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40 Pictures That Prove Customers Aren’t Always Right

Anyone who has worked as a frontliner – whether as a cashier, server, or floor staff – knows that the job requires face-to-face customer interaction. Though customers are generally friendly, and it’s usually fine to live by the maxim that “the customer is always right,” there are instances when they are so far from right that you have to either laugh or cry. These images capture moments when customers believed they were perfectly justified. 

Fortunately, none of the images show the reaction of customer service staff, who had to deal with these problematic situations. What would you do if you were a frontliner witnessing any of these incidents? Would you know what action to take? Enjoy the hilarious pictures and see if you can figure out what to do about these unruly customers.

These chickens were sitting ducks

The raw chickens in this grocery’s frozen meat section didn’t know what was coming. A minute ago, they were minding their own business waiting for a customer to pick them up, and the next minute, they were being squashed by this man who apparently thought he was on a park bench. 

Problems will surely arise when customers who seriously want to make chicken for dinner can’t find what they’re looking for because someone decided that the frozen meat section can double as a waiting area. 

No returns or exchanges

Stores are more than happy to give samples of their products, and customers are more than happy to receive free product samples. It is a win-win situation. But have you ever seen a customer take a product from the shelf, use it, and then put it back?

This person did. Though technically, the customer did not use it on himself but on his pet, this self-cleaning slicker brush designed for pet grooming can no longer be called brand new. If you saw the culprit do this right in front of you, what would you do?

This business doesn’t belong here

Some customers seem to forget that workers need to clean up the mess they leave behind. Maybe a few conveniently do not want to remember that they should be responsible for the mess they make. Clean-as-you-go seems to be an idea no one wants to practice for real.

This customer intentionally left a used baby diaper on a plate of food, but all they would need is a good heart to realize that a harried, hurried, and underpaid worker will be forced to clean it up. Throw your trash away yourself next time!

Pet stores are not playgrounds

This pet store has had enough of people’s childish antics, so the owner decided to put their foot down. Though this once kid-friendly store has now taken an opposite stance, we completely understand where they are coming from.

Stores that have animals on the premises must ask customers to practice care when in the store. Could there have been kids that thought a parakeet was a toy? Was there a child that saw turtles as if they were playthings and not living beings? We hope not.

Falsely advertised mango

Customers will sometimes go out of their way to bend the borders of logic. Take this instance when a store employee had no choice but to deal with an irate customer who was returning an overripe mango.

However, the customer had already opened the fruit and decided it was way past its best-before date. What’s a customer to do? Apparently, the logical course of action is to return the fruit but scotch-tape it together first. How thoughtful of them.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Cleaning as you go is a practice everyone should do out of consideration. Doing so also makes the life of service employees less frustrating. It is not too much to ask for customers to clean up after themselves after a meal.

Whatever may be the reason for this mess – whether it was caused by a child or a childish adult – let’s all use it as a reminder that it doesn’t hurt to be kind. It is also a very cool thing to do.

Good hygiene is in

Stores accept people’s quirks because eccentricities are generally harmless. However, since the world went through a highly infectious pandemic, it is essential that customers practice good hygiene.

Besides wearing face masks, the least people can do is to keep their money in sensible places like wallets, pockets, and purses. The nooks and crannies of your physical anatomy are not acceptable spots. Last we looked, wallets, pockets, and purses have long been in existence, so we might as well use them!

Screaming for ice cream

Remember when Ariana Grande was caught licking donuts on camera? Her stunt may have inspired people to do the same thing, but instead of donuts, they lick the top of new ice cream tubs. They lick them and then put them back on the shelf.

There have been reports that some people have been opening ice cream lids inside stores and licking the contents. As a countermeasure, store owners have resorted to locking their freezers to avoid copycat stunts. Their efforts are sad but effective. Is this really how we need to be treated?

Not all thieves are created equal

Retail employees are hardworking people. They have enough problems on their hands, but customers always find a way to add to them. This may be the reason why some do not seem to bat an eyelash when a customer does some shoplifting.

This incident happened inside a toy store, and it seems to have been done by a creative thief. It’s not enough that the item stolen was a police car – he also had to express his pride about the deed he committed.

Is this customer correct?

There will always be bad customers, but sometimes, there are those that do not fit any specific category. Customers who leave a bad tip belong in one category. Those who leave no tip at all belong in another.

How should you categorize those who leave no tip and let you know about it with a nasty note? This customer felt the need to explain why they decided to leave no tip. No reason was given as to why this decision was written in crayon. Any guesses?

Defrosting chicken

Everyone has experienced putting a product in their cart but then changing their mind and returning it to the shelf. However, only some people are rude enough to just place the item on any old shelf. Retail workers are used to spotting these items and returning them to their rightful shelves.

This customer decided to put a frozen chicken back onto the shelf where baked goods reside. As the chicken thawed, the raw meat juice dripped down into the cardboard boxes of cookies and cream pies below. Lovely.

Tip jars are not for customers

Service workers get tips because their salaries are not enough for them to live on. So when this customer decided to take the tip jar and claim it as her own, they took the only form of revenge they could.

We’re sure they’re hoping there’s a special place in the afterlife just for thieves like this. In the meantime, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The customer’s image was made public. Keep your tip jars away from this woman while karma is doing its best to work on the situation.

Communication is key

This establishment cares enough for its staff that it created a special wall that allows them to express their thoughts and feelings about their interactions with customers. It is a healthy way to vent.

One staff member wrote this funny note on the wall that would make anyone curious as to the context of the conversation. Specifics are appreciated, but since none are available, we’re left to wonder if an alternative form of communication was suggested. Do you have any ideas?

The mess people make

Being polite goes a long way. Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page. Though it may be normal to see customers throwing popcorn when watching a movie in theaters, this picture is a mystery.

Who would want to throw spitballs on a public bathroom mirror? Kids may be inclined to do so, but if it’s an adult who actually wasted time on this deed, maybe spitballs should be the least of their concerns. Learning to be a better member of society should be priority number one.

Nothing better to do

Bad customers have a way of annoying staff and other customers. The least anyone can do is to avoid making underpaid workers do unnecessary additional tasks. They are already paid to do a lot of unpleasant jobs. Why burden them further?

Alas, this customer decided to do just that. By stacking shopping carts in a manner that would require someone to spend at least an hour to put everything in order, they’ve provided proof that people need to be nicer.

Not tipping is a sin

Different countries have specific rules about tipping. Apparently, some are able to get around not tipping by rationalizing their decision. In this case, the person used the tip section of the bill to offer an amount of money no one could even use.

People in the US expect customers to tip between 10% and 20% of their total bill. However, this customer has a standard of his own when tipping. Giving the most offensive and least generous tip seems to be his end goal. Mission accomplished.

Worker vs. customer

This picture of a worker who has been assaulted by an angry male customer sparked a discussion on social media. Should the worker press charges, or should she let the situation be?

Why would a grown man want another person’s life to be miserable just because his burger didn’t have lettuce in it? Better yet, is the problem really about the lack of lettuce in a bun or his anger management issues? May karma do what is best for all.

Post-sale scenario

Shopping seems to bring out the worst in people. People push and shove others just to get what they want in a Black Friday Sale, but the energy they expend is not equal to the worth of the products they are purchasing.

Workers get the short end of the stick. Imagine having to clean up this mess after a busy sale. The Forever 21 retail staff who took this picture knew it would take them forever to arrange this mess. We feel for them!

Valid excuse?

Life is hard for all of us at times, but every time you don’t tip, you make someone else’s life harder. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that tipping is part and parcel of dining out at a restaurant in many countries.

Though single mothers may think they have a more difficult life than a restaurant worker, they should keep in mind that the server may be a single mom or dad too. Tipping should be standard. If you are really hard up, not eating out makes more sense than not tipping.

Thief of the month

If you can’t stop them, shame them. This wall of shame was placed by an establishment as a way to get back at a customer. It is one way for people to know who to look out for in their community. The bad customer’s anonymity is also removed.

The best thing about these pictures is the blow-by-blow visual account of the deed as it’s being done. There’s no reason at all why this customer should not be heralded as the thief of the month.

This is not art

Maybe this was started by one random customer who decided to sample a spray can’s color. There was no blank wall to test it on, but then they saw the blank floor. Thinking it could serve as a makeshift canvas, the customer sprayed a small dot. Things soon got out of hand.

Another customer shopping for spray paint saw the deed and decided to add another. dot. A third customer did the same thing, and another, until the entire floor was littered with would-be artists (or vandals) practicing their “craft.”

Boo to you too

Some customers sadly make an effort to ruin someone’s day. Nobody is perfect, so if a server missed something in your order or failed to bring you a glass of water, it won’t hurt you to just let it slide.

It’s important to appreciate the long shifts and hard work servers live through every day. Their feet might be hurting from never sitting down. They may even be covered with tomato sauce stains. The least anyone can do is give them a tip instead of a “boo.”

Wall of no shame

Gas stations have a method for deterring would-be thieves as well as those who have already done the dastardly deed. Upon entry, prepare to see a slew of bad customers who – according to the gas station – are guilty of shoplifting or have been banned due to one reason or another.

Essentially, the wall of shame is telling these customers to find another gas station. These individuals deserve to be on this wall as they clearly have no shame. This is a lesson for us all!

The came, they saw, they played

This image is not from a disaster movie. There was no tornado that ripped this establishment apart. This picture was taken in a thrift store after a group of children – probably accompanied by their parents – came and played.

Unfortunately, no one knew how to put things back where they first saw them – hence the mess of strewn toys. Kids will be kids, so it is clearly not their fault. The adults who brought them there should be the ones responsible.

That’s not how this works 

Some customers are bad, a few are very bad, but this is just wild. After a customer finished his meal, he decided that he didn’t like the food or the service. To prove his point, he went beyond anything we’ve yet seen on this list.

Not only did he fail to tip, but he also gave himself an unwarranted discount! Though customers have the right to their opinions, they have no right to underpay. Doing so is illegal. This is theft.

Too close for comfort

Coffee shops are specially designed to make customers feel cozy enough to relax, have a chat with friends, read, or work. However, this man decided to take it two steps further – literally. The reason why he thinks it is hygienic to put his bare feet on a table is beyond us.

Maybe the coffee shop was too cozy, and he forgot he was at a public place and not at home. He could have at least worn socks or slippers.

This isn’t Fear Factor

Bad customers have a way of saying they are mean without actually saying it. This picture is a perfect example of that. The best thing a server can do in this situation is to make this a challenge and record their efforts on YouTube. Maybe have it earn some views and dollars.

Usually, karma has a way with customers like these. Maybe in their next life, they will find themselves working in a restaurant and putting up with similar customers.

Give with a cheerful heart 

The most problematic customers are sometimes the unexpected ones. Take this customer who is also a pastor. He decided to give a zero tip to a server but managed to rationalize his stinginess with mathematics and religious logic.

Though the pastor may think he is justified, he should remember that the Bible also says God loves a cheerful giver. He could have at least given a tip equal to the amount of goodness in his heart – or maybe he already did.

Key stealers

It would make more sense to steal keys that can open a bank vault or an expensive Lamborghini. In this case, the keys stolen are those from a computer keyboard. Though the deed is relatively harmless, it still does not make any sense.

We can only hope this was a low-grade prank because if this is real, we do not know if we should feel mad or sad. However, we have decided it’s easier on our hearts if we feel “meh” about it.

Let us be good customers

The lettuce in this picture does not deserve to be put on the ground by this customer. Fortunately, there is a witness to all these shenanigans who has appropriately uploaded the incident on social media.

Why this customer is throwing away the “bad lettuce” is beyond anyone’s comprehension. She is treating this store’s produce section as if it were a barnyard. Surely, this is totally unacceptable. If you ask us, she should be kicked out of the store. Let’s let lettuce be!

Budget-conscious customer

Spending within your budget is important, but this customer is using that reason as an excuse not to give a tip. Similar to the single mom who used her motherhood as a reason for not tipping, this customer pulled out the budget card to escape from being called a bad tipper.

However, poking a hole through this customer’s logic is easy-peasy. If staying within budget is this patron’s goal, then making a home-cooked meal should have been the priority and not eating out. If you can’t tip, don’t go out to eat.

After the storm

By storm, we mean a storm of customers who swarmed a shoe store during a sale. Any person who has ever worked in retail can relate to the employee’s horror. Imagine having to pick up after customers who ransacked every shoebox to find a pair they like.

Customer service employees see the worst of humanity. They are witnesses to people transformed by greed who are determined to pay 50% less for a pair of shoes. It is not a pretty sight.

Color them bad

Either these customers are bored, or they just want to ruin a retail worker’s day. Both are mean things to do. Why some people choose to open bottles of nail polish and turn them upside down defies logic and basic human ethics.

Maybe the customer thought this would be funny, or they were simply too lazy to turn the bottles right side up. But why turn them upside down in the first place? Your guess is as good as ours.

A phone number is not currency

For some reason, this customer thought that his phone number could magically replace the United States dollar. How he was able to equate his digits to currency is unfathomable. The level of narcissism involved in such a gesture is off the charts.

We can only guess he lives in a world of his own making. To add insult to injury, he declared his delusion that his number “is better than a tip” and immortalized it on a used restaurant napkin – what a gentleman. 

Are these customers blind?

If the customers who placed these shopping carts in the handicapped spot are blind, then this picture makes sense. We can also not fault them for this blatant error. If they are just lazy, then this act is not forgivable.

If they took it a step beyond laziness and did this to be mean, we can only hope that karma gets them. Why would anyone in their right minds leave these carts and make a disabled person’s life difficult? Shame!

Buddha will not bless you

This note is something the Buddha would write. Instead of giving a warning that stealing is a crime, this note merely reminds anyone that stealing is equal to not receiving a blessing.

The bigger question here is this: why would anyone want to steal a Buddha statue? Who woke up one morning and decided that Buddha deserved to be on his desk? Whoever has been stealing religious statues, may the Buddha cleanse your soul and help you see the error in your ways.

Unsolicited tip

Some people have no shame. Instead of doing the right thing – that is tipping – they put one over the server by denying them a tip. Plus, they masked their stinginess and callousness by advertising their business on the receipt!

If the customer was promoting this website because they are its owner, this note will only serve to ensure that the restaurant staff never do business with them. With an attitude like this, the customer is on their way to the unemployment line.

Customer’s two cents

This image captured a customer’s unsolicited two cents – figuratively and literally. He was only expected to give a tip, which is standard in any establishment. However, he decided to give more, or more specifically, he actually gave a lot less.

In our opinion, this customer is not just having a bad day – he is living a bad life. Taking it out on a server is wrong. Whatever feelings of worthlessness this customer is having, may he stop projecting them onto others.

Pink is normal

Customers who don’t tip will always find a reason that makes them feel smug and justified. This server received a note on a receipt that was not accompanied by a tip. It was an un-eloquent explanation of why the customer did not do the right thing.

We wonder if the customer belongs in the 21st century and has never seen pink hair on a human before. Either way, the server’s beautiful pink hair is a lot more normal than this customer’s medieval attitude

Have a non-blessed day, perhaps?

This customer was unintentionally triggered by an innocent greeting offered by the server. Clearly, the server had no desire to ruin the customer’s happy disposition, but apparently, it doesn’t take much to irk this customer and stir up a nasty response.

Did the greeting trigger the customer’s anger or were they looking for any excuse to avoid tipping? We feel it is highly unlikely that such a benign statement triggered a decision not to tip. It’s more likely that the customer’s bad attitude did.