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Dream Bed Or Nightmare? 40 Bed Designs With Creative But Ominous Vibes

Bedrooms are a sacred place in which to get much-needed rest. At the end of a hard day, a fabulous bed is where you want to snuggle up with a warm cozy blanket and just let the night pass by. This is where you recharge to get ready for everything the next day will bring.

Naturally, you would like the space where you lay your head at night to reflect your personality. A lot of truths can be revealed about a person by simply assessing the state their bed is in, and these bed owners must be full of personality because their beds are one of a kind! 

Shark Tank Fans?

Babies get to sleep all day, so naturally, parents like to keep their children comfortable and safe in a cozy cot. However, this bed might not have comfort as its priority, as you can tell from the look on the child’s face.

Source from demlinked.com

Instead of placing the child in a pleasant, relaxing yacht, they put the poor little thing in shark-infested waters. It’s no surprise the infant is screaming; we’d be sobbing too if we were in this predicament! The child’s parents must be fans of the movie Jaws.

Blood-Curdling Beds

The vampire image has changed throughout the years. From the unwanted monster that haunted black and white films to the sparkling dreamboats of Twilight, they have certainly leveled up in terms of attractiveness.

Source: Dacre Stoker/AirBnB

If you are one of those people who is a fan of the vampire sagas, you might like to try sleeping in one of these beds. If you’re interested in trying it out, this bedroom is part of a Dracula-themed BnB. It’s a little creepy, but that’s the goal!

White and Furry

This is a little bit weird, but buckle up because it’s got nothing on the beds to come! The white setting in this bedroom might remind you of a hospital bed, giving this bedroom an eerie feeling. Don’t worry, though – there’s plenty of fur to comfort you if it starts to creep you out.

Source: Pleasehatehthesethings/Instagram

The drapes surrounding the bed give the impression of being in a psychiatric facility. We’re also baffled as to why there’s so much fur. It seems as though a muppet has exploded on the bedroom floor! The owner of this bedroom clearly has an eccentric personality. 

Dino Bed

If your child has an affinity for dinosaurs, they might pick out this bed type. At first glance, it looks a little scary, but nothing is too terrifying for a kid who loves dinosaurs and wishes they could live with them.

Source by handimania.com

In reality, no one would want to sleep in the stinky mouth of a fourteen-foot-tall monster, but this bed certainly works as an adventurous way of getting kids excited about going to sleep. This is not for everyone, but it sure would be a dream for some children. 

Winter Wonder Bed

Christmas is a season that most people love, but none more than the owner of this bedroom. They spend their whole year stuck in December, with a winter wonderland theme in their bedroom. They even get to sleep next to Santa Clause.

Source by aworkstation.com

The owner of this bedroom might have taken to heart the song that says, “He sees you when you’re sleeping,” because Santa Clause appears to be keeping a close eye on them in their room. We are glad this person gets to live out their fantasy every night. 

Bedrock Bedroom

If you can’t go out in nature, bring nature home and install it in your bedroom. Look at this set-up where the bedroom feels like a cave, giving the name bedrock a whole new meaning. It feels as if we’re gazing back into the stone age.

Source by ADirtyBlonde/Blogspot

People who are earth signs would feel right at home in this setting. A cozy bed with a fireplace would be lovely to snuggle up next to for days. Is this how cavemen used to live (minus the comfort of the cozy bed, of course)?

Wrapped Up Like A Burrito

Aluminum foil is an excellent material to use while cooking since it helps to keep your meal warm. It’s also not prohibitively pricey. This bedroom designer clearly does not care about the cost. What mattered was creating a bedroom that was truly one of a kind.

Source Hello_457/Reddit

We are willing to guess that this guy likes his burritos so much he wanted to become one. Who would not want to be wrapped up like a burrito, warm and cozy underneath all that foil? This may not be 100% comfortable, but you get to be a burrito without a care in the world.

Snuggle Up With A Snake

Some individuals like to sleep with their pets in the bed, such as cats and dogs, since these creatures may provide additional comfort throughout the night. But who has ever heard of a person sleeping in their bed with a snake?

Sourced: Lipstickalley.com

This bedroom looks like an average room, except for the presence of the owner’s favorite reptile on the bed. Hopefully, this is a toy snake rather than a real one. Who knows, this just might be a prank that someone played on their friends.

Fit For A King

This next bed is truly fit for a king. It looks so regal that most people would hardly want to sleep in it as they would feel unworthy. It seems like a bed exclusively reserved for royal family members to take their well-deserved rest.

Source from Pleasehatetheseethings/Instagram

The bed and the rest of the room have a traditional style that gives off big medieval vibes; if you are a fan of the classics or like to watch Game of Thrones, you might want to spend the night here. 

Bed Trap

A mousetrap is a notion that most of us are acquainted with. After setting the trap, you put some food in it, the mouse consumes it, and they are caught under the box. Well, it seems that a “human trap” operates in a similar way!

Source from Eggwater/Imgur

A sleep-deprived human might fall for this trap as the comfortable-looking bed is so enticing for someone who would like to snuggle up after a hard day’s work. Not everyone can resist this trap, but we hope you’re not careless enough to fall for this trap. 

Batman’s Bed

Comic book fans are all too familiar with the Batman symbol and will be wise enough to know who’s bed this is. Although the billionaire Bruce Wayne would hardly want to link his bed to Batman, this is ideal for fans of the Dark Knight.

Source from LifeCheating/Twitter

If you enjoy Batman or bats in general, you’ll love this bed, which has a headboard carved in the form of your favorite winged defender! The owner even took the time to put lights at the bottom of the bed, making it feel like there could be a secret passage hidden underneath.

Road Trip To Dreamland

A race-car bed is a notion that most of us are acquainted with, particularly those who have children. However, we doubt anybody has ever seen a truck bed quite like this. It’s an old Chevrolet that’s been converted into a bed!

Source from Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

This pickup truck served its purpose and is now being upcycled into a cute bed that will take you to dreamland. We particularly like the quote between the wings that says: “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.” This fits perfectly with the theme of the room.

Happy As A Clam

This bedroom has a nautical theme, and this clam fits perfectly at the center of the room. Many people like to pretend that they are underwater, living as a mermaid, but they cannot sleep underwater, no matter how hard they try.

Sourced from Best Furniture

This bed looks extra comfortable. We would be as happy as a clam to spend our nights sleeping in it. You could wake up and pretend to be Aphrodite rising from the clamshell. Our only concern is with that mechanism holding the shell open – what if it malfunctions? We don’t even want to think about it!

Sleeping With The Angels

This is an angelic-themed bedroom if ever we saw one. It looks like it was pulled from the pages of a Victorian-era publication. Who would not feel comfortable with angels guarding them as they slept? They even seem to be lulling us to sleep with their sweet melodies.

Sourced from Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

The lighting and the sheets look so inviting. This angelic theme looks lovely, and we bet you would feel even better underneath those sheets. We’re just not sure about the creepy clowns biding their time on the pillows. 

Teddy Bear Bed

Kids would love this bed. When we were young, we always had stuffed toys we brought to bed with us to snuggle. With this bed, there would be no need to take stuffed toys with you as the whole thing is a teddy bear!

Sourced from Sweetreatreatkids

This cute and cuddly bear would be a hit with kids. Imagine not just hugging the teddy bear but also sleeping on its tummy. It clearly looks innocent enough to let kids sleep in it. Sweet dreams would definitely follow when kids sleep in this bed. 

Levitating Bed

Relax, this is not really a levitating bed. Even though we have had a lot of advances in science and technology, unfortunately, we still have not discovered a way to make household items levitate. This bed only looks like it is floating due to an optical illusion.

Source EveryonesFavoritePlak/Imgur

This bed looks futuristic, but it is just a clever trick accomplished by securing the frame to the wall where no one can see it and placing strategic lights underneath. Maybe we will get a real levitating bed in the near future, but for now, this is as close as you’ll get. 

Apparently, This Felt Right

There are people who cannot get enough of velvet, but this is what you get when you design a bedroom without considering the consequences. Velvet is a stunning material for the bedroom. However, it needs to be used sparingly. Imagine sleeping in a room composed entirely of this material – it’s almost too soft and slinky.

Sourced from thehouseshop.com

With all of that velvet, this bedroom belongs squarely in the 1970s! Relive the disco era and get groovy with it. We bet that these sheets are even comfier than they look. The bell-bottom-loving owners will be sleeping soundly tonight. 

Oh, How The Tables Have Turned

This bed looks odd, and the weirdness gets deeper the longer we look. It certainly is an original concept. At first, it looks like an ordinary four-post bed, but upon closer inspection, it looks as if the bed is made from a table that has been turned over.

Sourced From Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

We could never accuse the owner of being wasteful or unoriginal because this is the first time we’ve seen a concept like this. It looks so fantastical that we wonder if it was pulled out of the prop department of a fantasy film. 

Pyramid Made Of Glass

This bedroom is one that outdoor lovers would appreciate. Sometimes camping outside is not as fun as we imagine it will be. Everything seems okay until it is time to sleep in a tent that hardly keeps you safe from the elements of nature.

Source from Imgur.

This bedroom takes the worst parts of sleeping outside and transforms them into an enjoyable experience. Imagine sleeping under the stars inside this pyramid made of glass. That bed looks comfortable too – it makes us want to spend a few nights in the woods. 

Eccentric Vibes

Who wants to sleep in a boring old bed? A simple bed may be good from time to time, but too much of the ordinary can be dull. Here is a bedroom design that is so far out there it could not be mistaken for ordinary in a million years.

Source from Jacques Dirand

It’s a bird; it’s an egg; no, it is an eccentric bed. This looks comfortable enough to sleep in to break out of the ordinary from time to time. Just like the egg-bird bed, it is good to embrace your uniqueness.

Embracing Nature

We have heard of treehouse living, but this takes it up a notch, offering a space to sleep in that is so close to nature that it is practically part of it. This is an excellent way to learn how squirrels sleep every night in the trees.

Sourced from Treebones resort

This brilliant setup helps people feel closer to nature and is comfortable enough that you’ll doze off the minute you lay on the bed. It provides ample ventilation to keep you comfortable the whole night long. We’re just not so sure how well you’d fare if a thunderstorm rolled in. 

Boxed In

This is more of a modern bed that also provides the person sleeping in it with a minimalistic take on bedroom design. People sometimes like to have walls surrounding the bed to prevent them from falling off the sides.

Sourced from Musicforbodies

There’s something cool about the idea of climbing into a box to sleep, and this is far less daunting than the coffins we saw earlier. Still, it would feel like you’re a doll or action figure, which is mildly unsettling. 

Stone Frame

The majority of beds are built from wood, while some are made of metal. A bed built of stones and pebbles is a rare find. It may not look all that cozy at first, but it does come with a soft mattress for comfort.

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Although this is a unique material to make the bed out of, it does provide a stable base to sleep in. The cushion provides enough comfort for the person who would like to lay in it – just don’t drop anything underneath as it will be a pain to move the bed.

Mermaid Bed

This bed is fabulous from every angle. It looks like a bed that has been stolen from a mermaid and dragged up out of the ocean. The rich royal colors of the sheets and pillows would make us feel like the princes and princesses of Poseidon.

Sourced From The Peak of Chic

The shining, shimmering oyster frame looks so inviting. The structure seems regal, and the curtains in the bedroom are a beautiful royal purple. This bed looks so lovely that it is hard to imagine that someone really sleeps in it. 

Bed Springs

This is a bit odd but a unique take on recycling bed springs. At first glance, this bed is nothing out of the ordinary until we look up from the point of view of the person lying on the bed.

Sourced from Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

This bed is for people who like to wake up with a little fear in their hearts. There may be other ways of recycling these bedsprings, but we have to admit, this does give the bedroom a little bit more character. To avoid getting bumped in the head by the springs, we guess that whoever owns this bed must have made a habit of ducking. 

Matching Furniture

They say that furniture is like toys for adults, and we couldn’t agree more. The owner of this bed sure had fun decorating this bedroom with matching wooden accents and matching patterns that obviously go together.

Sourced from Amazon Furniturebed.com

This bed appears as though it was plucked from the 1970s! If you didn’t know or don’t recall, this hardwood “wavy” design was highly fashionable back then. What a fun relic! Fans of all things retro indeed would have fun with these throwback pieces. 

Throwback Bed

Now it’s time to look at another flashback, but this time to the 1980s! If you weren’t alive at the time, you might not realize that it was a period marked by unusual patterns and styles. This bedroom is the epitome of 80s elegance!

Sourced from The_80s_Interior/Instagram

This bedroom would be grand to stay in if you were planning an 80s-themed sleepover. It is like a time capsule frozen in time. The only issue is that you would start to feel like you were living inside an 80s dad cardigan. Whether that’s a bad thing or not is up to you!

A Hunter’s Bedroom

This bedroom design is for those of you who like to hunt and be outdoors. One look at this bedroom, and it is pretty obvious what type of person would want to sleep in this for the night. The woodsy feel in this room looks like everything has been hand-crafted.

Sourced from Tiffney Marechal

The furniture looks like it was cleverly crafted by someone who loves to spend their time in the woods. We imagine the person who sleeps here every night appreciates the workmanship. The woodsy feel of the room is refreshing for the soul. 

A Car Bed For Adults

We thought one Chevrolet bed was enough, but it seems that they are rather popular! What’s the bet these truck beds can all be found in the US? The owner of this bed has even added some brake lights to make it extra authentic.

Image courtesy of Aqiblqbal/Imgur

No one will judge you if you want to sleep in this bed. It looks comfortable enough to spend the night in. It also looks like the lights of the rear end of the car work too, which is pretty cool.

Tiki Masks

This bed does not look too odd, but it does come with interesting decorations. We are guessing the owner of this bed has a background in Polynesian culture as the masks look hand-carved and authentic. The question is, would you feel comfortable sleeping in a room with those faces staring at you all night?

Sourced from Basnldphotos.com

Tiki masks are hand-carved wooden ornamental masks that symbolize deities and bestow special attributes on the area in which they’re placed. They were originally employed in ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures.

A New Take On The Water Bed

When we think of water beds, this is not what we initially have in mind. However, now that we look at it, this version is much cooler! Imagine sleeping in the bed and taking a dip in the pool the moment you wake up. That would be heaven, right?

Sourced From Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

The water bed that we are used to has the water inside the bed, but this one flipped the concept by keeping the bed dry and filling the bedroom with water. We have to agree it is quite convenient to have a pool next to the bed for a cool dip whenever the mood strikes. Just don’t allow a sleepwalker to stay in this room, or you could be in trouble! 

Renaissance Bed

Feeling a little regal? This bed looks like it has been copied out of a renaissance painting. One would immediately feel like a king or queen in this bed. The four-poster bed has royal red curtains that provide privacy and elegance all at once.

Sourced from Furniture Styles

The towering posts and curtains would make one feel petit. We’re not clear why they needed to be so large – maybe they were intended for a monarch or another important figure. Whatever the case may be, it seems to be quite cool and comfy.

A Bed For Aliens

This bed looks like it has been taken straight out of a science fiction movie. We wonder if this is the bed of the future. Is this where beds are headed over the coming years? If so, we like where this is going!

Sourced from PopSop

The bed shape is certainly odd, but after seeing so many unusual bed types, we’re starting to feel like we wouldn’t want it any other way. The design gives it a modern feel, and we applaud the owner for shaking things up with the design of their room. 

Bed Of A Different Species

Although the creator of this bed most likely had excellent intentions when designing it, we can’t help but notice how much this headboard resembles the animated character Shrek! Those curving lightings also resemble a creature’s eyes.

Sourced From Vumi

Fans of the Shrek franchise would fall head over heels for this bed. After all, the grumpy ogre-turned loveable hero has his own charm. This bed looks best in a dark room as it seems that it is built to be a charming place to sleep and perhaps read fairy tales.

Lying In The Grass

Lying in the grass in the middle of the garden may be an odd thing to do. The neighbors might stare. However, if you must do it, this bed will take the awkwardness out of sleeping in the garden. It is always springtime in this bedroom!

Sourced From Cepolina

This bed is for the people who love walking in the garden barefoot and enjoying picnics in the park. Although we are certain that this is not real grass, we still can imagine people would enjoy spending time in this bedroom. 

An Abstract Bed For Restless Sleepers

This one is both beautiful to look at and a fun way to spend the night. This bed is nowhere near ordinary, and no one can ever call this boring. Imagine spending the night in this slip and slide bed. Who has time to sleep when this looks so fun?

Sourced from Merchant Design

Maybe it’s for someone who wants to join a circus, or maybe it’s for a little kid who can’t stay still when they sleep. Whoever this bed is for, it is sure to be a conversation starter at a party. One could also argue that it is a work of art – an abstract piece. 

Super Comfortable

The owner of this bed might have taken a piece of advice from the old tale of The Princess and the Pea. Otherwise, we do not know why they need at least three cushions for them to sleep comfortably at night.

Sourced from Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

It looks like one regular mattress on top of the other and an airbed on top of that. The owner of the bed must be really picky about their mattress. We sure hope they are sleeping well at night with all of that cushiness underneath them.

Oddly Shaped Posts

This one looks… robust. It may look like something else too, but we guarantee that these are just the four posts of a bed. The low bed might be customized for the owner. Maybe they do not like to be too high up in the world.

Sourced from Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

It looks as if the owner of this bed wants to avoid waking up with a thump in case they fall off the side of the bed. It may be a good idea for that reason, but just imagine cleaning this monstrosity. That’s definitely a job we would want to outsource!

Jungle Bed

We’ve already seen the optical illusion of a bed that seems to be levitating. This one is the real deal! It really is floating in mid-air, with the help of strings that hold the sides up, of course. It must be really fun sleeping in a swinging bed.

Sourced from Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Just imagine the swinging motion of a hammock lulling you to sleep but better because it comes with a mattress that will keep you as comfortable as ever. Who would not want to sleep in this beautiful bed?

A Bed Fit For A Knight

People have long been fascinated with time travel, and this bed might just be another attempt to go back in time to the Middle Ages, where knights were popular. The four-post bed looks like it has taken the spears from famous knights and placed them at the sides of the bed as decoration.

Sourced from HookerHouses

Imagine staying the night here and turning back the hands of time. In your dreams, you would step into a world where knights roam the streets and spears are a common thing to see; so common that they use them as posts for their beds!