Greatest Construction "Innovations" - too cool 2 be true

Greatest Construction “Innovations”

Buildings, bridges, and other projects have a whole posse of engineers and architects to accomplish the task. As they should! But surprisingly, sometimes these jobs massively fail. Occasionally, it’s unclear if there was a designer at all!

Blocked in, Now and Forever

Hopefully, the owners of this home are bikers, runners, or power walkers. There is no way in hot heck they can get a vehicle up their driveway into this garage! Who commissioned the pole, and why?

Maybe they have a very, very tiny car. If not, it’s time for call to the city, rage to the max!Pride in work aside, the goal of any construction manager is to get finished quick. Sometimes, that impatience is bad for those left behind. Minimum standards are getting a little too negotiable, and it’s time to expose the worst of the worst!

The wildest and wackiest construction screw-ups are just ahead — read with caution!

Stopped in Her Tracks

Another day, another architectural catastrophe. When this woman headed down the stairs to her car, she was certainly not expecting this epic fail from her local construction workers. Who would, really?

How did she escape the obstacle, in the end? No one can say for sure, but some might guess she jumped the railing! Lucky enough to locate her vehicle in the lot, it’s best to go directly the the parking spot. Who hasn’t lost their way in a big garage before? Avoiding that fate is worth the acrobatics required here!

Drop it Like it’s Hot

Now, another construction calamity. Many might wonder if this project is simply unfinished. It’s clear something major is missing, right? Without a staircase leading down from that door, visitors are doomed!

It might be something else, though. A few question arise: Why are these soldiers guarding it? Where is this mysterious location? Could it be a secret military prison? Certainly with no ramp, it would be impossible to escape. These doors are not exactly user friendly, but maybe they are prisoner friendly! Whatever the case may be, the secret’s safe with these boys.

No One’s Fan-tasy

In the summer, it’s great to have air conditioning. A fan is the bare minimum, and these folks tried to set one up before the season. The installation man really did them dirty, though!

A quick look reveals the problem: There is simply no room for the fan to rotate! The lack of clearance means it is gradually destroying the wall. Or as some might argue, not so gradually at all! This must have been a prank, right? No one can really be this stupid, sober. Alcohol is the only other explanation!

Far Out, Man

The logic for this design makes little sense, for those who enjoy using toilet paper. At least from time to time, it’s important to have a roll! Here, it’s all a tease. The guest can see it, but it’s always just out of reach!

Did no one think about how damp that paper is going to get above the steamy bath? No one likes the feel of moist toilet paper! It doesn’t even work, worst of all. Whatever the origin of this project, it’s hard not to laugh at the design. Some renovation, right here!

Hold the Phone

The British red telephone box is a design classic, though it’s gone out of vogue in recent years. Why? Well, with cell phones so widely available, locals just don’t need this amenity like the old days. Still, nostalgia demands a visit!

But wait! This installment lacks the seclusion most remember. Whoever installed the phone has didn’t get the memo that told him the phone goes inside the box! So much for privacy or even a little shelter from the rain for that vital call. The last of the booths, useless!

Doorway to Heaven

A very reasonable vandal decided to directly address the elephant in the room, with this one. Right below the Wabash banner, a special message awaits the architect. And it’s hard to deny!

No doubt, someone was doing the construction wrong. This door is pretty useless, overall. Anyone hoping to enter would need a ladder or a staircase, but that’s not always available. All the more reason to admire the vandal! Any person that went to such trouble to deface the wall is serious about their craft. Educational graffiti is underappreciated, these days!

Abstract Art Walk

Getting across the road with a visual impairment is no piece of cake on the best day. But today, it’s even trickier. Was the painter legally blind, too?

It was Greek mathematician Archimedes who first explained the concept that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. It seems like that must be a basic principle in construction projects, these days. But somehow, at least one worker missed the memo here. This crosswalk really doesn’t connect where it should. The freestyle design is creative, sure. But it’s pretty unsafe, not to mention inefficient!

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

No one can deny that this Best Western location has a unique look. The chain has never been considered to be on the edge of trendy design, but this location really breaks the stereotype. Will it catch on?

Probably not, judging by the rest of their hotels online. The design appears to be a one-off event. Maybe the architect was drunk when he drew up the blueprints, or maybe the construction workers just had the plan at an angle. Who knows the real explanation? Whatever happened, it is certainly one-of-a-kind!

Garage of the Future

Have the Jetsons moved in next door? It looks like the owner of this fine garage has a flying car. It’s the first of its kind in the hood, and pretty exciting to see in person!

The space car of the future will fit in quite nicely when it arrives. But today, that’s an unlikely situation! It’s probably just a terrible error. Perhaps the original plan was for a ramp that connected it to the ground, and the owners ran out of money halfway through. When flying cars are finally the norm, this won’t be a waste!

Big Man, Tiny House

There’s nothing like the rewarding feeling of building a dwelling the old fashioned way. Today, one such project is almost finished. The shingles look great, and the porch is welcoming. Unfortunately for this DIY enthusiast, he’s done it all way too small!

Jay Bates / Instructables

In fact, this man seems to have built the tiny structure from the inside out. Now, he needs a way to escape! Whatever his talents may be, forethought is not one of them. Good thing there’s drill at hand, right? There’s not going to be an easy exit today!

Upside Down Land

Woah, major construction snafu! The blueprint was followed, but it looks like it was received wrong side up. How could any licensed architect make this obvious error? It’s literally fundamental, folks.

Wikimedia Commons / Jakob Schroll

At first glance, it’s a confusing situation. But it turns out that this house was intentionally laid out wrong, including all the furniture inside. Visitors beware, this is no normal roadside attraction! Haus Steht Kopf is a funny art exhibit for anyone planning a visit to Schwaz, Austria. Word on the street is, more than 10 minutes inside causes nausea and dizziness!

Pisa, the Original Fail

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is world famous, and for good reason. Millions flock to see its unique design, year after year in Italy. All seek answers to the same question: What is the construction cause of that crazy tilt, seriously?

Twitter / @HarryShumJr

According to historical documents, the Leaning Tower was doomed when its foundations were started on unstable soil. And from 1178 to 1372, the builders kept quiet about the sinking plot! At this point, it’s a little late to start over. So locally, there’s been upkeep to maintain its dubious stability. Current safety declaration: All clear for Instagram!

Can the Carpet Man

The search is over: The worst trip hazard in the world has been found! With stripes like these, a human heap at the bottom is just a matter of time. Things are about to get ugly, beyond the design!

The striped pattern completely disguises the edges of the stairs. No one can see where the steps begin or where they end. For the young, old, and middle-aged alike, this is a total death trap! It’s dizzying just looking at the picture, frankly. Someone call the city before things get out of hand, here!

Pointless Yet Useless

Today, one ambitious project has been completed. It’s ready for use, and safe for all. That’s a great start, considering the errors on the market today! But still, something major is missing.

For whatever reason, this bridge was commissioned. There is no lack of land, oddly. It would seem unnecessary to build a structure at all! But some people just have that special touch, and it does add to the aesthetics. The critics may have their point of view here, but they will always find a reason to complain. It’s a free country! Bridge lovers, unite.

Stuck in OCD Hell

Getting small jobs done around the house can be tricky, these days. The person who tiled this floor has no shame! Even a quick look reveals the mess, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Imagine looking at these awful, crooked tiles every day, forever. That’s just not an acceptable lifestyle! While it’s hard to admit failure sometimes, this is a case where “rip it up and start over” is the only humane solution. Have some compassion, handyman. It’s an eyesore, at best. A crime, at worst!

Bathroom Buds

There is a certain etiquette to using the urinals in a public restroom. Everyone agreed to the rules, long ago. To avoid awkward situations, most strictly follow the guidelines. It’s just sensible!

This particular construction has ruined the rules, though. There’s just no way to leave a cubicle space between two bathroom users, and it’s bound to cause some tension. Not in a good way, most likely! Hopefully this was just a joke between two architects. If this a real pee station anywhere in the world, watch out for the splash!

The wizards really should show up with an explanation, though. For human people out there, it’s bound to be a little confusing. Possibly hazardous! It’s not like everyone uses the floating version to get around, after all. Maybe the architect could send an owl about the matter: Harry, you’re needed on the case, ASAP!

Getting Pissed Off

The age-old argument about whether or not the toilet seat should be up or down has been answered. Check out this new setup, where the issue solves itself. In this corner, wisdom begins!

It seems that this particular design has a few new features. Viewers may notice that it lack the traditional toilet seat. Why sit, when standing is an double option? Here, there is not one, but two drains to aim at for users. But beware: This is only meant for one man at a time. Outside of a rock concert, shoulder to shoulder is not a welcome phrase! Urinals, surely not excluded.

The Unbreakable Barrier

Security is a key concern for many homeowners, nowadays. With so many break-ins in the newspaper, it’s not a bad idea to consider a sturdy, iron gate. This house is super prepared, in that regard!

Sadly, the rest of the fence is missing. What kind of construction failure is this? A gate without a fence is like a fish without water. Or peanut butter without jelly. Or a house without an alarm system. Yes, that last metaphor was the relevant one in the bunch. Burglars don’t beware: This is house is open for business!

A Real Halfway House

Most people build houses at the side of the road. Some people get lucky, with a cul-de-sac. But these guys tried to innovate, and went for the middle of the road. Outrageous, say drivers!

Molly McCollum

Yes, sometimes city life is a little crazy. Things are getting crowded, more and more. But taking over a road is not the answer! And frankly, this can’t be legal. Maybe the building company was angry at the client. Or maybe, a tornado whizzed through and plopped this house in a new, surprise location. Super prank or super windy, viewers decide!

Long Armed Luxury

This public restroom has all the items a guest could hope for. There’s the toilet. Then, there’s the toilet paper dispenser. And finally, the TP. Despite all the right elements present here, it’s still a major fail!

No one in the human species would be able to reach that toilet roll unless they had very long arms. Like, the longest of all time, Guinness World Records style. For everyone else, imagine using this bathroom only to discover that someone put the cleanup on the other side of the room. This is a toilet hostage situation!


Children love the jungle gym and the swings. But nothing beats the merry go round! Local parks have been getting rid of them in recent years, sadly. Too many lawsuits, too many injuries. Perhaps this lazy design started it all off?

Clearly, the designer of this fun device was insane, or devious. There is no safe way to use these spinning seats, at least for a human child! Even dogs would be too big, hitting their little heads on the wall instantly. The only possibility is that cats can enjoy the ride. But who’s to sat they’re even interested? Meow, they say. No way!

I’ll be Watching You

Cameras are an effective way to save money on a guard. Technology is advancing all the time, and it’s hard for thieves to hide! Today, though, they have a fighting chance. Look at this system design!

Obviously, the first order of business with a working surveillance system is that the camera can actually see something. The genius who positioned a huge object right in front of the lens should lower their expectations now. There’s no way they are going to be getting the best views, or any at all. Live, laugh, love, as they say. And learn. And install cameras correctly, please!

Money on His Mind

Clearly, this ATM was intended for NBA players only. While that doesn’t seem to be a common design, it is torturing this man here. Some might say it’s so high up that it’s completely useless. Those people are not ballers, obviously!

Even if this man successfully jumps up and shoves his card into the right slot, he will not be able to see the screen or operate the buttons. If the bank actually wants to do transactions, they should really consider getting a new installation man. Customers have plenty of other choices, these days!

U-turn, We Turn

Ah, the ramp to nowhere. Could be the most pointless structure ever built, though it does have a lot of competition out there. Not only is it ugly, but the steps at one end render it useless for wheelchairs and strollers. Yikes!

Someone somewhere gave approval for this, but they shouldn’t have. If anyone still has a job after this waste of city resources, shame on the council! The mobile don’t need a ramp to get around this tiny corner of the park, and worse, it leads to nowhere at the end. Knock this eyesore down, and make things right!

Walking on Water

Some may ask: How is this one even possible? But that’s amateur stuff. For the experienced construction victim, it’s no surprise that a lazy builder added this extra-long faucet. Why not, in an imperfect world?

Sure, it misses the sink completely. But who ever said that there was only one way to craft a washing station? Why, this design kills two birds with one stone. Guests can wash their hands, and the floor washes itself. An automatic, self-cleaning bathroom is just what many people say they’ve always wanted. Today, that chance has arrived!

The Edgiest Edge 

This is not so much of a building disaster as a design disagreement. One guy has his hands on his head, and another whispers frantically to his colleague. They all wonder the same thing: What on earth has happened here?

At some stage, the architect or the many workers on site must have noticed that the alignment was not up to standard. It’s wide open for all to see, in broad daylight! Just a few meters makes all the difference in the world, like over shark infested waters. Who knows what could be is lurking down there!

Misleading Sign

This street sign is definitely giving motorists the wrong impression and is pretty much the epitome of fail. We are sure that, just like the construction fails, this sign has given a fair few people a laugh as they pass by.

We are assuming that the writer of the sign wanted to say that the cars would be ‘fined’, however, now people think is just ‘fine’ to park there.

Bend Down And Climb

Stairs do seem to be a particular challenge for both architects and construction crews. This one at least manages to get to the next floor but unless you are very short you are going to have to crouch down if you want to make it to the top without banging your head.

I guess eventually you have so many bruises you just learn to duck but surely it would have been easier to build the staircase properly, to begin with.

The Fire Exit

This fire exit is not the most strategically placed bit of construction we have ever seen. Imagine running from a fire, feeling a huge sense of relief when you reach the exit, only to hurt yourself by falling down the 15-foot drop on the other side of the door.

Would it be too much to ask for someone to considering putting a staircase in here? Perhaps they have other plans in case of fire, a huge safety net, crash mat or a trampoline perhaps. Or maybe it deploys a chute like an airplane door?

The way it is you are going to be running from one type of danger straight into another.

Walking Down The Stairs

These stairs literally lead nowhere at all. Imagine walking all the way up to the top to find there is just nowhere else to go. We can’t even imagine what possessed anyone to construct this.

It may be the place where relatives can practice the old trick where they walk down an imaginary staircase?  It’s the only possible explanation we can think of.

On The Wrong Track

This is a clear cut case of someone somewhere not taking the time to think things through. We are not sure if the giant pole or the box came first or if it was added after the track, either way, this is not going make it easy for a train to pass along this track.

We are assuming that this particular track is disused these days, especially since the new construction arrived, if not they are going to have some serious logistical problems to deal with.

Business With A View

There’s nothing really wrong with the design of the bathroom but why the enormous sliding door? Is it really that important to have a view of the great outdoors while taking care of business?

Maybe it is all about getting some fresh air or making a speedy escape. Thankfully they also installed a blind and made sure it isn’t overlooked, otherwise they may have some issues with their neighbors.

Shocking Fail

Whoever installed this obviously does not have any kind of electrical qualification or even basic know-how when it comes to the insanity of placing an electrical outlet so close to a shower tray.

My advice would be to get a professional in to take a look at this before you even think about taking a shower.  Someone is going to get hurt here – it really is a truly ‘shocking’ construction.

Privacy Is Overrated

We get that open plan living is modern and like this design can be incredibly classy. However, a quick double-take reveals that whoever designed this home has to take communal living to new heights.

We get that some people like to be open about things but are it too much to ask to have a door on the toilet and the bathroom. Some things we just don’t need to see!   I’m glad I am never likely to visit the people who live here!

Cozy Toilet

Sometimes we need to make the most of every last bit of available space and architects can often come up with creative ideas to fit a lot of stuff in a very small space. However, they may have gone a bit too far with this toilet.

We are all in favor of compact planning but the toilet seat is wedged up behind the flusher and it can’t be comfortable to try and do your business with that literally digging into your back.  Maybe a rethink is in order here?

An Unfortunate Series Of Events

Sometimes it is worthwhile to repair a light as soon as it blows, just like in this case where some key lights blew out on Morrisons supermarket.

Now people wonder if the store is insulting them or has started stocking stupid people.  Whichever way someone needs to get on this and get it fixed!

Spot The Difference

No one is going to notice this tiling mistake and once you see it you can never unsee it!

This had to be deliberate, there is just no way anyone could have made such a glaring error. Maybe the tiler hated his clients.  Seriously, it is just the one tile – this is just going to mess with your head!

Recipe For Disaster

Another example of why it is really important to use qualified electricians in your home. This is a disaster waiting to happen!

We are hoping that either the electricity or the water supply is not connected here – there is no sink or other drain and the tap is right above that outlet. We really need to start educating people that water and electricity should not mix!

Cozy Kitchen

Another example of when the design is too ambitious for the space. At first glance it is a success – everything fits! However what a real mess this is.

You have everything you need here but sadly there is not enough space to open the fridge, it is completely blocked in by the cooker, making it completely useless!

Health And Safety

Nowadays with health and safety the way it is so many things are banned that it is pretty hard for kids to even think about having fun. As you can see from this picture, someone didn’t get the memo on playground safety because the stuck this dilapidated old slide over a huge pit.

Not only that but apparently this is not the only one of these pits that are found on the playground.

Maybe this is a link to a nice, safe, cool underground play area or a ball pit but from here it just looks like a damp old hole in the floor. There’s a very slim chance that these pits lead to a cooler, underground playground but I’m almost certain it’s just a dark deep and damp hole beneath the ground.

A Drawer Difficulty

Sometimes it is hard to fit a kitchen, the instructions can be pretty complicated and we think this probably looked great once it was finally finished and all the drawers were tightly closed.

Of course, when you come to open the drawers you are going to hit a problem, neither of these drawers can now be opened, but it seems the owner has tried to make the best of the situation.

You’re Never Alone

We know that some people like to spend a lot of time with their significant other but even so why on earth would you make a toilet for two people?! Not only that there is what looks like a dining area in the same room.

It may be great for some but for most people, we guess that this might not be what they were expecting when they went to use the bathroom.

A Design Miracle

We all need to be aware of the environment and the need to recycle so this person certainly came up with a creative way to recycle the washing machine water.

Now you can use it to flush the toilet.  However, we are not sure just how you can use the washing machine. Perhaps a set of steps or a ladder would help, you’d also have to make sure that was attached securely or whoever is using the toilet might be facing some major problems.

Just A Little Closer!

You need to get things just so when you are designing a home and someone certainly messed up here.

Someone either forgot that the tape is supposed to allow water into the sink or they seriously miscalculated their measurements. Time to start over.

Over-Excited Tap

We’re not sure here if this is just poor design or an over-eager tap.

There is certainly great water pressure in this home but it looks like that water was never going to reach the sink with the tap positioned the way it is. They are going to have to replace the tap or the sink, or make sure they supply a mop every time someone washes their hands.

A Faulty Garage

Someone was obviously having a bad day when they designed and constructed this garage. How on earth are the cars supposed to get out of here?

Obviously, they are going to be hitting the ground with a bang every time they leave. Once they are out there we have to ask the obvious question:  How are they going to get back in?!

Walled In #2

Another genius method for installing a kitchen. When most of us install drawers the intention is to store things, however, this person clearly sees them more as an item of décor.

We are betting that the person at fault here is the construction worker who put the wall right in front of the drawers.  Sometimes you need to use a bit of common sense as well as following an architectural plan.

A Perfectly Decorated Window

This is a pretty strange mish-mash of styles – the window is in an arch, bordered by pillars and has it’s own steps.

Although we would definitely approve of steps for some of the doors we’ve seen, they really are not needed for windows. We doubt that even the construction workers who built this has figured out the reasons for it yet – when they do we hope they will let us know.

No, You Aren’t Seeing Things

We wonder if the person who designed this building was a genuine architect or just someone that decided it would be fun to give building design a go.

This building is enough to make anyone think they are hallucinating but it is really just a very strange building. It is not the most attractive bit of architecture, and that added to the slanted windows makes it someone that leaves us feeling dizzy!

You’ll Go Through When I Say You Go Through

Although this is pretty cute this street boom isn’t really going to be up for the job it was designed to do.

Someone obviously did some creative measuring and ended up with a tiny miniature version. It is pretty sweet though, even if it is totally useless.

Uneven Surfaces

Here is a lovely trip hazard caused solely by a major construction fail. Instead of putting it right whoever built this took the cheaper option and just erected a warning sign.

We are sure people must constantly trip on these considering they are in a public place. Hopefully, there is an alternative route nearby.

What Is This – A Toilet For Ants?

We are not sure how this even happened! This has to win the award for the most ridiculous bathroom every.

Unless you are a very, very tiny child the likelihood that you will be able to use this toilet is literally zero. Although we know that often you have to juggle things with limited space, it is pretty pointless installing anything if you can’t use it!

Just A Little Higher!

Why this woman is even trying to use the telephone is almost as big a mystery of why anyone would want to construct this so high up in the first place.

We doubt anyone is tall enough to be able to make a call from this phone. Maybe they should get the person back to install some stairs, or provide some kind of step ladder?

This Can’t End Well

It’s great when someone provides an escalator to take the leg work out of getting around, but when it ends up at a wall there really is nowhere else to go. It’s not like you can go back down a moving staircase.

These guys have certainly run into a bit of a problem here. We wonder if they are regretting their decision to take the easy route instead of the stairs, and also what they will do next!

Topsy-Turvy Traffic Light

Traffic lights are a great way of keeping order on the road and making sure people drive safely.

Not so much when someone decides to install the traffic lights facing the wrong way, or even into a structure like someone has done here.  This is a recipe for some road-related havoc right there!

SOTP Laughing!

He had one job – but then he managed to get the stencils mixed up. At first glance the sign looks fine, mainly because we are used to seeing the STOP signs, so we would be ready to slow down and wait at the line.

Sadly the sign actually reads SOTP so you wouldn’t really be sure what they wanted you to do – maybe it is a new dance move?

Imagine his horror when he goes back to check his work and sees what he has done!  Not much chance of redoing in the sign for a while – he is never going to live it down.

Bleacher Blooper

What came first? The bleacher or the wall? We don’t know but whatever way it was this is a construction fail of the highest order.

How long did it take someone to figure out that people would be – literally – looking at a brick wall!  Not soon enough, we guess. Imagine turning up to watch your team only to find that you can’t see a thing, other than the brickwork, up close and personal.

A Challenging Staircase

This is another stairway that is pretty much a waste of time. Sure the stairs have been built right up to the second floor but try getting from one staircase to the next without a rope and a safety harness.

Someone should tell the architect to have another go at these plans as stairs are supposed to get you from one place to another not just end in a brick wall.

Walled In

Another example of construction design and execution bearing no relationship to the reality of the people who will live in the house.

This room certainly is pretty, with the pink flags and the cute teddy bear, it looks like it could be a perfect nursery.  However the stairs are a big issue, they just lead straight into the wall!

Dangerous Roads

The whole point of having a road divided into lanes is to make sure people are safe by only driving inside their own lane. That way no one has to worry about hitting another driver coming the other way.

Why then did someone think it was a great idea to park a telegraph pole in the middle of this lane? Imagine driving down here in rush hour, the chaos!  It would be like having a free go on a white-knuckle ride having to dodge the oncoming cars.

Sacks Of Nuts

Someone either wasn’t thinking when they wrote this or they have a great sense of humor.

Either way, this has totally changed the meaning of what they are selling in this tub. Although it gave us a laugh, we can’t help feeling that labeling a food called ‘nut sacs’ is somewhat unappealing.

The Restaurant We Wouldn’t Choose

We are not sure that this sounds like the most appetizing restaurant in the world and really demonstrates the importance of thinking things through before you put up a sign.

We are sure that this isn’t really advertising the ‘Gynaecology Restaurant’, but is directing us to both the gynecology ward and the restaurant. It is definitely a pretty off-putting thought – maybe it affects food sales?

An Unusual Door

Well, this is an intriguing door – where does it lead? What horrors lurk inside that room?! Of course, if you were in the room you would be stuck there unable to get out, we hope there is another door somewhere.

Maybe it is filled with all the things the owners of the building just don’t want you to see? You really have to ask who it was that built this door, what were they thinking, and what is the point of it at all?  You can’t open the door from outside, you can’t get out of the door from inside.

How did no one notice the issue – they had several chances here – when the door was built, when the stair rail went on.  Any suggestions?

A Long Way Down

This is obviously for a homeowner that is into physical fitness because you would definitely have to do some serious jumping to get in and out of this door.

Most people like to have their front door located on the ground, or at least by some steps.  Who thought this was a good idea?

Stairs To Heaven

What is it with construction workers and stairways? Yet another stairway, the reason for which has totally been forgotten, if there even was one.

This one ends at the wall of the building – maybe they just haven’t got around to installing a door yet? We would love to see the original plan for these.

For now, we will just have to keep guessing and maybe we will never know either way, this is certainly another great example of a stairway to nowhere.

Coming Through… Or Not

Bike lanes are a great invention – making it easier and safer for people to cycle around busy areas.

Although sometimes you could argue that it often means that the cyclists are weaving in and out of all the pedestrians that use them and that it all ends up in a bit of a mess, the idea was still a good one.

The great thing about bike lanes is that you can move in and out of the lanes really easily to avoid other cyclists and pedestrians and because they are rarely crowded it isn’t a problem.

The system works well, that is until a construction worker decides to dump some enormous concrete blocks right in the middle of it.

Things Slightly Amiss

Sometimes you get to the end of the job and discover that you may have made a tiny oversight concerning the way things all fit together.

Just like the rest of us, construction workers work to pay the bills and although they try their best, sometimes they find that they have to improvise to make the best of a bad deal.

Take this guy, he wasn’t going to be beaten by a lack of clearance for a door!  Thank goodness for people like this – we definitely get a few belly laughs at their expense.

Man(y) Manholes

Now, I understand that manholes are a great, and very useful thing, however I also believe that you can get too much of a good thing.

Maybe he just kept putting the hole in the wrong place?  Or, more worryingly, there is a lot of stuff going on under the road that doesn’t bear thinking about.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

It takes a lot of training, effort, and common sense to go into construction but sometimes people make the wrong career choice. Maybe this guy is still learning or he is one of those people that can talk themselves into any job regardless of their qualifications or ability.

Either way, you have to wonder how this could even happen? Maybe installing a screw-on handle isn’t as easy as it looks, it certainly seems to have confounded this particular person.

This door is simply never going to shut so unless you want it to be open season for the local burglars it is time to start over.

A Secret Balcony

It is lovely to have a balcony in your apartment. You can sit outside and eat breakfast on a sunny morning, or sip a class of wine on warm summer nights. Imagine having more than one balcony – that is just a dream come true!

The issue here is that the construction workers did build that second dream balcony. You just can’t use it. Maybe it is simply for the outside appearance of the building or maybe it is one for use by superheroes who can fly in and out.  Does Spiderman live here?

Tight Security

This homeowner isn’t going to get caught out! He has spent a lot of time, effort and money making sure that his house is super-secure by installing this gate.

We are hoping that potential house breakers will also be deterred by the small herbaceous border and won’t consider simply stepping over it and climbing the stairs. It may be worthwhile investing in a fence, or perhaps at least some CCTV and alarms.

Blinded By The View

We all know that having a window in our workplace is a good thing, but what do you do if you haven’t got windows. This person found an ingenious solution and just installed some blinds. Now everyone thinks there is a window! Job Done.

Sadly if you pull aside the blinds all you will see is the same old brick walls, now that is really sad but hey, at least the boss tried and you can’t have everything.

A Bridge Too Far

Now I have never designed a bridge let alone built one but I can’t help but think that this is not what a bridge should look like.

It certainly doesn’t look that stable, especially being propped up on a wonky pile of bricks. I think I’d give driving over this a miss and someone needs to track down whoever build this death trap and get them to take it down and do it all again – safely this time!

A Parking Permit

We think that this is a magnificent tree and it is so large that it was probably there first and should be left alone. That said, why on earth would you build a garage right behind it?

How on earth do the homeowners get inside their own garage? Maybe they drive a very small car or are brilliant at maneuvering. They could, of course, be bikers.  In that case, there is no problem – they can enjoy both the garage and the tree with no problems.

Right On Track

Well, this is a lovely balcony, complete with a double door and plants, perfect for sitting outside enjoying a nice cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon. That is apart from the fact that it is built right over a rail track.

Obviously that line is not used but who would want to be that close to the tracks where trains are rushing past at all hours? What is going to happen if the controls mess up and a train gets sent down that track?  It doesn’t bear thinking about!

A Dodgy Door

Not just one door high off the ground – ALL of the doors! We are assuming that this building has yet to be completed and that someone, somewhere, is going to sort out this glaring issue with the doors.

Maybe they are just for decoration and are always kept locked. Imagine walking out of it and unexpectedly finding yourself hanging over an abyss.  Not a great start to the day.

The Only Right Way

It is always important to follow instructions on the street, however, what do you do if the instructions are impossible to follow? Just like this one.

How is anyone going to turn right here? This is a clear case of someone sending out mixed signals and proof that sometimes you have to do your own thinking.