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Adorable Photos of Dogs That Are Not Aware How Big They Are

For dog lovers, there could be no greater bliss than playing with a cute pup and watching it grow bigger and bigger thanks to your care. Many of us have fond childhood memories of Clifford the Big Red Dog, but did you realize the character was inspired by a genuine story? His size may have been ever so slightly exaggerated, but there are many surprisingly huge dog breeds out there. 

These behemoths frequently become indispensable members of the families they’re adopted by as they give you more reasons to be happy and feel loved. Though they may seem imposing, these big beasts are so loving and adorable that they don’t even seem to realize how massive they are. Take a look at these incredibly gentle giants as they figure out how they fit in the world. Truth can be stranger than fiction.

Excellent Babysitters

These two monstrous pooches make phenomenal sitters. Take a gander at how mindful they are! This kid’s parents can go about their daily duties with confidence and peace of mind that their child is in good company.

image courtesy of Instagram: @tamanegi.qoo.riku

On closer inspection, that box of treats might be what really has the doggos’ attention, but look how persistent they are! Who needs stuffed toys when you have these lovable canines to embrace? Imagine growing up with two giant buddies who will consistently have your back. 

Genius Beast

Love is everywhere! Monster puppies love a decent cuddle just as much as most humans do. Surely, though, a head that enormous must house a large brain. Could this goliath lovebug be some kind of genius? 

image courtesy of jasoncorey411

With so much excess brain volume, possibly Rover will be able to teach his owner some things. Whatever this gentle giant may be thinking at the time, his eyes look like he truly is pondering something deep and meaningful. 

Primped Canine

This lovely puff-ball is almost large enough to be rideable. Perhaps they are going out for an appointment with her groomer. That thick, fancy coat is calling out for a decent brushing. An excellent monster like this requires a great deal of care and grooming. 

image courtesy of @discovery_earth #Animalonplanet?/via Instagram

We hope she appreciates her trips to the dog spa. Imagine cutting her nails! On the off chance that she’s at all defiant, we wouldn’t have any desire to be the ones to persuade her to sit still. 

Hard to Please

Apparently, taking road trips with giant dogs is as troublesome as it sounds. If they aren’t motivated, it requires considerable exertion to persuade them to do what you need them to do. With this in mind, we give this child props for a valiant effort.

image courtesy of Instagram/ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

To be fair, perhaps the canine has a valid justification for being lazy about getting into the vehicle. Heaps of pets get nauseous, and no one wants to tidy up after a sick Newfoundland!

Grandma’s Protector

It’s difficult to discern whether Grandma is grinning or frowning here, but either way, you can tell the sweet, oversized pup’s goals are genuine. He’s full of love and wants a bit of attention. 

image courtesy of u/JChilly12/via

That serious demeanor also suggests that this grey canine may really be safeguarding Grandma. Grandchildren can get pretty unruly. This giant pup is determined to make sure grandma is treated with the respect she deserves.  

Three’s a Crowd

Alright, we aren’t exactly certain how to describe this one. The dog is clearly not harming her owner, however, something is out of order. It may very well be disappointment at the parrot. Huge canines don’t always like sharing the attention of their owners with anybody. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@trez_and_tydu

There’s nothing left to do now but clean up the mess and take the dog for a walk to get the rest of that energy out. It’s important to remember that getting a big dog means committing to a creature that has a whole lot of energy to expend each day.  

Stress Buster

This is what happens when energetic dogs are left to their own devices for too long! This big pup wanted some attention and took out all her frustrations on poor Mickey. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@trez_and_tydus

There’s nothing left to do now but clean up the mess and take the dog for a walk to get the rest of that energy out. It’s important to remember that getting a big dog means committing to a creature that has a whole lot of energy to expend each day.  

Doting Parents

These two St. Bernards nurture the family’s kid. They watch over her like two monster defenders. Nobody will mess with this adorable baby goat so long as these two giant guardians are around. St. Bernards have an innate desire to rescue and safeguard anyone who’s in need. 

image courtesy of

Generally, they have been utilized as rescue animals. Look how the canines flank the baby goat on two sides. This adorable little one will never have a worry so long as her guards are on duty.

Potential Dance Partner

No, that lady isn’t a diminutive person. She’s simply being towered over by her amazing Great Dane. Dogs of this breed are the tallest canines on the planet. This one seems as though it would make a wonderful dance partner.

Image courtesy of @freddygreatdane/Instagram

Great Danes are known to be enormous softies. They have delicate qualities and make cherishing family pets. Despite their soft natures, they can also be successful watchdogs because who would run the risk of upsetting a giant like this?  

The World’s Most Expensive Dog

Look at those tremendous paws. Tibetan Mastiffs are enormous canines that were bred to watch property and farm animals. They have also secured the title of “Most Expensive Dog in the World” after a Chinese entrepreneur spent $1.6 million on one! 

image courtesy of

Normally, this bear-like behemoth would cost about $10,000, which is far from a million but still very expensive. They are loving family members. However, they can be wary of outsiders. Dog lovers out there, are you ready to break into your emergency fund to take home one of these majestic creatures?

The World’s Biggest Lapdog

This St. Bernard doesn’t understand he’s a touch too large to be a lapdog – three laps may work, however. He looks so cozy! Hopefully, this woman doesn’t have to utilize the washroom any time soon. 

Image courtesy of u/immunosuppressivePip/via

She’s carrying a massive load there but still appears to be in a good mood. Can you blame her? St. Bernard’s are friendly and sweet canines. We have to admit, we’d happily share the load! However, they do shed-a ton. We bet she’ll have a lot of white fur on her jeans when she’s finally able to stand up.


You have to love the grin on this cheerful monster. He has some wild eyes though! Our fuzzy companion here is around 90% Grey Wolf with some Siberian Husky and German Shepard blended in. 

image courtesy of Shy Wolf Sanctuary

This wolfdog lives at a national park in Florida, where he eats ten pounds of crude meat every week! He has sufficient canine in him to be tame yet at the same time would not do well in a house brimming with humans.

Like Mother, Like Son

Is it accurate to assume that we are seeing a mom and her pup? Conceivably. Whatever the case, this little delicate goliath-to-be has a lot to learn about the life of the huge canine. Fortunately, it appears he has a skilled educator on hand. 

Image courtesy of beautifulntrealistic

It’s crazy to think that this tiny little furball is going to grow into one of the largest canines around. He will arrive at his full height in about eighteen months. After that, he will keep on adding muscle for at least another six months. 

The Giant Baby

This big guy is truly a baby on the most fundamental level. All he needs is to curl up in a friend or family member’s lap and take a long rest. Looks like he’s just about ready to conk out in this photograph.

image courtesy of u/fadedcommunity/via

Imagine trying to free yourself from the couch with this dormant beast on top of you. It’s probably worth extricating yourself before the pup passes out as we can’t imagine you’d have an easy time freeing yourself otherwise.

Canine Cuddles

It’s pretty obvious that this adorable baby has no fear of this huge Rottweiler. The large doggo is clearly attempting to convey how gentle and accommodating he is by holding his ears down and using his paw to tenderly secure his little human companion. 

image courtesy of

This little girl will always feel safe and protected thanks to her giant companion. We love our fuzzy relatives, especially when they’re this sweet and gentle with tiny humans. 

Mom Doesn’t Need a Caretaker

Aww, this monstrous bulldog wants to participate in mom’s exercise! You could make him happy and make your workout more challenging at the same time by allowing him to jump on for additional weight. Of course, the equipment isn’t designed for dogs to safely climb aboard.  

image courtesy of

Getting consolation from your beloved pet is a colossal help when you are feeling down and drained. With unlimited love and backing, they raise our spirits and inspire us to push for one more rep. 

No Car Rides, Please

This giant Pit Bull abhors vehicle rides and is telling everybody about it. He could scarcely wait one more moment to be liberated from the truck and get back on solid ground. 

Image courtesy of iam_thehulk/via Instagram

Numerous young canines experience the ill effects of travel sickness. Thankfully, most outgrow it over the long run. If yours is still battling, it can help to leave the window open all throughout the journey.

The Best of Friends

Did you see the little kitten sitting on this monster Irish Wolfhound? We nearly missed her! She appears to be fascinated by his long tongue. Regardless of the distinction in size, the two are the best of buddies. Who said felines and canines must be constant enemies? 

image courtesy of storyofohno

Cats and dogs don’t generally get along, but if they have quiet attitudes and are brought together up in a calm environment, the two frequently become close companions.

Beard Bros

Many people have pointed out that humans end up resembling their pets. If you’re not convinced, here’s a valid example. These two peas in a pod always turn heads when they’re cruising around on a weekend. Where are Shaggy’s shades and backwards cap? That would make the image complete. 

Image courtesy of TheGospelofMark

Obviously, this isn’t a canine who gets car sickness. Praise to the owner for keeping his goliath pup securely clasped into his seat. However, belting him up in the backseat would be a much more secure option. 

A Dream Come True

Pet lovers all know that dogs have their own unique personalities, and this huge, white fluffball typifies the excitable sort. For canines like her, being in a gathering of loving people is a dream come true.

Image courtesy of GreenDethKing

A canine’s disposition decides how well she’ll interact with people, other dogs, and any other pets living in the family. Canines like this one are so friendly that even would-be robbers may get a warm welcome. The next doggo on the list is friendly too!

You’re My Favorite Chair

Is this puppy a colossal, wanna-be lapdog, or has the family simply failed to purchase him his own oversized seat? Though some dogs are happy to simply lie on the floor, this big guy clearly has loftier ideas. 

image courtesy of u/thebeardedcannuck/via

Canines like to sit on people for an assortment of reasons: love, solace, fun, even sovereignty. Whatever you do, if you own a giant dog, make sure it knows who’s the big boss. Otherwise you may end up losing your favorite comfy seat. 

Daddy Hugs

Something is telling us that when this man was young, he had a soft toy that looked very much like this Alaskan Malamute. Presently, as a “grown-up,” he likes to haul around this larger-than-life-size adaptation of his childhood toy. Thankfully, it seems the dog is 100% onboard with the hugs.  

image courtesy of Instagram/@malamutemoosh

What an enormous bundle of charm! Clearly, this is a patient puppy as well. His paws and tongue are sticking out in surrender to the hug. There isn’t anything better than the bond between a man and his best companion.

Best Friends in the Forest

It would appear that a stare-off is in progress. This little kid isn’t flinching, but the giant doggo isn’t either. We wonder how long the staring competition lasted. We have a feeling the black dog was the first to get sick of it and demand that his companions stop staring and start playing already! 

Image courtesy of @northwestmommy/Instagram

Young children learn a lot by growing up with canines. They develop an appreciation for the obligations you have to your loved ones and how important it is to nurture familial relationships. Studies have revealed improved social-emotional advancement in kids with pets, particularly canines. Another valid justification for parents to finally buy that cute pup the kids have been begging for! 

Crunchy Fangs

When your huge “bear” of a dog ambles over to your seat to beg for a walk, a treat, or some affection, it’s impossible to ignore the adorable request. Just look at those big puppy dog eyes and tell us you’d be able to say no. We doubt it! 

image courtesy of

This dog’s owners decided to give him the affection he craved in a creative way. Those carrots sure do look like walrus tusks! The picture is adorable, but from the look on his face, we’re not so sure the dog is into his crunchy tusks. 

A Superhero in the Making

This is one confident and towering Great Dane. He is so robust in his position that he resembles a superhero taking shape. Maybe they are in an instructional course. Look at that laser focus. Such discipline! 

image courtesy of pinterest/ Veronica Mahan

Great Danes have grown to be very submissive through the ages, yet they were initially bred to monitor enormous estates and chase wild hogs. This photo illustrates how Danes can still portray a daring guardian’s solidarity and certainty. We guarantee the next dog looks just as powerful!

Is That for Real?

This photo looks like another example of a massive dog until you realize that they used a camera trick and some careful placement of the subjects. How amazing would it be if that kind of fuzzy puppy actually grew to such a monumental size?

Image courtesy of u/mateo139/via

Nowadays, plenty of illusions can be made digitally, and this pic is an illustration of how ingenious some people are. Still, we find ourselves wishing poodles really grew to the size of horses!

Unhappy with the Christmas Sweater

This cranky canine is obviously not warming to his Christmas sweater. Try not to feel so sad, big boy. At least your human parents haven’t put a matching Christmas hat on your head. It could be worse – the humans could have dressed you up as a cat! 

Image courtesy of u/wonderwobbler/via

Canines truly know how to lay on the sad eyes! Who needs words when a withering gaze can say everything? Thankfully, such tragedies of doggy fashion are immediately pardoned when the treats come out. It’s good to know that canines have short memories. 

A Big Smooch Welcome

This smoochy pooch is desperate to give the family’s new little bundle of joy a warm, messy welcome. He is so inquisitive about the small human and needs to become better acquainted with her. Be delicate with her, giant doggo! 

image courtesy of grin660/via

You can tell from Mom’s guiding hand that she’s carefully monitoring this whole interaction. Canines will generally be protective of infants, and nobody is certain why. Perhaps they sense children are more powerless than grown-ups. Still, it’s important to consistently watch out for your dog when it’s around youngsters.

All Grown Up

A few canines battle with separation anxiety. When we get back after working all day, they regularly act like they haven’t seen us in weeks! If your puppy is a monster St. Bernard, his profuse greeting may very well knock you off your feet. 

image courtesy of u/therealrico/via

Canines are social animals, and many don’t care to be left alone. To help your doggo have a sense of safety while you’re away, leave a lot of toys, give them access to a window with an unobstructed view, and keep either the radio or the TV on for company. 

Movie Night

The workday is finally over and all you want to do is relax and watch your favorite movie. Try not to be astonished if your goliath buddy has a go at cozying up with you, particularly if you have some scrumptious treats to nibble on while you’re kicking back. 

image courtesy of u/codyhudym/via

Following a difficult day alone, your four-legged friend needs actual contact and friendship. The dog’s size won’t factor into its desire for closeness with you. Whatever it takes, the pupper will be determined to get a cuddle going.

Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is as stressful as it is magical. Be that as it may, special occasions like Christmas should be a reminder for us to pause and reflect on our blessings. Catching a sweet interaction between two extraordinary companions is a great way to do just that. 

image courtesy of Erin Vey/via

The baby may not recall this moment in the future, yet the developing connection between these two beings will endure in their hearts forever. Is that a grin we can see on the pooch? Aww. 

One Big, Furry Hug

It seems this giant sheepdog has loads of adoration for his human Mom. After a stroll in the park, it’s an ideal opportunity to show his appreciation. This big guy doesn’t hold back either. 

Image courtesy of

Canines are happiest when they’re outdoors. They love long walks, so make sure to always include some time in nature with your pooch. The two of you get to enjoy some bonding time, and the pup gets to unleash some of its pent-up energy. 

Quality Time

Gee. What is so intriguing about that laptop screen? The goliath doggy is truly focusing hard. Or perhaps he’s simply squinting. Whatever the case, time together is what’s important. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@trez_and_tydus

Some way or another, everything appears to be simpler and more charming if our fuzzy companions are nearby. Work is less stressful, and everything feels more doable. Studies have shown that canines are useful for people’s emotional well-being. 

Patience is a Virtue

Have you seen how tolerant canines can be with irritations? Perhaps a kid likes to pull on its tail or tiny baby chicks mistake its nose for a perch. Whatever the circumstance, gentle giant canines take everything in their stride. 

Image courtesy of imatsol/via

Canines get along very well with many other animals. Other than felines, dogs have been known to live in peace with guinea pigs, ferrets, hares, and one another. This picture proves that they are in harmony with baby chicks too!

New Friend

Size is relevant. When compared to their own species or their human companions, these two canines are enormous. However, when contrasted with a horse their size seems less impressive. Here, they look somewhat compliant and prepared to take orders from their new boss. 

Image courtesy of @northwestmommy/via

Being goliath Newfoundlands, these two are most likely not used to looking upwards at other creatures. Yet, they give off an impression of being interested in the new life form in front of them. Perhaps a thorough gallop together will strengthen their thriving kinship.

Just Chilling Out

As the vast majority of us know, canines are pack creatures. They like to live communally as it allows them to remain warm, safe, fed, and loved. This “pack” of lovely Malamutes and their adopted human are completely comfortable for the night. 

Image courtesy of

All modern canines descended from wolves and participate in pack conduct. That is why it is so important for owners to make it clear that they are the head of the family “pack.” If not, the canine will assume the part, and behavioral issues will arise. 

Not Funny

We’re certain there’s somebody giggling behind the scenes here, but the pooch doesn’t appear to be impressed. When he’s out of that child swing, whoever put him in there had better hide. He has that wild look in his eyes. 

image courtesy of

A stroll at the park is a doggie dream day. However, the swings never factor into their thinking. They’d much rather play an invigorating game of fetch. 

A Loving Guardian

This immense Pit Bull is a caring guardian. He is on his best behavior and is making sure all the kids are having a good time in the bath. 

image courtesy of Barcroft USA/

Hostility in Pit Bulls gets exaggerated in the news. While there are reported assaults, most Pit Bulls become gentle family pets when brought up in a caring home. Smart, loyal, and friendly, Pit Bulls are also utilized as service canines. 

Looking For Treats

With a goliath canine in the house, you need to be careful where you hide the treats. This enormous Great Dane can get to places that people wouldn’t think possible. He is resolved and relentless when it comes to food. 

image courtesy of pinterest/

He is presently rummaging through the high cupboards as he’s seen Dad putting the yummy treats up there. A canine’s resourcefulness may amaze you. When there’s sandwich meat in question, what happens next is anyone’s guess.