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25+ Items That Were Cleverly Camouflaged

For centuries, the ability to become invisible at will has been on top of the wish list for humankind. Ever since the concept was officially introduced in the 1640s, people have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to disappear. With the strong influence of movies such as Hollow Man and the Harry Potter series, more and more people are excited to see what the future holds. 

While true invisibility may not be possible, there are times when an object is so well camouflaged that it looks for all the world like it is invisible. Thanks to Redditors, we have a hilarious compilation of items that were accidentally made invisible to the naked eye. From felines being stepped on for looking like marbled floors to tortillas vanishing on the kitchen counter, we have learned that anything can become invisible if it’s placed against the right backdrop.

Sweet Invisibility

Imagine going on a date with your girl and you pass by a bed of beautiful, vibrant flowers. Would you act silly or be annoyed if it perfectly matched your shirt? The guy in this picture relished the moment when his shirt perfectly blended in with a flower garden.

Image courtesy of sway_ forth / Reddit

Had the man turned his back while sitting on the concrete floor, it would have fully concealed his midsection. The camouflage is so perfect you have to look twice to understand what’s going on. Kudos to the man for having fun with it!

Camo Cat

How many times have we seen cartoon characters like Tom and Sylvester the Cat trying to become invisible by painting themselves or buying products from ACME? Well, look no further as somehow, this furball was able to achieve what no cartoon cat ever could. 

Image Courtesy of dick face cat / Reddit

If you don’t pay attention to details, you probably wouldn’t even notice there’s a cat in the picture. Thanks to this photographer, we were able to see this adorable cat, and it seems that he is a shy type too.

Watch Your Fingers

At first glance, it is kinda creepy to see this newborn creature on top of the owner’s palm. If the tail wasn’t showing on the picture, it would take a minute or two to identify that there’s a creature on this person’s hand.

Image Courtesy of _ Geige / Reddit

We are not sure if the person is holding a baby hamster, a rat, or a guinea pig. However, we can clearly see that the little guy feels very much at home on his owner’s palm.

Cats: Masters of Disguise

For sure, we are not alone with this one. How many times did you have to check the picture before realizing there’s a cat in it? There is indeed a cat in the area, it’s just remarkably well hidden. 

Image Courtesy of NooaJ / Reddit

The marble floor is almost identical to the cat’s color, and this could be dangerous because if a person is not attentive while walking in this home, they might step on the poor cat.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

For some odd reason, this reminds us of Jack Skellington in Tim Burton’s hit film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Black and white stripes will always be the staple of Jack Skellington, and the picture has definite Tim Burton vibes.

Image Courtesy of Jim Fancy Pants / Reddit

Wearing this type of style is risky as we see in the picture. The numbers are astronomical when it comes to everyday things that are black-and-white striped, so your chances of creating accidental camouflage are high. 

Hen House with a Twist

This makes us long for a simple life living on a farm. We would have many different types of animals and allow them to roam freely as they are supposed to. Though the animals should be allowed to make friends, some creatures can get confused and start thinking they’re something they’re not.

Image Courtesy of jag ? lkn / Reddit

The owner of this chicken coop must have been surprised when he saw the dog inside. The chickens don’t seem to care at all, and the dog looks incredibly happy. We just hope it doesn’t start trying to lay eggs! 

Where’s the Remote?

Picture this: you are having a football night, the beers are ice cold and the popcorn has popped just right. There’s just one problem – the remote is nowhere to be found. Well, isn’t that annoying? We know how it feels. We’ve experienced this issue numerous times, and it is frustrating.

Image Courtesy of reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating

It would probably be better to check and see where the remote is before getting everything ready. That way, you won’t miss any of the game, and the popcorn won’t go cold while you’re hunting for the remote.

Who Broke the Chair?

They are not called masters of disguise for no reason. This cat perfectly exemplifies the phrase “sit still.” The dark black color of the cat almost resembles that of the wall. It blends so perfectly that it tricked our eyes into thinking the chair was broken. 

Image Courtesy of Atham _Athul / Reddit

This picture was taken by a Reddit user who got confused while making himself a sandwich. He stated that it took him a couple of minutes to see his pet cat staring at him.

Where’s the Other Half?

Relax, the picture that you are seeing right now is just fooling your eyes. Yes, it certainly looks like this girl has invisible legs. However, the answer is far less exciting. 

Image Courtesy of Mr. Potato 341181 / Reddit

This is simply a photo taken at the right time, from the perfect right angle. Sure, it’s a little alarming the first time you look at the picture, but the little girl’s smile eliminates those horror vibes.

Finders Keepers

Car keys and wallets are two of the most misplaced things in the modern world. Unfortunately, they are also two of the most crucial things in our everyday lives. Everything seems to be perfect and in place, but as soon as you are all dressed up and ready to leave the house, it seems those wallets and car keys move to another place.

Image courtesy of duty before death / Reddit

Hopefully, the owner of this wallet was not in a hurry or trying to make it to a meeting because if he was, then his day was probably ruined. Since he had time to snap a pic, we’re assuming everything was okay! 

Let the Man Sleep

This is not an advisable thing to do, but we understand the man. According to the reports, this man was on a 14-hour flight and he had always struggled with jet lag. To cut the story short, the only way for him to calm down was to have a good sleep with his body stretched out flat.

Image Courtesy of si_ si_ si / Reddit

Though it looks like he’s ripped up a strip of carpet to cover his eyes, in reality, he’s draped a scarf over his face, and it just so happens to be a perfect match for the floor pattern. One of the eyewitnesses confirmed that the man was able to get a decent amount of sleep. However, anyone who saw him like this would have heart palpitations until they realized what’s going on. 

Missing Frying Pan

Mixing and matching colors and patterns in the kitchen can create a beautiful aesthetic, but it doesn’t always go according to plan. In this particular picture, a couple who had a long day at work decided to eat at home with some wine rather than going to a restaurant.

Image Courtesy of Areykha / Reddit

When the man was about to sear his pork chops, the frying pan seemed to be missing. It took a few curse words and tempers flaring before they were able to spot the pan.

Welcome to the Darkness

Another entry from the species we’ve dubbed “masters of disguise,” and probably not the last one either. These cats just have a natural way of finding ways to disappear. Though this makes them excellent hunters, modern house cats don’t need to hunt for their food. So in the end, they just end up scaring their human housemates! 

Image courtesy of ElMac65 / Reddit

If this cat hadn’t opened its eyes, we are pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to see it tucked away in there. Worse, the cat might be squished by whoever wanted to flow down in that comfy-looking chair.  

Versatile Kicks

Who remembers the epic shoe meme wherein they were making fun of their friend for wearing the same shoes over and over again? In addition, they always have to shout the words, “what are those?” This man was minding his own business, but as soon as he hopped on the escalator, he noticed something.

Image Courtesy of Br 135 han / Reddit

His shoe design corresponds perfectly with the lines of the escalator. It creates quite a creepy optical illusion as it looks like his feet are being absorbed by the escalator. That’s a sci-fi nightmare right there! 

Perfect Coffee

For adults, drinking coffee is a natural part of their daily routine. There’s that sense of serenity, completeness, and calmness as soon as you start mixing and smelling the aroma of your favorite brew. At first glance, it looks like the cup below is actually a saucer. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see the color of the coffee perfectly matches the mug. 

Image Courtesy of poiadipoio / Reddit

If this didn’t make the day of the owner of the picture, I don’t know what will. That is a perfect coffee shot, and we bet it tasted delicious.

Missing Leg?

Riding public transportation can give you many crazy stories, both good and bad. We tend to mind our business while enjoying the ride, but as soon as something catches our attention, we are automatically distracted.

Image Courtesy of Faizy Commando / Reddit

The polka-dot socks worn by the man create a perfect illusion with the bus floor. At first glance, it looks like he’s invisible under the pants and shoes. Sadly, he’s just a normal guy with spotty socks. 

Good for Mother Nature

It’s no secret that our planet has been devastated by all kinds of pollution. More and more people are speaking out about reducing, reusing, and recycling materials for the Earth to survive. By 2018, coffeehouse giant Starbucks announced they were going strawless. 

Image Courtesy of [unknown] / Reddit

However, this is not the reason why you can’t see the straw in this picture. The straw was perfectly aligned to the table cloth, and spotting it the first time is really hard. Can you guess where the straw is located?

Chairman of the Board

We are not encouraging anybody to laugh at another person. However, it’s clear from the way this picture was set up that this man is in on the joke. He’s definitely a good sport, and though he shares his aesthetic with a whole bunch of chairs, we still think it’s pretty snazzy. 

Image courtesy of nairaland.com/eniholar

It seems this guy went to a seminal and spent the whole day getting hit with jokes about how his suit matches the chairs. By the end of the day, there was nothing else for it but to grab a beer and have a photo taken to commemorate the moment. 

Shimmering Boots

This is not part of any Disney movie like Cinderella or even the master cat, Puss in Boots. Whoever owns this pair of boots must have had a very long day. This image was shared on Reddit by a friend of the owner of the shoes.

Image Courtesy of Yathosse / Reddit

If you guess that this happened in Texas, then you are correct. Texas has always been known as a place where having snazzy boots is normal. Matching your boots to the barstools at your local club is a whole new level, though!

Where’s Daddy?

Ah, the yuletide season. It’s when families get together, tell stories, enjoy the cold weather, sing songs, drink wine, and take tons of photos. This picture seems normal until you take a closer look at the family. 

Image courtesy of vytal2 life / reddit

The painting in the background is symmetrically aligned with the man’s sweater. In addition, his legs look like the shadow of his daughter’s legs against the couch. All in all, it makes it look like he’s just part of the painting on the wall.

Another Missing Cat

Where do we begin with this one? We have questions for the owner. Before purchasing the house or selecting the floor designs, did they consider their furball? Then again, perhaps the flooring came first and the matching cat second. 

Image Courtesy of Villain Deku / Reddit

The look on the cat’s face suggests it’s perfectly aware of the situation and not impressed at all. We just hope no one steps on the poor kitty. 

Someone Stole My Sweatshirt

It’s so annoying when you just need to grab one more thing before you leave the house but it’s nowhere to be found. This one small incident can put you behind schedule and ruin your day.

Image Courtesy of The Poke Co UK

This story was shared on a social media page. The poster explained that she was in a rush and was all set with the perfect outfit of the day. However, her sweatshirt mysteriously went missing. It took her an hour to find that her sweatshirt was camouflaged on her bed.

Perfect Coffee 2.0

This is the second time on our list that coffee has blended in perfectly with its surroundings, and we can’t get enough of this. Reddit user No_Consideration4479 shared this awesome photo, and we have a few questions.

Image Courtesy of No_ Consideration 4479 / Reddit

How does she brew her coffee? Is this the first time she was able to do it? The coffee seems to be of those tiny creations included in a Barbie Doll setup. It also looks like the milk has been beautifully steamed and frothed. Perhaps this person is a barista. 

Find the Parrot

This little guy is feeling at home sitting on top of a bowl of avocados. While parrots are known to learn and imitate sounds, they can camouflage themselves pretty easily too.

Image Courtesy of juca piga / Reddit

This parrot doesn’t have any problem alerting its owner if they run out of avocados. Parrots love repeating themselves, so the owner will know anytime supplies are running low. 

My Other Half Completes Me

The backstory of this picture is that the woman hadn’t seen her husband for the longest time. When she found out that he was finally coming home, she rushed to the airport.

Image Courtesy of Ok Man 123456789 / Reddit

It’s not the first time the woman visited that particular airport, and we know that she is familiar with the surroundings. However, in her excitement, she didn’t even consider the fact that her pants would match the flooring. 

The Invisible Cookie

Coincidence? Or is it fate? A TikTok user shared this illusion wherein the oreo cheesecake cookies had the same color and texture as her kitchen counter. At first glance, her followers were confused about what she was trying to show.

Image Courtesy of @karina arkkie / Tiktok

Good thing she included a caption. If the cookies were placed on top of the marble, for sure, no one would notice. That might be a great way to ensure you get to save the last cookie for yourself! 


We’ve seen the chairman of the board, but it turns out there’s a chairwoman too! This lady was busy shopping when she noticed something eerie. No, she didn’t see a ghost or any mythical creature. However, her outfit matches the chair’s design.

Image Courtesy of mesiterduu / Reddit

The woman didn’t hesitate to take a picture while sitting on the chair as her friends were laughing. Perhaps this is the sign that she needs to buy a new set of chairs.

Feet on the Ground

Reddit user Osirisk shared this optical illusion he discovered while at the gym. It wasn’t the first time he’d visited the place, but it was the first time he noticed that the floor design matches his shoes. This could be the reason why people can’t stop looking at him when he strolls through the gym.

Image Courtesy of Osirisk / Reddit

We wonder how all these perfect pattern match-ups happen. Are the people in charge of making carpets also working on shoe designs? 

Sleep Mode

Any gamer will tell you that sleep is for the weak. According to research, video gamers only sleep 3-4 hours a day on average. Their lifestyle is far different from normal people’s, but they enjoy every minute of it. 

Image Courtesy of meisterduu / Reddit

This photo was taken by its owner, and it’s yet another instance of a clever feline blending into the background. His cat took a nap in his gaming chair, and it’s clear that the cat doesn’t want to be disturbed. Good luck getting any gaming done under those circumstances!

Favorite Leggings

At first, she was kinda embarrassed and upset when her leggings matched the office floor design. However, Reddit user FishingForWilderness discovered that she can use it to her advantage. Every time she wears these leggings, she gets attention.

Image courtesy of Fishing For Wilderness / Reddit

However, she seems to enjoy seeing people shocked and dumbfounded whenever they see her special pants. Being singled out like this might be nightmarish to young kids, but it sure is laughable to adults. 

Owl of Control

Owls are sadly misunderstood by many people. Due to the strong influence of Hollywood, owls were once synonymous with horror films. However, thanks to the Harry Potter series, their reputation is gradually changing for the better.

Image Coutesy of culater bro / Reddit

Owls are nocturnal in nature. So, seeing them sleeping in the daylight is both special and perfectly normal. Though there are owls all over the world sleeping in the bright light of day, they are so skilled at camouflage that you’ll have a hard time spotting them.

Am I Adopted?

Disneyland is a magical place where our fantastical dreams come true. It is normal to see people wearing bright colors, mimicking their favorite Disney characters. However, for Reddit user Turkeylurkey1330, things got a little weird. What are the chances of running into a family all wearing the same shirt as you?

Image Courtesy of Turkey lurkey 1330 / Reddit

The guy explained that his girlfriend was annoyed at first and questioned him regarding his shirt choice. Thankfully, their sense of humor prevailed, and he even let his girlfriend take a snapshot of him and the unknown family.

Husky Loves Snow

This is not strange at all, but it’s still picturesque. For those who aren’t familiar, Husky’s have thick fur, so they love cold weather. This dog might be enjoying the last bit of snow for the year.

Image Courtesy of Spartan Warlord 117 / Reddit

The husky’s fluffy white coat mirrors that of the snow he’s snuggled into. Not all huskies have the same color, but they do all love being in the snow. 

Please Be Patient

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is our best entry of things that are perfectly camouflaged with their surroundings. It took us more than ten minutes to find the phone, and it was a frustrating exercise. So, where is the phone located?

Image Courtesy of Keoni No Go / Reddit

Well, if you think it’s below the table right in the middle, then you are wrong. The phone is located beside the right leg of the table. The colors of the carpet and the phone cover might be the same, but the floral pattern is different.

Give Me Back My Dog

This owner almost had a mental and emotional breakdown when she thought that her dog was missing. She checked all corners of their house but no signs of the pup could be found. They even called the neighbors and asked if they’d seen the furball.

Image Courtesy of whacko _ prophet / Reddit

Her dog is troublesome but not the type to run away from home. Soon enough, the dog revealed itself hiding in the snow. The neighbors couldn’t help but laugh, and the owner had no choice but to take a snapshot.


Although some aspects of nature are terrifying, it does still bring happiness and joy to everybody. This beautiful owl has perfectly concealed itself in the tree, and if its eyes weren’t open, probably no one would notice this little guy.

Image courtesy of the Cute Kitty Cat / Bit. Ly

Although owls don’t pose any danger to humans, if you encountered this at night, you might get a bit of a scare. Seeing a pair of big eyes hovering in the darkness would be terrifying.

Aquaman and Friends

Some say that this picture was edited due to the perfect blending of the man’s shirt and the body of water behind him. However, Reddit user KoleCasule1, who is also the person involved in the picture, says it’s legit. By looking closely at his shirt, you can see a slight difference as there’s a black curve line on his shoulder area.

Image courtesy of Kole Casule 1 / Reddit

The picture is especially funny because his friends didn’t warn him about his shirt camouflaging him in the picture. They were careful to make sure he posed in exactly the right spot, though!

Comfort Blanket

Reddit user ankiakhil shared this adorable picture of her furball taking a nap. It is still a mystery to us that even if we’ve bought them their own bed, cats prefer to do their own thing. It seems that cats will always go for the most camouflaged spot in the house.

Image Courtesy of ankiakhil / Reddit

Her fur mum had a hard time finding her as she was completely blended with the blanket. Luckily enough, there’s a shade of purple beside the cat, so it didn’t take too long to figure out where she was. 

Healthy Living

This is not a five-minute hack or even a cooking lesson, but what if we were to tell you that there’s a creature sitting on that sandwich. Take a closer look. Have you seen it? No? ITry focusing on the green leafy vegetable.

Image Courtesy of trip _ jachs / Reddit

If the owner of this sandwich wasn’t that attentive, they could have eaten the frog. That’s not the best way to get your protein in for the day! Kudos for having clear eyesight and spotting the little fella.