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Guess the Celebrity By a Yearbook Photo

Believe or not, the biggest celebrities had an awkward phase like everyone else. The proof? Vintage yearbook photos, lurking in permanent archives. Braces, bangs, and pimples be damned — nothing could stop these superstars from reaching the top!

Future Cat Mama

With little blond braids and flowing hair, this shy smiler would one day become known for her impeccable style and singing talent. Yes, really.

When she smells her favorite perfume now, she reminisces: “It brings me back to the days of trying to get a close parking spot at school, trying to get noticed by soccer players, and trying to figure out how to avoid doing or saying anything uncool, and wishing every minute of every day that one day maybe I’d get a chance to win a Grammy.” Who is this awkward cutie?

Taylor Swift

It’s Taylor Swift, otherwise known as Tay Tay, Swifty, T-Swift, and T-Swizzle. Number one after number one, she makes a bold claim: “I promise that you’ll never find another like me.” What’s her net worth at this point?

One of the most idolized singers in the business is also one of the wealthiest. Reports say that Miss Swift is worth $360 million, give or take. This ever ever-growing fortune makes her one of the globe’s highest paid celebrities. And she’s not done yet: Taylor only just turned 30. Talk about squad goals!

Humble Hottie

In the 1970’s, turtle necks were once widely acceptable. Bowl cuts, too! Who is this vintage cutie, smiling for the shot?

He may be thoroughly modern now, but things used to be simpler. According this future superstar: “I grew up in the world of bad television, on my dad’s sets and then as a young schmuck on dating shows and so on.” Sounds like the precursor to reality TV, but more quaint! Even with this clue, though, not everyone will be able to see who this fellow is. Inquiring minds want to know more!

George Clooney

It’s absolutely George Clooney, as hard as that is to believe. Since the old days, the actor has found a better barber! In summary: Even the timeless hunks of Hollywood had their ugly duckling phases.


George has dominated Hollywood for long enough, it seems. In 2013, he branched out and got pretty involved with his tequila company, Casamigos. After founding with friends Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, they all agreed to sell it for $700 million plus bonus payouts. Brand slogan: “Brought to you by those who drink it.” Spicy gig, George!

A Very Good Boy

This future politician was a lifeline Indiana resident, one of six children and the son of a U.S. Army solider who fought in the Korean War. He attended Columbus North High School, and graduated way back in 1977.

Columbus North High School

Raised as a Roman Catholic and a Democrat party member, a lot would change in his religion and politics. After graduating, he became a born-again Christian and developed an admiration for President Ronald Reagan. Mom was disappointed at the time, for sure. But this young man chose his own path! Who is this now famous ‘common sense conservative’?

Mike Pence

Yes, it’s Vice President of the United States Mike Pence! Previously the governor of Indiana, he also has some experience in the United States House of Representatives for more than a decade. Lots of prep, for his current gig!


The VP has actually been married to one woman since 1985: Karen Pence. The pair met while he was studying law, and they have been inseparable ever since! Many know that this politician maintains an unusual professional rule, and always has. The Mike Pence policy? “Never dine alone with a woman” besides his wife. Perhaps that’s the secret to why he has avoided scandals for so long!

Foxy Lady

This down home Tennessee girl was raised in a strict Pentecostal household, but also attended a Catholic school system for 12 years. Not one, but both. Sounds double strict!

Prohibited from dating, this future celeb had to find other things to do during high school. But sadly, no one joined in: “Everyone hated me, and I was a total outcast, my friends were always guys, I have a very aggressive personality, and girls didn’t like me for that. I’ve had only one great girlfriend my whole life”. Yikes, who is this gorgeous loner?

Megan Fox

Shockingly, it’s Megan Fox! All her old bullies are biting their tongues these days, that’s for sure. What is the most beautiful woman in the world up to?

Megan seems to be doing alright with her three children from her ex, actor Brian Austin Green. She just loves motherhood! According to the actress: “No one believes me when I talk about this, but I’m really, really maternal.” Maybe this fulfilling personal life is why audiences haven’t seen this beauty in as many movies lately. Three kids is no small project, is it?

That Drawl, Y’all

Why, hello there. Who is this? A baby-faced cutie wo would one day become the “Sexiest Man Alive” for the 20th anniversary of People Magazine, that’s who.Yowza!

From his breakout in Dazed and Confused, to becoming the star of all romantic comedies, to channeling his more serious side in the drama category, this fellow has proved his chops. In fact, he’s got an Academy Award to prove it! He’s also just as famous now for his whimsically delivered life advice:“It’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.” Who is the steamy sage?

Mathew McConaughey

Judging by his yearbook photo, Matt always had that swag. Maybe it’s his Texas roots and southern charm, in the end!

Mr. McConaughey is actually a taken man these days. Growing up, his own mother and father married each other three times after two divorces! So far, he hasn’t continued this pattern. And he loves being a dad: “I always wanted to be a father and thought it would be great, but it just took the right woman and the right time to make it all happen.” Indeed, it did! All right, all right, all right.

The Boy From Scranton

This young man is almost unrecognizable from the seasoned version many know today. But back in the 1950’s, he was pretty spry! Born in Pennsylvania, but raised as a middle-class boy in Delaware, high school was a time when he really shined in athletics.

Archmere Academy

At Archmere Academy in Claymont, he was a halfback and wide receiver on the football team. Though they had a poor record at the beginning, this player helped lead them to undefeated status by senior year. And that’s not the last time he would approach competition with vigor: Law school and then public office was next! Who is this vaguely familiar face, really?

Joe Biden

Shocker, it’s 2020 Presidential nominee Joe Biden! As Delaware’s longest-serving senator, he was nationally well known before he moved up to Vice President for Barack Obama. But is this his first time going for the top slot?


Indeed, it is not. He actually ran as a Democratic candidate in 1988 and 2008, but didn’t make it out of the primaries. In the 80’s, it was a plagiarism scandal. And in 2008, he only got to VP. Now, it’s time for try three. Will he finally achieve the big goal, 40 years in the making? November holds the answer, ultimately!

Cartoon Kid

And now, a real challenge: This yearbook photo is quite creative, but who is it? It’s faded, and it’s funny. But even a yearbook of cartoons couldn’t hide the natural beauty of this superhero in the making. Just look at that megawatt smile!

For this gal all grown up, there will be no need for a reunion: It’s likely that all her old classmates know exactly what she looked like from year to year. As a celeb, she has been on TV since she won the Miss Israel competition at 18. But really, what is her name?

Gal Gadot

Why, it’s none other than Gal Gadot! Wonder Woman was always a star, but she was busy hanging out in the middle east. Fun fact: At Israeli high schools, students pick an academic major just like in college. She chose biology!

Throughout those studies, she was the funny schoolgirl everybody loved. It seems to actually shine through in her yearbook photo, too! The teenage Gal never aspired to be an actress, but she was definitely interested in the arts: “Growing up, I was a dancer. I wanted to be a choreographer.” Very cool, Gal! Is it really too late?

The glasses are gone today

With thick, dark rims and shy grin, this little guy doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Not yet, that is! Miracles do happen, and this scrawny youngster is going to transform soon. Who would ever know from the picture that this would one day be the hunkiest man in Hollywood history?

Okay, opinions vary on that topic. But today, the ladies definitely swoon. Back in the day, he was already in the business, cast for his cuteness. With a role in City Slickers, his screen debut was successful. Time for a good guess: Who could he be?

Jake Gyllenhaal

Yes, it’s Jake! Jake Gyllenhaal, specifically. With a name that’s impossible to pronounce without an intro, it’s amazing he made it through the casting call. But he always had the acting chops, and that was the real draw. Later, those brooding eyes really made him marketable!

Jake has been in big movies, consistently. From cult favorite Donnie Darko to the groundbreaking Brokeback Mountain, he has all kinds of fans. But the truth is, Jake has a secret dream. According to the actor: ”In a perfect world, I would love to do one play for every three movies.” Maybe just maybe, fans will see that soon!

Started From The Bottom

Well now, who’s this cutie here? A familiar face, that’s for sure! Initially raised in lower middle class Toronto, his family eventually moved to the prestigious Forest Hill hood.

But looks can be deceiving. They weren’t wealthy, per se: “[We had] a half of a house we could live in. The other people had the top half, we had the bottom half. I lived in the basement, my mom lived on the first floor. It was not big, it was not luxurious. It was what we could afford.” Who is this underdog, and what is his gig these days?


Surprise! It’s Drake. The Canadian rapper, songwriter, singer, actor, and record producer is also a pretty formidable businessman. Drake made sure to sign good deals, and his bank account reads cha-ching!

Yes, he’s really made mom proud with more than 170 million records sold to date. That has translated to a reported net worth of $150 million. And the critics? With a room full of awards and accolades to envy, this celeb received another honor recently. Billboard named him “the 16th most successful artist of all time” as of 2019. Mazel Tov, Drake!

That Face Though

This youngster attended Beverly Hills High School, but felt isolated hanging around the kids of the rich and famous in the area. How bad was it, and why?

During this period, the future star battled insomnia, an eating disorder, and drugs. Plus, one more issue: “For some reason, the ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain, maybe feeling alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me.” Sounds intense, and scary — for a teen or anyone else! Who is this now famous face, all grown up?

Angelina Jolie

Born Angelina Jolie Voight, her family was already involved in the Hollywood scene. And that’s probably exactly where she belonged, although her start was rocky with the culture there. With the right guidance, this blockbuster beauty became a literal phenomenon!

Lately, Angelina has been dabbling as a filmmaker and humanitarian when she’s not busy with her six children. Named Hollywood’s highest-paid actress numerous times in the past, with a net worth of $100 million. It certainly seems like she has moved past that rocky start. Despite her otherworldly looks, Angie is actually very relatable to fans!

La La Lovely

Who is this little lady posing in the Xavier College Preparatory‍ yearbook? Whoever it is clearly attended an all-girls Catholic high school‍. Photos don’t lie!

Apparently, it wasn’t the right fit. After just one semester, this girl dropped out of school altogether to become an actress! She convinced her mom to come along for the ride, too: “I went up for every single show on the Disney Channel and auditioned to play the daughter on every single sitcom…I ended up getting none.” Uh oh, SpaghettiOs! How did that risky move work out in the end?

Emma Stone

Hello, Emily Jean Stone! After a few rough bumps, she enrolled in a mobile, online high school. Just in case her grand plan didn’t work out, that smart cookie!

Of course, it did work out. According to Emma: “I think I’m a type A personality who’s trying to convince herself she’s type B. I micromanage.” With an Oscar and a Golden Globe under her belt, Emma earned the title of highest-paid actress in the world as of 2017. Time Magazine also listed her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, which isn’t so bad for a high school dropout. Way to go, say fans!

Duplex Days

This future famous figure was born in Oakland, California. Her mom was a breast cancer researcher from India, with a PhD in endocrinology. Her equally impressive dad was a Stanford University professor of economics from Jamaica. Talk about role models!

Westmount High School

The family lived in a Berkeley duplex, on the upper floor in a mixed neighborhood. During this period of her life, she was involved in the religion of both sides of the family attending a Black Baptist church as well as a Hindu temple. She also took trips to see both home countries! And ultimately, her education became even more international, when the family transferred to Montreal during her high school years. Who did she eventually become, in politics?

Kamala Harris

Why hello! It’s none other than Kamala Harris, the Vice Presidential nominee for 2020, joining Joe Biden on the ticket. A current Senator from California and a former prosecutor, she has been in public service for some time.


According to Kamala: ”Running for office is similar to being a trial lawyer in a very long trial. It requires adrenaline and stamina; it requires being in shape mentally and emotionally. It’s a marathon.” With that in mind, a showdown to challenge the controversial President Trump begins! It’s winner take all, but for the real results, only time will tell.

Not Ray Charles

Curly mullet, snazzy jacket, and pure confidence? One famous funnyman always had that je ne sais quoi, even back in the day.

Quote clue: “I went to college on a classical piano scholarship. My grandmother made me practice one full hour a day. Every day. Man. I thought all she wanted was for me not to have any fun. Next thing you know, you have a career in music. Now, not everybody’s going to go on and be Mozart or Michael Jackson. But music makes you smarter.” Who is this mystery man?

Jamie Foxx

Of course, it’s Jamie Foxx! This jack of all trades impresses audiences time and again, no matter what he tries. Acting, singing, and comedy? Yes, please!

Audiences were wowed by his portrayal of Ray Charles in the biographical movie Ray. It seems that a lot of other folks noticed, too: Jamie won an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award just for this role. Now, he’s taking on an even bigger challenge: A total body transformation for the upcoming Mike Tyson movie. Cataloged on social media, Jamie has really been bulking!

Impossible to Forsee

Some of the most beautiful women in the world were late bloomers. Looking at this young lady with her crooked teeth and mullet, it must have been hard to predict how it would all turn out!

Her beginnings were humble, too. According to the star: “I lived in a town of 400 until I was like nine or ten. My dad coached all the sports — he was a gym teacher and health teacher for grades K-12.” Sounds wholesome, perhaps even the opposite of Hollywood. Who is the small town cutie?

January Jones

It is almost impossible to recognize that little lady as actress and model January Jones. But it’s true! After a very normal and down-to-earth upbringing, Jan ventured out into the big, wide world. Was she intimidated?

Not at all, she says: “Going to New York to do whatever — show business — it just seemed fun. It seemed fun to go to the big city and meet all kinds of different people and maybe be famous. It was just exciting. So I wasn’t scared.” Known now for movies like Unknown and Seeking Justice, January has certainly found that fame!

Glasses For Days

It is hard to see much behind those heavy bangs and spectacles. But believe it or not, there’s a star under there somewhere!

Born in Houston and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, she attended a Methodist church and went to Vacation Bible School. But in her free time, she had a dream. According to the now grown up gal: ”I was a ballet dancer and that kind of bled into musical theater. I was constantly in rehearsal for one thing or another.” Turns out, she made it big! Who is this mystery maiden?

Jennifer Garner

Why, it’s the sleek, elegant Jennifer Garner! And even though she is one of the most famous faces on the walk of stars, she still likes to keep it local.

According to Jen: “I’m still really close with everyone at home and their parents — and their brothers and sisters. I was so, so, so lucky to grow up as part of a community and I don’t take that for granted. I try very hard to stay part of it.” Hollywood can be a harsh place, according to most. This actress always has a separate home sweet home!

Super Darling

Born in Los Angeles, this youngster was the daughter of cinematographer and an actress. Perhaps she got the bright idea early on that there was a place in Hollywood for her, too!

At private preparatory school, she hung out with both Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson. A shortage of talent, there was not! But at the time, this future singer and actress was torn about her own path. She explains: ”I like singing as much as I like acting, and all through high school I thought I might be a Broadway singer.” Just who is this Renaissance woman, these days?

Zooey Deschanel

Whether it’s The New Girl on TV or sing-a-longs to She & Him, the world loves quirky Zooey Deschanel! There’s a little something for everyone with this gal.

According to Zo: ”I’m always trying to do stuff I haven’t done before or challenge myself so I’m not resting on my laurels all of the time because if I just found my little niche and never left it, I’d be pretty boring, I think.” She’s even tried her hand at content creation, with the website HelloGiggles. She was a co-founder, it turns out!

Top 50 Model

In 2013, this gorgeous girl graduated from Malibu High School. She was not only captain of the varsity volleyball team, but spent time training to be a competitive horseback rider. But no matter: A future athlete, she was not!

Malibu High School

This face was meant for fashion, and she did do a bit of modeling as a teen. Then, she went to NYC immediately after high school. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing right away: ”I will be the first to say, when I started, I was the worst on the runway ever.” An exaggeration, perhaps. But it does take time to perfect the art of the catwalk! Who is she, nowadays?

Gigi Hadid 

It’s Gigi Hadid, Instagram and runway superstar. And these days, the established model is a great resource for her younger sister who has also joined the biz! Bella Hadid is pretty big now, too.


According to Gigi: “My sister is my little star, and I’m excited for her and proud of her. With her, I’m protective, but also I don’t want to be that sister who’s really pushy and thinks they know everything and making her feel like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I’m trying to be that cool older sister and not the mom, but it’s hard.” In summary: Family first, and fashion forward!

Before He Was Grumpy

This future political phenomenon was raised in Brooklyn. Fans today probably have no idea he was a fierce athlete in basketball and track, back in the borough. What else was he up to, early on?

James Madison High School

In high school, he ran for his first elected position: Class President. But he lost! Finishing dead last out of three students, his campaign to help Korean War orphans was not popular enough with peers. Of course, he didn’t give up that early on a career in public service. Which future presidential candidate was once this uppity fellow?

Bernie Sanders

Shockingly, it’s Bernie Sanders! Many may know that his first stint in government was a successful run for mayor of Burlington, Vermont. At age 39, he finally succeeded. Better late than never, people felt the ‘bern!


From there, the Larry David lookalike went to the House of Representatives and then the Senate in 2006 with a constant battle cry: “Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.” So far, though, he hasn’t gone farther than a Presidential Primary. Nearing his 80th, is it the end?

And this guy is…

Wow. Just wow. Look at that cute chubby face with those old-school glasses and wavy hair!

Even though it is pretty much impossible to recognize Ryan Seacrest at this age, there is still that show business sparkle in his eyes we have come to love.

Ryan Seacrest

His mother has explained how while other kids were playing sports or action figures, little Seacrest always had a microphone in his hand and walked around doing shows.

He is an adorable child, but boy are we glad he turned into the hunk of a man he is today!

Didn’t Die Young

This one is real mystery, even for the most hardline fans. A close look at this retro picture barely offers a clue!

In interviews, she has revealed surprising details of her upbringing: “I grew up in the Bible Belt and I made my own clothes and dyed my hair purple. Nobody ever knew what to do with me.” Sounds wild, for the time! Who is this rebellious girl, and why does she now brush her teeth with ‘a bottle of Jack’?


Few could have known Ke$ha would become the music icon she is today, but late bloomers often surprise everyone!

These days though, the singer wants to delve into the beauty industry instead. Kesha Rose Beauty began with a post on social media: “I wanted to create makeup that represented who I am as an artist and that my fans would love…Beauty is about embracing who you are while standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences. Don’t strive for perfection because you’re already there. Go wild and remember, life is short. Don’t be afraid to F— It Up.” Slay, Ke$ha!

I’m sure you know this…

With his hair gelled back like that and his golden eyes and a smart tie, Bradley Cooper looks like the goody-good of high school with a winning smile.

But he never felt like his looks where anything special growing up, stating: “I never lived the life of ‘Oh, you’re so good-looking’. People thought I was a girl when I was little because I looked like a girl—maybe because my mother would keep my hair really long”.

Bradley Cooper

But he clearly grew out of his girly looks, and in his career, has been spoken of as one of the most good-looking actors in the business!

He has proved his acting abilities over and over again and has been nominated for four Academy Awards and two Golden Globes.

This cool kid must be…

Just look at that smug grin on his face! Clearly, Ben Affleck always knew he was a bigshot, even back in high school! But he by no means had easy teenage years.

His father suffered from alcohol addiction and his parents divorced when he was 12.

Ben Affleck

Luckily, things improved in time for Affleck and his smug smile and gorgeous looks as well as incredible talents led him to earn his first big movie role as a teen in Dazed and Confused.

From there it was onwards ad upwards. Today Affleck is a successful actor, screenwriter, and producer.

This everyday teen turned into…

Although the beautiful baby Jennifer looks like a regular happy child in her yearbook photo, Lawrence tells that her childhood and teenage years were marked with anxiety and feelings of not belonging.

But she claims as soon as she was on stage, that anxiety disappeared!

Jennifer Lawrence

It seems even from a young age she knew performing was the career she belonged in.

Lawrence went on, determined to create a career for herself, and ultimately established herself as the highest-grossing heroin of all time with her role of Katniss in The Hunger Games (and she is only 28!).

Recognizably hot

From his yearbook photo, it truly seems as though Brad Pitt has always been a gorgeous specimen of humankind. I mean this photo looks like a model headshot!

Indeed, Pitt was somewhat of a Mr. popular in high school and was a member of the golf, swimming, and tennis team.

Brad Pitt

And just like that twinkle in his yearbook photo hints at, he became a star of epic proportions appearing in countless films (Fightclub anyone).

He remains one of Hollywood’s most popular actors!

The voice of God

It is pretty crazy to see that same deep and intense gaze in Morgan Freeman’s face and we know and love today! The iconic actor was a trick of his trade from very early on and made his acting debut at the early age of nine in his school play!

Around the time this yearbook photo was taken, Freeman almost lost his life to phenomena. We are all lucky he recovered and have gotten to experience decades of watching his brilliant acting skills.

Morgan Freeman

The longevity of Freeman’s acting career is something to marvel at, since that picture he has appeared un countless hit films and won awards such as an Academy Award and Golden Globe.

He was also recently honored with a SAG lifetime achievement award.

This cute teen is…

She was always a beautiful blonde, even back then as an awkward teen with those crooked teeth and a big smile.

All it took was some dental work, the right fashion, and growing up a little to turn into the regal and talented actress Blake Lively is today.

Blake Lively

We will never forget when she walked into the scene of Gossip Girl, instantly demanding all the attention.

We wonder if her beautiful children will resemble her in their childhood, we hope they do!

Easy (I think)

You cannot help but smile looking at this absolutely adorable picture of a young Zac Efron!

Honestly, it is hard to recognize the sexy star through his gap-toothed grin and ridiculous hairdo. Was that ever a popular hairstyle? I certainly don’t think so.

Zac Efron

Either way, Efron grew up in the most remarkable way, literally like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, he transformed into the beyond gorgeous, sexy, hunky (I can go on for hours) actor that graces us with his presence on many brilliant movies.

We will never forget when he strolled into our lives through High School Musical all those years ago.

Has not changed a bit

This Guardian of the Galaxy star becomes hotter by the year. Which makes sense judging by this pic with his awful hairdo.

Honestly, it is hard to even recognize this young man as the person who would one day be there Hollywood heartthrob and big-time actor he is today.

Chris Pratt

Around the time this photo was taken, Pratt was involved in his school wrestling team and when his coach asked what he wanted to do with his life he responded: ‘I don’t know, but I know I’ll be famous and I know I’ll make a s*** ton of money.’

From a cocky and plain-looking kid to a talented and gorgeous star – miracles do happen.

This fresh-looking prince is…

One of the only stars on this list who honestly doesn’t look very different at all, Will Smith is as cute as ever in his yearbook photo.

Already oozing the cool confidence that would make him one of the most bankable stars in the world.

Will Smith

It is rumored that Smith turned down an offer to study at MIT since he had no interest in college. And boy are we glad he chose the acting route!

As of today, he is the only actor to have eight consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box office! Not that is what you call success.

Boy or girl?

This yearbook picture looks like a little boy with spiky hair and big eyes.

Can you believe that it is non-other than the little tomboy Cristin Milotti way back when!

Cristin Milotti

The striking star who has appeared in How I Met Your Mother and The Wolf of Wall Street certainly came a long way from this photo.

But truth be told we can recognize those big brown eyes anywhere!

The Same Serious Face

Robert Pattinson has become one of Hollywood’s leading men since he played the iconic Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

The movies lead to him becoming a teenage girl obsession and established him as one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

Robert Pattinson

Looking back at this old photo, it is hard not to want to reach in and give little Pattinson a huge hug!

It is funny to see how he had the same serious demeanor even back then, and what can we say about that awful haircut? We are just glad he is all grown up now.

Same Shia Different Hair

LaBeouf is no stranger to controversy.

The actor, who is talented and has starred in very successful films, is also known for his weird antics including strange YouTube clips and getting arrested multiple times for public drunkenness.

Shia LeBeouf

But before the more complicated times of fame and fortune and all the baggage that comes along with it, LeBeouf was just a normal and incredibly awkward-looking kid who grew up in a poor home with his mother.

Anything but “Even Stevens”!

So cute as a kid, who could it be today?

She started out on Dawson’s Creek and got stuck with that role for a long time, even after the show ended.

Only in the past years did she succeed in leaving her role in the dust. Her ex-husband is quite a sofa jumper, but her daughter is amazing.

Katie Holmes

This amazing woman does TV, Film, Directing and producing. She is a true creator. As a mother to adorable Suri, she is also amazing.

She was born in 1978 and British and American magazines still include her in high places when ranking the sexiest women alive. We cannot agree more.

Can you recognize his happiness?

He has an afro that’s worthy of envy, and it seems his fashion sense has barely changed. This yearbook snap of Pharrell confirms what we all knew already: he has always been the coolest kid around.

Pharrell’s teenage years were already centered around music, he was a member of the marching band and played keyboards and drums.

Pharrell Williams

Although he is still a fan of the floral button-up shirts, a lot else has changed and developed in Pharrell’s life since this picture.

Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and film producer, Pharrell is a self-made musical genius.

Wait…. it’s… it’s…

Do we really need to expand on who Amy Winehouse was? The first female British singer to win 5 Grammy Awards.

She won a ton of other awards for singing like she does with her amazing voice But looking at this yearbook picture, you would never have guessed she would one day become famous.

Amy Winehouse

Her song Rehab became infamous simply because, when it came out, it told us her life story, and after she died, told us her complete story, from life to death.

Listening to it now gives us the chills. Amy Winehouse passed away in 2011 and became another member of the infamous 27 club. Her bodyguard was the one who found her in her room.

This guy! I know him!

Last but by no means least, check out this strange looking kid with bright eyes and dark hair. Yes, it is the teenage version of the ultimate rapper- Eminem!

It seems before he ditched his black wavy hairdo for the buzzed blonde-do, he looked just like any old awkward kid.


But boy, are we glad he grew up in to the sexy, serious and seriously talented guy he is today!

Many say he’s the greatest rapper of all-time!

Can you recognize this guy?

This handsome young man, starring black into the camera is none other than Tommy Lee Jones!

It is quite hard to believe the actor was every this much of a looker, but throughout his school and university career, Jones was known to be a lady’s man (his major school football success could have helped too).

Tommy Lee Jones

Jones went on to achieve a very successful career in acting and filmmaking, one of his standout roles being U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard in the 1993 thriller film The Fugitive.

We just wish he maintained his high school looks!

Can you see the vision in his eyes?

Already from his yearbook photo, you can see the serious and determined look of someone who is destined for greatness.

And so it was. From around the time this photograph was taken, Spielberg already had a number of amateur films under his belt which he recorded using his fathers’ video camera and schoolmates who volunteered as actors.

Steven Spielberg

Spielberg, as we all know, went on from the armature, to very, very professional directing some of the most brilliant films of all time.

He is considered one of the pioneers of the new Hollywood era and one of the most popular directors in history!

Who is she?

If there is nothing else to recognize this star by, just check out her ‘don’t mess with me’ facial expression.

You may work out that this little blonde with the bright red hairband is non-other than Iggy Azalea!

Iggy Azalea

The Australian rapper began composing her rapping lyrics at only 14, which looks like the age she was in this photo.

So it’s no wonder she already has that smug rapper expression on her face!

One Crazy Transformation

Who would have thought that the man who went on to date the likes of Katy Perry and Kate Moss was once a very insecure chubby child living a totally different life!

We all know the confident and quirky Russel Brand who says unexpected and crazy things and has woman swooning over him wherever he goes.

Russel Brand

But it was not always the case, Brand admits that as a child he was ‘utterly lonely’ and suffered from Bulimia, a problem which returned later in his life.

He has claimed that he feels sorry for the kid he was, stating: ‘I do feel a sense of “you poor little sod”. I loved my mum madly, but I had a lot of prohibiting, inhibiting things around. My feeling about my childhood was that it was lonely and difficult.’ Look how far you have come, Russel!

Future Supermodel?

It is crazy to think one of the most iconic and beautiful women of our generation grew up as quite the ugly duckling.

Believe it or not, the model who has graced the cover of Vogue Magazine more than 30 times was not always model material!

Kate Moss

Although we have to admit that the toothy grin and funky hair Kate Moss had  (it was the 80’s so we will give her a break) still has a major charm about her.

Guess all it took was some braces and a hair straightener and a couple of years to do the trick!

That Sheepish Grin Belongs to…

Although he did still have a dreamy and charming look in his eyes, those braces and sheepish hair made a young Jeremy look like one naïve and awkward kid.

If you look closely, you can see the visage of the future Ari Gold.

Jeremy Piven

There is no denying that Jeremy Piven is one talented and charming actor.

But he is one of those on the list of high profile Hollywood figures that have been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment resulting in his show ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ being canceled.

As Cute As Ever

This may be one of the most surprising on the list. It seems former Spice Girl has it all.

Fashion designer, pop star, mother- she is something of an icon of the successful woman today as she struts her stuff with impeccable fashion across the globe.

Victoria Beckham

Considering all that, can you believe that Posh Spice was once incredibly insecure about herself. As a teenager, although she was anything but ugly (just check the cute picture!) she was far from happy about her appearance.

She claims she told her 18-year-old self, “I know you are struggling right now. You are not the prettiest, or the thinnest, or the best at dancing at the Laine Theatre Arts college.”

From Geek to Goth

It is hard to recognize the geeky girl staring back at the lens with her glasses and sheepish smile.

But before being world-famous, Avril Lavigne was just an ordinary girl with a rather nerdy complexion.

Avril Lavigne

It is crazy to think about how far from that image she went when she embodied punk-rock and became the world-famous star she is today.

Anything but “complicated”.

Guess the Frizzball

The beautiful and incredibly talented Nicole Kidman was anything but the confident and powerhouse of a woman she is today when she was growing up.

With her frizzy hair and rosy complexion, she admits that she was an incredibly shy teenager who did not even feel comfortable walking into a crowded restaurant by herself.

Nicole Kidman

Only a few years needed to pass, the frizzy hair needed to go, and Nicole Kidman blossomed into the award-winning actress she is today.

The Downunder actress has been on top for a while now!

What’s her name?!

Even at this young age, she still has that charm and that smile in her eyes that promises a very bright future.

But Jenny from the block left her bouffant days far behind when she transformed into the sexy superstar she is today.

Jennifer Lopez

Although in essence, her face did not change too much, it is her long locks and the way she carries herself that makes J Lo the envy if every girl and desire of every guy.

We love seeing how happy she is these days with her loving boyfriend A-Rod by her side.

You don’t know her!

This mullet-sporting teen turned out to be the 1990’s crush of men everywhere. And all it really took was a change of hair color! (okay and maybe some lip work here and there).

It kind of makes you believe blondes do have more fun. Pamela Anderson ditched the tomboy hair-do, and with it somehow transformed into being the hottest woman around.

Pamela Anderson

All those years strutting around the Baywatch scenes established herself as the ultimate beach babe.

To this day, she has a name as big as her heart, being the spokeswoman for PETA!

Just a Little Effort and…

Harris didn’t only have an awkward childhood in the look department, but it was only once he started becoming a serious force in the music industry that his looks magically transformed.

Calvin Harris wasn’t an ugly teen, but he certainly had that shaggy and unkempt look.

Calvin Harris

Now he is an A-list celeb with songs that reach number 1 on every chart, he has dated women like Taylor Swift and is considered one of the biggest heartthrobs out there.

So, all you awkward teens- all it takes is a haircut and a little grooming!

Guess who!

Funnyman Fallon has always made us laugh, but this picture of him as an awkward teen must take the cake of funniest of all!

I think we can all agree that ditching that half-baked mustache worked out for the best.

Jimmy Fallon

It was around the time that this picture was taken that Fallen was thinking about becoming a priest!

But are we glad Fallon ditched this idea (along with the mustache).

She always wanted a ring

She is the queen. And even as a schoolgirl, it is easy to tell this girl is destined for greatness.

While Bey may not have had her alter ego or stage presence just yet, even in high school she was already spreading her talent and was involved in school dance groups and the choir.


Nowadays Beyoncé basically runs the music industry with Jay Z and her three children by her side.

From Destiny’s Child to one of the best solo artists of out time, Queen B has killed the game since high school.

This funny hairdo belongs to…

This picture is just a treat! Look at those flowy locks and those big dark eyes. Seinfeld spent a carefree childhood in Massapequa New York.

He claims that a large influence on the development of his comedic flare at that young age was his father, who was of Hungarian Jewish descent and collected jokes he heard during world war II.

Jerry Seinfeld

Although Seinfeld may not have as much hair as he did in this picture, he certainly has more fame (and money).

Everyone knows Seinfeld from the self-titled series ‘Seinfeld’ where he kept audiences in stitches for years. he is considered one of the most successful stand-up comedians to ever exist.

This serious guy is…

Don’t be fooled by that goodie good haircut and charming smile, even as a teen without dreadlocks and crazy hair, Snoop already had a gangster fair.

Throughout high school, he was in trouble and had a short stint in prison when he was found in possession of cocaine.

Snoop Dogg

While he may never have fully cleaned up his act, since he was discovered by the rapper Dr. Dre his rapping and singing career took off like wildfire.

He has sold over 3 million albums worldwide and has become something of a rap icon over the decades.

You’ll never guess…

How can it be! How can this very scrawny little guy have turned into the sexy and hunky actor we see today!

From the skinny arms, the oversized glasses, to the basketball that is nearly bigger than him, we have to admit mini Manganiello is adorable.

America Was Shook

This Bethlehem Central High School yearbook photo is not exactly ancient history. The now 20 year old celebrity hasn’t aged much since this senior picture was taken! Let’s just sat this was more blinding highlight than we were prepared to process, the nation was dazzled.

In 2016, this now famous face became the first male ambassador in history for CoverGirl. What’s his real name? Let’s see more, people.

James Charles

James Charles Dickinson seems to have shorted his identifier a lit bit for our benefit. Two names are easier than three, we suppose. Now a YouTube personality full time with more than 16 million subscribers, James has found himself in a number of lucrative business ventures lately. How much have his cosmetics collaborations, ad revenue, and other projects made this boy so far?

Just his 2019 net worth assessment was $12 million. And mindblowingly, James Charles is just starting his career. Not bad for skipping college! 

Honestly, so many millionaires have an unconventional story to tell. Different strokes, for different folks!

Joe Manganiello

We can imagine that this little guy had absolutely no clue he would one day become an award-winning actor, director, and writer and score the hottest girl around- Sofia Vergara!

It truly does give us all hope that time is the biggest gift.

Once a Diva, always a diva

With her bushy oversized hair, it is almost impossible to tell that this teen is none other than iconic Mariah Carey!

Although she looks carefree in this yearbook photo, Carey had a difficult childhood and had to deal with a lot of racial discrimination since her father was black and her mother white.

Mariah Carey

Carey fought through it and came out of high school a strong young woman who was determined to chase her dreams in the music industry. After several unsuccessful attempts to get her music heard by record labels, Carey got her big break.

Fast forward a couple of years, she has sold over 2000 million records making that sweet and bushy-haired girl one of the bestselling music artists of all time.

Yippee-ki-yay, it’s…

Look once, look twice, and one more time for good luck. I bet you still will not recognize this star. With a head full of hair, and that youthful and round complexion, Bruce Willis as a teen is hardly recognizable!

Despite having a head full of hair, Willi’s childhood was not all that pleasant as he suffered from a severe stutter which only went away when he performed on stage.

Bruce Willis

And so, it was that stage and performing became his comfort zone.

Appearing in over 60 films so far throughout his career, including hits such as Die Hard and Armageddon, Willis has earned himself a place amongst the most successful actors around.

Does he look funny?

He was an adorable teen, with his dreamy gaze, but this hilarious comedian’s childhood was not all that funny.

His father was stabbed to death by his lover when Murphy was only 8, and he spent a year in foster care when his mother fell ill the same year. However, it was these challenged that Murphy says helped him build up his humor.

Eddie Murphy

These days Mr. Murphy is ranked 10 on the list of top comedians of all times according to Comedy Central list and has been nominated multiple times for the Golden Globe Awards.

Not bad for the Geeky teen who went through to much as a child.

So… who’s the kid in the photo?

This kid is named John. Nope, he’s not famous as we know “famous”. When interviewed about this picture to the Dailymail news website, John said “It’s my fourth-grade picture. Soon after this picture was taken, my parents got me contacts. Presumably out of pity.”

This picture became famous for being so funny that it became the opening photo for many galleries, starting at ‘yearbooks’ via ‘funny family photos’ and up to ‘funny looking kid pictures’. So it’s not the person, but the picture which is famous.

Do you recognize this cute kid?

No one rocked a unibrow quite as baby Meghan Fox did! Just look at those luscious brows! Honesty, even with the unibrow, she was one gorgeous child with her signature full smile and rosy complexion.

It is quite the different look to what the model and actress rocks these days. Meghan has become one of the sex symbols of our generation with her long dark her and luscious lips.

Megan Fox

She was the belle of the ball in all the ‘Transformers’ .

Up until the last franchise and had boys worldwide flocking to screens to see her.