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40 Of America’s Most Dangerous Animals

The CDC – the Centers for Disease Control – is not just busy with COVID-19 updates. It has also created a list of the animals most likely to cause fatal casualties in each American state. The list will not require lockdowns or any form of mandate, but it’s certainly worth a read. While safety concerns are paramount, there’s no denying the fact that it’s also fascinating learning about the deadly creatures we coexist with on this planet.

Once you’ve read through this list, you’ll have all the information you need to be appropriately cautious and safe in each state. Though these animals may be deadly, they need to be treated with respect. Similarly, their habitat must be taken care of and preserved.

Savage Dogs In Alabama

Dogs have long been recognized as the best friends of humanity. Unfortunately, dogs in Alabama are not as friendly as many would expect. Your life may be at risk if you’re in this state because dog attacks are common. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The CDC cites dog attacks as the top reason for animal-related casualties. Though not all Alabama dogs are dangerous, those who have aggression issues are a problem. It is, therefore, critical to train dogs early on so their aggressive behaviors will be properly managed.

Majestic Moose In Alaska

Moose are humongous! If you see one in the wild, it is easy to compare their enormous girth to medium-sized dinosaurs. You might even run away out of fear. However, these creatures usually only become a problem if they are hit by vehicles on the highway. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2022 NomineesKeep WatchingSome of these moose collisions end in major injuries. From the years 2000 to 2010 alone, there were almost 20 moose-related crashes that resulted in fatalities. Meanwhile, more than 80 moose-related crashes resulted in major injuries in the state of Alaska.

Wild Dogs Of Arizona

It’s hard to believe that despite the prevalence of poisonous snakes in Arizona, it is dogs that are actually considered the state’s deadliest animal. The CDC listed dog attacks as the cause of 26 deaths in the state from 1999 to 2016.

Source: Instagram/budsforpets

Dog attacks are so frequent that lawyers who specialize in dog bite injuries are just as common. Breeds cited as the most dangerous include Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. Insurance companies have even refused to provide coverage to owners of these breeds because of the increase in claims from dog attacks.

Vicious Black Bears Of Arkansas

Arkansas lists the black bear as the main cause of animal-related deaths. Though these creatures prefer to avoid humans, they can cause lethal injuries. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

On one occasion, a hunter crawled into a black bear cave unknowingly. As a result, the black bear bit the hunter on the head. Fortunately, the man survived. He acknowledged that it was his fault for entering the bear’s premises uninvited. He was lucky to come out of that experience alive and aware of his faults.

High-Risk Rattlesnakes Of California

The state of California has nominated the rattlesnake as the animal most likely to cause fatalities to anyone that crosses its path. Currently, there are 36 species of rattlesnakes in the state.

Fortunately, a very minuscule percentage of this number is actually lethal. Specifically, only 0.5% of the rattlesnake species is dangerous. However, if you do meet a rattlesnake and are bitten by it, make sure to go to the hospital as soon as you can for immediate anti-venom intervention.

Savage Cougars Of Colorado

There are a ton of reasons why cougars are considered a threat in Colorado. And no, flirty older women are not the ones being referred to by the CDC’s list. Cougars – also known as pumas or mountain lions – are large cats that are widespread in the Western Hemisphere.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Many people have been attacked by these animals. Sadly, 18-year old Scott Lancaster was killed and eaten while jogging. Meanwhile, 10-year-old Mark Miedema was also killed by a cougar while hiking with his family.

Bad Bobcats Of Connecticut

Though bobcats are generally not a threat because of their tendency to stay away from humans, the rabid ones are vicious enough to attack both animals and people. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Connecticut lists bobcats as a menace. Specifically, rabid bobcats. As recently as last year, a bobcat reportedly attacked two people and a dog. A 12-year old boy playing in his backyard was also attacked. Fortunately, he only suffered from a minor finger scratch. Even with minor injuries like this, it’s essential to get medical treatment and the rabies vaccine. 

Cunning Coyotes Of Delaware

Coyotes are prevalent in many states, but one state, in particular, seems to have the biggest problems with them. Though Delaware is relatively small, coyotes have invaded the area. Pets are now being regularly attacked by these dangerous animals.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Three counties in the state seem to have the most coyote sightings. As a precaution, people are regularly advised not to feed these animals. They also recommended securing trash to prevent coyotes from getting into it, and keeping pets secured.

Mad Mosquitoes Of Florida

Florida’s list of deadly animals is long. Given all the dangerous snakes and sizable alligators that reside in the state, you may be surprised to learn that the creature considered most deadly is the minuscule mosquito. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This insect may be small, but it carries lethal weapons that can bring about human destruction. They can carry fatal diseases such as the West Nile virus as well as encephalitis. They are experts at transferring blood-borne viruses from one place to another, including malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever. 

The Slithering Snakes Of Georgia

Georgia has its share of deadly snakes. This state boasts of coral snakes, cottonmouth, and the most dangerous – copperheads. These reptiles usually appear when it’s warm outside. They also consider people’s backyards as their home.

Source: Instagram/comaffas.vidasilvestre

Copperheads are the state’s most venomous creatures. Experts advise that yards must be well-trimmed to keep these snakes at bay. Copperheads love exploring nooks and crannies where they can hunt for rodents. Fortunately, though venomous and territorial, they aren’t overly aggressive towards humans. So, if you leave them alone, they’ll generally leave you alone.

The Terrifying Tiger Sharks Of Hawaii

Movies make it seem like great white sharks should be the most feared animals in Hawaii. However, the tiger shark is actually the most deadly. Though tiger sharks are smaller, they have been responsible for many more attacks, specifically off the Maui coast.

Source: Instagram/maldives_shark_island

Their diet is primarily made up of lobsters, turtles, and dead animals. It is not known why they would bite humans since we’re not favorite menu items for sharks. It is possible they may have mistaken people for turtles. Either that or they’re testing things out with their teeth. 

The Scary Bears Of Idaho

According to the CDC, Idaho is filled with large mammals that are considered some of the deadliest in the country. These mammals include grizzly bears and brown bears. There is a valid reason why these creatures are considered dangerous.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A woman suffered through and actually survived a bear attack in 2017. She was hiking on a trail in the state’s Priest Lake when a female bear pounced on her. At that time, the woman was with her two dogs. It is believed that the bear was protecting her cubs and was provoked by the woman’s dogs. Though the woman survived, she needed 100 stitches after the incident.

Illinois’ Deceptive Zombie Coyotes

Zombie coyotes are rabid coyotes that look like sick dogs. It is sadly common for people to approach these dogs thinking they are malnourished, neglected or in need of help, but they end up getting bitten.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Zombie coyotes actually have a contagious sarcoptic mange disease which causes fur loss and problems on their skin. Though it is not life-threatening for the animal, the disease can easily spread to pets. The condition has infected a lot of the coyote population due to them being social animals. It is certainly sad, but for your own safety, it’s important to avoid approaching wild coyotes. 

Destructive Deer Of Indiana

Deer are adorable creatures, but they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed. They have a tendency to run into oncoming traffic, especially if their eyes are dazzled by headlights. In Indiana, they are the animals most likely to cause death and destruction.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As many as 14,000 deer were involved in auto accidents in 2016 alone. Despite their poor street-crossing skills, they are highly adaptive and are able to thrive in various landscapes and conditions. They are also fast runners and possess a keen sense of smell, hearing, and sight.

Iowa’s Calamitous Cows

Cows are known to be gentle creatures. So Iowa must be the most placid state in America if cows are its deadliest animals. The truth is, their reputation stems from dairy workers experiencing fatal injuries due to aggressive cow behavior.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Workers who get trapped with cattle in enclosed spaces or when moving, loading, herding, and feeding them have a high risk of experiencing extreme injuries and even death. Most of the reported victims were in their mid-sixties. Farmers are advised to practice caution when handling these animals. 

The Catastrophic Cows Of Kansas

Kansas is also home to tons of cattle, so it’s no surprise that its citizens are also concerned about death by cow. According to the CDC, there have been 108 cow-related deaths reported in the state. Most were accidents that occurred when workers got stuck in a tight spot with these massive creatures. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some cases involved humans being attacked by aggressive cattle while the animals were being loaded onto trucks. In one case, a cow stomped on and knocked out a 65-year old woman while she was removing a dead calf from a pasture. 

The Belligerent Black Bears Of Kentucky

Kentucky’s black bear population is growing. Their high numbers have made it necessary for people to learn to live with them. Though they may appear cute and cuddly on the outside, black bears are dangerous and largely unpredictable.

Source: Instagram/rockymountainroscoe

Black bears are quite reclusive and mostly avoid people. But they are attracted to food sources such as garbage and food laid out for pets. Locals have been advised to secure their trash as it creates feeding behaviors that are disadvantageous to both bears and humans.

Horror Hornets Of Louisiana

The bald-faced hornet is an insect that is both beneficial and deadly to the residents of Louisiana. Though they are able to prey on dangerous species of wasps and other insects, they can aggressively sting people when their nests are disturbed or even if they are not provoked. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

They also do not lose their stingers once they have stung, meaning they can hit you over and over. Compared to bees, which only grow to hundred-strong colonies, hornet colonies can expand exponentially. The state’s humid climate makes hornets and other insects thrive. 

The Mammoth Moose Of Maine

More than 76,000 moose live in Maine. These numbers are the highest in the country. Indeed, Maine boasts more moose than Alaska. However, their bragging rights only go so far since these moose can also be dangerous.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Though moose are not known for attacking humans (unless you severely threaten them), authorities recommend that people avoid approaching or chasing the creatures. Females can grow to 800 pounds, while males can reach more than 1,100 pounds. They are observed to be more aggressive during mating season in the fall. 

Maryland’s Bustling Bees

Maryland has 400 bee species. Though bees are beneficial to the environment because they help pollinate plants, they do sting. Their painful stings are especially dangerous to those who have a bee allergy. Males are more aggressive than females, but female bees are the ones who have stingers.

Source: Instagram/cutehoneybees

Fortunately, bees only sting when they need to defend their nest or when they feel threatened. Unfortunately, a group of high school students learned this information the hard way when they kicked a beehive and were repeatedly stung by bees. Many of them were sent to the hospital for treatment.

The Stinging Insects Of Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is home to bees and other stinging insects. The latter are considered the deadliest in the area. These include wasps, hornets, and cicada killers. These insects can cause allergic reactions that can be severe for some people.

Source: Instagram/edhaponik

Most insect stingers are located on their hinds. Insects such as hornets and cicada killer wasps possess stingers that can cause their insect prey to become paralyzed. However, many insects use their sting as a defense against perceived threats.

The Attack Dogs Of Michigan

According to the CDC, Michigan is rife with dogs attacking humans. The state is sixth in the top ten list for dog bites. Pit bulls are considered to be the most aggressive as they caused more than 70% of fatal attacks in 20202, killing 33 people.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The state’s dog bite law holds the dog owner responsible for any victim bitten by their animal. This rule holds as long as the incident occurred on the owner’s property and the victim did not trespass. 

The Daring Deer Of Minnesota

Deer look harmless and vulnerable, but they are actually the cause of many motorist deaths in Minnesota. These animals are most active around dusk and dawn. At this time, road visibility is also poor, and a lot of people are commuting for work. It’s no wonder this is the time when most accidents happen.

Source: Instagram/abseits_des_weges

State Farm Insurance cites Minnesota as one of the most dangerous for motorists due to the high chance of them hitting a deer. From 2013 to 2015, there were 14 deer-related accidents, according to Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety.

More Disastrous Deer In Mississippi

There are almost two million deer in Mississippi. Hunters annually gather in the state to harvest 280,000 of the creatures. Interestingly, the deer-related fatalities that occur in the area are not caused by the deer but by the hunters. 

Source: Instagram/trikansh_sharma

Deer-hunting stands are installed in many trees. At times, this equipment falls, causing injury and death. The state allows more than 120 days for deer hunting activities, with the season usually beginning in October. White-tailed deer are a popular species hunted in Mississippi. 

The Slithering Snakes Of Missouri

There are five kinds of venomous snakes in the state of Missouri – Western Cottonmouths, Osage Copperheads, Timber Rattlesnakes, and the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes. These snakes have caused several fatalities.

Source: Instagram/robiscreepingitreal

Despite the variety of snake species, there are distinguishable features that can identify a venomous snake from a non-venomous one. Those that have loreal pits between the nostrils and eyes are considered venomous. Similarly, if you see scales as a single row on a snake’s underside, run away as fast as you can.

The Gargantuan Grizzly Bears Of Montana

Grizzly bears have been notorious in Montana since a 1967 news report described how two women were killed in two separate bear attacks during a camping trip. These events were later dubbed the “Night of the Grizzlies.” 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The attacks were caused by people feeding the bears. This resulted in grizzlies losing their fear of humans and thus beginning to wander in built-up places in search of things to eat. Since then, people have learned the importance of letting bears stay with bears and humans with humans.

Nebraska’s Trauma-Inducing Cows

Who knew cows were such renegades? Like Kansas and Iowa, Nebraska holds a large number of the country’s cattle. Specifically, 16% of America’s cattle operations are in the state. This makes cattle-related fatalities a problem.

Source: Instagram/ghilliesquarters

Blunt-force trauma to victims’ chest and head are the main causes of cow-related deaths. It seems to be mostly older males who succumb to the injuries they receive from cows. To decrease the risk of cattle-related injuries, recommended practices and precautions for handling and working with livestock must be followed.

The Diminutive Deer Mice Of Nevada

Though they may look small and vulnerable, the deer mice in Nevada can actually be deadly critters. These creatures are carriers of diseases, specifically the hantavirus.

Source: Instagram/djo2018cdo

The hantavirus is found in the feces and urine of deer mice. Symptoms of having contracted the virus include chills, fever, and pain. If you’re really unlucky, it can even cause kidney failure. Besides spreading the virus, these rats can destroy property by chewing through electrical wires and other building materials.

The Vicious Dogs Of New Hampshire

Dogs in New Hampshire are considered so deadly that laws have had to be enacted to protect people from attacks. Fortunately, victims are covered by the laws of the state. Menacing dogs are defined as those who are “at large” and barking for a sustained period of more than 30 minutes.

Source: Pixabay/pixel2013

The law also considers dogs as a nuisance when they cause garbage or waste to be scattered on someone’s property. They are a menace if they snap at, run after, or growl at people. Dogs chasing cars, bikes, and motorcycles are also marked as vicious.

The Cunning Coyotes Of New Jersey

The coyote population in New Jersey is growing. From a mere 100, they now number 3,000. Coyotes are seen in most municipalities across the state. They are highly adaptable and very social. Plus, they bring a critical ecological benefit to the area.

Source: Pixabay/mathey

Though there have been few reports of any coyote-related damage due to the animal’s natural wariness of humans, people are warned to stay away from them. They may appear less aggressive and cause minimal damage to property, but they can still attack small pets and devour them. 

The Injurious Deers Of New Mexico

New Mexico is filled with scorpions and deadly snakes, but deer seem to be the deadliest creatures of them all. Numbers show that deer-related fatalities increased in 2016 by 9%. 

Source: Pixabay/LubosHouska

According to 2021 statistics, New Mexico is home to more than 100,000 deer. Drivers are so used to seeing them cross the same street each day that many motorists have become complacent. As a result, 90% of animal-automobile collisions involve deers. The minimum cost of repairing a vehicle after a deer collision is $2,000.

The Angry Dogs Of New York

Dog attacks are prevalent in New York. They account for most animal-related deaths in the state. Is it because most dogs are cooped up in small apartments?

Source: Pixabay/coffy

The city’s Department of Health records around 4,000 dog bites per year, with most of the injuries caused by lacerations and puncture wounds. A few of these injuries have resulted in death. New York defines a dangerous dog as one that attacks or kills a person or another animal “without justification.”

The Angry Fire Ants Of North Carolina

There are plenty of fire ants in North Carolina. The state is home to many venom-filled arthropods that are considered extremely dangerous. Though bites from fire ants are not fatal, they can cause shock to victims, and this can eventually have deadly consequences. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fire ants are small and reddish-brown in color. They have unique nesting mounds and deliver painful stings. These ants have the ability to hold down their prey and paralyze them using their stinger. However, they’re not afraid to also sting larger animals, including people. Their bites can cause fatal allergic reactions.

The Big Bison Of North Dakota

Bison are large, majestic animals. North Dakota is home to a sizable population of bison. They are a sight to behold, which is why people seem so drawn to them. The problem is, if you get too close and upset them, you may end up being attacked. 

Source: Instagram/wildideabuffalo

A bison once attacked a woman taking pictures of a herd because she came too close with her camera. North Dakota officials have warned visitors to stay away from wildlife and not attempt to get close to them. Authorities continually advise people to respect bison’s space and to never provoke them. 

The Hostile Dogs Of Ohio

In Ohio, dog attacks and deaths related to dog bites are mainly caused by pit bulls. However, it is important to note that aggressive dog behavior is mainly caused by neglect and poor training. 

Source: Pixabay/JoanaCM

The state’s Department of Health received more than 15,000 reports of dog bites in 2020. Ohio’s One-Bite Rule makes dog owners liable for any injuries caused by their dog. Once a dog has attacked, bitten, or otherwise harmed a person, the animal is required to be registered as “dangerous.”

The Captive Tigers Of Oklahoma

Oklahoma has seen captive tigers getting out of zoos and into the wild. This has resulted in fatal encounters with humans. A tiger once escaped from a zoo after the area was hit by a tornado. Another one got out of its enclosure after the fence was improperly secured. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums estimates that only 400 captive tigers out of the 7,000 in the US are being cared for properly in accredited facilities. Most are placed in poorly run zoos where the risk of fatal attacks is far greater.

The Aggressive Insects Of Oregon

Oregon has its fair share of deadly stinging insects, including bees and wasps. Overall, there are 500 species in the state, and the dangers are compounded by the fact that many people are allergic to insect stings. Allergic reactions are the cause of most insect-related deaths.

Source: Pixabay/Emphyrio

It’s important to remember that stinging bugs have ecological benefits. A horticulture professor at Oregon State University describes stinging bugs as nature’s pest control. She also advises that bugs, unless provoked, are generally harmless.

The Determined Dogs Of Pennsylvania

Dogs need to be properly trained. Their aggressive behavior must be addressed early on to avoid any injuries or fatalities in the future. In Pennsylvania, there were more than 700 dog bite claims in 2018 alone. The total value of the claims averaged more than $35,000.

Source: Pixabay/Huskyherz

The state defines a dangerous dog as one that is used to commit a crime or inflicts severe injury on a person or a domestic animal without being provoked. A dog owner must pay the medical costs of the victim bitten by their dog.

The Hair-Raising Black Widow Of Rhode Island

Arachnophobes might find it difficult to read about Rhode Island’s black widow spider. This arachnid can kill. However, it looks scarier than it is – no one has died from being bitten by a black widow for the past ten years. 

Source: Instagram/jeremiahdeaster

The first sign of a bite is a feeling like a sharp pinprick. After this, two small puncture wounds will appear on the skin. A dull ache can also be felt at the site of the bite. Sometimes, the area can also feel numb 20 to 40 minutes after the bite. 

The Combative Wasps Of South Carolina

Wasps are considered dangerous animals in the state of South Carolina. Many people are scared of encountering them due to their ability to painfully sting and inject their victim with venom. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Keep wasps away from your property by not giving them access to food sources or living spaces. Secure and properly throw away sugary drinks, greasy food, plant nectar, and fruits. Shrubs, trees, and bushes must also be regularly trimmed. Also, keep in mind that wasps are beneficial to the environment – they can pollinate plants and control the population of smaller critters.