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Body Art That Deserves To Be Put On Full Display In An Art Gallery

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Art comes in a variety of forms and dimensions, and there are lots of artists that favor working on a wide variety of canvases. What about those folks who are talented enough to bring their art to life by using their own bodies? Gifted artists can now be found everywhere, but even some of the best artists have yet to be discovered.

Some artists push their skills to the next level by utilizing their bodies as a canvas—turning what would otherwise have been an interesting idea into something magnificent to behold. In point of fact, there are times when it is difficult to tell where the subject’s body ends, and the art begins. We’ve put together a collection of the most amazing pieces of body art for your enjoyment.

Cyborg Coming To Life

Art is a great way to express an idea or emotion. Some people use it to communicate how they’re feeling, while others use it to express how they feel about the world in general. According to their performance, this body artist is trying to make a statement about how much time we spend on our phones and other electronic devices.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

Almost all day, every day, most of us stare at screens. But what is it doing to our bodies? This is one method to show the world that it may be time to lay down the screens. We may not turn into gigantic robots stuffed with wires and microchips, but we lose a sense of the reality around us.

A Proper Muse

Perhaps because we live in the new gilded age, Marie Antoinette has become a fashion icon. However, it’s not only her—many pre-and post-French Revolution styles have come and gone in and out of favor throughout the years. Of all of them, Marie is unquestionably the most well-known and looks to be the model for this work of body art.

Source: World Bodypainting Festival

Unlike the woman this style is based on, the artist has opted to create something of value for society rather than bleeding it dry, even if it is just a provocation. While her hair, face makeup, and accessories look to be from the period, her body art is a brilliant explosion—an ideal blend of styles that have been popularized in the modern era.

The Dark Horse Of Art

Horses have been utilized in many forms of art for a long time. There are so many methods to bring them to life, from the ancient Greeks to contemporary art. As a result, their muscularity, flowing manes, and stunning maneuvers make them one of the most popular creatures to depict in art.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

What if artists were able to transform their whole bodies into a horse? However, that’s not the only thing a one-body artist has opted to do with their free time—we can’t determine which body part we’re looking at because of the artistry of their work. The steampunk and magical aspects added to the horse give it a life of its own that we could never have imagined.

The Land Of The Rising Sun And Art

It might be challenging to choose a painting style since there are so many distinct genres. However, many people throughout the globe are increasingly drawing inspiration from Japanese culture. For many years, tattoo artists have made a profession out of inking Japanese designs on their customers.

Source: Bored Panda

This artist wanted to depict a Japanese environment uniquely using her unique body art. She has not only brought Mount Fuji to life, but she has also added a splash of color with some iconic Japanese cherry blossoms. It’s such a distinct and beautiful scene, so serene and calm.

Art To Bring The Walls Down

There’s a fair likelihood that most of us have never paid any attention to a stone wall, much less contemplated becoming one. But that’s precisely how this particular body painter stood out—by completely blending in. Unless you look very carefully, this person has been rendered invisible by art.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

It’s remarkable how she blends in and out of the wall. Her head and hair suddenly become noticeable as quickly as they vanish again as your eyes lose track of what is stone and what is human. What incredible precision and patience it must have taken to get this right.

Beautiful Critters

There are a lot of folks that freak out if they see a bug. How they creep around on many legs—the fact that they sometimes appear a bit alien—or the very idea that they can attack us from out of nowhere sets some people’s hairs upright and puts a chill down their spine. They may be frightening, but they can also be beautiful. Look at this, for example.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

No, it’s not actually a butterfly—it’s body art. As a result of the wide variety of designs and colors used to decorate them, no two butterflies are the same. This individual has utilized their body art to become just as unique as one of those fascinating creatures in a metamorphosis that real butterflies could appreciate.

Halloween Can Be Year Round

We’re guessing this person is the go-to friend when it comes to putting together the ultimate Halloween costume. Of course, everyone wants to be the creepiest at the year’s biggest costume party, and this might just be a contender for that prize.

Source: Bored Panda

Their use of body art gives something distinctive to the overall appearance, even if it seems basic at first glance. The goo effect seems to have been achieved with some glow-in-the-dark paint and a lot of patience. With red contacts, they’ll appear like they’re ready for a frightful evening out on the town.

Grace Captured In Body Art

There are so many animals in the world that it might be difficult to recall that they are all part of mother nature and not something straight out of a storybook. Who decided that a lurid bird standing on one leg should be a genuine thing, but unicorns shouldn’t? We may never know for sure, but one thing we do know is that bringing a character to life via body art is a lot more difficult than it seems.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

To begin, this artist had to paint their own body in the likeness of the beautiful prawn-loving bird. Afterward, they had to find out how to balance on one leg to complete the effect. Even though it may seem difficult, they make it appear effortless in the final shot.

Stained-Glass Peacock

At first glance, this may seem to be a regular old photograph of a stained-glass window. However, many of us wouldn’t recognize what we’re looking at until we get a little closer. Upon examination, you might notice a few basic clues like how the patterns reveal a magnificent bird behind the art.

Source: Bored Panda

We only discover the peacock’s presence when we continue to search for it. They’re one of nature’s most stunning creatures, thanks to their plumage and displays. The biggest shock? You’re actually looking at a person behind all that paint. Stained-glass body art has made them even more beautiful, and this artist has taken it to a new level.

Nature And Art Go Well Together

When it comes to getting one’s art done, how does one get started? When it comes to getting started with one’s skills, there are lots of approaches that have worked for others in the past. Flowers have always been a popular subject of artistic endeavor for a slew of artists.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

However, it looks like this body artist has discovered a new approach to bringing blossoms to life rather than just painting them. To stand out, she had to paint herself into the wall—into a beautifully composed picture. Perhaps it’s time to consider moving up to the fruit bowl?

Realistic Looking Pelican

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to pelicans. Because of their large bills and feet, they are one of the most eye-catching birds in the world. In addition to that, they’re a lot larger than most people think. Even after 30 million years, many people are still unaware that their bills aren’t for keeping food at all.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

Before devouring their newest kill, they use them as a fishing net to capture their quarry. Because this isn’t a natural image of the pelican, there is a lot more going on here than most people realize. You guessed it—it’s a body art piece by a talented individual.

Time Stood Still For This Lady

For most of us living in the city, strolling down the street means passing a slew of people dressed as statues. These folks have perfected the art of remaining still for long periods of time. However, people lack the ability to design their appearances with nothing more than paint and some basic accessories.

Source: Bored Panda

This is when the body painter comes into play. She just needed a few basic colors and some spare time to make her costume come to life. Even though it seems basic, the paint-based layers, shadows, and wrinkles on her garments reveal she understands how to elevate her style.

“Whoo” Would Have Noticed?

Owls are often regarded as one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Because of their extraordinary hunting skills and the fact that they can move their heads further than most other animals on the earth, they’ve long been regarded as a symbol or a keeper of universal knowledge.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

Most people would be excused for supposing this was just an owl hiding under a tree for some reason. Most wouldn’t realize that this wasn’t an owl until they looked closer. It’s an outstanding example of someone who understands what they’re doing with body paint. They’ve not only successfully blended their face into the tree, but they’ve brought the bird to life.

Underwater Beauty

Things are always better in the deep blue water, as Sebastian taught us all those years ago. Maybe that’s why The Little Mermaid has a whole musical number devoted to living beneath the sea! So when this lady decided to use her body art to demonstrate the beauty of underwater life, she ran with it.

Source: Bored Panda

With a little illuminating paint, she’s added additional levels and characteristics to the jellyfish. Those tentacled animals seem to float smoothly on water which has been colored onto her flesh with care and finesse. Even her eye makeup has been tweaked to coordinate with the rest of her makeup.

Almost Invisible

Having a cluttered background eliminates the need to worry about everything aligning properly. Due to the sheer volume of information our brains are presented with here, it might be difficult to identify what we are seeing at any one moment. But when you catch it, you catch it. The body art looks so well hidden against a cluttered background.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

They do blend in well, that’s for sure. There is a great fit between their back structure and blooms and everything else in this shot. Is it so important that they don’t line up in a row? No. Her outstanding body art allowed her to blend into the background.

The View Is Amazing

When it comes to body art, there are instances when it is necessary to include all features of a person’s body in the design. That’s what seems to have happened here, as an artist has incorporated the shape and movement of someone’s body into the painting. Isn’t it logical that the desert influenced them?

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

The dunes complement her body’s natural contours well, while the sky gives the final piece greater depth. With a little patience, one might glimpse a group of people searching for a secret haven. Small nuances like this elevate even the most stunning body art to a new level of awe-inspiring status.

Hiding In Plain Sight

For many of us, being surrounded by trees makes it easy to overlook just how important they are to our everyday lives. They provide several services for the planet (and the life that inhabits it), such as providing oxygen to breathe. Trees also serve as characters in and of themselves in many tales, with trees covered with green leaves evoking optimism, while trees with naked limbs in the wind tend to make the story seem eerier.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

In this case, the black and white color scheme adds a glimmer of optimism to the otherwise gloomy scene. They’ve not only created a stunning piece of body art, but they’ve also used the background to create a fascinating 3D effect. The artist was so good with their work we hardly noticed the model they used to make the art. 

Save The Turtles

What could be better than sea turtles? When the mating season comes around, these magnificent animals may be seen gliding across the water before heading ashore to lay their eggs. Throughout the years, their impressive displays and enormous size have surely piqued the interest of a few people, particularly during the hatching season.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

Maybe that’s why some people were taken aback by this sight? A magnificent view that not many people have the chance to witness. It looks like there’s more to the picture than meets the eyes. This is a body paint artist who has turned into a sea turtle before posing on the beach, and we’re baffled as to how they did it.

Comic Popping Art

This artist decided to become a mummy—an antagonist—rather than a character from the traditional roster of heroes from the pages of a comic book. This stark, flat example of body art shows that it’s not always fine detail that matters, but great art can be captured in style, too.

Source: Bored Panda

It’s one thing to have ancient skin, but it’s another thing entirely to have such attention to detail in the bandages. The drawn-on speech bubble really brings the whole picture to life—or unlife—it’s all a matter of perspective. 

Blending In Perfectly

When we were younger, the most humiliating thing that could happen at a party was for someone to show up wearing the same outfit. Is it possible that we are supposed just to laugh it off and appear as if we had planned it all along? In any case, it seems as though this artist was inspired by just such a situation.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

This is more than just the image of a carpeted floor; one might just have to look examine the leaves to find the outline of someone who has perfectly painted themselves to blend in. This is more than just a carpet—it’s a work of camouflage art.

Looking Like A Chameleon

One of its most recognized characteristics is a chameleon’s ability to change color to fit in with its surroundings. But that’s not the only reason they choose a distinct appearance. They use dark hues to absorb more heat from the sun and bright colors to reflect the rays and keep cool. They also use it to regulate their body temperature.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

Chameleons may change their color to signal to others things like when they’re ready to mate or when they want people to leave them alone. Fortunately, this remarkable chameleon won’t blend in since it was made from a human body—a human who is barely discernible in the backdrop.

Huge Unicorns AKA Rhinos

When a body artist can entirely hide in a photograph, usually the viewer has no clue what they are seeing. Looking at this shot for as long as you want—the secret to its liveliness will never be revealed. Fortunately, that’s just a small part of what makes the finished product so spectacular in the first place.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

The rhino’s facial features have been enhanced, but the amount of detail in its eye nearly gives the impression that it was captured in the wild. This is only the rhino’s head, but think what they could accomplish if they had included the remainder of the animal’s body.

Looking Through The Art

It seems like horror never goes out of fashion. Try to outdo their previous year’s Halloween outfit for this year’s Halloween celebration. There is no need to go for the gruesome when they can produce a monster that crawls inside your subconscious mind to sinister ends.

Source: Bored Panda

This artist painted their face with a slew of bright red eyeballs in an attempt to achieve this effect. The luminous smiles, on top of everything else, just serve to heighten the dread. Take a closer look to see if one can detect the true set of eyes that were successfully disguised with some colored contact lenses.

Find The Person In The Picture

As far as body art goes, many methods exist to realize the artist’s vision. Some artists seek to transform themselves into a different item or animal, while others choose to conjure up a mind-boggling illusion to gain the public’s attention.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

It’s not until people see their hair that they understand this is more than just an image of a flower pattern being shown. The artist’s skin has been decorated with a similar pattern to hide their body. They could have had a difficult time lining this up again had they had to relocate at all.

Humming Birds That Pop

For many of us, Mother Nature is an ideal source of creative inspiration. Color, pattern, and species from all around the globe come to life in her. One only needs to look at nature to appreciate its beauty. Being mindful and seeing the world slow down is the next step.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

And the world must seem slow to the hummingbird. If only we could be like them. How about this? Since this bird’s in mid-flight, we can’t tell which portion of the bird’s body we’re seeing. How can one know whether or not this is an official National Geographic entry? Another stunning piece of art.

Colorful Collage

This image reminds us of a child’s drawing. It’s as though an artist took the sincere efforts of a child and made something magnificent out of it. The rush of colors contrasting with the harsh lines and details of the human faces—the flow and ferocity of the clashing blues, reds, whites, greens, and oranges are something to behold.

Source: World Bodypainting Festival

There’s a lot more to look at than you may think at first sight. Everything is there, from the face poking out in the center to the texture on her thigh. All of the characters’ faces have been reworked in this piece to give it extra layers of interpretation. 

Penguin Hearts

Seeing a wide variety of animals on a regular basis is nothing new for most of us. Although deer, squirrels, and raccoons are generally seen in their natural habitats every day, many people are unfamiliar with the variety of animals that inhabit the earth. If people want to see penguins in the wild, they’ll have to go a long way and bring a sweater.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

Many people have continued to be fascinated by the creatures despite this. Adding this artist to the list, they have meticulously transformed their body into a penguin, complete with an adorable baby. Using white paint and a light backdrop just enhances the idea that this is a genuine penguin family and not a work of art.

Art That Glows

Many people have tried their hand at body painting throughout the years, but it takes something unique to stand out from the crowd. There are times when we don’t need to build something extraordinary; instead, we need to be something extraordinary. Incorporating glow-in-the-dark paint onto body art is one way to get this effect.

As a last touch, they covered their bodies with fluorescent slime, making them even more frightful and unnerving than before. What would be the perfect ending to this? The bright, bloodshot eyes. Seeing this work in the dark is not something we’d choose to do willingly.

Matching Patterns

This isn’t body art per se, but it is a stunning image of a pattern-on-pattern collage. This man’s clothing, as well as the backdrop, appear to be based on Islamic art, known for its incredible intricacies and vivid colors. Not only does it seem divinely inspired, but it divinely inspires.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

This man seems almost absorbed by his environment, wrapped in the fabric of the cosmos, cut from a holy piece of cloth. He is one with the world, and the world is one with him. It is a sublime image to meditate over and certainly one that could easily make a person feel lost inside an amazing, infinite creation.

Art Like A Bird

Despite our best efforts, we’re still baffled by this snapshot of a body art piece. And there’s that gorgeous feathered friend, which has been meticulously painted over with several coats of paint, resulting in a rich, three-dimensional look. It’s difficult to see this as anything other than a painting on a canvas, but there are three dimensions at play, even if they aren’t obvious.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

Look attentively in the background. Do you see the outlines of faces that have been painted black to blend in with the scenery? Where exactly is the bird shown in the painting? Is it on their shoulder, or is it someone else’s? This piece of body art is all the more stunning since we have no idea how it was made.

Strong Women Are Inspirational

You’ve accomplished something when your work inspires others long after you’ve passed away. Frida Kahlo is a remarkable example of this. Even though she died in 1954 at the age of 47, many artists have drawn inspiration from her work. Frida was recognized for her surrealism and magical realism, which she frequently used to depict her severe agony.

Source: World Bodypainting Festival

Self-portraits are one of her favorite things to do, as seen by the popularity of her work across the globe. It seems that this woman is drawing inspiration from the artist and society. On top of that, she’s painted her face to resemble the stern tone of Frida’s renowned artwork.

Look Twice And Be Mesmerized

Is that a bird we see there? A fish, maybe? No, it’s a person displaying their newest body artwork to the world. Jumping into the water to bring a creation to life requires a great deal of commitment on the part of the creator.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

It looks like this artist has the ability to transform their own physique with a little aid from a bit of paint. This person’s arm looks to be the ideal neck and head for the swan, while all the rest of their body is used for feathers, wings, and tail. 

A Night To Remember

Our surroundings provide us with a wealth of ideas. There are those of us who can’t get enough of gazing at the night sky and imagining what may be out there. Is there anybody else out there? Is there a planet like ours out there somewhere? Is it possible that we’ll ever reach Mars?

Source: Bored Panda

There are a plethora of unanswered questions waiting to be answered, waiting for us up there. Perhaps this artist was inspired by the night sky? Rather than painting on a flat canvas, they opted to merge with the night. It’s the little things that make the night sky come to life.

Recognizing A Pattern

Often, when it comes to body art, it seems as though nothing is out of the question. As far as we’re concerned, this lady has nailed not one but two wonderfully executed designs. Why limit yourself to one background when you can do both? Fortunately, her hair and eyes offer us a hint as to where she is hidden in the picture.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

You could miss the person behind the patterns and forms if you don’t look closely enough, but if you do, you won’t be fooled. When you consider that she has employed two separate backdrops, it becomes even more stunning. Making the perfect horizontal line across her face is essential to this look, which she does effortlessly.

Sealing The Deal

The ocean is home to a wide variety of animals. Seals, on the other hand, have learned to flourish both in and out of the water, making them a bit more unique. Submergence is their preferred mode of escape when it’s hot, or they’re in search of food. But when they’re looking to relax or get some sun, they’re more than capable of doing it on land.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

In the end, there is no better feeling than seeing a seal’s head peeking out of the water at the beach. Then then, seeing this on your next vacation can have you wondering, “Wait a minute, that’s not a seal!” It’s very convincing, but no—it’s a work of body art.

Celebrating Through Art

Having no rules in the art world means that people have learned to push the limits with each new work of art. Many people say that postmodern art is too easy and that artists no longer put any effort into their work. Feast your eyes on this. Does that argument still hold any weight?

Source: World Bodypainting Festival

This duo has combined a wide range of different creative disciplines. They seem like they’ve traveled the globe as the many styles all come to life in their final appearance. The addition of the accessories enhances the freedom of vibrancy they’ve brought to life with their body art. 

Taking Body Art To The Shore

The more we look at this shot, the more we can’t figure out how a human is in there. After all, it’s only a picture of a shell on the beach, right? Each shell is a one-of-a-kind creation—it’s one of the most appealing aspects of this fascinating shell-forming organism.

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

You can see that this artist was inspired by the spiral shell, as they have twisted themselves into such an unusual posture for the sake of the photograph. As an extra benefit, the use of forced perspective makes them seem much smaller than one would expect them to. They would appear strange in this posture without the paint.

Nightmare Turned Body Art

One of Tim Burton’s most renowned productions, the stop-motion animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas, tells the tale of Jack Skellington as he becomes tired of celebrating the same holiday year after year. It’s not long until Jack decides to add some spice to proceedings by visiting Christmas Town and learning everything about the holiday.

Source: Bored Panda

Obviously, things don’t go according to plan, and many people are still discussing whether or not this is a Halloween or Christmas movie. Jack Skellington seems to have been a favorite subject for this body artist, as they have used only paint to depict the figure. Everything is there, down to the iconic striped outfit.

Patterns Are In Style Again

A black flowery garment is very easy to wear, isn’t it? This is not to say that it’s simple to bring it to life; there are several reasons for its long-term success. On the other hand, this individual has shown that the reverse is true, as seen by their outstanding body art.

Source: Facebook/Cecilia Paredes

All of this began with the simple task of blending into the black backdrop. A branch holds them all together, as well as the delicately colored pink and blue flowers that help to bring this arrangement to life. They’d probably vanish if they closed their eyes, given the fine detail of their paintwork.

Oh My Deer

There’s nothing like taking a stroll in the woods to enjoy sights and sounds. The number of animals keeping an eye on us nowadays may be lower than ever since they are adept at avoiding our gaze and human contact. Views like these are made much more striking in part because of this fact. Or does it?

Source: Instagram/gesine_marwedel

The sight of a deer snoozing amid a field of tall grass is awe-inspiring. It seems, though, that things aren’t quite what they appear to be. What seems to be a dozing deer is really an artist who understands how to transform their own body with paint. It’s remarkable.