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These People Got Exposed For Behaving Badly in Public

Good manners should be taught from an early age. Both parents and teachers have a shared responsibility to teach children respect and courtesy. Their difficult task involves molding children to become upright individuals as they grow up, whether at home or at school. It begins with bringing simple terms like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ into their daily conversations. From there, they should learn to be nice to neighbors and clean up after themselves. 

Unfortunately, some people make it into adulthood without learning enough about basic good behavior. Such people aren’t shy about being rude, disrespectful, or trashy in public. However, in the age of smartphones and social media, their poor behavior is being shared with the world as a warning to others that bad manners aren’t tolerated by everyone in society. Read on to meet some of the worst offenders. 

Eat faster

Would you rather not enjoy your breakfast or get shoved off your table? Well, Brandon here experienced both. Thanks to a “lovely young woman” who felt entitled to take his seat with her friend. 

Who needs table reservation when you can just tell people to finish their food faster, right? Busy restaurants can only provide so much seating for customers. If you want to grab a nice bite with a friend, make sure to allow others to enjoy theirs.

The definition of self-centered

We are not sure what this woman was trying to protect. Was it her jeans or her knees? Either way, she did it at the expense of those bread loaves. We can’t imagine having the nerve to grab two perfectly good loaves of bread and ruin them like this for our own selfish needs. 

Because of what she did, the store can no longer sell those loaves. She did not even bother putting them back on the shelf. What a perfect way to show how self-centered she is. 

Thanks for the ‘tip’

Tips are not required but are highly appreciated in restaurants. People can tip by giving cash directly to the server or by just leaving it on the table. However, we do not understand the need to make a trap like this.

No decent human would do this. Servers already have a lot of cleaning to do, so while this may seem funny, it’s a poor excuse for a practical joke. This tip trick doesn’t add up. It is not funny at all.

It’s the cost that counts

Getting invited to weddings is one of the best feelings ever. You get to witness the most wonderful moment in a couple’s life and celebrate with them. Everything seems beautifully romantic until you get a string of messages like the ones captured below.

Asking for presents is already somewhat impolite. Couples should let guests give gifts voluntarily. Setting a price tag takes the rudeness to a whole new level. You can expect fewer people to come to your wedding if demands like this are imposed.

Of hygiene and manners

Popping zits at home is never a good idea. Dermatologists and beauty experts have long emphasized this. Extractions should be done professionally in a clinic, not at home. Of course, that advice doesn’t mean you’re free to do it on a plane.

Your fellow passengers shouldn’t have to see you do that. Not only is it impolite, but it is also incredibly unhygienic. It’s better to just leave your face alone while on a plane. This applies to any public transportation.

Trash shelves?

Since when did store shelves become garbage cans? This Starbucks drink obviously does not belong on this shelf, but a random person placed it here. It is not a good look for the store, and it’s bothersome for other customers.

Some customers put items on different shelves, which is sort of tolerable. Using shelves as a trash can, however, is unacceptable. If you can’t find a proper trash can in the store, have the decency to hold onto your trash until you leave. 

One-star rating

Online reviews can make or break a business. Other customers often go for companies with great ratings and feedback rather than those with poor ones. In this Google business guide, a customer’s rant went overboard.

This entitled customer rated the business with one star, but the owner did not hesitate to defend his team. As it turned out, there was a hurricane battering the area, and it was not safe to open the business let alone do house calls. 

Fashion fail

The picture below proves how rude people can get. This is a clothing store section, and almost all items are scattered on the floor. This is all thanks to inconsiderate customers who pulled them from the racks and did not bother putting them back.

What a sight to behold for the employees. In a rush? It does not take a minute for you to put an item back in its place. Some people need to try working in a clothing store so they can realize how hard it gets when customers are disrespectful.

The available seat

The tweet below slams the young girls in the photo for not letting the elderly woman taking the selfie have a seat on the bus. It does not make any sense, though, because there is an empty seat right behind her.

While this woman thought she would be seen as the one exposing bad manners, it’s clear that the truth is a little different. If you are going to post about your issues online, make sure you’re being reasonable.

A post for a discount

Some so-called social media influencers are getting out of hand. Imagine being rated with one star for not giving a free meal in exchange for an Instagram post? That is exactly what happened to this restaurant.

Despite the good food, this entitled “influencer” shamed the business for not giving her a discount, calling it poor customer service and cheap management. This is why some restaurants now have signs saying “influencers pay double.”

Displayed diapers

Sure, trips with babies are no easy feat for a parent. Babies do not hesitate to make a mess in their diapers whenever they feel the need, even in a clothing store. This mother took things a bit far, though, by changing her baby’s diaper on a display table. 

Malls and even department stores generally have restrooms, and most have special sections for changing babies. This should be common knowledge. There is always a right place for everything.

Nail polish vandal

Here is another frustrating scenario to look at. We feel sorry for the store assistant. Some random people left this mess in the nail polish section. What a great way to show consideration for the workers and the shop itself.

Trying out testers is fine, but spilling products all over the counter is not. These items obviously are not sellable anymore, and the shelf probably needs to be cleaned thoroughly, or worse, replaced. Whoever did this needs to relearn good manners.

Whining over chocolates

Spoiled children can be so annoying. They need to be taught basic manners, but if you’re not their parent or teacher, there’s little you can do about it. Every now and then, however, life gives you the opportunity to teach a kid a lesson. 

Simple things like a chocolate bar can bring the worst out of a spoiled kid. In this case, we’d say the person who bought the chocolate bars was being a little petty, but we fully support their actions. Sometimes pettiness is called for! 

Would you buy these avocados?

This woman probably got tired and couldn’t find a bench to sit on. Perhaps grocery stores need to install seating so things like this don’t ever happen again.

Of all the things she could’ve sat on, this woman chose avocados. Even if she hasn’t squashed and bruised them, would anyone want to eat fruit that some random stranger has sat on? This is a good reminder to always wash your fresh produce!

Scene stealer

We previously mentioned that a wedding is the most special day in a couple’s life. However, this newly engaged woman is no longer sure what her wedding day is going to look like. Her future mother-in-law has decided to jump in and steal the scene.

We do not understand the groom’s mother at all. Why would you want to steal the spotlight from your son? And wouldn’t it already be a special day for you to see your child take such a big step? 

Untimely manicure

Of all places, the person in the picture below decided to cut his fingernails on a plane before it took off. This is such a weird, gross, and inconsiderate thing to do on public transportation.

Clippers and other sharp objects aren’t allowed on a plane, so we cannot help but wonder how this passenger got on with them in his pocket. Is he just letting the clipped nails fall on the ground? We feel sorry for the passengers next to him. 

Someone took the “dumpster fire” concept too far

The picture below shows how a lump of hot coal burnt a certain resident’s garbage bin. Some rude people probably enjoyed a barbeque but were too lazy to wait for their coal to cool down before disposing of it.

Someone’s innocent trash bin just got ruined by these inconsiderate neighbors. How would they feel if the same thing happened to them? For sure, they would not be happy. A little discipline would not hurt.

Childish behavior

The picture below is wild. If you’re looking for a way to ruin a restaurant worker’s day, this is it – mindlessly throw your trash on the floor so others have to clean up after you.

Is it that hard to collect your own rubbish and pop it in the trash can? The worker who posted this might have already spent a whole day cleaning. This man needs some schooling on manners.

Keeping the doors open

This woman seems to be so busy with an important phone call that she caused other people inconvenience. Though some calls can be distracting, surely she would’ve noticed the icy weather she was bringing into the store? 

It was freezing outside the establishment, but she kept the automatic doors open while absentmindedly standing in front of them. It seems she didn’t even notice the cold, but everyone else sure did. 

Instagram “celebrity”

Some celebrities have a reputation for being rude and having diva attitudes. With the rise of social media influencers, this type of behavior seems to be escalating. 

No one is entitled to be rude to others. It seems this rude influencer’s card decided to teach her a lesson by declining a tiny transaction and embarrassing her. This goes to show that, no matter what your follower count looks like, you need to learn manners.


Maneuvering your car on the road requires control and focus on your end. Whether you have been driving for a long time or not, it should be common sense not to run over wet cement with visible barriers.

A good driver knows how to follow rules and avoid causing inconvenience to other people. In this case, the car’s wheels destroyed the fresh cement. This driver could use a road rule refresher course with some training in basic courtesy thrown in.

Ring for attention

We all know how busy restaurants can get. Some servers have to juggle multiple tasks at a time just to attend to every customer’s needs. If we see this, we need to be a little patient and considerate. 

The lady above brought her own bell to make sure she could always get the server’s attention. If this is not rude, then we don’t know what is. Not only is she being rude to the waiter, but she’s also being disrespectful to other customers.

That’s not a footrest

Most people who take public transportation have gone through a long, tiring day. Some have to work on their feet for hours, so sitting comfortably is a luxury. Though they should certainly be able to relax, the person below has taken it a little too far.

It is never polite to rest your feet on another seat. Have consideration for the next passenger who will have to sit there. No matter how tired your feet are, do not treat public seating as though it’s your own sofa or bed.

The freeloading coworker

It’s not every day that someone treats you and pays for your meal. When things like this do occur, some folks are all too eager to take advantage of other people’s kindness. The tweet below is a perfect example.

Some people really need to be given a reminder of what courtesy looks like. In situations like this, one should never order the most expensive dish on the menu. Nothing is actually free when someone offers to pay on your behalf.

Tried and tested (but not in a good way)

The dog brush below screams next-level rudeness. A random owner tried it on their pet, which explains the fur stuck on it. Since we are talking about impolite people, it should come as no surprise that the owner did not buy the comb. 

Instead, the customer put it back on the shelf as if it would clean itself. This is too bad for the store owner as they can no longer sell it. The pet owner obviously did not like the item, but is there a need to be rude?

Out of order

Finding a full roll of toilet paper in a public toilet is always such a relief. We know the fear of running out of it, so we try our best to conserve what’s there. The person responsible for the mess below clearly doesn’t feel the same way.  

Aside from wasting the restroom’s toilet paper, the previous occupant did not even bother cleaning up after themselves. Others cannot use the cubicle now. This list just gets worse and worse!

Selfish parking habits

It is obvious what is wrong with this scenario. This father and son cannot access the wheelchair ramp because another vehicle has parked where they’re not meant to park. There’s a reason why you’ll find blocked-off space beside handicapped parking spots. This is it. 

The driver of the silver vehicle has clearly violated the rules and caused inconvenience to this man and his child. They need to learn more about parking signs and start showing more respect to other people. 

Birds are natural singers

Nothing is more annoying than people who think there is a need to make an issue about everything. This mother and daughter seem to have forgotten that birds sing in the morning. There is nothing to complain about.

How could you make a fuss over birds while camping? The site managers surely have far more important things to think about. What this lady expected them to do about the birdsong is beyond us.


We are having a hard time thinking of a decent reason why a random customer did such a horrible thing. This cap was just minding its own business. No one else is going to want it now with gum stuck into it.

Perhaps the culprit likes it and wants to come back for it. Even if this were the case, it is never okay to stick gum on something that’s not yours. Other customers could have bought it and enjoyed wearing it.

Closing time

Entitled people seem to love dishing out the one-star ratings. Here’s yet another hilarious encounter with an unreasonable customer. This girl complained to the pet shop about them not remaining open after hours for her to come in and browse. 

This is a good sign that you are a rude person. Next time, check the clock so the shop can properly address your pet’s needs. If you had arrived two hours earlier, they could have welcomed you.

Anything for the feed

Social media can bring the best or the worst out of people. Take this couple for instance. They went the extra mile to take a nice picture for Instagram. However, it only takes a second to spot what’s wrong with this image. 

This shrine in Kyoto was off-limits as it had been hit by a strong typhoon. That explains the barrier, which the couple chose to ignore. Just imagine if something had fallen and harmed the woman.

Toy store fiasco

All parents know how messy kids can get. The two adults here do not seem to have control over their children. This is so inconvenient for other customers, and we can only imagine how the poor employees are feeling.

This photo is chaotic. The parents are more annoying than the kids. It probably takes hours to assemble all the toys on their respective shelves, and it will definitely take the store assistants a long time to fix everything.

It’s not always the kids

Many diners and bars provide games for customers to enjoy. They include board and card games free of charge. However, this photo will make some owners think twice about doing the same thing.

Unfortunately, there are far too many immature adults who lack discipline and respect. Businesses spend money on these games. These people make it look like it’s hard to take good care of games when the truth is, it’s not. All it takes is respect.

Critical road

Some people are worse than you could ever imagine. The badly-parked white car in this picture has just hindered paramedics on their way to the emergency helicopter. To say that this is selfish behavior would be an understatement. 

In life and death situations, the last thing you need is to encounter rude people. It’s so obvious that this is not an okay place to park, yet the driver of the white car valued their own needs over the safety of others.

Dramatic yoga

The woman in the picture is Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alec Baldwin. Aside from being a podcast author, she is also a yoga teacher. However, we think that a plane is never the right place to exhibit yoga poses.

She seemed proud of what she did when she tweeted this photo. She even thanked her fellow passengers and referred to them as “yoga buddies.” Based on their expressions, however, it’s clear that they are uncomfortable with what she is doing.

Entitled wife

This military spouse adds a whole lot of heat to this list of annoying individuals. She thinks she deserves free drinks for being the wife of a serviceman. We understand how hard it can get for her, but we beg to disagree with her behavior.

Other people, like those in the restaurant’s management, may experience hardships too. Her over-the-top request is so unreasonable, it even looks like she married a military person just to use it to ask for ridiculous privileges like this.

Plants vs. parcels

Shopping online is one of the most convenient things ever. You get to buy anything you want from the comfort of your home. Place your order, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Just hope that the delivery person doesn’t destroy your dear plants.

Some couriers are absentminded and seem to place packages wherever they happen to land. We do not understand why these innocent flowers had to be treated this way. No matter how much of a hurry they’re in, couriers should always be considerate.

Borrowing issues

We’ll never know where people like this get their sense of entitlement. Letting friends borrow your stuff is normal, but it should come with limits. This so-called “friend” needs to relearn the definition of friendship.

Based on the conversation above, this “friend” took the headphones without permission, mocked their value, and told the owner to just ask for another pair from the person who was so generous with them. Real friends don’t behave this way.

Whose fault?

The author of this tweet, Ms. Fischer, received a complaint that her car was blocking someone in the parking area. She went down from her office to address the issue, only to deal with this rude man below.

His car is the black one, and it is obvious who’s really in the wrong. He’s the one who parked over the line, but he’s too prideful to admit his mistake. Why not just climb in through the other side?