Photos Galley: Custom Cars with Crazy Weird Designs - too cool 2 be true

Photos Galley: Custom Cars with Crazy Weird Designs

Gone are the days when having a car with stock parts was enough. People once enjoyed simple things and were more than happy with what they had. However, due to the influence of movies such as The Fast and The Furious and the groundbreaking TV Show, Pimp My Ride, more and more car owners are now pushing the envelope when it comes to customizing cars. 

From hatchbacks and sedans to trucks and convertibles, everything can be extensively modified. However, not all customized cars are a treat for the eyes. There’s been a proliferation of questionable designs created by unexplainable thought processes. Indeed, it’s hard to tell how the owners of the vehicles you’re about to see came up with these projects. Sit back and relax as we unveil 39 pimped-out rides that are jaw-dropping.

Chevrolet Sonic with Mega Subwoofers

Talk about taking it to another level. The owner of this mini Chevrolet Sonic must love music and partying so much they had to create this setup. It is highly questionable, but if the car owner is happy then who are we to judge?

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

Imagine sitting in the back and the driver starts blasting a song. It might be enjoyable for a couple of minutes but it will definitely destroy your eardrums. Good luck with that!

PT Cruiser-Camper

This photo is not edited, and yes PT Cruisers exist. There was once a lot of mystique revolving around this car produced by Chrysler. Although the body is built like a hatchback, it was labeled as a truck. 

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

Perhaps the PT Cruiser’s odd classification as a truck is what prompted this owner to strap a full-sized camper on the rear. There’s confusion as well on what the ‘PT’ part of PT Cruiser stands for. Some say it stands for “Plymouth Truck,” while others say it’s “Public Transportation.”

JDM with a Dustpan Inspired Front Bumper

For car enthusiasts, the letters JDM are synonymous with the word topnotch. JDM, or Japanese Domestic Market, is known for producing cars that are versatile, economical, and elegant. These are the standards they live by, but some JDM owners are crossing the line.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

We get it – it’s your car and you can do whatever you want. However, looking at this picture makes us wonder what the inspiration behind this modification was exactly. How on Earth are you meant to drive it anywhere? 

The Shoe-mobile

Michael Jordan stated once in an interview that being passionate will make you do anything, even if it is extreme. We guess that’s how the lady in the image below came up with this car idea. The concept is like one of the car designs on the old Cartoon Network show, Wacky Races.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

We are not sure if the lady in the photo is the owner, but if she is, she looks very happy. We are pretty sure that her family members don’t feel the same way about her shoe-mobile.


To be fair, if we had the time and money, we would customize our car similar to what you are looking at right now. Batman is an epic superhero from DC Comics and a cultural phenomenon to boot. Batman is known by many names such as The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, the World’s Greatest Detective, and the Defender of Gotham.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

Given how kitted out his batmobile is, he should probably also be known as “Car Geek.” His batmobiles are second to none. Regardless of which movie, cartoon, or comic book you look at, they are always stylish and dangerous.

Well, that Escalade-d Quickly

This is not the best way to redesign your vehicle. There are a lot of humans who love toying with danger. However, as this image shows, even a powerful truck can’t overcome every obstacle. Escalades are known to withstand the most extreme terrain, but they still depend on their drivers to handle them well.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

No pun intended, but this picture escalade-d real quick. While the back story is still unknown, even the sport utility truck was no match against the stop sign.

Satan’s Car

From its colors, design, the reverse pentagram, and the horns, without a shadow of a doubt, this is Satan’s car. And if that’s not enough, its front bumper has a cigarette in it. Again, we don’t have the right to judge anybody’s decision-making, but we can surely question them.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

The owner of the car possesses extreme boldness when it comes to his belief and probably his lifestyle. The good thing about this car is, if it were parked between luxurious cars such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce, it would be the first one to be noticed. 

The Volkswagen Sidecar

Volkswagen is a legendary motor vehicle manufacturer that never seems to lose its popularity from one generation to another. These German-made vehicles are synonymous with toughness and style. However, the design that we see below is far from what we’re used to seeing from a VW.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

Of course, people will always have their bizarre takes on the traditional VW style. Luckily, the color combination on this sidecar was properly planned, so it doesn’t look too ridiculous. 

This Opel and It’s Exposed Engine

Another German automobile manufacturer made our list and it goes by the name of Opel. These cars are relatively cheap but very dependable. It is said that this Opel Astra is versatile and adaptive. However, we’re a little confused by its design.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

Remember the scene in The Fast and the Furious when Dominic Toretto pulled up in a car with an exposed engine? It didn’t end well for him. The design might look great to some, but for the majority, it is awful.

Spoiler Alert!

If you think you’ve seen it all, then maybe you have to think again. It was the year 2000 when custom spoilers took the car industry by storm. This was due to the influence of video games such as Need For Speed, Gran Turismo, and Burnout Paradise. Some spoilers redefined car engineering but others were just plain baffling. 

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

Spoilers for cars should be designated at the rear end to make the car more stable, especially on the highways. Having a spoiler slapped on the front is plain useless.

A Hummer for the Zombie Apocalypse

How many of you have watched a film or a show about the zombie apocalypse recently? It is mind-boggling that most of the vehicles used on those shows don’t have survival gear like what we see in this photo. This truck is a thing of beauty and screams badassery.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

This car seems to have all the weapons needed to survive. It has riffles, machine guns, and yes, a sword for hand-to-hand combat. It’s probably a bit over the top for popping down to the shops, but if the zombies strike, the owner will be ready!

Purple and Gold

Okay, any sports fan will agree with us that purple and gold is the signature color of the Los Angeles Lakers. With that in mind, we think this truck owner is probably a Laker Fan. Alternatively, and this might sound crazy, but it could be an anime-inspired truck.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

It could be derived from Dragon Ball characters such as Piccolo, Lord Beerus, or even the legendary assassin, Hit. The only guarantee is, whoever owns this truck must have spent a lot of time finding a parking spot.

There Goes the Cadillac

Cadillacs are known as elegant and stylish cars. Their wide variety of luxury vehicles made them what they are right now. Decades ago, Cadillacs were just famous for producing sedan types of cars. Currently, they are one of the most sought-after brands for SUVs.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

The custom Cadillac car in this photo is definitely cringe-worthy. The owner’s fascination with fire-breathing dragons doesn’t match the elegance of the Cadillac. The good thing about it is, it can be covered up. However, we doubt that will happen until the Caddy gets a new owner. 

A Buggy for the Ages

Ah, the reliable buggy – a lightweight automobile that has exceptional off-road capabilities. Currently, buggies are used as a way to traverse sand dunes, beaches, dirt roads, and deserts. Buggies are known for their large wheels and wide tires, but what we have here is downright crazy.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

The rear and front tires don’t seem to match at all. Also, the owner might be preparing for something that we have not been updated about. Perhaps he was forewarned about the zombie apocalypse. Who knows?

The Regal Limousine

Limousines are loved by business tycoons. This luxurious vehicle screams “expensive” and is commonly used by bachelorettes looking for some over-the-top adventures. What we have right now is a mixture of grandeur and a classic style.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

How can you not love the design of this car? Seriously, this car looks like it could time travel to the 1950s. The chrome details and red-and-white design displays 1950s style at its finest.

AMC Pacer with Buggy Wheels

Is it a buggy? A truck? A two-door compact car? Believe it or not, the producer of these cars spent millions of dollars on advertisements, but it was a sales flop. The idea was great, but the execution and the design don’t fit its ultimate goal.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

The owner might have bought one to stand out amongst other AMC Pacer owners, but needless to say, he’s standing out for all the wrong reasons. Still, we must congratulate him on being brave enough to give it a go.

Flaming Paint Job Fail

When somebody says “hot rods,” we instantly think of cars that have massive engines and exude an American attitude. In light of this, most hot rods have a red flaming paint job. This really is the best fit for that style of car.

Image courtesy of thechive user ewkilgour

The paint job done on this hot rod is okay, but the color scheme is irritating. However, the owner seems to be happy with his car, so who are we to judge? If anything, it’s the little spaceship-style bubble roof that doesn’t fit. 

Wooden Trunk

How many memes have we seen about this kind of structure? There’s even a word created to perfectly describe this thing: “redneck engineering.” For some reason, these absurd constructions are found all over the countryside in America.

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

While it is laughable, to say the least, in the owner’s defense, this is economical. Who needs to spend thousands of dollars when you can make your own wooden trunk? If it makes the owner happy, then so be it.

A Tricycle with Major Flex

While motorcycles are still considered the riskiest form of vehicle, the owner of this crossbreed motorcycle doesn’t seem to care at all. Instead of investing in things that can provide them safety during their rides, for some reason, they did this.

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

The spoiler at the rear is almost touching the back tires, and that’s not all. To show that the owner loves racing, a touch of checkered flag painting has been added. We just hope the owner is sensible enough to wear a helmet. 

Star Wars Car

The Star Wars saga is a cultural phenomenon and probably the greatest creation of George Lucas. Star Wars fandom is second to none. It was reported a few years ago that a fan purchased a blaster used by Han Solo in the film Return of the Jedi. The piece of memorabilia was sold at auction in New York for $550,000.

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

The owner of this car is clearly another Star Wars fanatic. The placement of R4-P17 (Obi Wan’s droid) is pretty spot on. This is one car that Harrison Ford won’t drive, that we can guarantee. 

The Jetsons!

We like the positivity of the owner of this car. His depiction of a futuristic car is quite cute. The glitter sprayed with a touch of lime green will definitely get anybody’s attention. We are not sure about the specification or brand of the car used, but this custom design was worth every penny.

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

For some reason, it reminds us of the car from the cartoon show, The Jetsons. It is flamboyant, eye-catching, and yet oddly minimalist. We would love to drive this car.

The Godzilla

As soon as we saw the picture, it automatically reminded us about the movie Tron. The neon light strips on all angles and edges were perfectly aligned to magnify the sharp curves of the car. For those who are wondering what car is in the picture, it is actually a Nissan GTR. 

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

It was referred to as the “Godzilla” of cars due to its performance in the motorsport world. Also, Godzilla is synonymous with Japan, and Nissan originated in Japan, so there’s a bit of trivia for you!

BMW Gives You with Wings

While BMW is a luxury car brand, modifying one will only depreciate its value. However, if you are as rich as the owner of this car, then yes, you can do whatever you want to your BMW. 

Image courtesy of thechive user FuGitif

The luxury brand actually started out creating aircraft engines which could be the reason why the owner decided to add a pair of wings. It looks like something straight out of an anime series, and indeed, it is looking angelic.

Wacky Races Strikes Again

Here’s another vehicle that seems to have been inspired by Wacky Races. This RV looks like it was driven by the fictional character and villainous anti-hero, Dick Dastardly. According to research, more people are interested in owning an RV. However, we’re not sure that this one would be high on anyone’s list. 

Image courtesy of thechive user Kwallace21279

Due to high prices and the economy massively dropping, a lot of people are thinking about having their own RV instead of their own home. We don’t agree with the design of this particular RV, but we concur that it is economical.

The Chariot of Gold

Having a deep fascination with certain things can backfire in the long run. Case in point, there’s a popular TV show wherein a man loves the color red so much that all his belongings are painted in red. This is similar to what we are looking at right now. We are still looking for answers regarding the motivation in building this design.

Image courtesy of thechive user Kwallace21279

At least the car will never get stolen. A thief would have to be crazy to steal such a recognizable vehicle! All in all, we bet the owner is proud as punch of this wild design. 

The Bosozoku Car Culture

This is the second time JDM culture has been mentioned on this list. It is no secret that Japan is amongst the leading countries when it comes to being innovative. They are also a staple when it comes to car culture. The specimen we have here perfectly depicts what Bosozoku is.

Image courtesy of thechive user Rick

These over-the-top designs and massive alterations are prime examples of how thousands of custom cars are created in true Japanese style. They may not be all that practical for everyday driving, but they sure are eye-catching. 

Volvo Tank 

Volvo has built its reputation on being the safest car in the world. While most car manufacturers are focusing on design, Volvo stuck to the basics. Having said that, although the paint job is magnificent on this Volvo, it is still not that frightening.

Image courtesy of thechive user Rick

Adding a cannon doesn’t add any level of fear because, again, it is a Volvo. These are the cars of grandmas, cautious mothers, and English teachers. They are fantastic vehicles, but terrifying tanks they are not. 

A Jukebox Car?

We have no idea what vehicle lies underneath all these alterations. Zooming in is no help at all as the design is a mystery in and of itself. There’s too much curve to the car and no visible brand name or logo. So, all we can do is guess.

Image courtesy of thechive user wm_doe

The bumper looks like the old jukeboxes from the 1940s. The paint job is good, but why does the bumper have an empty scoop? Is it used for sitting in? More to the point, why is the vehicle missing its rearview mirrors? 

Welcome to Texas!

The Lone Star State is not shy about showing off its custom cars. However, more often than not, these car designs are questionable and laughable at the same time. Just look at this car. Not only does it have oversized rear tires, but the spoilers also don’t match the car’s body.

Image courtesy of thechive user wm_doe

This will definitely not be welcomed to the Bosozoku Car Culture of Japan. However, we should probably give the owner the benefit of the doubt. Who knows? Maybe they aren’t finished with its modifications yet. 

Six-wheeled Italian Sports Cars

You read it right – six-wheeled sports cars. It’s hard to grasp why people do these things to their cars. Yes, it’s their car and they have the right to do whatever they want, but honestly, it hurts our eyes seeing a beautiful car converted to six wheels.

Image courtesy of thechive user wm_doe

Italians are known to be fashionable and voguish, but this style should end soon. If Enzo Ferrari or the Maserati brothers saw this, they would not be impressed.

Image courtesy of thechive user wm_doe

Pick-up Truck or School Bus?

Where do we start with this debacle? Did the owner have a time limit in making a decision on whether or not he wanted a truck or school bus? This is one of the most dubious vehicular constructions in modern history.

Poor Camaro

After seeing all these crazy car designs, we are surprised that things still can get worse. If this poor Camaro could only talk, we are sure it would say it wants some modification. The color isn’t vibrant, and those top spoilers just make it look unpleasant.

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

For whatever reason, it reminds us of some of the Transformers cars. It’s nothing like Bumblebee, Iron Hyde, or Optimus Prime. However, it could be a beat-up transformer made to be destroyed in the movie.

The Collaboration Nobody Needed

The idea of a collaboration is to enhance a product and attain better sales. What you are seeing now still baffles car enthusiasts, and of course, people from NASA. Why do they have to destroy the image of the adorable Mini Cooper? What is the reason behind this fiasco?

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

Even if we were given this for free, we assure you that we would remove the tail. The horizontal and vertical stabilizers would go too. This should be illegal!

Darth Vader Car

Here’s another homage to the Star Wars saga. These avid fans are willing to go to extremes! While the batmobile personifies the character of Batman, this Darth Vader car doesn’t quite capture Vader. Even the stormtroopers don’t want to be part of this wreck!

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

Imagine meeting someone for a date and arriving in this car. Unless the other person was a hardcore Star Wars fan, that would be the last time you heard from them. Slow down, Star Wars fans, slow down.

Diamond-Encrusted Lambo

Honestly, we are astonished by what we are seeing right now. We are all in with the concept and the design. However, if this car is left unattended, the owner would have to say goodbye. Lamborghini’s are already expensive, so covering one with diamonds just raises the chances of it getting stolen.

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

The car is magnificent looking. We have to give them that. It is just not the right time to showcase this considering everything the world is going through right now.

Citroën with Multiple Exhaust Pipes

It might be harsh to say, but we are glad André Citroën isn’t around to see this monstrosity. The founder of Citroen would surely be horrified if he saw this. There are petrol-heads whose decision-making is beyond belief. 

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

No explanation is needed from the owner of this car. We can see that they love taking things to the extreme. We can only imagine the deafening roar when they rev the engine. 

A Child’s Drawing Come to Life?

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t draw a car just like this when we were kids. Who would imagine that somebody would eventually build a car that is straight out of a kindergarten’s drawing book? With regards to the whereabouts of the car, according to some social media pages, this was seen somewhere in the countryside of America.

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

Again, we are not sure about the legitimacy of its origin, but somehow, it brings a smile to our faces to know that somebody made a car out of our kindergarten drawings.

Transformers 2.0

Let’s all give a round of applause to the next generation Transformers. What you are seeing is a modified UTV or Utility Task Vehicle. For those who aren’t familiar, UTVs are similar to quad bikes. They are used to race in sand dunes and tricky terrain. However, this car is probably just for show.

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

The makers of this beauty are called Polaris. They are a household name when it comes to ATVs and UTVs. The paint job is superb, perfectly complimenting all aspects of the car.

Muscle Car Gone Wrong

Here’s another iconic car with a reputable name going down the drain due to this kind of alteration. Ford Mustang is an entity on its own. However, the level of audacity and boldness of the car’s owner to put plumbing devices all over the car is bewildering. 

Image courtesy of thechive user zerobva

Any reason from the car owner would not be acceptable as there’s no “good” reason for trashing an iconic car. Hopefully, this is just a car prank and those pipes can be easily detached.