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Horrifying Photos That Live on the Internet Rent-Free

Who wants to see something out of the ordinary? Perhaps something that would send a shiver down your spine? Some people are so invested in horror movies or other scary things around them that they fail to see how horrifying the real world can be. And by the real world, we of course mean the internet and its denizens.

Thanks to the many people who share their experiences online, we were able to gather this list of horrifying yet funny photos that will surely make you want to scream, shudder, or hide behind the sofa. Caution: For people who are faint-hearted, we suggest you ask someone to read this for you first—just in case.

Koala’s Brain

In today’s episode of “Just so you know,” we will talk about a Koala’s brain (not that you were wondering about this in the first place). If we were to describe their brain’s to you, we could compare them to a chicken breast sold in the supermarket—flawless and almost smooth. It’s uncanny!


It doesn’t just look smooth. It feels smooth, too. Koalas may share similar fingerprints to us, but you wouldn’t want to have a brain like this. Remember, the smoother the brain, the less room for neurons. Koalas aren’t the smartest animals living on the planet, but at least they are one of the cutest.  

Face Swap

No, this is not a new breed of animal. Thanks to modern face-changing technology, many people have discovered a lot of disturbing possibilities in the animal world. Who would have thought face-swapping could be so funny? It goes to show how creative people are when they want to be.


Honestly, a horse with a face like that would have to lie down in order to reach grass or water— it seems like quite the hassle. And look at the photo on the right—the horse is giving off quite a cheeky—or you might say, demonic—smile. 

Behind the Scene of Jurassic Park

Who’s watched the original Jurassic Park? It’s one of our favorite childhood movies—you will laugh, cry, and be thrilled at the same time while watching it. We love it so much that we have to rewatch it from time to time here in the listicle dimension.

Since this movie was released before all the video effect artists were even born, real actors had to wear dinosaur costumes to create the dinosaurs for this movie. How cool is that? Bet it’s fun on the set when actors have to act as one. “Props” to them. 

Wassup Neighbors

Dogs are cute, fun, and sometimes very silly. This one dog might have had an awful sleep because of his neighbor’s loud music. It looks like he decided to let them know he was upset. “This isn’t funny, Carol—you’re playing that song nonstop.”


It’s good to see that this dog is taking matters into his hands. We guess barking isn’t of any use now. He had to climb and see you eye-to-eye—scary. Never mess with a dog who doesn’t have a good night’s sleep or a good hair day. They’ll give you a deadly stare.

Gigantic Eyes

Well, this is creepy. Usually, big eyes are associated with cuteness, kids, and innocence. But the eyes on this fish just make us want to crawl out of our skin. And surprisingly, this fish is real. No photoshop or forced angle—just nature being nature.


This fish is called the “Big Eye Grenadier Fish.” They live in the deepest part of the ocean. That might be one of the reasons why they have big eyes—the bigger the eye, the more light they can capture. Who knows what other monsters lurk at the bottom of the ocean. 

Let’s Confuse Them

It’s pretty odd seeing a pair of twins, but a pair of identical twins marrying another pair of identical twins and having a kid at exactly the same time? That’s crazy. We know that twins sometimes like the same things or activities, but not to this extent.


The crazier thing about the family in the photo is that they live together. Well, imagine walking there seeing someone that looks like your husband but isn’t—the level of confusion there must be quite high. Maybe they have hidden ways to differentiate between the other twin—or cousin.

A Threatening Message

This is one of the most sinister messages we’ve seen all day, outside of daily news. It’s fairly apparent that road rage got the better of somebody. This personally addressed letter seems to imply that a certain wronged someone is out for blood.


Mark definitely has a stalker—but not of the creepy kind—the violent kind. We can’t imagine how terrifying Mark was when he walked out of his house and saw this. We just hope he is safe and that the stalker is caught sooner rather than later.

Not a Sturdy Foundation

Do you love amusement rides? We do! It’s a bit risky and scary to ride sometimes, depending on the sketchiness of the fairground. One of the safest rides, in our opinion, is the Ferris wheel. Nothing really happens except circling around vertically. This is a couple’s go-to ride in an amusement park.


However, if the Ferris wheel hinges on a few bricks, that’s different. Imagine seeing this after you have finished riding. It looks as if it will break sooner or later. What’s weird is that this amusement park passed the quality check. We just hope they fix this issue before anything bad happens.

Wired Differently

We wish we were this creative! We are jealous, in a good way, of people who are born artistic and creative like this poster. It’s as interesting as it is disturbing. Don’t look at it for too long or you might start feeling a little sick.


What we know is that it’s a hand, but instead of finger bones, it has wires. We know it’s hard to see, but if you look closely, you’ll see paint on the fingers. We are not bluffing—there are actual fingers here. Ah, imagine being so talented that you could create a work of art like this.

Tapping Out On This One

We have a love-hate relationship with clowns. Probably because they scare us, and at the same time, they do make us laugh. The look on this clown’s face transcends whatever childhood fear anyone could have of clowns—this thing deserves to be burned in a bonfire.


There’s nothing good about clown-themed showers. Imagine entering a room and seeing this thing watching over you. Would you feel comfortable undressing in its presence? The more you think about it, the worse it gets. And did you catch the location of the faucet? 

Cable From Heaven

It looks like someone forgot to pull the wires up in the sky. We know that it’s just a cable, but it’s terrifying given that we don’t know where it came from. We would probably be making our way elsewhere—preferably a place with a roof—if we were there.


Well, this poster didn’t just take the picture. Of course, he actually pulled the cable, like anyone would be tempted to do. But the weird thing is that nothing happened, even after he gave it a good tug. So, the biggest mystery is: where does it come from? What’s up there

Bloody Rice

Everyone, if you have one, always make sure you add the right amount of water before you cook red rice in a rice cooker. Otherwise, you’ll end up like this girl. It looks like something awful is inside, but the truth is, it’s just rice.


Imagine pranking someone who didn’t know that red rice exists. This trick could be used during Halloween to scare any guests that might come a-calling. What do you think? Serving red rice to your family on Halloween—it doesn’t sound scary, right? Think again!

A Terrifying Truth

Sometimes, life can feel like a hamster wheel. If you broke the law before 1910 in Wyoming, life would feel like an endless game of baseball in which everyone is playing for their lives—because they literally were. Even if these men had committed heinous crimes, is it just to torture them for our amusement, ala Squid Game?


Knowing that this type of thing happened before is hair-raising. But hey, if you’re a fan of this sort of thing, it could be making a comeback soon. Imagine having to play nothing but baseball for the rest of your life, for all kinds of crimes, from mass murder to loving the wrong type of person. Batter up!

Weird Face Swap

We thought face swap only worked with anything alive, but this photo proved us wrong. Here a young boy was facing swapping with no other than his favorite toy, Thomas the Tank Engine. Just look at those big, adorable eyes.


It’s so creepy that we almost can’t take our eyes away from his big round eyes. And that rigid smile, too! Honestly, this could pass as a jump scare from a horror movie. We hope the young boy wasn’t traumatized by this photo.  

Advertising Gone Bad

Advertising plays a big role in marketing products and businesses. It’s like a statement. A creative, innovative advertisement will truly catch audiences that result in increased sales. But some businesses take their advertising in a, shall we say, creative direction.


And by that, we mean the wrong way. Game Boy was a very popular item back in the day. Even some adults had one. We aren’t sure if Photoshop was around at the time of this ad—is that a real ferret? That sounds more painful than fun to us.

What’s in the Mountain?

Is this evidence of the paranormal or aliens? They say roaming the forest is dangerous at night, but now we know why. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet something or someone there. Besides wild animals, some unexplained creatures might be ready to greet you.


There’s no solid explanation as to what really happened in this photo. Maybe it’s a wild boar walking under a branch, or maybe an alien decided to ride around on a hog. How can we explain the two big eyes shining like that?

Someone Forgot to Turn Off Their Lights

Anything that begins with the word “abandoned” is already scary. Usually, at least in movies, when a place is abandoned, it is haunted. Aside from being abandoned, this building is also a hospital. And you know what can happen in hospitals?


The fact that it is abandoned and a light was turned on without a living person inside is very telling. No wonder the person who took the photo was zooming while taking the picture. We would all do the same. There’s no way we will get close to that building. Not a chance, never.

Gremlins Of The Deep

Have you ever seen a telescopefish? Of course, not in person because you have to swim from 500 to 3,000 meters deep into the ocean. The only way we can see one is through videos. Telescopefish are creatures that you can only see in the deep sea—and they are rare to find.


Take a look at the photo. The telescopefish almost looks like a fish that underwent an X-ray. It resembles a skeleton, having frightening glass-like fangs and protruding eyeballs. Fortunately for us, we won’t have to deal with this terror ever—or so we’d like to think.

Memento Mori

In reality, we’re all going to say goodbye to this world—just a matter of time. The owners of this cemetery decided it was right to give people a reality-check of what will happen to us once in a while. We love how it was said in a poem. But it’s still creepy.


We just wish they could have written it on a better-quality sign. It doesn’t seem right, the way it’s just hanging there. Instead of wrapping it in plastic, why not use wood or stone? We hope everyone gives their respects to the dead because it’s the only respect that will be left for them.

What Kind of Service is She Offering?

Do you know what you’re getting in this ad? It almost looks normal until you reread what is written there. We’ve read it a couple of times now, but we still don’t know what she’s selling. Just sitting on a chair for 20 minutes for $30? We can do that.


What we can’t guarantee is that our sweat (or water?) will produce maggots. There’s something disturbingly wonderful about this image. We haven’t called the number (for fear of the repercussions), but we bet it would be a fascinating phone call. Or it might just be a reverse prank. 


Are you the type to just leave your things unattended when you don’t need them anymore, like this person who left his laptop on overnight? We can’t stand it, can you? The weird thing is that it freezes right in time when the character of the movie says, “I’ll settle for you.”


Is this a sign? A sign to never leave it like that again. It’s simple to turn off your computer. You just have to press shut down—and boom—it turns off. If by any chance, you still don’t know how to do it (really)—then we suggest you ask Mr. Google.

Hand in the Corn Field

Is this real? Because if it is, then we want to know where it is so that we can avoid going there. We love taking risks, but not this one. We are positive that being close to that hand will not benefit us—so NO. The photo op isn’t worth the risk.


Why is a hand there? Maybe, it’s the missing hand of a scarecrow. But where is the rest of its body? There are so many things going on in our minds right now, and we can’t afford to think any deeper about this. Perhaps, call the cops?

The Evil Within

If you’re a meat-lover, then this might be a sign to switch to vegetables. This piece of meat might have been left by a demon because they sure left an imprint on it that looks like one. Look how perfect this meat is marbled with eyes, face, and legs.


We know it might have turned out this way purely by coincidence, but it gave us quite the scare. Imagine seeing this as you’re preparing your ingredients—you’ll probably think twice about throwing this one into the pan and feeding it to your family. 

The Four-Legged Chick

Seeing a four-legged chick is not a usual sight. This happened because of a genetic defect called Polymelia. Although we feel bad for the chick, it’s still terrifying to see that he is walking with four legs – something most chicks cannot do.


We just hope this chick can live happily and healthily amidst his condition. Maybe he can even learn to use his front legs to grasp tools, and—well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. It’s a good sign that he can use all four legs. We wonder if he has wings, too.

Saturn’s the North Pole

Saturn is a gas giant, the sixth planet from the sun, and the second-largest planet in our solar system. Just like our planet, Saturn also has its own North Pole. They say each planet has its own north pole. Crazy, right?


But Saturn’s north pole is home to a massive storm that has been raging for a very long time now. It has a stunning hexagonal shape in the picture. Nature is fascinating; it appears as though someone actually created it in such a manner.

Wicked Construction

Ever wondered how China builds roads? See the picture below, and you’ll know how dangerous it is. First, who can fit on that road besides people or daring motorcyclists? Just looking at this is scary—never mind using it on a vehicle.

Liliang Guo/REX Shutterstock

We’re quite surprised that the workers aren’t wearing some sort of safety belt. With one bad gust of wind or with the fall of some rolling boulders, they’d be gone in an instant. Well, folks, sometimes red tape has its uses.

No Pain

Have you seen the TV series, Heroes? There’s a female lead that portrays a person that has the power of rapid cellular regeneration. She also has an incredibly high pain tolerance. And aside from being a superhero, she’s also a cheerleader – that is super cool. Well, this girl is just like that.


This girl, Olivia Farnsworth, is the only person known to have a health condition called “chromosome 6 deletion”. This is a condition where a person will not feel any pain, hunger, or need to sleep. Basically, you miss out on all the good things in life.

Creepy Seatmate

Finding out who your seatmate is while you’re a solo traveler can be a really unpleasant experience. This man right here is familiar with the sensation. Before anything else, taking photos of a stranger and then posting them on social media without even the slightest blurring of their face is not a good thing to do.


How can she sleep with her eyes wide open like that? And she’s even snoring. We just hope the man enjoyed his flight (although he doesn’t look amused in the photo) and had a good rest, too, like the woman in the photo.

The Sad Truth

We thought it was some kind of filter, but we’re wrong. As cool as it looks, this photo was taken during a devastating time when the whole of Australia was on fire. This is unedited, so you know how severe the fire was to make it so red.


The photo is so disturbing, given how serious the situation they are facing. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing the sky this red. It’s like the devil is greeting you. The people in this photo suffered—but think about the animals, too.

I Scream for Ice Cream

It’s lovely to have items from a coordinated collection in your house. Your home will look more stylish and organized. But if one piece of that is missing, it’s hard to make the remaining set work, just like this bowl.


Who remembers the famous phrase, “I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream.” Well, unfortunately, in this set, the last piece is missing. With the absence of the final piece, the saying transforms into a story about three eerie, screaming bowls.

Pancake Cat

Is this cat reminding you of something or someone who made you pee in your pants when you were young? Imagine being so creative that you made your cat wear a pancake that looks like a face mask of someone who we were terrified of when we were young. Yes, we are talking about Freddy Krueger.


The resemblance is so uncanny. It’s so on-point. It’s funny how the cat just stands there. Perhaps the cat was confused why its owner did him dirty like that. But at least the owner managed to take a high-quality photo before their cat ruined the pancake.

The Bridge to Nowhere

At first glance, the bridge looks as if it’s from Narnia or something. It’s just giving us a surreal and ethereal atmosphere, maybe because of the metal bridge and the foggy snow. Something you would see in the movies where you cross the bridge to see a completely different universe.


It will undoubtedly capture anyone’s attention. We can see why with its stunning bridge draped in pristine white snow. However, although it’s quite a beauty, the uncertainty of where it ends still creeps us out. It’s almost as if this road leads to the void.

What the Heck is this, Moth World?

Is this in Australia? It has to be. The animals (or monsters) in Australia are known for their horrifying proportions and deadly appendages. While most moths are harmless, you might want to distance yourself from this one.


Its horns—or whatever they are—are giving us the creep. It’s like Spiderman’s enemy, Dr. Otto Octavius. Now, we’re wondering how Australians sleep peacefully at night, knowing that these types of animals are around them—ready to strike at any moment. Such brave souls.

The Struggle of Being Claustrophobic

This is a reminder never to move while getting your CAT scan. But for those who have claustrophobia, staying in close places like this one is a struggle—just look at the image that this lady produced by moving around too much.


It seems like her soul is trying to leave her body, which is probably the best explanation of what she’s truly feeling while having a panic attack inside the scanner. Genuine question for those with claustrophobia: how would you survive getting a CAT scan then?

A Creepy Visitor

Aside from giant spiders, snakes, and other terrifying animals, Australia is also home to kangaroos. Well, they are known to be a lesser scary animal in Australia—but don’t put your guard down just yet. They may seem harmless, but you never know.


Imagine enjoying yourself in your cozy living room alone, and then you hear knocking on your door just to find a creepy kangaroo looking right straight in your eyes with his big red eyes. It looks as if he’s begging you to let him in. If you were this person, what would you do?

Different Kinds of Happy Feet

Animals with beaks are a mixed bag. They can be creepy when they want to be. They can also be hard to trust—how can you know what they’re thinking with that beak covering half of their face? Penguins are no exception. Just look at what they’re hiding!


This penguin almost broke the lens of the camera. Not only that, his eyes are so big that it seems that he’d be willing to give out anything just to have his next meal. We are sorry for ruining penguins for you, but this is the reality of seeing an angry penguin in the wild.

A Scary MRI

MRIs are strange machines. They let us see into the future, in a way, but the images they produce can be as haunting and mysterious as they can be settling. Normally the best you’ll get is a shadow, but in this case, you can see a full-blown nightmare.


This soon-to-be mother chose to undergo an MRI, and the result, as you can see, is shocking. What she saw sent chills to her spine. We’re sure that this baby hadn’t fully formed, but what has formed puts a chill down your spine.

Water Bottles From Another World

How could a water bottle possibly produce anything scary other than the fact that 90% of the water bottles on the market contain DNA-altering microplastics? Well, there are these spooky-looking shadows. They look like a baby alien watching you.


We’re just wondering how it is possible that the head has eyes, a nose, and a creepy little smile. Did you notice it too? Could it be that the water bottle is possessed by something? Maybe those microplastics have gained sentience and want to come for us directly. Help!

The Owl Wasn’t Amused.

Owls are nocturnal animals, but they do sleep. This one owl might not have had enough sleep. Maybe he hasn’t been able to get his caffeine fix for three days. After a long day of work, he appears to have reached his breaking point and is completely drained of energy.


The truth is that this owl is wet because of heavy rain. Remarkably, this is how we look at the end of every week. The game of life has a funny way of putting this expression on everyone’s face when you play it long enough. And if that isn’t horrifying, we don’t know what is.  

Shark’s Face

As if sharks weren’t scary enough! Sharks have a series of rows of serrated teeth that can tear you to shreds, they’re typically very fast, and they have super-sharp senses that enable them to track their prey in the water with precision. What else can they do?


Well, now we know they know they can disguise themselves as phantoms. Their teeth and wrinkled skin give the impression of a dreadful creature smiling haughtily at you while foreseeing your impending death. If you were already afraid of sharks, you probably would be even more so now.