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All The Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

Did you know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a pet adoption blast? Numerous families fostered pets to have companionship, reduce feelings of anxiety, and make life more tolerable during this troublesome time. It’s easy to understand why so many people are bringing canine and feline friends into their lives. Pets are lovable and attentive, bringing such a lot of bliss into our lives with their sweet natures. However, adopting a pet is not a simple thing, particularly when you don’t live alone. 

This list has been designed for anyone who’s hoping to get a cat but is dealing with an unwilling partner or flatmate. If they’re more interested in a dog (or no pet at all), the stories in this article should change their mind. We’re certain they’ll alter their perspective instantly once they’ve discovered the 39 reasons why cats make great pets!

Cats are great chefs!

All things considered, that is clearly false, but they sure do look adorable wearing a chef’s hat! One of the primary things you need to know about felines is that they look astonishing when you dress them up in outfits.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Also, who wouldn’t want to have a feline strolling around the house looking charming the entire day? You will have the delight of watching your kitty playing around the house looking sweet and lovable in the costumes you pick out for them. 

It’s basically like having a lion as a friend

You most likely realize that cats are all members of the same family. There are cats of different colors and sizes, but if you give close consideration, you’ll see that they all share very similar attributes. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Really, it’s not an exaggeration to say that lions and felines are cousins! The fun part of owning a cat is figuring out which of its wild cousins it most resembles. Is your cat a tiger at heart? Or is it more of a lynx or a snow leopard? 

Cats have charming eyes!

Most people have seen the film Shrek and its sequel. One of the most unforgettable characters was the charming Puss in Boots. His trick for disarming people was the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen on the silver screen. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

The charming kitten beginner pack comes with a set of adorable big eyes, very much like those belonging to the feline in the image above! All a cat lover needs to do is show this picture to their resistant friends or family members, and minds will be changed in an instant. 

They snooze like babies!

We’re certain that this next photo needs no description. All we will say is that if you think felines look charming when they’re messing about, you’re not prepared to perceive how much cuter they are when they nod off! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Take a gander at those charming little teeth! Let’s face it: cats are just as adorable as human babies – the only distinction is that they will not randomly awaken anyone at night with their crying!

Felines have the craziest facial expressions!

While many people claim that felines always look pensive while dogs are cheerful, that is far from true. Cats can be just as amusing as dogs, and they have a wide range of expressions that can charm even the most committed dog lover. This gallery of pictures says everything.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

In the upper left photo, the cat is reacting to its owner’s scolding. In the rest of the images, a different cat is being super dramatic as he’s taken to the washroom for a bath. How cute.

Cats are flexible creatures

Felines appreciate being alone, and they don’t need a ton of room to live happy and contented lives. Isn’t it obvious? When a feline wants to sleep or relax in a spot of sunshine, the absence of room is never an issue as they’ll gleefully position themselves inside whatever container you happen to have around.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

There’s never really a need to stress over getting them an extravagant bed – when cats see cardboard boxes lying around, they make a beeline for them. Indeed, this has been a frustrating realization for many cat owners who forked out for expensive beds that are mostly ignored. 

They still look cute even when they’re making a mess

Babies make an enormous amount of mess at mealtimes, regardless of what species they happen to be. However, they somehow manage to still look adorable. Kittens take this to a whole new level, turning even the grossest mess into an “aww” moment. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

We’re not here to deceive anyone: felines love playing with toys, so they will undoubtedly make a mess around the house at some point. Yet, rather than making anyone distraught, their behavior will simply bring a smile to everyone’s face because they’re just so darned lovable. 

Cats can be loyal companions

There are two things everyone should know about felines: they’re small and they’re flexible! Also, they make the most of the gifts Mother Nature gave them, which is why they’re experts at sneaking off and disappearing or fitting themselves into tiny spaces. Being little and tricky has other advantages: they can follow their owner anywhere, and nobody will see them! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Well, most people won’t see them! The person who took this picture clearly saw what was going on under the woman’s hoodie. This subtle feline chose to follow his human into town and stowed away under her hoodie as though nobody would see him. 

They’re loving and sweet

Many people complain that felines are too self-reliant and that they’re simply not that into sharing the love with their human housemates. While that might be true for certain cats, it doesn’t apply to the entire species! Many cats adore their owners and give them plenty of love!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Just because they’re not as effusive as canines, doesn’t mean cats are cold and heartless. All cats have their own personalities, so if a person takes the time to get to know the kittens they’re considering for adoption, it’s not hard to find one who’s on the same page when it comes to love and affection.  

Cats are always camera-ready

Social media fans know that ‘animal influencers’ are the latest craze. Many pets now have their own Instagram accounts where their owners post photos of them going about their daily schedules.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Why shouldn’t these beautiful creatures have their time in the spotlight? Cats are such regal creatures, and they love to pose. Look how photogenic the felines in the image above are. 

Their toes are the cutest

Most people don’t really think about looking too closely at a cat’s toes. However, to overlook this feature is to miss one of the most adorable things about cats. The lower part of their paws is soft and defined. These paw pads look like little butter beans, hence the cute nickname “toe beans”! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Taking a look at these photos alone ought to be sufficient motivation for anyone who’s been on the fence about adopting a feline friend. Those toe beans are super soft and it’s the cutest thing in the world when a cat decides to show them to you.

Cats are affectionate

While the facts demonstrate that felines don’t mate forever, they’re still friendly with those they love. The following picture shows the ideal exhibition of that warmth. Adopting two cats instead of just one is a recipe for endless love and affection in the home. How adorable can life get?  

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

At the end of the day, having two felines at home will bring everyone twice as much euphoria as just one feline would! The cats will never feel lonely, and they’ll be able to keep each other entertained when no one else is home. It’s really the perfect setup.  

Cats are well-behaved and tolerant

When felines are raised with affection and consideration, they generally grow up to be truly respectful. This is why they’re more popular than canines among people who live in condos.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Just look at this cat behaving itself while its owner does silly things with its hair. This cute kitty was so well-behaved that it sat still in the hairdresser’s chair while its well-being it a mohawk. You don’t get much more tolerant than that! 

The more cats, the merrier

Here’s a brilliant suggestion: If one feline will bring euphoria, and two will bring endless joy, why not foster even more? Estimates show that over three million cats enter animal shelters in America each and every year. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

It pains us to think about these honest and sweet little animals being deserted – and that is the reason adopting animals is so important. Anyone who has the capacity to care for a pet should consider adoption as there are so many little creatures in need. Just look at those big innocent eyes! 

Cats are dextrous

Did you know that cats can travel at velocities of up to 30 mph (roughly 48,3 km/h) – that is considerably quicker than Usain Bolt’s world record of 44,72 km/h! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Felines are unfathomably quick when they need to get a mouse, for example, but there’s another event when they move even faster – the moment you call their name! Many cats love cuddles, and they never pass up the chance of being petted!

Cats can wink

Did you know that felines can wink? When they need to sneakily disclose that everything is going according to plan, they may just use a subtle wink to get the message across. This may sound crazy, but winking truly is a method felines use to communicate with their owners! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Researchers say that if a feline winks at you, this is a way of communicating that they’re not feeling compromised by your presence. Winking implies that they have a sense of safety and security with you. How cute is that? 

They want to be with you all the time

Felines love being the focal point of attention, particularly when their humans are caught up with accomplishing something significant, like working or reading a book. Felines are confident creatures, and they love having all eyes on them. What they crave most of all, though, is the attention of their masters. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

To them, it doesn’t make any difference if their owner is working on an important report or reading a gripping book prior to hitting the hay – they’ll hop on that book or commandeer the PC and demand the attention they crave. 

They sleep in the cutest positions

When felines nod off, they often rest like normal creatures, but some of the time they contort themselves into the craziest postures during their naps. Furthermore, just like canines, felines have dreams. This is why they move around when they’re snoozing. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

It’s impossible to look at this image and not feel your heart melt with love. This cute feline is catching up on her sleep in such an adorable way that it makes us want to cuddle her through the screen! 

Cats have the cutest tummies

If you give an excessive amount of food to your pet, they’ll get pudgy in the blink of an eye. While that is not really great for their well-being, there’s no denying the fact that they look lovable when they have little pot bellies! For example, we could gush all day about how adorably this sleepy fat kitty looks. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

There are so many subtleties to examine in this image, yet what truly grabs our attention is how the cat is lying charmingly on a shelf and how his belly is suspended between the shelves.  

They also get envious

Anyone with kids knows how envious they can get if one sibling seems to be getting more attention than the others. Cats can be just the same. If a family gets more than one feline, they must be careful not to give either one more attention than the other. Failing to do so can result in this:

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

There’s no denying the look in those eyes. This poor cat is desperate for some love. Watching another cat get the pats it desires must be heartbreaking.  

Cats are incredibly stylish

Felines are easily the coolest of all animals. Their autonomy and self-assuredness are outstanding, however, felines have another trademark that ought to get more attention: they’re always on-trend! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Felines look great in any color, and the picture above is proof. The cat in the image above looks more than cool as he sports the shades of the rainbow! This image proves that design is never an issue when a cat is in the house: it’ll rock any look! 

They possess amazing features

In general, cats are charming – and we love everything about them! However, of all their lovable attributes, four things stand out above the rest: their faces, their noses, their teeth, and their paws! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Their tiny teeth, their charming noses, and the way their adorable eyes squeeze shut when they rest – this is all the justification anyone needs to adopt a cat today. 

Cats are clingy (but in a good way)

Despite what people may say, felines are adorable, and they’re full of love and cuddles. If a person loves their cat and raises it in a decent environment, the animals will clearly cherish them – although there will be times when it needs its space. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Also, each and every moment of warmth and love that they share with their owner will be extraordinary. This clingy feline who can’t get enough of her owner is the perfect example.

Cats are beach lovers

Felines aren’t the greatest devotees of water. The thing is, they can’t actually help it – a cat’s skin isn’t as “waterproof” as a dog’s; subsequently, they get a lot colder when they exit the water. Nonetheless, abhorring water doesn’t at all imply that felines disdain the beach. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See how cheerful this feline looks as he appreciates a day at the beach? This means all the beach lovers out there can reconsider their pet adoption strategy and include cats on the list of possibilities. 

Cats have adorable paws

It’s pretty clear at this point that we’re obsessed with cat paws – and we’re not even embarrassed to admit it! Felines are lovable inside and out, and their tiny, soft paws are even cuter! Just look at this next picture! 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

That pawprint is so tiny and perfectly formed. The cute little paws of a cat are really sensitive to cold temperatures, which is why felines despise strolling around in the snow. This cat gave it a go but retreated after just one step. Probably a wise decision! 

They are tech-savvy creatures

We can confirm that felines look unbelievably charming when they pose for pictures with PCs. Take a gander at this tiny kitty’s face as it sits close to a laptop! We’re pretty sure we’ve never seen anything cuter. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Let’s face it: this image definitely makes us want to foster a kitten right away. Its delightful little face makes it seem as though he was caught playing with the PC when he shouldn’t have been – it’s so charming!

Cats can be a person’s best friend too

Life can be dull when we don’t have companions who we can depend on. When people think about an animal that could be their best friend, dogs usually come to mind. However, cats can be just as devoted if given the chance. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Cats are amazingly faithful to their owners. They love to participate in whatever’s going on and will often do the most adorable things to be part of the crew. See the image above? How could anyone resist adopting a charmer like that? 

They’ll recreate iconic movie scenes with you

Throughout the span of film history, there have been a select number of motion pictures that left a lasting imprint in our collective memory. For example, James Cameron’s Titanic will always be a classic. Though the soundtrack was iconic, the scenes between Jack and Rose are what really stick in people’s minds. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Then, of course, there’s The Lion King? While it’s not legal to have a real lion at home, anyone can reenact this classic scene if they have a feline friend in the house. 

Cats are great at taking selfies

Selfie lovers, rejoice! With a cat in the house, there’ll be no shortage of photo ops. In fact, some cats are so clever they can handle the smartphone themselves. The kitty in the picture below even knows its best angle!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

This cat is taking things a step further by using the main camera, not the front-facing camera. It takes a lot of skill to get such a good shot when you can’t even see what you look like. Clever kitty! 

Cats look pretty when they sleep

One thing cats all love to do is sleep. After spending hours playing with toys, chasing bugs, and getting pats, cats love indulging in a good snooze. They do need to recharge their batteries, all things considered.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

We’d be surprised if anyone could resist adopting this cat and giving it a loving home. There are, after all, few things in the world more adorable than a sleeping cat.  

Cats follow safety guidelines

During the global pandemic, wearing masks when out in public turned into the new ordinary. These protective covers keep us from breathing in virus particles in the air, and that is the reason we should consistently wear them. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

In any case, who said that pets don’t need to wear masks? Look how charming this feline is with his tiny mask? The look on his face says “I’m enduring this because I love you, but I won’t put up with it for long.” 

Cats have the cutest yawns

We feel the most tranquil when we nod off. Dozing is extraordinary for our physical wellbeing as well as for our psychological wellness – and that is the reason we need to sleep for 6-8 hours a day. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Though we humans tend to drool, snore, and be otherwise undignified when we sleep, cats have their snoozing game dialed in. Whether they’re nodding off or waking up, cats look extra sweet when they yawn.

They love bunk beds

Of course, we realize that having a pet at home equates to having additional costs for the duration of its life. However, the friendship, devotion, and love that pets offer are precious. All things considered, raising a feline is worth the extra expenditure.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

If space in the home is an issue, it’s worth considering the fact that cats are perfectly happy to sleep in bunk beds. This is the cutest sleeping arrangement we’ve ever seen, and it certainly saves on space!

Cats are squishy

We don’t know why, but people love touching soft things. When we see a kid with chubby cheeks, the main thing we want to do is squish them. With pudgy felines, the inclination is similar! Look at this next picture: 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See how pudgy and squishy that feline looks? Cats have soft paws and bodies, making it impossible to resist squishing and cuddling them. Ready to adopt a cat now?

Cats are great guardians

Cats are regularly described as autonomous, cold, and disinterested in their owners. In reality, felines can be just as loyal as canines! What’s more, they’re defensive of their masters. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Cats can be protective. The only problem is, they can get a little too close for comfort. For this reason, it’s best to let the well-meaning kitty sleep in another room. Families with babies should be particularly careful to keep the cat out of the baby’s room at nap times.  

Cats will entertain you

Who would’ve thought a cat could appreciate Beethoven and Chopin. Apparently, cats are perfectly capable of enjoying music. For example, the kitten in the picture below is a jazz fan. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Okay, we may be stretching the truth here. Felines can’t really become musicians, but this jazz kitty definitely has a thing for the piano. We’re almost certain that this lovable cat eventually figured out how to play a note or two! 

Cats can be magicians

This clever cat deserves its own special name: Catgician. The picture below looks normal enough at first, but a closer inspection of the cat’s paws will reveal its amazing magic trick. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

This image is truly unnerving until you figure out what’s going on. This delightful cat sure pulled the trick effectively – we can only imagine what other stunts he has at his disposal! 

They have fluffy paws

Felines have cushy paws and soft toe beans that will make anyone’s heart melt just by taking a look at them. Truth be told, we’re certain everyone will be heading off to the closest animal shelter when they see this next picture!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Hello, fluffy paws! While not all felines look like puffy marshmallows, they all have soft paws, and that is an extraordinary motivation to have a feline at home! 

Cats can harmonize with your things

Anyone considering getting a feline needs to understand that cats love curling up in strange places. They will explore a person’s house and find a way to interact with all their belongings. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

The cold surface of the sink was clearly what this kitty needed on a hot day. What’s amusing about this is the fact that the pure white cat blends so perfectly with the white vanity. We bet the owners thought she was missing before they discovered her like this!