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Lucky Folks Who Dodged a Crazy Close Call

Different strokes, for different folks: Adrenaline junkies know the rush of taking risks. It’s best to wait until the last possible moment. They love the feeling, and they’re honest about it. But most people are not quite as adventurous. Close calls get their hearts racing, but not in a good way at all! Whether it’s near-death experiences or losing something to an accident, living on the edge is not for the faint of heart. It’s time to take a look at the events that made the internet gasp. Stay on the edge of those seats, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Scritch Scratch

Heavy gusts of wind can be a breeze when it comes to sailing or kite flying. But that powerful element is not always welcome, especially in residential settings. Here. mother nature blew through a neighborhood without mercy. How did that work out for this bystander, right here?


Readers will be happy to know he turned out just fine. And the shiny, new car? Not bad, either! Parked peacefully under a tree, the crushed trunk leaned only so far down. In an extremely close call, it stopped right before any scratch!

Hanging by a Tread

It never really gets old: Canyons and mountain roads can be terrifying to drive around. While most drivers get the hang of it early on, there is always a fear lurking that a swerve off this street is no fender bender. What happened to this distracted driver?


Well, luckily nothing. But just on the edge of the cliff with a car is no place to hang out casually. Close call, hello! The flat plains areas of the country never present hazards like this, some point out. It’s time for this person to ask a hard question: Are those rocky views really worth the risk?

The Closest of Calls

Driving down the road, few would expect the windshield to take a hit from much more than passing bird poo. Most of the time, that is a reasonable expectation. But like lightning bolts, the unthinkable is not impossible. What happened here, on a quiet country road?


Shockingly, a roof collapsed and the sheets went flying. They crashed through the glass, without mercy. If anyone had been inside at the time, it would have been game over. But as fate would have it, the vehicle was empty in just the place where it needed to be. Close call, indeed!

Take the Blue Pill

From the pop culture references that have come out of The Matrix, everyone knows the metpahors about colored pills. In the movie, red meant a return to reality. Blue meant a cozy and blissful denial. Here, the same offer is being displayed. What are the benefits, this time?


It all depends on the use: One color is for sleep help and the other is for poop help. Not the same thing, but the boxes are almost identical. The customer realized the similarities quickly, though. Falling asleep on the toilet or soiling the bed are terrible close calls!

Drain Not Pain

The keychain was a handy, dandy invention to ensure events likethi never occur. But for whatever reason, this pedestrain decided to go rogue. Walking around with just a single key in hand, it slipped out onto the ground. And very, very close to a storm drain, too!


It’s surprising how this small object avoided the narrow end most would expect. The drain just has so many openings, and somehow it avoided them all. Most keys have met very different ends in the storm drain. Never to be seen again is the norm!

That Insane Plane

Planes are supposed to follow protocol about flying high and low. There are multiple pilots and air traffic controllers to make sure everything goes to plan. With modern management, accidents rarely happen. But what happens when the steel wings fly too low?


A serious injury or two would be obvious. But almost as bad, what happens when it just seems like the plane is too low? Here, that’s exactly the case. While doing beach acrobatics, these folks got quite a scare. Just look at that angle, and try not to freak out!

Different strokes, for different folks: Adrenaline junkies know the rush of taking risks. It’s best to wait until the last possible moment. They love the feeling, and they’re honest about it. But most people are not quite as adventurous. Close calls get their hearts racing, but not in a good way at all! Whether it’s near-death experiences or losing something to an accident, living on the edge is not for the faint of heart. It’s time to take a look at the events that made the internet gasp. Stay on the edge of those seats, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Cappucino in Chaos

Ah, Keurig. The fancy coffee brand that guarantees a hot, high-class cup of brew with the touch of a button. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, foreign pods may not be recognized by their model. But that’s just a gimmick, right?


Maybe, maybe not. But this situation here is more severe than an attempt to substitute generics. One silly drinker has inserted a very strange flavor indeed. Ranch dressing, mate? There is no way the machine could survive if this oozes through. Thankfully, this pic was snapped before the deed was done!

Camouflage Kitty

Felines and fire are two things that rarely mix. And for good reason: With all the fluffy fur, even the most well-groomed cat is highly flammable. Here, a calamity was avoided on the stove, but only because of a second glance. Who is hidden in plain view, right here?


Yes, that guess was right: It’s the resident puss, in all his glory. They say that this species actually has nine lives, unlike most pets. But who really wants to test the theory, this way? Stay away from the stove, silly whiskers!

Butt Why

Feeling lousy? According to WebMd: ”A fever is a body temperature that’s higher than is considered normal…it’s usually a sign that your body is working to keep you healthy from an infection.” Just to make sure that’s what’s going on, it’s good to have a thermometer on hand. Open that mouth wide, and insert!


Or maybe, carefully read the instructions first. Here, someone has helpfully rewritten the purpose of this device. It’s a working thermometer that can read the human body. But it’s been designated for dog already, and there’s no reason to mix the two!

Freaky Freefall

Out on the road. things may not always be so familiar. Exploring new, open areas is a real pleasure. But it’s best to know a bit about the terrain. Here, one man decided to drive through a place with hidden bogs. Elevation changes can be a hazard, in these parts!


If this driver had been just a few inches closer, his entire car would have fallen down, deep into a bog. Yuck! It’s unlikely he would have gotten it out again. But there was no watery grave, today. Close call, but no go!

Saved By the Lens

Baseball has its fans, but it also has its haters. The fans say a version of silent chess is occurring, but only experts know how to read it. The critics say that it is downright boring, and nothing happens for half the game. Whichever side is right, this game in particular broke the mold. And the lens, almost!


Pitchers can throw at speeds of 100 miles per hour or more. When the ball hit the camera capturing the game rather than the cameraman, the audience was relieved. Close call, said one and all!

Empty Seat Miracle

Driving solo on the empty road is a part of the American experience. It’s freedom to the max, and there’s nothing quite like it. But on the other hand, driving together has its good points, too. A memorable road trip with the best bud is almost comparable!


But there’s a dark side to driving. Like here, for example! Thank those lucky stars, this was a major tragedy averted. Sometimes there is no other explanation besides sheer luck. A projectile whizzing through the windshield while driving at high speed? Thank God no one was in the car, as stated!

Super Duper Disaster

Picking a dream home can be as difficult as working for one. So spoiled, so true! When it comes time to shell out that downpayment, it’s painful to decide between a beach house fantasy or a city townhouse. Then, there’s the third dream: Luxury mountain living!


But if there are any giants living on top of that mountain, there might be a boulder or two, once in a while. Here, a really gigantic rock rolled down from above. It completely destroyed this villa! Close call, no one was hurt. But yikes, what a rock!

A Tickle of Tetanus

Spasms, lockjaw, and seizures are terrifying symptoms. Often, they can be explained by one common infection. According to the CDC: ”Tetanus is an infection caused by bacteria called Clostridium tetani. When the bacteria invade the body, they produce a poison that causes painful muscle contractions.” How does it happen?


Fair enough. But how could that poison get into the human body? Perhaps a rusty old nail, out on the trail? Yes, indeed that is a common cause. This person may have narrowly avoided the need for medical attention by just nipping the skin. But maybe a doctor’s opinion would best, just in case!

Secret Weapons

War is a heavy topic, and everyone has their opinion. President Herbert Hoover once remarked: “Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.” Here, an older man explained his time in war as a younger man. What secretly saved this great grandpa from a grisly end?


The story is a majestic one. Way back in World War II, gramps was shot. Yowza! For most, this would have been a very short tale. But his trusty coins saved the day — and his life! Now that’s a close call, even for a soldier in battle.

Bad to the Bone

Power tools are the real deal. Anyone who ever took a shop class knows the safety basics. But with the growing popularity of DIY and home makeover shows, it seems that people are trying a lot of new fixes. Even something as basic as a nail can be dangerous. What happened here, as the X-ray shows?


Two long, sharp nails penetrated the leg of a nailgun user. It required a trip to the ER, and probably a few shots if they were rusty. It’s incredible how deep they went, too! In a close call, nothing hit the bone. This was all soft tissue, against the odds!

Just 12 Wrong Hours

There is a reoccurring nightmare for busy bees everywhere: On the day of a big event, the alarm snoozes. And all is lost! Luckily, that’s usually just night-time anxiety. Here, one hopeful worker caught a key detail before it became a daytime reality.


Not everyone is punctual. It’s a good quality, and it’s rare. But mixing up the AM and PM functions is a big deal, it turns out. 12 hours separate the two categories, and that means everything when it comes to a big interview. Bullet dodged, without a doubt!

Total Recall

Stories about exploding laptops are no myth. That really happens, from time to time. How is that possible? As it turns out, it is statistically unlikely. But when the battery overheats severely, an ignition point can be reached. If there are flammable materials nearby, it can be a serious event. Here, one lucky owner got away mostly unscathed. Thankfully so!


Millions of batteries have been recalled, over the years. Today might be just another refund in the making. But besides the money lost, there is something more important. The glass on this table really stopped the fire in its tracks. Imagine the closeness of this close call on wood!

Maple Mayhem

Trees are mother nature’s way of cleaning the air. Some have special qualities too, in their fruit, sap, and bark. There is no denying that these plants are a key part of our world, and every neighborhood has a few. What happens when the weather gets a little wild, too close to home?


Occasionally, it means a tree slamming down the pavement. When drivers are on the go, that’s no time for a fall. But trees don’t know that. Here, a cable in the neighborhood cushioned the impact, to the relief of everyone on the road. Thankfully so!

Till Death Do Them Part

Accoridng to recent stats, the average wedding ring cost is pretty pricey. Nowadays, grooms spend around 500 bucks. Most of the funds seem to be reserved for the ladies, at twice the cost or more. But even if men spend less, they don’t want to replace those bands every week! Here, a loss was very, very close. What are the chances?


The grate here is not well covered, as anyone can see. Plenty of objects bigger than a ring could easily fall through. Today, that just didn’t happen. Lottery win!

Bad, Bad Bullets

The police have a challenging job, each and every day. One moment, there is a routine traffic stop. The next, a bank robbery! The reality can be less than glamorous, and even dangerous. Here, gunshots rang out on the job. What stopped them, in the end?


Photo documentation shows exactly where the bullets entered during a tense car chase. They always are tense! With shots into the front grill and the windshield, death was only inches away at all times. But the grim reaper wasn’t available that day. Close call, coppers!

Thar She Blows

Tales like Moby Dick and stories about Captain Hook have captivated readers for centuries. There’s just something about sailing on the open sea that seems like a natural adventure, and the formula sells. Here, modern folks decided to give it the old try. How did that go?


Unfortunately, this was not smooth sailing. Getting swept away at sea is a real risk here, judging by the angle of the vessel. Even the Titanic sank whole! Just on the edge, they are lucky to have life vests. Close call, in choppy water!

Tunnel Vision

Planes, trains, and automobiles — everyone has a preference. Whether it’s the freedom of individual travel or the comfort of the caboose, there’s an upside to all the technologies. Today, high-speed mayhem is just a heartbeat away. A few transportation options are about to collide!


Or are they? The car was stuck on the tracks, to start. It might seem like all was lost, and a wreck was inevitable. But a good samaritan saw the chaos unfolding and stepped in. His bright yellow jacket alerted the train to stop. Right in its tracks, just like the old expression!

The Safest Spectacles

Glasses, shades, and goggles all their place in the world of eyewear. Shades are best for sunshine, and glasses are great for driving. But goggles have a truly special function. Whether it’s to stop chemicals from spraying or block particles from blasting, they are a must-have in many professional settings. Did they do the job, here?


Indeed, these were lenses of love, on this fateful day. When an angle grinder disc exploded forward, the pieces flew straight for his eyeball. But the shards were thwarted! Nothing got through this heavy-duty plastic, and nothing will!

Worth the Helmet Hair

In cars, people try to get away with avoiding seatbelts. On motorcycles, the helmet is usually the dispute. These people may be daredevils doing poor risk assessment. But every once in a while, the stats show up for battle. Not wearing one is even more deadly! With no car doors to even cushion impact, it’s all skull meets road.


As this fellow zigzagged through traffic, he got into a bit of rough and tumble. The evidence is clear, with scratches on his helmet. That could have been his head, and he wants everyone to know it!

Wacky Wires

Driving beneath overhanging objects can be a little unsettling. Even skyscrapers can be intimidating! Construction sites can be downright mysterious: Many secretly think cranes seem like they shouldn’t be able to stay up the way they do. But statistically, these structures never fall over. Right?


When this driver was cruising in a residential area, everything seemed peaceful. Then, madness erupted. A crane actually did fall, right near his car! Lucky like never before, he was driving a bit to the left of the impact. Crain on the brain, this was not!

A Happy Ending

Sure they seem innocent enough. But trees can be considered hazardous, on occasion. Most of the time, they are lovely scenery. But when one actually has a structural defect or decaying limbs, it can turn into a different story very quickly. For drivers, especially!


A giant pine decided to say hello to this car, this way. Before the driver could steer out of its path, the impact was real. It hit the roof, which is often deadly. But against all odds, it did not smash where the human was seated. Lucky is an understatement, today!

Love That Glove

It’s always wise to be cautious when saws are around. With the force of a regular man, solid wood can be sliced up. But sometimes, a little extra strength is needed for a job. That’s where chainsaws come in — and they’re no joke! Here, things got out of control very quickly. This God-given glove really saved the day!


It’s a tool that has inspired real horror movies, but this fellow was still reckless. He was very lucky to be wearing the thick hand protection. Next time, might not be so easy in the ER!

Rescued by a Ring

At work, there are dress codes and even uniforms. Then, there are suggestions about safety. Jewelry is where all those ideas intersect. Sometimes a piece of protruding metal can be downright dangerous around heavy machinery. But today, quite the opposite is true! The most unexpected item saved the day, though destroyed in the process.


Here, a man was attacked by falling lumber. When a board tumbled forward, he tried to restrain the wood. The pressure snapped his accessory, rather than his finger. Close call, but lousy ring! What is tungsten carbide, anyway?

When Chunks Fly

They say that good things come in small packages. They also say that small objects at a high velocity are dangerous. Whoever they actually are, there seems to be a lot of wisdom out there on the topic. Here, these issues collided with a car. How did that windshield hold up, under the stress?


Not too badly, it turns out. But it didn’t stop the unwelcome entry! With a small metal pole piercing through the seat, it just missed the flesh of the passenger. Thankfully, only his t-shirt was shredded!