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40 Things Everyone Should Know (but Most People Don’t)

While the world offers vast information on different facets of life, it’s impossible to know everything. With that said, it is crucial to continue our individual learning journeys, even when it comes to the simplest of things. Truth be told, there are a lot of facts that should be common knowledge for us but surprisingly aren’t. Even someone who has impressive skills or knowledge in a specialized field can overlook the basics of everyday life.

Sure, there are 365 days in a year, and ice melts when exposed to heat, but there are many facts that would make your life so much easier if only you knew them. From cooking tips to cleaning tricks, we’ve rounded up some essential life hacks that will give you comfort and peace of mind. Read on, and have fun learning!

Clean an Oven in a Jiffy

Cleaning and scouring the kitchen will never be enjoyable, but with this handy trick, it can be less irritating. The top of most oven units is equipped for being lifted from the burner plate.

This permits fast access to the underside of the burner, where a lot of gunk can accumulate. It also allows you to get a clear perspective on every one of the burner rings, so you can get that oven sparkling clean from every angle. 

Never Mix Chemicals!

We don’t know anyone who dislikes a spotless house. With so many cleaning tools to choose from, it might appear to be a smart move to combine your favorites to make an even more efficient cleaning agent.

Nonetheless, there are two that ought not to be joined, and those are bleach and ammonia. When mixed, these two compounds produce a toxic gas. This gas can be dangerous for your wellbeing and may even be explosive, so avoid this combination at all costs. You’re welcome!

One is Better Than Two

Pizza is probably one of the best creations ever made. However, did you know you get more with a large 18″ pizza than you do with two medium 12″? We realize this doesn’t seem to make sense, but once you do the math, you will discover that we are correct.

To figure this out, you need to calculate not just the surface area of the pies themselves, but specifically, the surface area that has topping on it. To do so, you will need to brush up on your use of pi. This is certainly something that ought to be common knowledge, right?

FORD Is the Key

When you meet somebody for the first time, it can be difficult to get a discussion rolling. This typically prompts a ton of weird silences and awkward gazes. There is no need to ever go through this again as there is an acronym that can help you… FORD.

No, we don’t mean Fixed Or Repaired Daily, and we’re not talking about the car manufacturer. This FORD represents family, occupation, recreation, and dreams. If you utilize this as a conversational key, you will see that you have a ton to discuss. 

The Sun’s Real Color

Take a gander at any kid’s drawing, and you will see that many of us, at some moment in our lives, thought the sun was orange. It might look that way at nightfall or dawn, yet in truth, the sun is really a very large white star. 

This implies that it is composed of each hue in the spectrum. Yet, we seem to remember it as being the same orange hue we utilized in our drawings as children. Now that we know the truth, we’ll surely pass this great info along to others!

Go for the Lighter Roast

Drinking coffee has turned into a cherished addiction for many people. With so many alternatives and drink inventions, one can have a new caffeine kick every week for a year and still not have sampled every style.

If you are searching for the coffee with the most caffeine, you will need to back away from the dark roast and go for the lighter roast. Through the roasting process, the bean will lose thickness, and with it, caffeine, so lighter is better for a jolt of energy! 

Not a Flu Remedy

Needless to say, being debilitated is the most terrible feeling, and when it is bad enough to go to the doctor, that is far more detestable. When we arrive at a clinic, all we want is for the doctor to cure our symptoms with a dose of whatever will work. Perhaps some antibiotics?

FYI, antibiotics are not utilized when managing a cold or influenza. These conditions are caused by viruses and not bacteria, and antibiotics only treat bacterial problems. Utilizing them for a cold or influenza can actually be negative to your wellbeing.

Lactose Intolerant Creatures

In our childhood years, we all watched kid’s shows where felines drank milk from adorable little dishes. They appeared to be content, so many of us offered the same dish to our real-life cats. Unfortunately, this might not have been a smart thought.

Felines don’t generally respond well to lactose-rich food varieties. It can upset their stomach and, if consumed in huge amounts, lead to a string of uncomfortable trips to the litter box.

How to Tell if You’re Suffering from Iron Deficiency

Many individuals love to crunch their ice when they finish a cold beverage. Some even love to do it without a beverage. However, this can be an indication of something more sinister. If you love to crunch your ice, it may not simply be because you need some additional hydration.

You might be experiencing iron inadequacy hence the irresistible urge to consume ice (known as pagophagia). The ice biting cools the irritation of the mouth brought about by a lack of iron.

Wash Your Dishwasher

We are certain that your dishwasher gets a great deal of utilization, but did you know that it too should be washed once in a while. Well, you do now! If you want the dishwasher to work appropriately, you need to try to wash it routinely.

It doesn’t have to be a daily or weekly thing. Once a month should be enough to give this machine the TLC it needs to function at full capacity. It deserves a little care and attention. After all, it’s serving us well in terms of cleaning the dishes.

Give Kitties Their Own Treats

Kitties are adorable, and when they beg for food, we find it impossible to resist their requests. However, this might be an error, as there are a few food varieties that can cause medical problems for them.

Things like citrus and garlic are problematic for your feline. If they consume them, they might suffer kidney failure. Be careful with what you feed your beloved pets. That being said, say no to sharing your food, and give them their own treats instead.

The Check Engine Light

So many of us go ballistic when we see that the check engine light is on. It is even more upsetting when we’ve gone to the expense of purchasing a new vehicle. However, there is one occasion when you actually want to see it come on – when you start the car.

If that light doesn’t come on when you start the vehicle, this might imply that somebody has altered the dashboard. This could be a reason to get alarmed, so ensure you see it when you start that vehicle. Of course, you want it to go off again once the car has started.

Giant Bales of Fire

You may not be living a provincial life; however, it’s still useful to know that any piles of plant matter or bales of hay can unexpectedly combust. So, don’t leave your grass cuttings in a heap for a really long time.

This happens when dampness mounts up inside the heap, and this then draws in bacteria that can trigger an increase in heat within the bale or pile. The next thing you know, you’re witnessing a furious hellfire. 

Flaunt Your Stuff

Today, no woman’s wardrobe is complete without a couple of pairs of killer heels. However, it wasn’t always that way. Initially, this adorable yet unnecessarily complicated form of footwear was intended for the feet of men. Back in the sixteenth century, these shoes were the craze in Paris. 

They were intended to show manliness and give men a little help if they wanted to be taller. Presently, they do this for the ladies of the world. So, if you have them, flaunt them, and if you’re a man who secretly loves them, it might be time to bring back the old tradition!

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

Though the words “deodorant” and “antiperspirant” are used interchangeably, there is a tremendous distinction between the two. This difference can play a part in your decision on which one to buy, particularly if you play a lot of sports. 

Deodorant is the thing that you need when you are searching for something to cover a smell. If what you want is to control sweat, an antiperspirant is the better option.

Xmas Isn’t Blasphemous

There are many individuals who think the abbreviation Xmas was created with the resolve of taking the “Christ” out of Christmas. However, this is far from the case, and the truth of the matter is something we should all know. 

As a matter of fact, the X in Xmas represents the Greek letter Chi, an abbreviation that was utilized for “Christ.” So, Xmas is genuinely a shortened form and not a strike on anybody’s faith. We hope this will put an end to a lot of unnecessary debates.

Lost, Found & Returned

When you lose your wallet or keys, you worry a lot about where they might have gone. What will occur if somebody finds them before you do? Most people will be exceptionally kind and return lost things to the nearest lost and found. 

Did you know that in America, the EU, and Australia, if you drop these things in a letterbox, the postal service will do everything they can to return them to their legitimate home? What an amazing life hack! 

The Average Color of the Universe

It’s not exactly valuable in everyday life, but rather this fact is still something we should all know about: There is a name for the average color of the universe. That name is “Cosmic Latte,” and the color is shown in the image below. 

It is an exquisite shade that represents the light emanating from stars and galaxies. If anyone is thinking of opening a coffee shop or naming a specialty drink, cosmic latte would be a brilliant name, don’t you think? 

She Deserves Some Credit 

Growing up, we discovered that one lady’s endeavors pushed forward the civil rights movement. Miss Rosa Park’s refusal to surrender her seat gave nationwide exposure to the civil rights cause. But did you know that she wasn’t the first person to do this?

Only nine months earlier, a teenage girl named Claudette Colvin did the same and ended up being arrested. There are numerous musings of why youthful Claudette didn’t get the poster girl treatment. Without a doubt, she ought to get some credit!

Proper Grammar

There are so many things with regards to sentence structure that ought to be known. In every way that really matters, quite possibly the main thing is the correct contractions for the terms “should have” and “could have.” 

Many people attempt to replace the have with an “of.” However, the correct way is “should’ve” and “could’ve.” Everybody should’ve known this, then we could’ve avoided bringing it up. Let’s all apply the proper grammar from now on.

A Different Reason to Celebrate

Many of us observe Cinco de Mayo every year in the United States, whether we are of Mexican ancestry or not. It’s always a great party, but most of us are off-base in our assumptions about its origin. This important holiday isn’t Mexico’s Independence Day.

It commemorates the anniversary of Mexico’s triumph over the French Empire during the Battle of Puebla. There, the Mexican armed force crushed the French in 1862. Mexican Independence Day is on September sixteenth.

A Bigger Bowl, Please

How famous is the picture of a charming little goldfish in a little bowl with a little submerged palace? If you had a goldfish and placed it in one of these, you might have seen they don’t survive for long.

This is because it is really unsafe to place them in a small container without plants or filtration. The restricted space doesn’t allow for enough oxygen to get in, and fish need oxygenated water to survive.

Chew the Aspirin

Aspirin, when taken during a heart attack, can help stop or decrease the impact. However, gulping it down might not have the ideal impact. Most medical experts will tell you the tablet should be chewed and not swallowed whole. 

The smaller particles will permit the compounds in aspirin to get to work at a more rapid rate, slowing the clotting and reducing the size of the clots that are causing the issue. 

Be Careful with Your Words

When somebody says something dubious or affects an activity with their speech in America, they regularly quote the first amendment. Yet, that amendment is only intended to shield you from being silenced by the government.

This doesn’t imply that spoken words are not open to judgment or backlash. You reserve the right to say what you want, but you are also considered responsible for those words. So, be cautious with your words if you want to avoid getting into trouble.

Frankenstein’s Nameless Monster

One of the most incredible works of horror literature and gothic romance is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. However, throughout the years, there has been a lot of confusion as to who Frankenstein is.

Many individuals call the monster Frankenstein. However, in the story, it is the doctor who is named Frankenstein. The monster is never given a name. The closest he gets is calling himself the “Adam of your labors.”

Your Blood is Always Red

Many individuals erroneously believe that blood oxidizes when it leaves the body and becomes red. This might be because as you take a look at the blood in your veins from the outside, it seems blue. However, your blood is consistently red. 

The main explanation is that it looks blue as a result of the light refraction brought about by your skin as the sun hits it. This is a cool piece of information and something we should all know.

Low-Carb Diet for Ducks

Many individuals enjoy going to the park and taking bread pieces to give to the ducks. It’s a pleasant way to spend a cool Spring day. However, it may be risky for the waterfowl to consume those carbs!

Did you know that feeding ducks when they are not actually hungry will prompt digestive issues, which can even wreck their migration pattern? Extra carbohydrates can prompt medical problems for the ducks, so it’s best to let them eat their natural diet.

Just Spray & Sweep

Nobody wants to have rodents in their home, but sometimes they find a way in. When they do, they leave plenty of little gifts, and most of us rush to brush the mess away.

This is really a poorly conceived notion. When clearing those gifts, they scatter into the air and can carry with them a wide range of infections. What to do? Simply spray them with bleach and water, then sweep.

It Isn’t Illegal!

Talking about your pay rate with your colleagues is disapproved of by numerous businesses. Some will even take steps to fire you if they discover you have done this. However, they can’t do that. It is really unlawful for an employer to stop you from discussing your rate of pay.

This practice was started by business owners who wanted to be able to negotiate with employees on an individual basis, thus allowing them to pay a lower wage to some than others.

Clean Your Keyboard

By all means, you need to keep your keyboard clean so all the keys work appropriately. There are multiple approaches to do this, such as canned air or dismantling the unit. However, you have an incredible cleaner directly around your work area.

Taking a post-it note and running the tacky part around the keys will eliminate dust and keep your keyboard working at 100%. This is far more practical than any of the other options.

The IRS Operates Through the Mail

Our telephones have turned into our lives, and with this, unscrupulous individuals have started devising elaborate scams. Yet, there is one trick that we should all know is phony, and that is the one having to do with the IRS.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, you ought to disregard it as any notice or contact from the IRS will be done the old-fashioned way – through the mail. Don’t blow a gasket until you see an envelope in your mailbox.

Know the Difference

We would love to visit Holland… or the Netherlands… or Holland? This European country battles with what seems like some kind of multiple personality disorder when it comes to its name. However, it is entirely straightforward once you look at a map.

Holland is actually a part of the Netherlands. The segment around Amsterdam is known as Holland. It’s similar to a state inside the country. We hope this information resolves any confusion about Holland and the Netherlands.

Keep reading and have fun learning!

Narwhals Are Real!

Because of the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the narwhal became exceptionally well known. For quite a while, there were many individuals who thought they were either extinct or made up. Well, narwhals are real creatures, and many of them are still living their best lives in the Earth’s oceans. 

These horned whale-like surely are superb and odd-looking. Some even consider them the unicorns of the ocean. Cool fact, right? Indeed, there are many incredible facts that should be learned.

Remove That Cotton Ball

How irritating is that little white cotton ball that comes in each pill bottle? Well, to be fair, it does serve a worthy purpose. It is important to hold the pills back from bobbing around while in transport. However, when you get your pills home, make a point to remove the cotton ball if you want to keep the medicine in good condition. 

The cotton can attract dampness and permit bacteria to grow and multiply in the bottle. This can transform the pills into something that will make you sick.

The Human Body

The human body is a brilliant and dazzling machine. However, many individuals don’t think about its wondrousness. Riding around inside us are loads of tiny organisms. There are trillions of these organisms all around the human body.

Essentially, around 90% of your cells are made from those microorganisms. It may sound somewhat dreadful. However, there is no escaping the truth of the matter – you are an ecosystem.

No More Spelling Errors

A ton of jobs require some utilization of spreadsheets, and at times, this can require more than just numbers. When you need to hand reports over to your boss, you will need to ensure that there are no spelling errors in them.

Depending on the spreadsheet software you use, there may be no spell check feature. If this is the case for you, ensure you do a triple check so that there are no humiliating mix-ups. Alternatively, consider using Google Sheets or another tool that has an inbuilt spell check function.

Not the Same

Most of the time, the acronyms “i.e.” and “e.g.” are utilized interchangeably. This is another of those grammar things that we ought to have learned in English class. However, many of us didn’t. If you had trouble focusing in English lessons, this tip is for you!

The acronym i.e. is Latin for “that is” and can be utilized to signify “like.” Concerning the other acronym – e.g. – it comes from the Latin, “exempli gratia.” This is utilized when you are giving a model. They might appear to be comparable, however, they aren’t.

Quash the Fire

When the majority of us see a fire, our first response is one of two things – run shouting for our life or pour some water on it. If you encounter an oil fire, however, pouring water will only make things worse.

The best thing to do with an oil fire is to cover it with something non-flammable, denying the fire of oxygen. You can utilize a fire extinguisher, but it must be one designed for oil fires (you can check this by looking at the pictograph on the side of the extinguisher).

Check on Your Doctor

Medicine is a money-making industry like any other. While most doctors are in it to help people, some like to make as much money as they can in the process. This may lead them to prescribe you a particular medication over another one because they’ll get a kickback.

If your primary care physician pushes you to go with a specific medication, it very well might be because they have taken cash from the company that produces it. This could leave you spending more on your prescriptions than you need to, or in some cases, taking meds you really don’t need. Use the website above to check on your doctor.