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40 Celebrity Social Media Posts That Left Us Puzzled

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s a terrific way to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Conversely, having a large crowd swarm around you after you share something you probably shouldn’t have might be extremely embarrassing. Famous people have it worse than the rest of us. Their posts reach a considerably larger audience than ours, making mistakes like typos and incoherent ramblings more difficult to overlook.

It’s unfortunate, but it happens, and their statements can’t be retracted, either. One screenshot is all it takes to ensure that your embarrassing post will live forever. Here is a collection of some of celebrities’ most cringe-worthy Twitter gaffes.

Tattoos and Social Media Posts Are Forever

Tattoos are permanent, so be sure that you know what you’re inking when you get one. As a general rule of thumb, before getting a written tattoo, you should at least spell-check it or throw it through the translator if it’s in another language. Ariana Grande, we’re talking about you.

To honor the release of her new track, “7 Rings,” the singer proudly displayed a new tattoo on her arm. But people pointed out that it was actually the Japanese word for “barbecue grill.” Oops! She had it corrected, but it still reads “Japanese barbeque finger.” Maybe it’s best to only get tattoos in languages you understand.

FYI, It’s Giorgio

Have you ever loved a product that went out of stock? We’ve all been there, so Kim’s displeasure over her beloved foundation is understandable. When a product you’ve come to rely on is no longer available, it’s understandable to feel sad. What is not quite common is for the firm to reply directly to your tweets of the complaint.

However, if you’re Kim Kardashian, that’s just the way things are for you. Kim’s rage over a beauty product isn’t funny, nor is Armani’s offer to make more of her favorite foundation. However, the fact that they publicly corrected her on the proper spelling of Giorgio Armani’s first name is hilarious.

One of the Oldest Excuses Ever

Even though she promised to release the music she’d been working on with 100,000 likes, things didn’t go as planned. The 20,000 likes she got were great, but it wasn’t enough to meet her original target of 100,000 retweets. Rita then claimed she’d been hacked and never made the offer, but was it a convenient excuse?

It’s humiliating for a star to think they deserve more attention than they actually get. Even more awkward, however, is expecting something and not receiving it. Of course, Rita probably expected 100,000 likes immediately and was disappointed, so she came up with the hacking story. But, hey, we’d probably do the same thing too!

New Spelling

Celebrities shouldn’t post whatever comes to their minds on social media; this tweet from Kim Kardashian is a good illustration of that. Sure, we all have fleeting thoughts that intrigue us for a split second, but before broadcasting them to the world, consider whether or not anyone else needs to know what you’re thinking.

Maybe Kim was trying to be funny. She rarely makes jokes, so she may have been trying to lighten the mood. However, since it didn’t go so well, it appears like Kim won’t be pursuing a career in stand-up comedy anytime soon.

Attorney Robert Kardashian

Social networking is an excellent tool for sharing your accomplishments and milestones, and being accepted into a prestigious university program is unquestionably an accomplishment worthy of many back slaps. Likewise, when Robert Kardashian announced he had been accepted into law school, he was poised for praise.

However, his announcement was totally bogus. He presumably didn’t expect USC Law School to call him out on his lie, which makes it even funnier. So why did he include the school’s name in his post? Maybe he figured they’d be thrilled that a Kardashian was interested in them and accept him without reviewing his case?

You Can’t Please Everyone

Even the most well-intentioned statements can go down badly. Sending kindness isn’t easy at the best of times, but having thousands of people eager to criticize your expression makes it even more difficult. Gal Gadot discovered this the hard way when she wanted to honor the life of Steven Hawking.

An unimpressed fan found fault with the actress’s choice of words rather than her sincere expression of the sentiment. He interpreted her statements as ableist, not friendly. Even though we aren’t sure if this is the right time and place to criticize a mourner, this fan’s lesson is a useful one.

Unflattering Tribute

Gal Gadot was sympathetic to Stephen Hawking following his death. However, Kirstie Alley was oddly dismissive of the physicist’s death. She didn’t offer any words of encouragement or consolation; instead, she came across as condescending toward a man who didn’t require her approval.

Perhaps she didn’t intend to convey that impression at all. The actress may not be social media savvy, just like our parents, who are still learning technology and signing every text. The real question is, why did she bother to publish this tweet in the first place? Did she copy and paste the wrong text? Was this meant for an intern? 

Wrong Name

Here’s another tweet gone wrong. Model Naomi Campbell expressed her admiration and joy for Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai after she received the Nobel Peace Prize. The only issue is she misspelled Malala’s name. You should never do this in any kind of communication.

She didn’t just misspell her name by one letter; she wrote Malaria, the name of the deadly disease. We’re confident autocorrect was at fault here, but this underlines the need for proofreading, particularly when you have huge followings. Unfortunately, technology does not always have your back.

A Woman Should Choose

Call it envy, but people love to despise superstars. Many people seem to have lost all empathy for others just because they are well-known. Though they may appear to be superhuman, they’re just like the rest of us in many ways.

It’s amusing that so many people are outraged by Britney Spears’ nude photo. Unfortunately, this isn’t a topic that should be occupying your time, so please find something else to discuss. Women should be allowed to live their lives whatever they choose. 

Dr. King Would Be So Proud

Embarrassing though it may be, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to have their priorities misaligned. They strive to disguise their superficial features and highlight their compassion, but they don’t always succeed. Regardless, it’s never a brilliant idea to try to mix the two.

To show his respect, Zac Efron acknowledged a great individual. But, unfortunately, he used the occasion to sing his own praises. Zac’s comparison to Martin Luther King, Jr. makes him look even more superficial than he is. One man fought for equality for all, while another enjoys a massive social media following. The two aren’t comparable. 

Call Me Bro

Charlie Sheen is a famous actor who started young and has a famous father. One would then assume that he understands the need to protect his personal information. But then again, he may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of Twitter, being that it’s a public platform.

In what appears to have been an accident, Charlie mistakenly tweeted his phone number with the message, “call me, bro.” This was obviously written with a specific recipient in mind. After that blunder, Charlie presumably changed his number.

Time Travel

It’s a lot of fun to imagine yourself in another era, with entirely different attire, customs, and activities. Most of us would like to travel back and see some of our favorite moments and locations. However, before you tell anyone about your time travel fantasies, ensure you know exactly where you want to go.

Bebe Rexha knew where she wanted to go if she could time travel, but there was one snag. Paris and 1940s fashion seem gorgeous, but Paris in the 1940s was a dreadful place due to a little event called World War II. Paris was starving, dying, and subjected to horrific oppression at the time. We’ll presume Bebe isn’t aware of this and give her the benefit of the doubt.

Reconsider Your Words

There’s no denying that people pay much more attention to celebrities than the ordinary Joe or Jane. But, while being in the public eye has its perks, it also has drawbacks. Some forget that celebrities are real people with real feelings, even if they seem synthetic or fake for television.

The Late Late Show host James Cordon got a tweet in response to a remark he made on the show. This individual joked that he wished James’ children had cancer. As far as we can tell, James’ response was one of kindness, sympathy, and even comprehension.

Big Problem

It can be difficult to understand him at the best of times, but Kanye West always gets his way. Thanks to his successful music career, he can get away with rude behavior. He doesn’t put up with shoddy Persian rugs. But the cherubs? They don’t seem to fit his persona at all.

We don’t know if Kanye meant this to be funny, but we can’t quit laughing. It’s a silly thing to get worked up about. Somehow, none of the world’s issues occur to him. Instead, it’s all about Persian rugs with cherubic motifs for Kanye.

Spending Spree

If you’ve been on the internet lately, there is a good chance you’ve seen Elon Musk’s latest attempt to buy the multi-billion dollar social networking platform, Twitter. Even with all his other bizarre schemes in the works, many were surprised by his audacity.

After announcing his purchase of Twitter, Musk tweeted, “Now I’m going to buy Facebook and delete it, haha” in April 2022. The lifestyle of a man whose assets literally make him $280,000 a second is probably more alien than any of us realize, yet someone needs to intervene before he breaks something important.

Typos Destroy Your Credibility

Trying to leave a quick post on social media almost always results in a few errors. If you use your smartphone, you may be in a rush, and typos are unavoidable. Even if you don’t mean to, they will make you look foolish. So it’s essential to proofread, especially if you’re bragging about your intelligence.

Mary J. Blige probably meant “underestimate my intelligence” when she tweeted this. The fact that she used the wrong word and misspelled it doesn’t help her case. Instead of proving her doubters wrong, she proved them right. Mary is a talented and likely intelligent artist, so perhaps she’ll remember to double-check her tweets the next time.


As we’ve already established, it’s common knowledge that celebrities are paid by businesses to promote their products. But not Oprah, surely? She’s extremely reliable and trustworthy. So when she says she loves something, she must be speaking the truth, right? Sadly, not always.

Why is Oprah tweeting from an iPad if she is a major fan of Microsoft Surface? Obviously, the “Twitter for iPad” tag is a telltale sign, so she cannot deny using the product she is endorsing. Aw, Oprah. Can we still trust your “favorite things”?

Captain America

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Chris Evans more, we find out his tweets are always on point. In this tweet, he reposted Piers Morgan’s statement that it is unmasculine for a father to care for his child! Isn’t that just plain absurd? We’re delighted Chris Evans clarified things.

What is it about being a good father that makes a man unmasculine? What makes conveying positive feelings emasculating? In the past, women were expected to be emotional caretakers and men to be tough, but we thought we’d gotten beyond that intentional mass-mental illness.

The Marvel Cinematic(?) Universe

For a moment, it looked as if everyone loved Jennifer Aniston, and she couldn’t do anything wrong. But lately, she’s received a lot of criticism from the public for her social media posts. Even Jennifer Aniston can’t escape it! People will call you out on your (correct) opinions on cinema if you say it on social media.

You may recall that the actress stated in 2019 that the cinema industry is shrinking due to Marvel films and the like. In the wake of her string of poorly received films, people couldn’t keep their mouths shut about it. Whatever you think about Marvel movies, they clearly aren’t raising the bar—at least outside of sales.

Cry Like a Baby

The worst feeling in the world is to discover that a beloved, idolized, and admirable role model is actually someone you didn’t expect them to be. Although no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, some things cannot be undone. It turns out that Ellen is a monster.

Tweeting about how amazing it felt to make one of your underlings weep is an odd thing to do, especially after Ellen DeGeneres officially broadcasted her final episode of The Ellen Show. This is sad, and it feels like we’ve lost a role model. It’s like we never had one to begin with.

It’s Not Nothing

We can’t diminish Jennifer Aniston’s stature in the entertainment business. She’s one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors, from her position in the legendary sitcom Friends, which is still as loved as ever, to her performances in other romantic comedies and dramas.

Why can’t she just relax and enjoy the fruits of her labor? The actress recently resorted to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the shifting environment of the entertainment industry; she is concerned about social media influencers and content creators being wealthy and famous “for nothing.” The times have changed, and just because they’re doing something new doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be recognized.

Not a Good Joke

At first sight, Lorde’s post appears to be a pleasant account of a day off spent relaxing and taking care of oneself. However, the message takes a turn for the worst when she makes a reference to a Whitney Houston song. What would be the issue with that? Because Ms. Houston accidentally drowned in a bathtub.

This tweet garnered a lot of backlash for the artist, and that backlash was well-deserved. We’re not sure what made her think it was okay to make such a crude joke, but we hope she’s grown up since then. Whitney Houston’s untimely death saddened many of her fans, who didn’t see it as a joke.

Amber’s Check

It’s no secret that actress Amber Heard has a spotty social media history. Heard has been in a lot of controversy in the previous year about her personal life and relationship with Johnny Depp, but this tweet might redeem her in the public arena just a little bit.

She’s making a point here that many wealthy people employ cheap labor in the form of illegal immigrants. There’s even an argument to be made that these people hold up a large part of the economy, and without them, the wealthy would lose out and would likely start raising prices or firing other workers because they would have to pay fair wages. Make of that what you will!

Read the Room

Chrissy Teigan became well-known on social media for being open and honest about her life. Seeing a celeb open up about their shortcomings and struggles was refreshing to their fans. And it was rare for fans to connect with a celebrity. Even so, we all knew that wasn’t going to last long.

In January 2021, the model posted that her therapist advised her to do something for herself. As a parent, you should be able to identify with it. Many, however, felt that given the current state of the world, Chrissy’s “realness” was out of touch with reality.

Make Your Authentic Self Known

There is a lot about celebrities’ lives and careers that we don’t know despite our best efforts. But unfortunately, many people assume that because a woman is in the public eye, she is more likely to care about the flashier aspects of life.

On the other hand, Jameela Jamil is here to correct the record, and she doesn’t give a damn who finds out, especially not the Kardashians. Jameela is among many who believe that the Kardashians negatively influence young women in society, despite their large fan base.

Don’t Let the Rich Ruin It!

Celebrities aren’t always so keen to share their thoughts and ideas with the public. So many superstars these days don’t have anything to stand for, and with such a large following, it can feel like a waste of time and resources. However, some celebs aren’t scared to share their thoughts.

Everyone knows Elon Musk is preoccupied with money, Tesla, Twitter, and space. On the other hand, Jameela Jamil is entirely fine with calling out celebrities for bad behavior. It’s fairly clear that even with all his money and ability to divert disaster, Elon is banking on being able to leave the earth once climate change makes it uninhabitable for him and his thousands of children to live on.

Enough Is Enough

Some people, especially celebrities, tend to air their dirty laundry in public. Kanye West was extremely open about his disapproval of Kim Kardashian’s new romance with comedian Pete Davidson.

He publicly lashed out at the two, calling them out for being a rotten pair, and even went so far as to tell his followers to attack Pete Davidson if they saw him on the street. Since then, Davidson has been bombarded with threats and hate mail from Kanye’s supporters. It wasn’t until he said enough was enough that he wrote Kanye the message below, which he then shared on his Instagram page.

Offering Some Help

When news surfaced that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were dating, Kanye West did everything he could to publicly and aggressively attack the relationship and Pete in particular. On the other hand, Pete sought to soothe him and offered to help.

Davidson texted Kanye West to say he’s willing to assist him in dealing with his difficulties and that he realizes that mental illnesses are no joke after fans suspected that he has bipolar disorder. He also said that his romance with Kim was genuine and not just a media stunt.

Is That the Case?

Armie Hammer has endured some difficult years. In retrospect, it all started with this peculiar post. However unlikely, it still appears to foreshadow what lies ahead. That is how Armie reacted to his pent-up emotions when things got too much for him.

Getting a terrible haircut isn’t going to ruin your life. On top of that, he titled it “I’m fine,” which makes this post so amusing. Of course, that is not true, but maybe that’s the humor. We all pretend to be fine even when we aren’t. This is a topic that most of us can identify with, especially in these troubled times.

“Operation Pothole”

We can presume Bill Murray tweeted this as a joke. We don’t believe he intends to tax the devil’s lettuce and use the money to fix roads and highways across the country—the stuff basically just grows out of the ground! Though we must admit, this is a hilarious idea!

Despite his remarkable talent, Bill Murray’s sense of humor can sometimes be challenging to decipher. We knew he had a distinguished acting career, but we had no idea his Twitter persona was this hilarious. As a result, we’re still deciphering this tweet’s meaning.

Terrible Photoshop Skills

Hollywood is frequently chastised for instilling unrealistic physical standards in young women, who are always portrayed as skinny and perfect. As a result, many women believe that being extremely thin is the only acceptable way to appear in public. Photoshopped images don’t help women either. Lindsay Lohan aided in this deception by posting a doctored photo of herself.

We can see right away that this shot has been tampered with by the curving doorway behind her. Most doors don’t bend like that, and most women aren’t skinny. Hollywood, you’ve got to step it up a notch. Women worldwide would want to see images of realistic body types to which they can all connect, rather than some unachievable idealized notion.

My Body, My Rules

The way the public views female celebrities changes dramatically as they become older. They could get away with some things a few years ago, but now that they’re “aged,” they “must” act differently.

Did anyone forget that Britney Spears has spent most of her career dancing half-naked and singing her heart out in front of crowds? Her age is the sole reason why people are reacting this way. But how about we allow women to decide what they want to do with their OWN bodies?

Touching Up The Kids

Many duties fall on parents’ shoulders when raising their children. Boosting their self-esteem and confidence is one of them. It follows that criticizing their appearance, even indirectly, may only result in low self-esteem. Posting an edited photo on social media is a form of indirect criticism.

Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak-Biermann appears to have done this to a photo of her 4-year-old daughter. Fans noticed that Kim’s younger kid had a somewhat different nose and body when compared to her older sibling’s photo. As a result, Kim was widely criticized for her terrible parenting style, and rightfully so.

Another Bad Joke

Comedians have a unique ability to lighten our moods even in the darkest of circumstances. Sometimes we need a laugh over what’s distressing or stressful. Laughter, as the saying goes, is the best medication. However, Gilbert Gottfried discovered that making light of a tragedy is usually frowned upon as some subjects should be off-limits.

The world mourned in 2011 when a tsunami hit the shores of Japan, causing immense destruction and claiming the lives of many. Anyone making light of the suffering of the masses strikes us as particularly insensitive. Gottfried’s terrible joke backfired, but not before upsetting many.

It’s All About Money

People use social media not only to connect with one another but also as a platform for promoting and marketing on an unprecedented scale. In the past, billboards were a great method to get your brand out there, but today, social media is a far more efficient way of planting desire in the minds of the consumer.

That’s why we’ve got Jameela Jamil on the line to explain why that could be risky for customers. Most of the time, celebrities don’t even realize what they are promoting when they use their social media profiles to promote a brand or product.

Basic Etiquette

It’s a basic tenet of human decency to treat others the way you want to be treated. This lesson, despite its simplicity, will have a lasting impact on your values and how you communicate with others. Elon Musk, on the other hand, appears to have missed the memo.

Just because you want to express something doesn’t always mean you should. Once anything is published online, it can remain there forever. True leaders don’t tear others down to feel superior. Then again, it’s two of the richest people in the world fighting. We’re sure they’ll be fine.

Have Some Respect

Despite their personal history of needing support, some superstars choose to be mean to others. Clearly, Neil Patrick Harris’ life as an out gay man wasn’t always simple. Yet, some may believe he would be more compassionate to others.

But, given that he allegedly had a cake made mocking late singer Amy Winehouse’s corpse, he doesn’t appear to be as empathetic as we once assumed. What’s the point in joking about the dead? This is especially weird given all she’d been through.

The Act Continues

Famous people are paid to endorse products. This is not a random act of kindness. Contracts and money are always behind their nice comments, no matter how enthusiastically they seem to be advertising a product. Sometimes they’re subtle, and sometimes they’re upfront.

To be sure, most people who advocate products or services do it in a way that appears to be natural. Companies want buyers to assume celebrities genuinely enjoy their products. This is why Scott Disick’s Instagram post about a product, replete with the manufacturer’s instructions, was such a hilarious blunder. Looks extremely natural.

The Public Has Spoken

You should never ask a question if you don’t want to know the answer to it. That’s a lesson we’ve all had to learn the hard way. In some instances, it’s better not to have asked at all. Sometimes it’s better to live in hope than to know the hard truth.

Food god Jonathan Cheban should have learned this lesson the hard way. After asking his Instagram followers if they wanted him to live broadcast, he received an overwhelming “no” response. It must hurt. He was obviously trying to boost his ego by looking for a different answer.

Look Behind You

Dom Lever gained fame for his part in the hit reality series Love Island. Because of this, he maintains a high profile on social media, which can occasionally backfire. It’s essential for everyone, including celebrities, to realize that lying on social media can have embarrassing consequences.

One only had to look attentively at the image to pick up on Dom’s deception. He said he was alone on the train, but the individual seated behind him made it clear that he was not alone. Again, we’re baffled as to why you’d want to brag about being alone on the train in the first place.