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The Captions of These Photos Will Make Anyone’s Day Better

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes all you need is a good rest, but let’s not forget that laughter can also be the best medicine. This is why we’ve rounded up 40 perfectly captioned photos that are guaranteed to instantly brighten your day. All credit for the laughs you’re about to enjoy must go to the funny folk who knew not just how to capture the moments but how to caption them.

It doesn’t take a professional comedian to create laughs, and thanks to the internet, we have the chance to see the talent of everyday people for ourselves. These hilarious individuals went above and beyond to come up with comical captions for their photos. We know you’re ready to laugh, so without further ado, let’s dive into the feel-good images.

Your Uber Driver is Waiting

Uber jokes are wild on the internet, and this photo is an adorable addition to the category. Someone took a photo of a tiny toy car they saw in front of their house. Since the road looks empty, it seems like Mr. Toad here is tasked to be their Uber driver today…

If you don’t want to be left on the side of the road, hurry and start your trip immediately! Note that Mr. Toad doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for any trouble. Keep him waiting too long, and he might just cancel the trip. 

The Map of Pooh

If you haven’t seen any map-based comedy, it’s high time you took a look at what the internet has to offer. You may think maps couldn’t possibly be funny, but you’d be surprised at what some people can do. With enough time and dedication, you can create all sorts of characters from the borderlines and topography. 

With a bit of carefully placed black, yellow, and red, you can turn these regions into a replica of Winnie the Pooh. Of course, it’s the caption that truly makes this image hilarious.

Let Them Be

Though it’s sad to say, many of us have consistently been urged to abandon our dreams and the deepest desires of our hearts in favor of more practical pursuits. It seems the same is true for dogs! We love our furry, four-legged friends, and we would do anything to make them happy. 

This park posted a sign to keep pups from the landscaping, but a bystander came up with a knee-slapping subtitle! This amazing Snapchat user reminded the dogs (and perhaps a few humans) to pursue whatever dreams they want.

Cute Otters

We’re sure you’ll agree when we say that a baby otter is perhaps the cutest animal. We are overjoyed whenever we get the opportunity to gaze at these adorable babies and their cute faces. 

Their demeanors make it look like they’ve experienced something intense. It certainly does look like they’re expounding on the whole event for the individuals at home who missed it. A debt of gratitude is in order for filling us in on the most recent newsworthy incident, little buddies! You just made our day.

Looking Frozen

There are times when parents can make fun of one another in the most adorable ways. Take this picture, for example. This Snapchat user’s mother gave her husband a reality check in the frozen food section of a supermarket. 

Simply take a gander at the sign above dad that reads ‘Frozen Hispanic.’ He clearly has a better than average sense of humor given that he cooperated with the joke and acted like he’s really freezing. Of course, he may be — frozen food sections are generally so cold!

The Midnight Train

Have you ever heard Journey’s song “Don’t Stop Believing?” The cute puppy in this image resembles the illustration of a stanza from the song, as demonstrated by the caption. 

Clearly, this adorable furball hasn’t stopped believing in her dreams. All joking aside, however, who is the owner of this pup? We hope it’s the individual who posted this photo. Otherwise, it may well be that the brave little furball is on her own. Either way, this photograph is a sign that it’s time to brave your fears and never stop believing in yourself.

Just Choking

What is your initial response when somebody is choking? You need to save that individual, correct? Even if you aren’t trained in the proper technique, you have to attempt to help them immediately! Here, the illustration makes it look like the lady is doing anything but saving the man’s life. 

Perhaps it’s the lack of panic or concern in the woman’s face. Whatever it is, we couldn’t agree with the caption more. It definitely looks like she’s having a casual conversation rather than trying to find out how to help poor Jim!

First Impressions Matter

How often have you been informed that first impressions matter a lot? We have heard that truism countless times. When you meet somebody interesting for the first time, that impression will probably stay with them for quite a while.

Here, one prospective uncle chose to spruce himself up in a coat and tie to make a statement to his new niece or nephew. Based on the photograph, it looks like that this man will be a wonderful uncle!

The Famous “Felt Cute” Selfie Meme

In recent years, these “felt cute, might delete later” photo captions have been filling the web. It started from earnest social media users who would snap a nice photograph of themselves and post it on their accounts with a caption that says something along the lines of “felt cute, might delete later.”

Of course, the sarcastic side of the internet soon caught on and turned this trend into a joke. This dog selfie was one of many that went viral on the internet. How is this even possible, though? Maybe the pup was trained so well that he was able to snap a cool photo of himself. One thing is for sure, this is an edited image thanks to Photoshop. Anyway, it’s the caption that had us laughing out loud.

‘Artistic Masterpiece’

Apparently, art has its own language, and individuals have various interpretations of what constitutes quality workmanship. Accordingly, you can’t decide whether a piece of art is objectively good or not. In this photo, somebody took a unique approach to the old tradition of painting fruit bowls.

Our verdict: This is both innovative and humorous. The feline has become a show-stopper all by itself. We hope this becomes a new trend and different artists start to make surreal works of art featuring cats and bananas.


Have you seen the 2010 sci-fi film, Inception? On the off chance that you haven’t, the majority of the film’s plot is set in interconnected dream worlds. Basically, it’s a dream within a dream. Here, someone snapped a photo of his toilet, framed that picture, and put it on top of the actual toilet.

The effect is as unnerving as it is hilarious. We wonder what state the guy was in when he came up with this idea. We’d also love to have seen the face of the photo stand employee who helped him print the image and pick the frame! 

In Bear Trouble

This is likely the most savage picture to have made the rundown. We’re delighted by the caption, but a tad frightened for the feline. Of course, there’s nothing to be worried about. That is a phony bear sculpture, which makes this post even more comical. 

Of course, in the image, it looks like the cat is attempting to flag that he’s in a difficult situation. Sandra needs to promptly open the window and save him from bear trouble! What do you think?

Typical Mom

With regards to being charming, imaginative, and inventive simultaneously, nobody can beat our mothers! Take this photo as an example, this Snapchatter’s mother hoped to spell out “love” in a family photograph utilizing their bodies. 

We should say, everybody in the image looks truly happy and content with their particular positions and stances, yet the manner in which this picture really turned out left us dumbfounded! We’re out of words – all we have is sympathy for the innocent mom!

No Kicking, Please

It would seem that the dog in the row before this individual wasn’t having it. Many of us have experienced the moment when we’re attempting to rest on a plane yet the individual behind you – typically a child – continues to kick your seat. 

While this is a normal scenario and we would have just let it go, this serious doggo won’t. He lost his cool to the point that he just gazed intently at the guilty party who was doing the kicking. 

The Real Ed Sheeran

Have you seen Ed Sheeran memes on the internet? Not once did they fail to make us giggle, however, this one tops them all due to the caption alone! The baby in this photo looks precisely like Ed Sheeran, right? They are totally indistinguishable, only separated by age. 

Is this for real? Maybe it’s the angle and lighting? We’ll leave that argument for another day. For the time being, we’d love to meet this notable child who looks more like the popular singer than he does himself.

The Angry Son

Children can do some peculiar things when they’re irate, particularly with regards to them needing to say something to their folks. All things considered, who would’ve thought somebody could be so amusingly underhanded? 

What got us cracking up is the way that this mother considered her own child a “passive-aggressive monster.” We can’t help but wonder what she did after she snapped this photograph. Did she scold him? Did she secretly laugh? Who can say for sure… Anyway, poor bananas.

The Third Llama

Llamas are truly charming, and this photo clearly illustrates their whimsical cuteness. However, photos can often be deceptive, as this picture demonstrates. Look closely at the third llama. 

At first glance, we didn’t see him peeking out. As a matter of fact, the Snapchatter here at first believed the third llama’s neck was really the second llama’s arm, and that he was ringing a bell. We couldn’t agree more! Did you see it?

Face Swap

It’s an obvious fact that our eyes can hoodwink us, and we’ve all succumbed to that at some point. Here, in this image, it looks like this woman has an ostrich face – and no, it isn’t photoshopped. 

This is an example of a perfectly timed image with an equally perfect angle. When the photo was snapped, in that specific second, her face aligned perfectly behind that of the ostrich. Many people would believe that this photographer utilized a face swap filter. However, as it turns out, this was all about the angle and timing!

Stepping on a LEGO

Animals are interesting creatures thanks to their funny personalities. Though this may be true, we could never have imagined that sharks would count among the cuter personality types. This photograph is so hilarious, we’re still chuckling about it. 

Obviously, the cute caption had us laughing a lot. Whoever thought it up is truly splendid as we can all identify with the sensation of stepping on a LEGO. Parents, it’s time to get your kids to clean up the Legos!

Staying Alive

If you’ve never tuned heard of the popular trio known as the Bee Gees, we suggest you look them up now. After somebody posted this on the web, people went crazy. While the doctor isn’t actually named Bee Gee, his name plaque suggests something else. 

If the joke doesn’t make sense to you, we suggest you have a listen to the most famous tunes of Bee Gees, specifically “Stayin’ Alive” – you’ll soon comprehend the joke that this comical Snapchatter composed. We like it! We bet you’re listening to YouTube right now.

An Accidental Click

We’ve all had this experience. You’re working on a project or writing for quite a long time and you need to search for something on Google. Instead of simply making another tab, however, you wind up opening a new window, leaving you with too many identical browsers open. 

That is basically what this photograph demonstrates. The only difference is that rather than search engine windows, we have foxes. Cute!

Donut Pillow

There’s no denying that dogs are the most adorable pets/buddies you can ever have. Cat lovers may beg to differ, but you still understand the sentiment. You also have to admit that no cat would allow its owner to do anything like what you see in the picture below. 

Take a look at this happy doggo appreciating his relationship with his new doughnut neck pillow. The pillow is so comfortable that he’s decided he will not let his owner take it off. It suits him well, and we think he deserves a relaxing sleep!

Imaginary iPhone

If you’re looking for the cleverest content, the internet is the best place to be. Case in point – this series of photos that an individual forwarded to his friends. The image is clearly an advertisement. A seller advertised his iPhone 7, to be exact, without even showing his iPhone! 

This man found a hilarious way of getting around the fact that he had to use his phone to take a pic of said phone. It’s rather cute that he decided to show the dimensions and size of his iPhone by using his hand.

Set the Hamster Free

What amount of time does it ordinarily require for you to come up with a caption for a photograph? For our situation, it requires at least a few minutes (sometimes hours). Some of the world’s cleverest individuals are, by contrast, able to think of the wittiest captions in no time. 

While the caption certainly is apt, we’re more concerned with why this truck has a giant plush hamster in it in the first place. Furthermore, where is it taking this oversized thing? Whatever the case, the expression on its face certainly suggests that it wants to be free. 

The Power of Pink

Pink is one of the prettiest hues out there. We can comprehend the allurement individuals may feel every once in a while to paint themselves pink. Take this lady, for instance. 

We bet this woman is regretting the fact that she didn’t do a test run on her hand or arm first. However, we can hardly blame her. The name does say that it’s washable. We can’t help but wonder how many times she needed to wash her face before it completely came off.

Cobras in Class

Can somebody explain to us what’s happening in this class? Why is this guy teaching two king cobras and still looking confident and brave? More to the point, why on Earth does one of those cobras have a laptop?

We’re sure you understand why we have so many questions. Call us crazy, but it looks like these king cobras are paying attention to what their instructor has to say. We wonder what happens when they need to turn a page in that book.

Waiting Patiently

This honey bee here is either stuck someplace or sitting tight, waiting for her mate to return home. Either way, this caption (and the added cowboy hat) takes our prize for the most adorable picture on the list.

Bumblebees truly are the cutest little things. All we can say is that we hope her husband returns home safely from his pollination mission. We’d hate to see this adorable little bee disappointed. 

Person-Sized Door

Surely we’re not the only ones who got a Harry Potter vibe seeing the little entryway here! It’s hard not to chuckle at the poor delivery guy. We wonder if he attempted to get in and use the bathroom supposedly tucked away in there. 

Even if he was a Harry Potter fan, he might have just been confused and annoyed. After all, it’s Harry’s room, not a toilet, that’s hidden under the stairs in the Dursley’s home. Whatever the case, we hope the delivery guy shared a laugh with the owner of this home and its strange door. 

Popcorn Chicken, Anyone?

Food orders can get ugly sometimes. Here’s a great representation of that in Spain! All things considered, we’re not completely sure why this Snapchat user is befuddled about the dish that showed up. Popcorn chicken is an odd request to make in a Spanish restaurant.

We’re intrigued by what the accommodating chef concocted – it’s as ingenious as it is literal. We suggest this customer order an authentic local dish next time. Spain has some incredible food!

The Rock vs A Rock

Children are undeniably the most innocent people ever. They have the greatest minds and say the best things. Here’s an illustration of a kid who discovered the similarities between Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and a gigantic stone. Truth be told, we couldn’t agree more.

If you pay attention to the image, you will see what makes both of them so comparable. We hope somebody posted this on Twitter for The Rock himself to see! He’d be delighted with it, for sure.

Riley the Genius

As we mentioned, children can have the best sense of humor out there. This image proves that we weren’t exaggerating. This Riley kid demonstrates just how far the power of your imagination can take you.

Don’t you dare call our little pal Riley lazy. This is his idea of creativity, so let him demonstrate it to the world! His LEGO worm may be basic, but we’re certain this child put a lot of thought into it. Possibly he has a pet worm. Who can say for sure?

Stating the Obvious

Whoever composed the statement this caption is referring to is truly something special. Did the park official write that deliberately or was it an error? If it wasn’t a slip-up, the writer has some pretty low expectations of their readers!

We have a feeling that the park official was orchestrating a joke when they made this statement. Regardless, we’re sending our respects to poor Jericho! We hope he makes a speedy recovery and gets back to his lionly duties soon.

A Creative Roommate

We appreciate those rare roommates who can come up with the sweetest, silliest tricks. If you haven’t ever lived with a flatmate like this person, you’ve missed out on a truly enriching life experience. This guy requested that his roommate tidy up the space for him as he was bringing a date home. 

The housemate played a trick on him by beautifying his room with a Princess Di altar. They may be separated by generations, but thanks to his roommate’s brilliant idea, they’re finally reunited – just in time for his date. 

Obsessed with Milk

We’re still attempting to comprehend what this man was thinking as he was gazing at the pack of milk – what were his thoughts precisely? “You’re my one great love, milky. Thank you for being sweet and smooth.” 

Maybe he was attempting to read the brand and description? It could be that he remembered his childhood years when he used to drink at least 8 glasses of milk per day. Whatever was going on between the man and his milk, we believe this caption sums it up beautifully.

Future Daddy

Can you see yourself getting this mug for your man without checking the inside first? You would presumably enjoy a hearty chuckle about it. Maybe you’d even decide to get it on purpose to pull a trick on your partner and see his response. 

Assuming the news is genuine (and you know your partner will be excited about it), this is an adorable way to reveal it! We can only imagine the future daddy’s excited reaction. 

Stuck in a Hanger

Cats are some of the most curious creatures on Earth (hence the old saying about curiosity killing the cat). In this case, the kitty in question isn’t at risk of being killed by its curiosity. However, it has gotten itself into a sticky situation. 

Cats are interested little critters that love tracking down the weirdest spots to relax in. However, it would appear that this cat is lamenting its decision to test out a plastic hanger.

A Naughty Title

Here we were thinking that penguins are among the best creatures on the planet! We love them so much that we were truly shocked to perceive how Timmy the penguin dealt with being singled out as the ‘Naughty Penguin of the Month.’

Timmy truly seems to have earned his title of shame. However, his transgressions are so adorable that we enjoyed a hearty chuckle when we at first saw the sign. We imagine it would’ve been even funnier for everyone who got to see him push that other poor penguin over!

Dad Jokes

Dads love to embarrass their children by thinking up the cheesiest jokes. What’s more, it seems like this conduct has seeped into the world of social media. 

This father figured out how to get a giggle from friends and family when he posted a photograph of his daughter spending time with a sea lion as a birthday greeting. What a cool dad!

Expectations vs Reality

You might want to believe that whatever you wind up getting in the post is actually what you saw and ordered online. However, some clever internet salespeople find ways to trick you with their imagery.

This photo offers evidence of some of the funniest tactics used. How might you feel if your expectations were this far from reality? Would you still give online shopping a go after receiving this printed pillowcase and not the cute dino pillow you saw online?

Mini Sandwiches

So many of us rely upon having a sandwich for lunch, and the best way to maintain its freshness is to either store it in a Ziploc bag or wrap it with aluminum foil. However, what happens when you don’t have either and all you have are tiny baggies?

That is correct people, you slice your sandwich into small pieces and distribute it into each bag. That way, you have a lot of mini sandwiches that you can snack on for the rest of the day!