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40 Hilarious Notes Left On Restaurant Receipts 

The bigger the tip one leaves after a meal, the happier the wait staff will be, but some customers feel they need to share more than just money before leaving the restaurant. These customers are determined to leave a lasting impression by laying down a joke or an unsolicited piece of advice.

People pay a lot of money to see comedy shows, but it seems that all you have to do is work in a restaurant if you want to get endless laughs. Some of these notes are downright hilarious. The only problem is that you’ll also have to deal with a few shocking notes from entitled customers. If you need a little pick me up, you should enjoy reading through these notes left on restaurant receipts. 

Autocorrect Is Not So Correct

Who doesn’t love eating out at a Mexican restaurant? The food is amazing, and you get to enjoy unbeatable hospitality and service. This customer had a great time at their local Mexican restaurant but then found an odd entry on their receipt.


We guarantee that this customer enjoyed their whole juice and that the receipt simply contained a typo. Casa Garcia is a family-friendly Mexican restaurant, after all. After serving up a couple of these juices, we hope the manager noticed the error and fixed it in the system! 

First Impressions Last

In the service industry, restaurant employees interact with many different types of people. Some are much friendlier than others, but some are just downright sketchy. Getting to serve an assortment of customers sure does sharpen your people skills.


This is proof of what servers encounter in their daily shifts. A side comment will likely warn the other servers about this specific customer. It looks like this customer was having a good time. We hope they enjoyed their food trip! 

Mysterious Customer

Not everyone likes to give away their private information, much less their names to strangers. Fortunately for this customer, who was a little shy, the restaurant did not specify they had to give “their name.” They just needed some kind of signature on the line.


So, this customer got a little creative and humorous with the pseudonym they gave the restaurant. They must be a pretty important person to want to try to be anonymous. The restaurant staff was none the wiser about our mysterious customer’s actual name. 

Does He Have A Common Name?

Korean culture is booming right now. From their K-pop idols to their food, movies, and culture in general, everything seems to be popular right now. So, it makes sense that we may start to become more familiar with common Korean names. Still, this customer’s name is a little too specific. It raised a couple of eyebrows.

Reddit u/tamerax

We’re not entirely sure where this Korean restaurant was located, but we can say with certainty that it wasn’t in North Korea. The restaurant staff found it surprising that Kim Jong-un found the time to visit their humble restaurant when he was supposed to be busy running his country. 

Two-Cent Tip

People generally reveal how good (or bad) a restaurant’s service is by writing online reviews, but some are old-fashioned and would instead give their two cents through their receipt. This customer was sure their advice was solicited as they were blunt about their comment.


There is no written rule on how much a customer should tip. Some are more generous than others, and many calculate their tip based on the quality of the service they receive. Somebody should have told this customer that fast food is still an option.

Know Your Customer

If you want to bring big bucks into your business, you need to know your target audience. This book store knows exactly who they are selling their weird stuff to. Apparently, there is a market for odd books like these ones.


People apparently find this book, and others like this, interesting. Who are we to judge this customer’s preference? Who knows if they have a library full of these types of books or if they just bought this to prop on their coffee table as a conversation starter. Truth be told, we’re pretty curious about these elephants! 

The Devil Is In This Detail

People often get creative with names, but this was a devilish one. Either this restaurant was so good that the devil had to taste their food, or a random customer just did not want to give out their real name; we think it is the latter. 


We sure hope that this is not the customer’s actual name as a child brought up with a name like this would be the butt of every joke. There is a bigger chance that this was not their real name, but we are still cautious about this one. 

Nickname Or Insult?

Thank you notes are an incredible way of telling your customer how much you appreciate their business, and although this pizza driver might have had the right idea, we can think of many ways that he could have done this better.


Of course, Dick is a common nickname for people named Richard. However, it’s also a common insult, and it’s hard to tell which way it’s being used here. The thick red pen looks so aggressive that it certainly confuses matters!

Flattery Can Get You Everywhere

Some of the things customers look for in a restaurant are good food and excellent service. A pleasing personality from restaurant staff will get them lots of tips at the end of the day, but visually pleasing waiters also help.


This customer could not help himself; he just had to let the waitress know that her tan game was on point. Flattery can get you anything, and I bet that their service shot up a level after this compliment. This must have made the waitress’ day; we hope the tip was just as generous. 

Artistic Encounter

Turning your ordinary receipt into an instant art project takes skill, if not pure talent. Given the limited materials at this artist’s disposal, we have to admit that they made a pretty decent picture. The shading is on point.


This restaurant crew member just might have a “Starry Night” on their hands – who knows? If I were them, I’d keep this masterpiece in a safe place at home and have it appraised in a couple of years when the artist blows up in the art world. 

Soda Wars

You have heard of the popular franchise Star Wars, but have you heard of the Soda Wars? This kid must have been bored out of his mind waiting for his parents to finish their meals, so they decided to entertain themselves with this drawing.


I think that the concept is there, but it needs a little finishing. Still, it’s quite possible that this may be a storyboard for an upcoming box-office hit. These sodas look like they are discussing something serious. They even have “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background.

Stinky Charge

When you go out for a meal, you pay for your food, but you also pay for the experience and the ambiance. You expect to be greeted by a friendly crew and settle into a comfortable dining experience. Eating out can be pricey, but it is well worth it.

Imgur @xxlizzle

After filling up with a good meal, it’s always a good idea to review your receipt to ensure all the correct charges are there. Imagine the surprise of this customer when they found out they were charged for, of all things, farting. This might be a typo, but we find it amusing either way. 

What Is Going On Here?

We all know James Bond, and we also know how he likes his drinks served, “shaken not stirred.” This customer must be a fan of 007 because she prefers her drinks the same way. She even drew a heart with an arrow through it.


Everyone is entitled to their preference, and this is how Sarah chose to drink her poison. We find it cute that she also put in a cute frying pan with bacon. We do not know why, but it was a cute little touch. Perhaps this was an in-joke with her waiter. If not, it may be a sign that she needs to stop drinking soon. 

We Don’t Discriminate

For some reason, the customer’s cashier today was White, according to a written statement on this receipt. Were they referring to white as in their skin color and ethnic background? Or does this cashier go by the name of White?


White is a common last name, and we do not think that they were bragging about the color of their skin. We live in modern times, and we sure do not discriminate based on skin color, so we sure hope this coffee shop has the same ideals. 

No Bun In The Oven

Body shaming is bad enough, but it’s a challenging scenario when a plus-size woman is mistaken for being pregnant. So what if someone’s tummy is a tad round? That is the most challenging region to keep in shape, and a perfectly flat tummy just isn’t achievable for everyone.


If you’re a waiter, we recommend keeping your opinions on hold until you are sure that the customer is “eating for two.” Some customers could have had a worse reaction, but we are glad this one kept their cool.

Rounding It Off

You will laugh at this particular note if you are a math whiz. This specific consumer opted to leave a $3.14 tip or π. This was ingenious because rounding off the bill would give him an even number, which means the wait staff could keep the change.


The brilliant math instructor who opted to educate this server deserves praise. If you want people to learn, you must make the content enjoyable for them. If you get the joke, you might just be an honor student.

Pacman Fan

It is not okay to avoid leaving a signature, and we are amusingly learning this as we see more creative ways of filling out the blank. If you lived in the nineties, you would know the popular game Pacman and think this is hilarious.


The amount seemed to be very reasonable, and the tip was left in cash. No harm, no foul as long as there was a tip remaining. Still, if this consumer is still playing Pacman, how old are they? Are you becoming nostalgic yet, Millennials?

Did Not See That One Coming

Ninjas are stealthy and super fast. In the movies, you often see them as mysterious and skillful assassins, but nowadays, we refer to people who are crafty and have ulterior motives as ninjas too. This business owner must have had enough of them.


Anyway, we like this place’s sense of humor. We’re curious whether everyone who works there cracks jokes like this. Perhaps the one-liners at the bottom of the receipt are rotated on a regular basis. More of this is needed in the world.

Baby On The Way

Expectant mothers glow, and you usually can tell. They also get excellent treatment, from prime parking spots to extra care from their partners. Being pregnant can truly be a beautiful experience. Even perfect strangers are often kind to pregnant women – take this note as an example.


Who wouldn’t be cheered up by this gesture? Pregnancy is already an emotional experience, so even small acknowledgments like this can mean a lot. This small gesture might have made the pregnant lady’s day, and I bet her glow doubled when she saw this note from the staff. 

Breathing Fire

Some people just cannot handle spice. Sometimes, the culture you grew up in has a lot to do with this. If you are brought up in a culture that embraces spicy food, you’ll be hit with all they’ve got at this restaurant. Otherwise, they will go easy on you.


The crew knew just how hot their curries were, so they had to dial down the spice when serving it to foreigners. They’d had enough experience with this type of visitor and could tell that they could not handle the heat they had cooking. 

The Matrix

We go to the restaurant to enjoy ourselves and have our bellies stuffed with good food, but you might also get a bonus if you go to this cafe. This customer paid for their carrot and ginger soup but did not expect to get this note on their bill.


With just seven words, this cafe made the customer question reality itself. How deep down the rabbit hole does he have to go to realize that this was just a prank from one of the restaurant’s crew members, who is also a fan of The Matrix?

Humble Beginnings

People are attracted to celebrities and always like to know the latest scoop about their favorite stars. With all the fame and fortune, it is hard to imagine how they live normal lives, and more than this, it is hard to imagine they were once just like us.


I hope this receipt is just a gag, but what if Lady Gaga was your clerk? Would you want to take a photo of her or just let her do her job? Nevertheless, we know that this crew member is a fan of the “Bad Romance” Artist. 

Meme All Over

We spend hours on end scrolling through the internet and looking at different posts. Memes often go viral nowadays, and they are cause for great entertainment. Memes are so popular they have become a culture in themselves.


This Gaming Shop wanted in on the hype, so they made sure they took advantage of meme culture. This receipt is proof. Customers of this shop might have had mixed reactions, but we appreciate the effort they made to relate to their customers. 

Children Are Scary

Parents should be given an award for everything they do for their children and what they have to put up with in raising them. As a parent, your responsibility never really ends, even after you’ve taught them the difference between right and wrong and sent them off into the world. This staff member knows what is up.


Although we do not have a background on what might have transpired between the bakery and the customer, this staff member made sure they know that they were not afraid of them because, as they put it, “I have children.” 

A Relatable Message

This is a very relatable message left on the receipt. We feel you! When you do not know how to do the math, do not even try to embarrass yourself. Just put it in the tip jar and let the wait staff know that math is not your strong point.


We’ll give this customer brownie points as the tip was more than a dollar on a bill that was only around $6, especially since they wrote “I can’t math” on the tip area of the receipt. They also appear to have some trouble communicating in English!

Body Positivity

We live in the 21st century – it’s time to say goodbye to body shaming. If you have those curves, go ahead and flaunt them. Enjoy your life, make healthy choices, and do not mind what others say about you. Their opinions about you are none of your business.


We do not know what this section of the receipt means. Maybe the server didn’t realize that it would be printed on the receipt. Or perhaps they simply hoped the customers would not notice. Instead of getting a big fat tip, you do not get anything this time. Be kind to your customers. 

Classic Jokes

This receipt is proof that classic jokes, however old they seem to be, never fail to get a giggle or two, especially when such a joke fits so perfectly in the context. This scenario is practically begging for a one-liner to be inserted.


We appreciate that the restaurant has a sense of humor, and we hope that the customer enjoyed the joke too. We have a feeling they did since they decided to snap a photo and share it with the internet!

Poetry Is Food For The Soul

Rhyming words is not easy. You have to be a lyrical genius to spin up a verse or two of impromptu poetry. Maybe this restaurant staff member was under a lot of pressure to string together a haiku on the spot.


They are right, though – sometimes haikus don’t make sense. We are still trying to figure out where the refrigerator fits into all this, but at least the syllables are coordinated. To the person who wrote this, we will give you a pass this time, but we expect more from you. 

Great Service Overall

This customer was thoroughly satisfied with this server that they wanted to give them a 10 for a perfect score, but tips do not work that way. Maybe that was just his way of getting his bill down. Whatever the reason may be, this customer gives them two thumbs up.


This customer had deep pockets. A $70 tip on a $56 bill isn’t exactly winning the lottery, but who wouldn’t feel like they’d won the customer jackpot? The world would be a better place if more customers were like that and had that type of cash on hand.

Dress Code On Birthdays

George must be an entertaining guy. We do not know what happened on his birthday, but one thing must have led to another. How else could you explain this message on his bill? Although it is understandable to enjoy yourself on your birthday, this might have been too much, but who are we to judge?


Because the receipt also states that it was the customer’s birthday, it’s possible that it was a joke about the customer wearing his birthday suit. What are the chances? He must have been at a nudist club if he showed up at the diner naked.

Sexy Time

To each their own. The things that you find attractive might not be the same for your neighbor, so who are we to judge when they say that Garlic Breath is Sexy? Maybe it is sexy for some and not so much for others.

poster anonymous

Either way, this might just be a promotional gag for a garlic bread that they have on the menu. This will get the customer curious about what this pizza joint has to offer. Come to think of it, maybe I do need garlic bread with my pizza.

Break Out The Calculator

Everyone has a hard time with math. Sometimes something as simple as addition can get you flustered and writing down the wrong sum. But do not worry. We still have time to correct any errors, and it is good that restaurant staff are not too judgemental.


This person just rewrote the one number they had miswritten, along with a pretty amusing remark. It was a minor blunder that should be forgiven. Still, you don’t want to throw your karmic balance off by mistake. Follow the example of this person.

Fire – Free Of Charge!

It’s nice to get out of the house and have somebody else cook food for us. Yes, we enjoy our time dining with friends and family, but if the bill came with this charge on the receipt, you’d have to wonder what kind of restaurant charges for fire.


To be fair, it does say $0. So, what was the point of it? Maybe the chef would just like the customer to know that they used fire to cook their food. Whatever it may be, your guess is just as good as mine. Some things are better left a mystery! 

An Enthusiastic Thank You Note

You know you are good at your job when you get commendations from the customer. This customer took the time to write a thank-you note to their waitress, who apparently made their night a blast. What a thoughtful gesture.


We only hope that if they were generous enough to give this lengthy thank you note, they were also generous enough to give a big fat tip to their waitress. Either way, it looks as if both of them had a good night.

A Customer With A Sense Of Humor

Waiting tables is hard. You have to deal with all sorts of people, and at the end of the day, you only hope you get enough tips to get by. This customer seemed to have noticed that their waitress was not having such a good time.


Instead of just leaving a tip, they also felt the need to give their waitress something to laugh about. Additional tips are usually monetary, but this one came in the form of a joke. Cute though this may be, did you notice that they knocked two cents off the tip? Why?

Experimenting With Receipts

Working a nine-to-five job can be tough, so you cannot blame employees when they do weird stuff to try and spice things up in an otherwise mundane role. This guy tried to experiment with receipt notes.


I guess he wanted to know if anyone really reads receipt notes. Well, since this caught our attention, he now has a definitive answer! That’s a resounding yes – and it can go viral too. We appreciate any notes designed to bring joy to customers. 

Yo Mama Joke

By now, we know that somewhere out there is a restaurant worker who is thinking up a storm, trying to figure out what message or joke they can put on the next receipt. This employee might have taken things a little too far.

Reddit u/RealJonOC

We’ve all heard some really funny “yo mama” jokes before, and they’re all harmless. There were no slurs, no shots fired, and no shade thrown. These are perhaps the only forms of slander that can be directed toward someone’s mother.

Good Parents Bring Up Good Kids

Parents will tell you that bringing up children does come with some special rewards. These rewards are rarely monetary, so this picture offers a rare example. The parents of these well-behaved kids were surprised to learn that they earned a financial reward for their parenting skills.


Restaurant workers secretly hate it when they have to deal with unruly children. When these parents and their well-behaved kids spent time in the restaurant, it was such a breath of fresh air that the restaurant staff expressed their appreciation by offering them a discount on their dinner.

When Is Your Birthday?

Have you noticed that when you say that it is your birthday to restaurant staff, they seem to be extra nice to you? This customer did, and they clearly appreciated it a lot. Apparently, they felt that their waitress deserved $22 to match the customer’s 22nd birthday.


That is a tip of more than 50%. The client doesn’t seem to be in a financial bind, and it’s wonderful to see that they gave the server a present for their birthday, along with a kind message expressing gratitude for her excellent service.

Good Looking Waiter

Restaurant staff must be used to customers trying to make a pass at them, especially when they are good looking. It is in their job description to be extra nice to customers, and some of them might take it to heart. Is that what happened here?


If the server never showed any interest, that’s a really daring approach. Maybe the customer left after writing their phone number on the receipt because they didn’t want to wait to see whether the server would reject them. Perhaps they just didn’t want to put any pressure on the server. Either way, the compliments are nice!