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40 Cringy Designs it is Hard to Look Away

Sometimes a design isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but it does its job, so no one really minds. These ugly but useful items are not our subject today. No, what we’ve gathered for you are products so horrendous that their function ceases to be a consideration. 

Your attention is so overwhelmed by how cringeworthy these things are that it doesn’t even occur to you to wonder whether they work well or not. Out of the multitude of cringey designs that exist on our planet, these are the most disastrous. Enjoy the carnage! 

Horsing Around

Did you ever hear the joke about the centaur who walked into a bar? The bartender asks: “Hey, how’s the sore throat?” The centaur answers, “My throat is fine, but my legs are horse.” 

The joke is about as cringeworthy as this horrible bar stool. Can you imagine spotting your crush walking into the bar, but their first sight of you is in this position? You’d have to pray they found it endearing! 

Obviously Unhappy

There are times when we make a decent attempt to conceal our feelings, especially when working in customer service. For this poor man, though, it seems there’s been one too many jokes about him being the “soup-ervisor” for him to maintain his cheery veneer.

Some may agree this is a unique design for a café, yet most would also ask the question, “but why?” Let’s not forget that human soup doesn’t look tempting, and subjecting your employees to daily humiliation is hardly the best way to keep them cheerful at work. 

The Slytherin Ponytail

Some may say that this ponytail is creepy, yet we know many of you will find it adorable. We feel that it would be really cool for Halloween with the correct outfit. You’d also want to ensure the snake is happy to be there. 

Would you go for this one? Harry Potter fans surely will. Ten points for Slytherin, anyone? After all, fashion can be bizarre and scary at times, and the person sporting this hairstyle seems confident. No argument needed. 

Looks Soft

Simply give a call to any individual who you don’t like and welcome them for supper. As soon as they arrive, make them sit on this soft “recliner.” If they hesitate, assure them it’s the most comfortable seat you’ve ever tried.

We also think that this is ideal for your neighbors who live upstairs. You know, those neighbors who enjoy dragging their furniture and making loud noises constantly. We believe this strategy would be effective because who’s going to have the strength to move this pile of bricks around?

An Eggcellent Idea!

This product design is strange and, to some degree, adorable. Introducing “Le Nid” (which means “the bird’s nest”) in Nantes, France. 

From our perspective, this is an “Eggcellent” idea – novel, well-planned, and cute. At first glance, you might be hesitant to take a seat, but you’ll soon realize the egg yolk is soft but not sticky. After all, we need a comfy chair while enjoying our meal. We can’t help but wonder if this place serves a free omelet.

Half-Price Pants

Do you think you have the confidence needed to wear anything without stressing over the opinions of others? We envy the courage of this woman. We are not here to pass judgment on anybody, yet we do feel that this would be a really awkward outfit to wear. 

Did she get a 50% discount on this pair of trendy pants? Maybe there’s a costume party that requires guests to wear clothes that cover only half the body. We’ll never know.

The Ugliest Egg Separator

This egg separator looks nauseating. It must be a huge burden to clean too. We can envision all sorts of germs forming in the nostrils. Yikes.

Perhaps it was designed to be a good Christmas present for people you don’t like. It is, of course, meant to be comical, but we don’t find it funny. Do any of you have this utensil in your kitchen? If so, we’d appreciate your thoughts about this weird item.

It’s Quentin Tarantino’s Room

Having this sort of bed in the room gives a totally different meaning to the expression, “foot of the bed,” right? 

It’s safe to label this bedroom as Quentin Tarantino’s room due to his foot obsession (if you disagree with us, simply watch his films). We are 100% certain that some child would have a great time painting the giant toenails. Indeed, this bed is versatile and unique. Did we mention it’s a little creepy though?

The Most Terrible Online Shopping Fail

The guy’s face says it all. Things being what they are, would it be a good idea for us to address the controversial issue at hand or there is no requirement for it? Indeed, it appears as though there is no need. Do you get it?

We wonder if the person who designed the shirt understood how it would look when worn. If so, they are an evil genius. If not, they may need to reconsider their career as a t-shirt designer. 

Why? Just Why?

We don’t have a clue what made the fashion designer think it was a good idea to have little bumps in the armpits in a tone that resembles old perspiration stains. 

What was the designer doing when the thought came to them? Frankly, it would appear that the individual who owns this shirt is continually perspiring; so much so that bugs have even laid eggs that are going to be incubated. Not cool.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Church

Cartoon fans may believe that this is clearly a church down in Bikini Bottom (the submerged city in the famous TV series SpongeBob SquarePants). 

We are sure that whoever thought of this plan is going to “sHELL” (we realize you’re dazzled by what we did here). Also, we have an inquiry: can the minister hear himself as well as other people over the music of the seashore? We wonder if this is a church by the beach.

When Your Shirt Matches The Chair In A Bus

We’re somewhat befuddled now since it is difficult to imagine how one approaches getting a t-shirt in precisely the same print as the upholstery on their bus? 

This must have been a custom request. Or perhaps the bus company sells them as a joke. All things considered, that is one approach to trick the travelers. It’s clear that the person who got pranked by this design is too embarrassed to even hold his head high. 

The Art Of Knitting

This woman made an extraordinary mask during COVID-19. We guess she’s not an enthusiast of ordinary masks as they look far too dull.

It doesn’t look effective by any means, but hey, we need to give her five stars for her time and effort, plus the creativity she put into knitting it. In any case, we’re sure she wears a proper mask underneath.

Grandfather Turned Spy

This is what happens when your sweet old grandpa is a secret agent concealing exceptionally important data. While we understand some things are meant to be confidential, this design is just too cringey.

If the contraption is waterproof, then we can see the cleverness of it. Place it in a glass of water in the bathroom, and no spy would ever think of checking to see whether the data they’re looking for is hidden in the false false teeth! 

Taking Sun Protection Too Far

Some of the world’s most beautiful and isolated beaches make you wish you could stay there for eternity. Think of amazing beaches like Australia’s Whitehaven Beach, Vietnam’s Bai Sao, and Florida’s Pensacola Beach.

This young lady’s idea of a beach getaway is bizarre. Instead of enjoying the waves and getting sun-kissed, she decided to hide in this pink floaty coffin. Perhaps she’s afraid of the sun. If that’s the case, we suggest sunblock lotion over floating coffins.

Not For Kids

Is it wrong that this immediately reminds us of the rhino scene from Ace Ventura? Despite the fact that children will not remember this, we are certain that their parents will know what we’re talking about. 

We cannot understand the person or team behind this design. Come on, did they even think about the safety of the kids when they built this slide? This is scary and disappointing. Sigh.

A Strange Way To Join The LOTR Fandom

There are casual followers of the hit The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises, and then there are the deeply devoted enthusiasts. The individual who designed this skirt is clearly a major fan of the Great Eye. 

There’s just no getting around the fact that this is a horrible look. Would Sauron approve of us wearing his fearsome eye in such a way? On a serious note, would you wear it? 

Melting Faces

Can you imagine what these baby face candle holders will look like after they’ve had a few candles burn through on their heads? Surely, the results will be terrifying. 

These are porcelain replicas of the candles you’d expect to find in horror films such as The Conjuring. If you still consider them cute and charming, imagine if someone used a red candle. If still, you like them in red, we beg you not to buy them. Think of the children! 


Got it, much appreciated! We have to say, this is the boldest murder for hire promotion we have ever seen. Though it is kind of funny, we don’t quite get what the company was hoping to achieve. 

On a serious note, this is absolutely shocking (pun intended), and we hope it’s not real. Otherwise, this is a creepy way to encourage people to use electrical appliances. At least, we know the name and address of the company behind this killer ad.

The Bag That Keeps You Fresh All Day

Looking at the sling bag, we are certain that the designer believed that a personal silica bag would help keep its owner fresh and energized throughout the day. 

Furthermore, we have an unexpected development for you: Inside this tote, you will discover small calfskin satchels. If you don’t understand the aesthetic at work here, it seems you will never relate to the luxury world of fashion. Don’t worry, we’re on the same page. 

A Truly Awful Swimsuit

This is a bathing suit by Black Milk Clothing Company that allows you to explore the human body as you’ve never done before. You can see the heart, lungs, and even the small and large intestines. 

The person who shared this picture bought the bathing suit online, and we can only imagine how she looked when she wore it in the pool. Though it may seem gruesome, there’s a Buddhist tradition of meditating on the hideous nature of the body. Perhaps the designer was inspired by their love of Dharma?

The Flying Carpet Redefined

Well, what can we say? We actually adore this product. Of course, it is not the ideal spot to utilize a carpet, but we still like the thought behind it. We think it could be great for fans of Aladdin. 

The only thing that makes us confused is how might the person utilize the mouse when the carpet begins flying around the house? We’re sure, they dream of flying along with it. We wish them the best of luck with their flying dreams!

Lady Gaga’s Kind Of Jeans

We strongly feel that Lady Gaga owns this pair of jeans. The design is seriously disgusting. It would appear that this lady has such a love of bacon that she’s stuffed loads of it into her pants. Yikes. 

We bet she gets a lot of odd looks when she wears these jeans in public. Perhaps she’s a vegan who uses this subtle trick to turn people off eating bacon. Who knows? 

An Apple Fan

Despite the fact that we don’t see ourselves as tech geeks, we do feel that this coffee table design is quite cool. Who does interior design as cool as this? Obviously, tech nerds who don’t want their old Apple products to go to waste.

If you prefer a classier look, you’re probably cringing right now. Would you allow something like this into your home or not? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Creepiest Utensils

We’re trying to identify what the pitch of this idea was. “Why hold a fork and knife when you can put little ones on your fingers?” Was it really that inconvenient to simply hold the utensils?  

In fact, the longer we look at this, the clearer it becomes that these utensils would be far more inconvenient to use than regular ones. We don’t recommend using these items, especially for kids. Breakfast should be yummy, not frustrating.

Oyster-Inspired Nails

At first glance, you might think these are mini-oysters put on top of each fingernail. When you look closer, however, you can see that this person is so fascinated by oysters that she painstakingly recreated them on her nails.

They look disgusting, however, we know there will be people out there who think this design is super cool. What about you? Would you decorate your nails like this? 

Stop Scaring Your Kids

Were you afraid of the dark when you were a kid? If so, your parents probably got you a cute little night light that made you feel safe and able to drift off to sleep. Some parents, however, are not so kind to their kids. 

Here’s a piece of advice to all the parents out there: don’t ever get a nightlight for your kids that has red glowing eyes. That’s just asking for trouble! Cute characters are fine, but you must make sure they won’t look like demons once darkness sets in.

This Must Be A Dental Clinic

If this isn’t a dental clinic, then we shudder to imagine why someone would want such a sink. On closer inspection, the most unsettling aspect of the image is the horrendous mix of clashing colors and patterns. We’re feeling more and more like this may be a crime scene image from a serial killer’s home. 

You can tell a lot about a person from the state of their bathroom. With this in mind, if you ever find yourself in a washroom like this, we suggest making a speedy exit!

A Jumbo Shoe

We have a thought for this young fellow: as a funny trick, you could lie face down on the ground and imagine a giant is in the process of stepping on you.

We’re wondering whether Nike thought this one up or if it’s the creation of a fan. We truly wish that we could go to the designer of this backpack and advise them to amend the logo, just this one time, to “Don’t Do It.” On the other hand, avid fans of Nike will surely buy this giant shoe bag, especially if it’s a limited edition. Would you?

Not Funny

When somebody was given the task of designing this toilet for disabled individuals, all they said was “say no more, I’ve got you covered.” Incidentally, these are the sports that are most likely to result in serious injuries. 

Whoever made this design should be more respectful to the individuals who will be utilizing the washroom. We’re sure the owner of this building was disappointed with the designer and had it repainted. We can only hope!

Socks For Dads

This is from the latest Dad Joke collection called How To Embarrass Your Children! If you thought wearing socks with sandals was a fashion faux pas, you’ll be livid when you see your dad rocking socks with a sandal design on them. 

Of course, many people have hit back against the “fashion rules” that tell you what you can and can’t wear. If you feel socks and sandals are comfortable and practical, we say go for it!  

Bernie’s Biggest Fan

We can’t quite wrap our heads around this crazy outfit. All we can say is that he is clearly a die-hard fan of Bernie Sanders. Or then again, did he lose a bet that left him compelled to stroll around in this outfit? 

Whatever the explanation is, we know one thing without a doubt: that Mr. Bernie Sanders looks proud and happy on this crazy onesie.  

A Design To Ruin Childhood Memories

Children love to play with teddy bears and toys. Along these lines, one parent chose to purchase a teddy online to surprise their kid. Sadly, this is how the bear looked when they unboxed it.

Sometimes it’s okay to scare kids, but this is too much. Can people stop designing things that will kill childhood joy? No more nightmares, please!

A Close Call

In this global pandemic, one of the best rules to follow is social distancing. While everybody is making an honest effort to keep in a minimum of six feet distance from one another, it seems like these two structures are too busy being infatuated with each other. 

Though everyone is expected to follow social distancing rules, these buildings chose to follow their heart’s desire instead. Can you imagine living here and having such a close view of your neighbor’s apartment? Talk about awkward!  

A Mug For The Hands Of Your Enemy

Do you despise somebody so much that you don’t need them in your life? We hear you, and so we are suggesting that you serve them hot espresso or tea in this mug. 

Of course, we’re kidding. We would not offer this cup to even the worst high school bullies. They may look cute at first, but if you want to avoid eye surgery, please heed our warning: these mugs should only be used by left-handed people! 

The Ultimate Diet Plan

Are you struggling to lose excess weight? This design may be just what you need. These utensils will definitely assist you with losing weight, though much of it may be as a result of blood loss!

Seriously, who would want to use these utensils? We know everyone is different, and we respect the ideas and opinions of others. Not this one, though. It seems far too impractical. Indeed, it’s downright dangerous.

Work-From-Home Throne

COVID-19 has forced the vast majority of us to telecommute. Since your office environment has changed, why not rethink the design of the furniture you use in your work space at home?

This design is perhaps a little over the top. It also feels odd seeing her sitting at the very edge rather than simply pulling the seat forward and sitting easily. Maybe the chair is too cumbersome to be moved forward. If that’s the case, you have to wonder whether it’s really a practical computer chair in the first place.

The MEATing Place

We have something marvelous to advise you, so be prepared. This is a “MEATing” spot, and we love it. Indeed, there have been a few entries on this list that would match beautifully with the aesthetic of this seating area. 

Though it looks like meat, this is natural quartz, and it looks very cool. What’s your opinion about it? Quartz is believed by many to be able to balance and restore physical and emotional harmony. That said, let’s ‘meat’ each other at this spot!

Why Oh Why?

Things being what they are, do we truly have to say more about this horrendous design? We don’t have a clue who will purchase it, yet we must concede it is eye-catching.

Fashion is innovative and one of the industry’s central tenants is to push boundaries. This skirt is no exception to that rule. Do you like it?