.com

We cannot understand why the mother did what she did, but her actions put her baby in danger. She was banned from the theme park once staff discovered she had her baby hidden under her hoodie. She could have waited a few more years to be able to enjoy the ride with her daughter.

Poop disaster

This dad did not listen to his kid saying that he did not want to ride. The attendant noticed that the child seemed uncomfortable, but shrugged it off since the dad seemed to have things under control. Chaos soon ensued. 

image courtesy of Disney

The poor kid could no longer hold his poop in and had no choice but to let it go right in his seat. The people below were unaware of it. Worse, the kid’s poop landed on a lady’s face, causing her to fall and need medical help. What a disaster!

Protective boyfriend

It is shameful when men catcall women, and Mickey Mouse is a real fighter against it. A Disney worker witnesses how Mickey defended Minnie after a group of dudes catcalled her.

image courtesy of DisneyCharacterGuide/ Twitter

“If you look at my girlfriend again, I’m gonna pop ya!”, said Mickey in his iconic voice. To all the boys out there, take a lesson from Mickey – a man (or should we say mouse?) who respects women and protects them from bad guys. We live for this cute couple!

No room for entitled persons

Everyone knows that Disney parks are for kids (and kids at heart). They’re made for fun rides and adventures with family and friends. However, this rich man took his entitlement to another level by requesting a private room.

image courtesy of Disney

He asked if there were employees to accompany him. He even asked if any of the Disney princesses could come with him. With this attitude, he might have been better off in an entirely different kind of establishment.

Just a harmless toy

The security officers at Disney parks encounter many false alerts. One such event occurred when something was thrown into the bushes at Disneyland. They gathered all the personnel, sent out dogs, and followed all the security protocols. None of it was necessary. 

image courtesy of guff.com

It turns out that it was just a kid who threw a plushie in the bushes. Thankfully, it was harmless, and the park was not in danger. It was just a bit annoying for the security guards and police.

Smells like a treat

Here’s another bomb threat situation in a Disney park. A bag was left in a certain area, but no one came looking for it. The police had to investigate, and they even brought in bomb-sniffing dogs.

image courtesy of Kent Porter/ PD

Upon sniffing the bag, the doggo sat. It was an indication that something was wrong. However, it turns out he only smelled a bag of burritos. He knew it smelled delicious, so he sat, perhaps hoping for a treat. Thank goodness it wasn’t a bomb.

Money can buy happiness at Disneyland

Are you willing to buy a picture for $10,000? If not, this entitled customer will. A sales associate encountered a customer who wanted to buy autographed photos of the Star Wars cast. 

image courtesy of dapsmagic.com

For rich people, anything is achievable. The wealthy customer wanted to collect some for his theatre room, so he did not bother haggling. He did not even enlist a delivery service, saying that he had his plane with him.

A sense of urgency

One staff member recalled a lady asking for directions to the bathroom. The employee answered her politely. However, the customer decided it was no longer necessary to wait in line when there was a lobby floor she could poop on.

image courtesy of Disney

Security guards soon came and dragged her away. We can only imagine how hard it was for her to hold it in, but what she did was intolerable. It seems Disney staff have to deal with poop emergencies quite often! 

Second-hand pasta

Rides can make you feel dizzy, or worse, want to vomit. People went crazy when a kid puked marinara sauce, perhaps because it looked like blood. The other patrons were quickly removed from the ride.

image courtesy of Mariah Tyler/ travelandleisure.com

A man clothed in white did not pay attention to the people in the ride. He decided to jump over the trash cans, only to end up with marinara vomit on his shirt. Gross!

Fearfully indecisive

A staff member of Space Mountain recalled a crazy encounter with a man on the ride. The guy looked so afraid before the ride started but still decided to go. The poor fellow ended up jumping off and freaking everyone out. 

image courtesy of ocweekly.com

Nobody saw where he went, so the emergency code was called. Even the staff member could not determine where the guy had exited, and he was never located. This is probably one of the most puzzling ride-related things we’ve ever heard.

A taste of your own medicine

Some people seem to find it hard to look for bathrooms, and this parent is one of them. She came up with a not-so-brilliant idea: to bring a jug for her kid to pee in. 

image courtesy of Disney

Disney management prohibits this sort of thing, and when she was told as much, the lady pretended to leave the jug in her car. In reality, she had hidden it with her other belongings. She managed to sneak it in but ended up having her kid’s pee spill all over her. Talk about instant karma!

Disney dress code

Hundreds and thousands of people go to Disney parks, so it is not unusual for employees to encounter a few crazy ones. A former worker told a story of a man who barged into the premises in nothing but red boxer shorts.

image courtesy of wdwinfo.com

Family parks surely have standard dress rules, but this guy seemed unbothered. Security guards were eventually able to catch him, but not until he’d stolen a leaf blower and passed out in a shed.

Lion King madness

It’s never bad to be a fan of The Lion King, but this couple went overboard. While on the ride, they lifted their infant in the way Rafiki lifted Simba, so their friends could take pictures of them. Just the thought of this makes us shiver.

image courtesy of Disney

They were apparently arrested the moment they stepped outside the park. Imagine the danger they put their child in when they removed the harness. Cases like this should never be tolerated.

Not much of a wonderland

Being a fan of Alice is fun and harmless, except in this case. A lady dresses up exactly like the Alice actor and shows up at Disneyland. This was more than just a love for the character – the woman was a stalker. 

image courtesy of abelle2/ Flickr

She took a piece of the Disney actress’ hair with her. While most cast members just try to get their job done, they are also prone to creepy people who can pose a threat to their lives. 

Concealed issues

One of Disney’s former cast members recalled a time when they encountered a suicide incident in the hotel. Sadly, a man decided to end his life in one of the happiest places on Earth. 

image courtesy of Disney

Though Disneyland is a family-centered park, things like this inevitably happen. They immediately blocked the room and tried to divert the people’s attention to a cast member meet and greet. They cannot let one incident change the entire park’s atmosphere.

A time and place for everything

Disney management has caught a lot of people scattering their loved ones’ ashes around the park, particularly in the Haunted Mansion. We understand how hard it is for grieving families, but this is beyond the park’s rules.

image courtesy of Mariah Tyler/ travelandleisure.com

Not only is this disrespectful to the dead, but it also poses a health risk for park visitors. Security personnel arrest people found doing this on the premises, and all ashes are vacuumed up and disposed of.