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35 Hilarious Notes That Fathers Left To Their Kids

Having a sense of humor is now considered an art, and so it should be. Since we are talking about humor, there are no better people to refer to than our parents. Through years of experience, they’ve developed an innate ability to ease tension by using one-liners, puns, and sarcastic notes. They have mastered it in such a way that it’s just normal to them.

However, be careful in handling these sarcastic notes as they mean business sometimes. As we reveal our list of the funniest notes from moms and dads, we’re sure to learn a thing or two from them. So, let’s check out the kings and queens of creating memes.

Feed Me, Please?

What’s worse than having to use the toilet urgently and then discovering there’s no toilet paper left? This incident will automatically destroy the illusion that you are having a great day.

andrevang6 / Imgur

How hard is it to change (aka feed) the toilet paper holder at home? This dad was clearly annoyed, but instead of calling his kids out personally, he did what any funny dad would do. He left a note and was even very creative in putting some eyes on the paper holder.

Taking His Lead from Liam Neeson

Things are about to get real in this household as this dad isn’t playing anymore. The image of Liam Neeson should have been enough to scare those kids, but what makes it even better is the threat he worded with it.

andrevang6 / Imgur

This dad doesn’t want to hear any excuses and wants some immediate action on those unwashed dishes. If they fail to do so, not only will he cut off the wi-fi but he will also terminate their phone plans. Harsh, but fair!

New Toothpaste Flavor?

It is safe to say that dad’s day didn’t go as planned. Imagine this dad waking up in the morning and going straight to the bathroom to wash his face. He then proceeds to get his toothbrush to brush his teeth. The moment he starts doing so, he notices a different taste. 

RaptorCat1 / Reddit

Some dads would go berserk if this happened to them. Luckily, this young lady has a cool dad. He just left a note about the incident, dealing with it in the most hilarious and cute way.

Eat Your Sandwich or a Unicorn Dies

Here’s another note that is straightforward enough to scare his kids. Let’s face it, kids are picky eaters. Their choices of food often revolve around three options: fried chicken, chocolate, and ice cream.

Iunderstoodthatreference / Imgur

Whether it was dad or mom who made the sandwiches, the message on the tissue paper is clear. What makes the note even funnier is after scaring their kids about unicorn death, he still added “Love, Dad” at the bottom.

No Such Thing as Free WiFi

In this day and age, having an internet connection can be considered a necessity. Almost everything you need to do needs an internet connection. Instead of providing this basic necessity to his kids without charge, this dad decided to make it fun while also encouraging his kids to be more productive.

Bill Gross / Twitter

Amongst the chores listed on the note, number 1 is the easiest thing to do. No need to prepare for anything or spend too much time on it, unlike vacuuming or walking the dog. Of course, walking the dog would be the most fun.

Delete Your Browsing History, Kids!

Here’s a note that will forever change this kid’s life. Many of us have gone through something similar – it is a natural part of our puberty period. In the olden days, before the internet, our dads got caught having “personal time” while holding adult magazines.

via Reddit

Thanks to technology, it can now be done differently. Unfortunately, this kid committed a fatal error that all internet users fear. Lesson learned: Always clear your browsing history! This dad was so cool he even gave pointers on using “incognito mode” to avoid getting caught.

Dad Is Hungry

We’ve already showcased dads threatening their kids if they don’t eat their sandwiches. Now what we have here is the other way around. See, as dads, they do a lot of things aside from going to work. With so much hard work to do, they will eat anything if hungry.

andrevang6 / Imgur

This dad was so hungry that he took a bite of this sandwich, even though he knew it was for his kid. No need to point fingers at this dad, though – he openly admitted his crime!

New Meme Created

Another unwashed dish incident? Yes, and this might not be the last one on the list. If you haven’t paid close attention to the photo, you are missing a hidden gem. Instead of printing usual memes about being disappointed in something, he created his own.

aranjevi / Meme

While the note is perfectly placed with the words “The Dishes” on caps lock, what made us laugh is the part where he perfectly cut out the center of the paper to highlight the dishes in the sink.

The Strict Code of Using the Plug

You can tell by the note that this dad means business. At the same time, it shows that this is not a one-time incident, so creating a “Strict Code Of Using The Plug” is a must.

ekhowitt / Reddit

If you think this dad is joking, the last two lines perfectly summarize his disgust and frustration. While it may be a bit harsh to use such language, the lives of the little creatures in that fish tank are at stake! 

Dear Murderer, Please Respond

What a wonderful day to use a newly purchased hatchet from the market. Well, let me just leave it here on top of the table because it is a nice, safe spot… said no one ever!

ChalkyWhite23 / Reddit

It seems the parent who wrote this note wanted to let their kid know that this is no place to leave a hatchet lying around. Though this is clearly sarcasm, we wonder what someone would think if they just happened to break into the house that day. 

The Last Option Is the Best

There’s a reason why YouTube channels featuring dad jokes have millions of followers. Although some people might find this simple note offensive and demoralizing, the majority can’t help but laugh.

chelseadamnit / Imgur

Pops must be far too busy to cook food for the kids. Instead of giving them basic instructions on where they can get food, he made a little fun with his note. The last option is the best. 

Trade Request Declined

The timing is perfect to talk about trades, especially in the world of sports such as NBA, NFL, and MLB. However, this trade has less to do with talent and more to do with baby carrots. This health-conscious dad is making sure that there are no trades available for those tasty vegetables. 

Wikimedia Commons

He was even specific about the trade that must be avoided at all costs. While twinkies taste a lot better, we can’t disagree with this dad’s perspective.

How to Use the Laundry Basket 101

Many of us have been guilty of this violation. For adults, it usually happens when they are tired from work and don’t have the energy to put dirty laundry in the basket where it belongs.

via Reddit

As kids, it is the other way around. Even if they have all the energy in the world, they will still choose to leave their dirty clothes either on a chair or scattered all over the floor. Consider the furious emoticon a warning!

Master of Sarcasm

That is probably the biggest chunk of lint we’ve ever seen to date. To those who aren’t familiar, lint is a collection of fibers from our clothes that can get stuck in the dryer vents. Here’s some trivia for you: Did you know that lint is a good fire starter?

JDOT667 / Imgur

With that said, leaving this amount of lint to collect in the dryer can be dangerous. This dad has to teach his kids a valuable lesson, and he did it via a sarcastic note. 

Homer Simpson, Is That You?

When they say that you have to be truthful and honest with kids, this is not what they meant. Still, we understand this dad’s perspective. We suspect he may be enacting some reverse psychology on his son regarding eating his vegetables.

via Imgur

The other possibility is that this dad is a huge man from The Simpsons, especially Homer Simpson. Remember the episode when Bart was having a bad day and Homer tried to talk him out of it by saying “Don’t worry son, worse days are yet to come.”

A Simple Guide to Light Switches

To summarize what has happened here, the dad is fed up with telling his kids over and over again which switches can be used and which should be left alone. Finally, he took matters into his own hands and created this sign.

mrsemilymeyer / Instagram

If his kids still don’t follow this self-explanatory note detailing the switches that can be used, then we won’t be shocked if he has a meltdown.

Three Words, One Confusing Message

When we stated that parents are busy throughout the day, juggling their work and family commitments, we weren’t exaggerating. The note in this picture perfectly encapsulates how busy parents are.

via Pinterest

What was the note all about? Is this dad instructing Em to buy a cake? Is he notifying Em that there’s a cake somewhere else in the room? You be the judge. For the life of us, we cannot figure out what this dad was getting at!

Passive-Aggressive Car

Hello there, Sarah. In case you were wondering, my name is Diesel, and I would be delighted if you would put some diesel in my tank any time you use me. This is clearly what the car would say if it could talk.

MangroveBear / Imgur

Kids tend to use their parents’ cars without replacing the gas or diesel they consumed. Since cars can’t talk, this dad took matters into his own hands and wrote the note on its behalf. 

18 Post-It Notes, 1 Strong Message

We dare you to change one of those settings. Under no circumstances should these kids touch those buttons that have “NO” attached to them. We might not know the backstory of this photo, but we can imagine what happened.

The Mom Life / Facebook

Instead of just putting the clothes in the washer with the normal functions set, they’ve changed a lot of settings trying to figure out why the load won’t start. In reality, all they need to do is close the door.

Not a Note

Who says moms can’t be as funny as dads? This photo was shared by Reddit user michellehas2ls. Her mom still packs a lunch for her sometimes, and when she does, she always includes a note.

Michellehas2ls / Reddit

While this young lady finds it cheesy and embarrassing that her mom insists on doing this, deep down, we know that Michelle was very happy to see her mom’s adorable note.

What Money? It’s My Money!

When we were kids, we didn’t miss any lunch out or dinner with the family. As we grow older and start creating our path through the world, we gain our freedom but miss out on a lot.

Cnelz / Reddit

This dad tried to make it up to his son by leaving some cash for pizza and beer. It was brave of the dad to leave the cash in the cat’s paws like that! Thankfully, it didn’t wake up before Christopher was able to get home and snap this pic. 

Any Last Words, Mate?

This note is a clear indication that mom is not happy with what she found. The words “We need to talk” rarely lead to anything good. That one single sentence will make you recall everything you have done in the past, trying to figure out whether you’re about to get in trouble.

BossDT / YouTube

Unfortunately, this kid’s rolling paper was discovered by his mom. Those four words on the box encapsulate the sheer anger she must be feeling right now. Get ready for the lecture of your life, young man!

My Kitchen, My Rules

If the red ink on this note is not an obvious enough indication that this mom means business, we don’t know what is. All moms have things they treasure the most. For kids, their cellphones, PlayStations, and other devices are their valuables, but for some moms, it’s the kitchen.

mollifer / Imgur

Technically, this mom is still permitting her kids to use the kitchen. Her only warning is that they must leave it spotless, just as they found it. This is a wake-up call to her kids about being orderly and tidy.

A Classic Meme

This dad has been waiting a long time to be able to use this pun, and his moment has finally come. Being grammar obsessed is a trend right now, and we couldn’t help but laugh at what this dad did.

Tikistand / Reddit

Instead of correcting whoever put the sign on the microwave with a misspelled word, he took it to another level. He printed an image of Georg Friederich Händel, a brilliant composer from the 1700s. To complete the joke, he added, “Me?”

Might As Well Sleep Outside 

Here’s another image shared by a kid on social media. This note must bring back memories for all kids who had strict curfews. We’ve all been there – planning to go home before the curfew hour strikes, but we are having a blast at a party. We are so confident that our old folks won’t lock us out that we take a chance and stay longer.

via Pinterest

Well, these folks have had enough of that kind of behavior from their son. Hopefully, they left a pillow and a blanket on the patio for him to snuggle up with until they wake up. 

Mom’s Inner Warrior

You’re in big trouble now. This is what happens when kids cross the line. No more fun and games – this mom has had enough. Kids, you must understand, parents are there to guide us in every step but they are not our slaves.

via Pinterest

We should be able to do this simple task without our parents having to constantly remind us. The Xena Warrior Princess reference is also a blatant message that if they continue to do these things, she will unleash hell.

First Self Haircut

What do they usually say about our teachers? They are the second parent and a guardian that we can turn to at any moment. That statement may be true in many cases, but even the best teachers have their limitations. 

sandcastle07 / Instagram

Demi cut her hair while her teacher was attending to other students. The teacher then wrote a note about the occurrence and even thought to include Demi’s cut hair. We feel bad for the teacher as she is probably feeling guilty about this one.

When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

If somebody asks you the difference between moms and dads, just show them this picture. No need to elaborate – just show them, and you will get two reactions. First, they will now know the difference between moms and dads. Second, they will see that moms are always right.

MarkCapka / Imgur

Dad’s approach is an example of artistic sarcasm, while mom is on point when it comes to giving reminders. We would love to know whose advice Eric followed.

Something’s Fishy

Well, well, well, you finally arrived. Don’t bother feeding me because Tiffany did that already. I’m surprised you haven’t fed me to the cat. These are the words the fish would say if it could talk. 

via Reddit

What we have here is another brilliant example of savage sarcasm in note form. All kidding aside, why bother to get a pet if you can’t take good care of it? Thankfully, we have our siblings and parents to do the job for us.

A Very Tired Mama

This is perhaps the least subtle warning we’ve ever seen. Although other parents don’t play around, this tired mama will unleash the full force of her fury if anyone dares to wake her up.

The Mom Life / Facebook

Raising two babies is fulfilling but not that easy. Mom’s are usually sleep-deprived, and if they have the chance to catch some shut-eye, you’d better not disturb them. Do so at your own risk. Unless, of course, somebody is dying.

Fireball Preacher?

The fact that this message was written on a promotional note for “The Hangover Part III” tells us what exactly the image is all about. While others find drinking coffee or tea ideal for getting through their work, others turn to booze.

mouschi / Imgur

Mama might have been pressured into creating a sermon, and to help her relax, she chugged a little bit of whiskey. She left $20 to replace her son’s liquor, which is sweet. However, we are desperate to know the full story behind this picture. 

Kitchen Chronicles 2.0

We’ve lost count of how many warnings have been made by moms about keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. This mom’s kitchen is so spotless, you can even see reflections on the countertop.

via Imgur

We don’t know about you, but we’d rather have notes with direct threats than this. It’s hard to gauge how angry this mom would be if you disobeyed her orders.

Too Early for Walmart

To be honest, this note is a little bit strange. Why do they need to pray for their mom when she’s only going to Walmart? And why is she going so early? What is she going to buy?

The Mom Life / Facebook

Perhaps mom hates shopping, or maybe this was during one of the panic-buying phases of the pandemic. Then again, it could be Walmart-related. For years, Walmart has been a source of hilarity on the internet due to the unusual customers who frequent the place.

Do It Safely!

Having a sense of humor is a gift. It needs practice, attention to detail, and open-mindedness. When this guy took a snapshot of the note left by his mom, he thought it was funny. However, I’m not sure how Ashley would respond if she saw this posted on a corkboard in the hallway.

The Mom Life / Facebook

We just hope the kid is smart enough to get the joke. If he uses the item supplied by his mom, she might become a grandmother sooner than she anticipated. 

Good Morning, Kids!

The last entry on our list is an epic note from these lovely parents. It’s easy to forget that our parents are getting old, and as much as they want to give us their full attention all the time, they just can’t.

The Mom Life / Facebook

For parents, having eight hours of sleep is a dream, so please be respectful while they are having their much-needed rest. There’s no need to knock on the door unless there’s a real emergency.