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Foolhardy Dads Who Haven’t Quite Nailed Parenting

Sometimes, our parenting game is truly on point. The children are spotless, dressed, and taken care of. Nothing gets neglected, everyone’s fulfilled, everything has been settled. Then there are the other occasions when everything goes wrong. There’s no disgrace in it: Every parent is responsible for an embarrassing mistake once in a while. The only thing you can really do is accept it and try to laugh about it. 

There’s this old misinterpretation that moms know better about parenthood than dads. While that may be valid sometimes, generally speaking, fathers love and care for their kids just as much as mothers do. That being said, they may sometimes have a peculiar method of showing their love. In spite of trying their hardest, the dads on this list appear to be totally lost when it comes to bringing up kids.

Sharing the Same Meal

It doesn’t take a parenting expert to know that a massive rib fillet is anything but a sufficient dinner for a three-year-old child. There’s a reason why small kids have a specific eating regimen, and that is on the grounds that their teeth are still developing. They’re not yet sufficiently able to bite certain food varieties, steak being principal among them. 

This dad likely figured that if he’s appreciating steak for supper, there’s no reason why his child shouldn’t get to enjoy a similar feast. 

The Ultimate Juggler

Switching between work and parenting responsibilities is always a test, and for some dads, so is switching between parenting and computer games. When they have leisure time at home, men appreciate the chance to catch up on their favorite computer games. Of course, they still need to assist their better half with the children once in a while. 

This father figured out how to juggle two tasks – feeding his baby and playing video games. We’re not sure how happy his partner would be about his technique, though! 

That’s How Kids Are

Fathers have a different way of dealing with kids than moms; while moms will generally be more protective, fathers are more tolerant and willing to let kids try things for themselves. They trust their kids to learn hard lessons and permit them to spread their wings.

While we congratulate this young lady for attempting to drink from the enormous bottle like a big girl, clearly she wasn’t ready for such responsibility. Her dad acknowledged that it was probably a mistake. Take your eyes off a child for even a moment, and no one can tell what may occur. 

Business as Usual

We don’t have the foggiest idea how this occurred, but all we can say is that the dad appears to be fine. It’s difficult to monitor each of the essential items infants require when going out. From the pacifier and the bottle to the diapers and the wipes, you’re bound to leave something behind. 

Some way or other, moms manage to be constantly ready for each situation. Fathers, on the other hand, are bound to wind up in messy circumstances. Next time he takes the child out, this dad will not fail to bring a bib and a burping cloth.

Playing Catch

Playing with the little ones is an incredible method to move your body and stay fit as a fiddle – both for the children and for the parents. However, it appears as though this father hasn’t played catch in a long time. He forgot that he shouldn’t expect a tiny child to catch a ball while he’s holding him up in the air. 

This is what happens when fathers are left alone with their children. Maybe this was a good lesson for him. We’re sure the kid was okay. Though, we imagine there would’ve been a lot of tears! 

Father of the Bride

Fathers often have a view of life that applies just to them. It’s as though they believe they should be able to make their own guidelines for life. Think of dad jokes, dad recipes, and dad clothes. Obviously, those guidelines likewise apply during their child’s wedding. Everybody needs to dress properly, with the exception of this dad who will remain in his all-time favorite set of shorts and shoes.

It may be embarrassing and tiring for his kid, but we’re sure the family wouldn’t want him any other way – we love our dads for their weirdness.


If this diaper situation appears to be over-the-top, that’s because it is. When this spouse left her significant other in charge of the child, she figured he was capable of keeping an eye on everything alone. 

All it took was one message to tell her she was tragically mistaken. When they’re given orders, fathers can often be dumbfounded. This mother thought it was clear that she was talking about size four diapers. After all, who in their right mind would put four diapers on a child?

Dad Ways

Fathers have uncommon strategies with regards to cleaning, house errands, and providing care. Of course, they never apply these strange strategies around moms. Instead, they save them for when they are left all alone with their offspring. Some of these techniques incorporate eating off the floor (for example the three seconds rule, which at times turns into the three minutes rule) and eating expired food items. 

We’re all acquainted with these sketchy dad guidelines, right? Another dad rule to know about is that licking your child is a totally sensible approach to clean him. This dad is happy to demonstrate his technique. Gross!

Paying the Price

Potty training is one of the hardest things to get children used to. If you start too early, it will be endless frustration. However, if you start too late, you can face problems too. In the meantime, it’s important to have your diaper game down. Otherwise, you’re at risk of ending up like this poor dad. 

Maybe this dad gave his girl too much credit and thought she was prepared to leave the diapers behind early. He was most likely anxious to see his little girl venture out, yet he acted under a misguided sense of certainty. This kid is definitely not ready to leave diapers behind!  

Soggy Diapers

You can get diapers designed for the pool. These are great for babies and toddlers as they contain solid waste, making sure no one is greeted with any nasty surprises in the pool. This dad clearly doesn’t understand that there’s a difference between a swim diaper and a regular diaper. 

It’s hilarious that this dad ignored the swim diapers in the cupboard and went for an ordinary one instead. Though it looks awkward, we’re sure his daughter didn’t mind too much. After all, she’s getting to play in the kiddy pool with dad.  

Bubble Bath Time

Every parent out there can sympathize with the expression on this dad’s face. When he fixed this bubble bath for his children, he never suspected he’d end up facing such a mess. Thankfully, we can all learn something from all of these photographs. So in the end, these dads made mistakes that serve everyone’s benefit. 

Maybe the greatest lesson we can gain from this photograph is that bubble baths and children are a dangerous blend. Next time you need to give your youngsters a bath, go easy on the bubbles.

Win-Win Situation

This dad came up with the ideal way to play computer games without being interrupted. He’s using his child’s playpen for his own advantage, and the little one is clearly happy to have his freedom. 

Obviously, the child ought to be the one playing with his toys inside the playpen, and not the opposite way around. The two of them appear to be satisfied with the circumstance, despite the fact that the mother might have something to say when she gets home. 

The Overalls 

They’re called overalls because you put them over the garments. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, of course, but it looks mighty odd if you wear overalls without a top underneath. Unfortunately, no one passed the fashion memo on to this poor dad.

This fashion statement may become popular for adults in the not-so-distant future, but it’s just not the right look for a baby. When the kindergarten educator saw Olivia wearing overalls without a shirt underneath, she promptly realized the dad was responsible and so contacted the mom.

Baby in a Bag

You’d never find a parent going out without a diaper bag, and this dad sorted out the best approach to never lose this important bag – put the child in it! Parents have countless things to take with them, so it’s not difficult to lose something along the way.

This is a clever arrangement on so many levels: with the child inside the bag, you’re guaranteed to always remember it. On top of that, it saves significant space. Of course, we’re not seriously advocating this as a child carrier! 

Laundry 101

Household chores are usually split between the parents, and it’s as though there’s an unwritten principle that says fathers are answerable for washing the dishes while moms are liable for the laundry. With regards to neatness and order, ladies know better, while men feel comfortable around the filthy dishes. 

Since fathers are now investing more time at home, many of them are taking some of the pressure off their partners by figuring out how to deal with the laundry. It seems this dad needs a few lessons before he can take over the task.

Kid at Heart 

It appears as though this was an impractical idea in the first place, and this mishap was inescapable. At first, we were worried about the girl covering her dad’s eyes and stopping him from seeing what he’s doing. However, it seems like this rope wasn’t intended to hold two individuals, and surely not a grown-up.

Most moms would never attempt to play this game with their children. Instead, they’d sit aside and watch as their children play securely. Many fathers, by contrast, like to play and be ridiculous, demonstrating that age is only a number, and they are as yet youthful within. 

Handle with Care

When schools and daycares are closed, and you go through the entire day at home with the children, mishaps of this sort will undoubtedly occur. We carry our phones with us wherever we go, and as important as they may be, those cell phones are also delicate. 

When you go spend every day with little kids, your phone is bound to get some heavy treatment. When they’re playing and going around the house, you pretty much have to resign yourself to the fact that things will be broken. 


A pram can be two things – a child carriage and a shopping cart. This is the sort of technique only a father would think of. This dad only had two hands and didn’t want to lug around a pram and a shopping cart, so he figured out a way to multi-task. 

His little girl most likely doesn’t like this plan, and we’re sure she’s hoping he doesn’t have many more things to get. Ladies are known for their capacity to perform multiple tasks, while men prefer to focus on completing one task at a time. Now, we understand why. 

Haircut Inspired by The Simpsons

Nowadays, shopping centers and hair parlors are shut, so we need to access our creative side – we’ve all got one – and get things done without help from anyone else. 

It appears as though this child’s mother should’ve trimmed his hair rather than leaving the work for the dad. When a man is obsessed with watching reruns of The Simpsons, you have to suspect that he has a hidden agenda when he offers to cut his kid’s hair. 

How to Eat Cake

Getting a baby to nod off is not always an easy task, but once it’s done, infants can slip into a deep and restful sleep. This is why the dad in the picture below felt so comfortable using his child as a versatile table for his cake. 

Pregnant ladies will utilize their monster stomachs as portable tables, so is there any good reason why dads shouldn’t have their versatile tables also? If you thought leaving the children alone with their dad was a smart move, you’ve been cautioned.

Inspired by Charlie Brown

This dad presumably saw this Charlie Brown sweatshirt and just couldn’t help himself. To be fair, we probably would have done the same thing. The resemblance is extraordinary! 

This would make a wonderful Halloween ensemble, and even outside of the holiday season, we could all use some amusement! This kiddo seems happy and content with his artificial hair, and of course, his onesie. Good job, daddy!

Avid Star Wars Fan

When you’re home with the child the entire day during this era of social distancing, you can easily get exhausted. Keeping the children engaged at home the entire day without going out is a test we never suspected we’d need to face, and desperate circumstances call for entertaining solutions. 

This dad is clearly a Star Wars fan, and his first thing to address during the confinement was to watch the franchise once more, which is likely what gave him this idea.

Burrito Baby

Swaddling is an ancient practice intended to keep babies warm and safe from the rest of the world. It requires a long time to master this skill, and few individuals truly ever get it down pat. This dad chose to break the conventions and show the world that men know how to swaddle. 

He adopted his own one-of-a-kind strategy, and the outcome is something different altogether, yet we salute him for the exertion. The baby certainly is tightly swaddled.

Mom vs Dad

If there’s one thing we’ve gained from this list, it is that mothers and fathers have completely different ideas of nurturing, and that is alright – we need this equilibrium since moms can get over-protective once in a while. 

This image impeccably shows the different methodologies of moms and dads: while moms are defensive, feeling as though they need to hold the child’s hand through each progression he takes throughout everyday life, fathers are more carefree. That kid is clearly having his mind blown right now, and dad thinks it’s hilarious.  

Keeping the Baby Safe

Children are incredibly sensitive, yet they’re likewise very sly, and they require everyone’s eyes to be on them continually. When this dad was left to watch the child without anyone else, he came up with the ideal method to ensure the child doesn’t go anywhere while he takes care of odd jobs around the house. 

It’s difficult when you’re watching a child alone yet you additionally need to get supper ready, file your taxes, and fix the washing machine. If you’re wondering how some parents manage to juggle all their commitments, perhaps this is their secret. 

Bubble Lover

This dad wanted to have some good times with his child and concluded that if he had to give him a bath, he should have a great time with it. Since his child has no hair yet, he had the opportunity to make whichever sort of haircut he could come up with, and we’re spotting Elvis Presley and Santa Claus among the designs. 

Not all children enjoy having baths, but it appears as though this child is living it up, and this is the only thing that is important. 

Toy Store Antics

We don’t have a clue how to respond to this one. Despite the fact that it appears as though the child is chuckling, we think this dad has gone out of line attempting to play around with his child.

Maybe he simply wanted to check whether his small face adequately fit in this pin and needles toy. Indeed, parents do whatever they can to keep themselves entertained, regardless of whether their children support it. Apart from the danger to the kid’s eyes, we’re so worried about hygiene!

An Honest Mistake

We all get worn out and distracted when going through the day with our boisterous children, and when we’re occupied, we regularly lose things and discover them in odd spots. This is likely what happened to this father when he wrapped up fixing his child’s toy and put the WD-40 back in the refrigerator. 

Imagine the astonishment on his better half’s face when she opened the fridge to discover this. However, we shouldn’t be too hard on the father for this innocent mix-up – this sort of error also happens to moms.

Dad Games

This is one more example of the games that fathers play with their children. We get it, and we’re not here to pass judgment. Remaining at home throughout the day with the children can get exhausting pretty quickly, and this dad was presumably attempting to have a great time and engage his youngsters during this isolating time. 

We like his creativity. However, we’re not so sure about the safety side of things. This is one more reason why fathers shouldn’t be left alone with their children, even in the midst of a pandemic. 

The Excited Daddy

Returning home from the hospital with your infant is undeniably an exciting moment, and there’s very little that can detract from it. At least that’s what this couple believed prior to realizing the new dad had lost his keys.

He’s only been a father for a couple of days, but he’s already setting himself up for many hilarious dad fails to come. Today it was the house keys, tomorrow it could be one of the other hilarious dad moments on this list.  

A Rookie Mistake

There’s nothing like preparing some tasty flapjacks in the morning. What better way is there to get the day started right? This is a chance for fathers out there to at long last acquaint themselves with the kitchen and get familiar with some new recipes.

This father is clearly an amateur in the kitchen since he mixed up curry and cinnamon when making pancakes. These little containers do look quite similar. We’re just glad he noticed his mistake before serving up a horrendous breakfast.

Messy Popcorn

If the previous photograph wasn’t sufficient verification that dads and kitchens don’t generally mix well, this one should send the message. Since cinemas are shut, we attempt to have the next best thing at home: film night in the living room with a hot bowl of popcorn. 

Unfortunately, this father figured out how to ruin even this easy task. Maybe he should’ve gone with the instant popcorn as opposed to attempting to explore different avenues regarding this unfamiliar domain. 

Zip-Tie Ponytail

This young lady wanted to get her hair out of her face. When she asked her mother for help, she was shipped off to her father who was totally confused regarding what he should do. 

We can’t be too hard on him for this one. To be fair, he’s never had long hair, so he doesn’t have any personal experience to work with. All he could think about was repair work, hence the zip tie.

Birthday Cake

As kids, our folks used to ask us what kind of cake we wanted for our birthdays. Nowadays, many kids want an Elsa cake or a football cake. However, a running-nose cake was something we’d never heard of until today. 

We thought cakes were meant to be inviting, regardless of the shape. However, this one makes us want to run away. Regardless of whether this is what the child requested, only a father would make such an unappetizing cake. 

Safety Measures

We understand that fathers have a bit of a reputation for losing and forgetting things – regardless of whether it’s the house keys, the burping cloth, or the diaper pack. This strategy for ensuring he doesn’t leave his child behind appears to be a bit extreme. 

We get the thought behind this – he needs to ensure his girl stays protected and near him, regardless of whether he turns away quickly. However, we don’t endorse this execution. The poor kid looks too old for this security measure. What’s more – she’s not a canine!

Diaper Disposal

If you’re going to use a diaper bin, it’s essential to put a sack inside to catch the filthy diapers. Dealing with messy diapers is a task each parent needs to figure out, and sooner or later, when they become acclimated to it, they don’t care about it any longer. 

Still, having to handle grimy diapers after they’ve been sitting in the diaper bucket for goodness knows how long isn’t something you could ever get used to. We hope the parent responsible was the one who had to deal with this horrific mess!  

Dad’s Confused

We hope he committed this error just a single time, and not with the children’s morning meal! We’re not as worried about the clothing, although this may be the last time his significant other permits him anyplace close to the clothes washer. Of course, that could be what he was angling for all along! 

This photograph makes you wonder why those two jugs look so similar, yet of course, the appropriate response is self-evident: they never figured anybody could be so silly as to get the two confused. Poor old dad! 

Sleeping Dad

We’re not totally sure how this occurred, but we imagine this dad wanted to cuddle his child until he nodded off. Unfortunately, dad lulled himself to sleep first. Taking care of children by imagining you’re resting too is a known technique as kids frequently mirror their folks. However, really nodding off before your child falls asleep isn’t the way to go.

At any rate, one of them is sleeping soundly, and that’s something, right? The only problem is, dad appears to be occupying far too much room in the crib.

Baby Carrier

All the various baby accessories and machines can get pretty modern, and the more advanced they get, the more confusing they can be. It requires some investment in figuring out how to work the various accessories, even the ones that appear to be simple. Just look at the baby carrier in the picture below. 

We can’t determine what’s happening in this photograph, but we can tell that something’s not sitting right. This father needed his child near him while he took care of the house errands, but it looks like he may have the baby carrier upside down. Either way, that kid doesn’t seem to be complaining!