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40 Funny Airport Welcome Sign Ideas

While it is true that airports see some of the most joyous welcomes and saddest goodbyes, there’s one thing in particular that makes us all smile. If you’ve ever been through an airport, you’ve seen welcome signs like this at least a couple of times. From creative to sarcastic, sweet to embarrassing, these airport pickup signs have it all. 

What makes a good airport welcome sign? Epic one-liners will always do the job, but some people take it to the extreme. We’ve even witnessed an entire family dress up just to greet their loved one. Though many an airport sign has come and gone over the last few years, the ones on this list are the cream of the crop. Enjoy, and if you have a loved one flying home soon, get inspired! 

A Reception Fit for the Sith Lord

Starting our list with a bang is this epic greeting from the stormtroopers to their leader, Darth Vader. The sign held by one of the stormtroopers is simple yet funny at the same time. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

Who wouldn’t notice them with their legendary imposing white armor? Those suits come with an array of survival tools and temperature controls to allow the soldiers to thrive in almost any environment. With that said, let’s all welcome “The Chosen One.”

Tough Brotherly Love

There’s nothing sweeter and stronger than tough love between brothers and sisters. The sarcastic signage created by the guy in the picture encapsulates how much he loves his sister. The sarcasm is off the charts, and his facial expression is also comical.

image courtesy of runt-of-the-web

The sign might be funny, but Jody will surely appreciate it. We especially love the fact that the sign looks like it was created in a rush. These two must have had absurd sibling rivalry and we want to know more about it.

Are They Here Yet?

Here’s another creative sign from a beautiful family. Based on the placard, their parents must have been on a long vacation which triggered them to write the slapstick line. While her brothers seem to be happy about their parents’ impending return, the young lady has a child-like pout. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

Kendrick Lamar Hints at ‘Final TDE Album’Keep WatchingKendrick Lamar Hints at ‘Final TDE Album’00:00/01:30If these three are this adorable, we bet their parents are even more so. Where else could they inherit their sarcasm from, right? What a great day for these three sassy orphans.

Hey Tom, Are You Ready Bro?

This is probably one of the most embarrassing but hilarious airport pickup signs ever created. Imagine having a long flight, and as soon as you step foot in the arrival area, you see your brother holding this sign. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

To be honest, we are not even sure what’s funnier – the sign or the fact that this guy apparently passed by a trash bin, got hold of an old and tattered cardboard box, and decided to write something.

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You, Simon!

The lady who is holding this placard must have been planning this all day. Unlike the guy in the previous slide, this lady at least put in the effort to pick up a good quality sheet of white cardboard.

image courtesy of trendings

The message inscribed might be simple, but it surely holds a deeper meaning. Is the lady telling the whole world that her partner loves taking pictures of himself? Or, is it a secret language that only the two of them understand?

Sarcastic or Sincere?

One golden rule when it comes to reading airport pickup signs is not to be gullible. The idea of having one in the first place is to bring smiles or even tears to the person for whom the signage is intended. While we don’t know the whole story about this picture, the lady’s face says it all.

image courtesy of Surprise ideas/pinterest

She seems very happy to be greeting a family member and congratulating them on overcoming their demons. However, from that cheeky grin, we think it could be a prank as well.

Who Is This Guy Talking About?

Okay, where do we begin with this guy in a Men In Black outfit who thinks he is slick with his sign? Automatically, we assume that he is probably referring to his wife, and he thinks this sign will brighten her day. 

image courtesy of runt-of-the-web

However, it’s possible that he has just gone to the airport hoping that someone who fits the description will answer his call. Who is the hot Italian chick that he is referring to? Claudia Romani? Monica Belucci, perhaps?

A Head Turner

It’s a wonderful sight to see families bullying each other in a fun way. No explanation is really needed with this one as you can see the sheer excitement on both of their faces. 

image courtesy of inspiremore

A simple airport pickup sign wasn’t enough for these two. They were determined to make sure their funny welcome sign would stand out amongst the rest. Whoever Mokie is, we bet he had a moment of surreal confusion when he saw a giant version of his own face staring at him from across the arrivals lobby. 

Never-Ending Sibling Rivalry

You can see in her face how sweet revenge is. According to the owner of the picture, the lady holding the sign had waited a long time to have her vengeance. I mean just look at her – she can barely control her laughter. We have to admit, this is one embarrassing airport pickup sign for her loved ones.

image courtesy of doyouremember

If it were your family member holding that sign, would you still approach her? Nobody wants to be known as a smelly fart fetishist, but that’s what everyone else in the arrivals hall at the airport is going to think. 

Family Affair

In this never-ending saga of puns, one-liners, and epic quotes, we have another example that will brighten up your day. Considering the picture and the signage that the man is holding, they are probably siblings who were away from home for the longest time.

image courtesy of doyouremember

To make their airport welcome sign stand out amongst the rest, their parents decided to use the most embarrassing pictures they could find. This is just their way of showing their undying love for their children.

Fifth Time’s the Charm

Here’s a prank that may go both ways. Whoever is responsible for this airport welcome sign must have a great connection with his dad. The sarcasm displayed was thoughtful and playful, but we bet dad wasn’t impressed when he first saw it.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

The real question now is, what happened to the first four brides that were ordered through the mail? Were they delayed? Was there a problem at the post office or something? We need answers!

Welcome Home… We Need Cereal!

This man must have had enough of his parents and their constant globetrotting. Sure, they need their long, well-deserved vacations. However, they forgot to do one vital thing before planning their latest trip.

image courtesy of Surprise ideas/pinterest

Groceries. Yeah, the guy with the sign might have enjoyed his alone time while his parents were away, but having no cereal can be a bummer. To voice his frustration about his parents’ incompetence, he created this sign. Sarcasm at its finest.

Douglas of the Noble McGregor Clan

Who says you can’t make your sign elegant and regal? We are assuming here, but whoever made this post must be a huge fan of Game of Thrones. Not only was it planned properly, but if you zoom in, they even made their own sigil.

Image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

This would be a hilarious moment if Douglas arrived wearing khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, looking nothing like a prestigious member of the noble McGregor clan.

Noisy Pale-Faced Lady!

Talk about being straightforward! They could have created a long and thoughtful message, but instead, the best this lady’s family could do was this. We wonder how loud she is for such a sign to be warranted.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

To raise the embarrassment stakes, they didn’t even bother writing their sign on cardboard. It looks like it was just written in a notebook as an afterthought. Welcome home, loud lady!

Hot like Gravy

It is common knowledge that a sign like in a restaurant means that the gravy is fresh, delicious, hot, and ready to eat. What we don’t understand is why this woman decided to seek out hot gravy in the arrivals area of the airport. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

Is it a language barrier issue? Is this the favorite food of the person she was waiting for at the airport? Did she mean Hot Gary? We have so many questions.

Bowel Movement Alert

First and foremost, we hope that Sarah is doing great and is no longer in desperate need of Imodium. Laughter often is, as people love to say, the best medicine. However, if the medicine you need is Imodium, laughter is probably the last thing you want.

image courtesy of inspiremore

The good thing about this situation is, they were able to buy the medicine Sarah so desperately needed. The bad thing is, with a sign that bold, she must have gotten a few wary looks from fellow travelers at the airport. 

Why Are You Coming Back Again?

Isn’t it bothersome when you’ve moved on with your life and are tackling new things by yourself, then all of a sudden, somebody from your past reappears and expects you to drop everything for them?

image courtesy of heraldweekly

The sign might be a little bit harsh, but that is part of the guy’s game plan. He knew it would make his girl smile. The way they are looking at each other is priceless. 

Congratulations Are in Order

Undergoing the knife is not fun at all. It can leave long-lasting trauma, scars, and memories that can never be erased. While that statement is true, this sign is off the charts.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

This seems like a reference to one of Dave Chappelle’s standup comedy specials in which he talks about Caitlyn Jenner and her highly publicized transition. Some may find the joke funny while others will think it’s in poor taste. Where do you stand on jokes like this? 

Pickup Lines from a Pickup Sign

Finally, a wholesome airport welcome sign. We can see that the person responsible for this cute sign invested a lot of time to ensure he expressed his feelings fully. The result is a simple pickup line conveyed via a pickup sign.  

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

This guy is clearly making a move on whoever is about to arrive at the airport. Perhaps they’ve been away from each other for some time and can’t wait to see each other again. Hopefully, the person with the cute face likes it.

Excited Dad Is Excited

If this sign doesn’t show how thrilled this dude is about seeing Taylor and Steven, we don’t know what will. Yes, the airport pickup sign might have been created in a rush, but the thoughtfulness is there.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

This small gesture will surely be treasured by Taylor and Steven, and what makes it even cuter is the thumbs-up sign at the bottom. He hasn’t seen them yet, but he’s already beaming with excitement.

Mother-Daughter Combo: Apple Tree

The look on their faces brings us genuine happiness. The backstory of this picture is that her mom was away for a long vacation, and upon returning home, they had a plan to easily spot each other at the airport.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

The mother was holding a tree while her daughter was holding an apple, both of which were cut from cardboard. We are amazed by their creativity, cuteness, and teamwork.

Indecipherable but Cute

Aww, this little girl couldn’t contain her excitement at the airport while waiting for her parents who were away from a long business trip. She was woken up by her siblings as they rushed to the airport to fetch their mom and dad.

Do we understand what she wrote on the poster board? No. Her parents did, however, and tears streamed down their faces when they saw their baby holding this adorable airport welcome sign.

Roger That, Soldier!

There’s a viral video right now showing video clips of servicemen and women going back home. You can feel the emotion, pain, hardship, and joy as soon as they see their loved ones and rush into a tight hug. 

image courtesy of Clever As Well As Funny Airport Pickup Sign Boards

This woman could have created an emotional airport welcome sign, but instead, she wrote a one-liner that has a double meaning which we find hilarious. We salute all the brave souls who have served their country!

Certified Daddy’s Girl

The bond between a father and son might be incomparable. However, the connection between a father and daughter is priceless. Most dads will do anything to protect their princesses.

image courtesy of uberhumor

This precious photo captures a little girl’s excitement as she waits for her daddy to come home. No matter how tired he is from his flight, seeing his daughter with that innocent smile will surely bring him to tears.

Vacation Officially Over

These two little boys didn’t waste any time showing how they really felt when their mother was away. Do they miss her? Sure. Are they longing for a souvenir or present from their vacation? Probably not. All they wanted was to have fresh underwear.

image courtesy of imgur

This is a pretty hilarious message that will make anybody crack a smile. To make it even wilder, there’s an extra note on the lower left-hand side of the poster detailing the current situation they are in. 

I’m Glad You’re Home, Now Kiss Me!

Every person has their own unique way of getting messages across to their loved ones. Some like long letters or poems, while others prefer to get straight to the point. The person who made this airport welcome sign is clearly a straight shooter. 

image courtesy of imgur

Kudos to the person who put so much effort into making this sparkling sign. Hopefully, they got what they deserved. They might not be able to write a long and romantic poem, but we appreciate them for being so candid about their feelings and desires.

Darth Vader Is Back

There’s a reason why Star Wars is considered one of the greatest epic space operas of all time. Created by George Lucas, the famous sci-fi franchise started with the iconic 1977 film and quickly became a global phenomenon.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

This Darth Vader might be missing his iconic cape, but his message sign was on point. Even people who aren’t Star Wars fans are familiar with this line that will forever be immortalized in cinematic history. Lucky you, Rebecca – your father is a Sith Lord.

Stacy’s Mom? Nope, Meet Joe’s Mom!

Back in 2003, there was a catchy alternative song that caught the attention of the entire world. The song was called “Stacy’s Mom” and if you haven’t heard it, we recommend giving it a listen.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

Now back to the post! This might not be Stacy’s mom, but nobody will forget her epic airport welcome sign. She wanted everyone to know that Joe is her baby. Obviously, the mother was excited to see her son, but Joe seems less than impressed. Nonetheless, this is another wholesome picture that warms our hearts.

Being Gay is A-Okay

Despite the current conditions that we are living in due to the pandemic, it is nice to see small gestures like this that will totally change the perception of people’s mentality. While the LGBTQ community is blossoming right now, many people still experience discrimination. 

image courtesy of imgur

This dad seems to be so proud of his son that he created an airport welcome sign to let everyone know how supportive he is. We wonder what the story behind this sign is. Perhaps the son was worried about coming out to his parents so his dad decided to be extra loud with his support. 

Welcome Home From Prison, Mom!

The teamwork within this family was on full display as they lined up to surprise their mother with a wonderful sign. Just kidding. Imagine having a long flight and being excited to see your family but they are holding this message. What would you do?

image courtesy of imgur

There’s no need to further investigate who the mastermind behind this pun is as it is already visible in the picture. It looks like dad was so happy to have mom back that he got the kids involved in a little art project. 

Wanted: Two Hotties

Well, well, well, if it isn’t another creative sign that will get you the hottest guys at the airport. If you truly want to catch the attention of a certain person, you must be unique, funny, and bold. This lady has it all.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest 15

The way she’s holding her cardboard sign in a prideful manner is both hysterical and convincing. She has to be careful though as there are a lot of hot guys at the airport, not just two. She might incite a stampede. 

A Secret Message

This is a trick that we might need to practice. Instead of embarrassing our loved ones with puns, one-liners, and crazy pictures of them, why not do it via secret message? Clearly, this was planned carefully as one small error would have been costly.

Image courtesy of Imgur

So, what was the message all about? If you are going to flip the word, it actually reads “idiot”. This might be offensive to some, but we all know that they were just playing around. 

A Typo, Perhaps?

Before creating an airport pickup sign, it is imperative to check simple things such as spelling, sentence construction, and spaces. We don’t really know the story behind this, but if you read the sign fast, it sounds like dangly balls, and we don’t need to emphasize what it means.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest 15+

It could also be that there was a language barrier while communicating with the person responsible for fetching Dan at the airport. Whatever the case may be, we hope Dan Gleeballs enjoyed his trip.

The Waiting Game Is Finally Over

Talk about dedication. Can you imagine what it would feel like to finally be reunited with your lover after 113 days apart? This might sound crazy, but if we do the math, that’s 2,712 hours apart. We commend both of them on their love and patience. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest 15+

It may not be funny, but this straightforward message surely touched everybody’s hearts at the airport that day. We hope they never have to spend so much time apart again.

One More Mission, Soldier!

Many of the welcome signs on this list were made for military personnel who finally made it home from their missions. Being away from your significant other is a test that not everyone can survive.

image courtesy of Clever As Well As Funny Airport Pickup Sign Boards

However, if you overcome this challenge, having your partner in your loving arms again is priceless. It’s perfectly fine to create a scene by making a cute, funny, or heartfelt welcome home sign. We have so much respect for this adorable couple. 

Airport Welcome Signs with Threatening Undertones

If there’s an award for the wittiest and most outrageous sign, this man would win. Seriously, do we even need to explain? This big lad delivered the message perfectly, and the language he used can be understood by everybody, especially those who love dry humor.

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest 15+

We are hopeful that whoever this man is talking about knows about the pregnancy already. If not, he’s in for a pretty big shock when he steps into the arrivals hall!

Oompa Loompa of Willy Wonka

The year was 1964 when British author Roald Dahl created what is now considered a legendary novel – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Willy Wonka might be the main protagonist of the novel, but the Oompa Loompas have their own fandom.

image courtesy of Clever As Well As Funny Airport Pickup Sign Boards

It could be that the person named Johnny is a big fan of the novel thus triggering this guy to dress like an Oompa Loompa. Maybe Johnny simply loves chocolate. Whatever the reason is, we give props to this man for going the extra mile.

Just Give Me a Kiss, Okay?

Hugging is a form of nonverbal communication and is the most common way to express love and affection. That is absolutely true, but some people love kisses more than hugs. The way this sign was created is surprising and controversial. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest 15+

Needless to say, the person who created this surely knows how to make their partner smile. The funniest part is, many people will read this sign and wonder if it’s for them. Hopefully, the sign maker only gets a kiss from their significant other! 

Daddy, I’ve Been Waiting for You!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if babies could talk and write like an adult? It would be fascinating to hear their ideas about the world. We’re not sure if this is really what the baby was thinking, but the sign is undeniably adorable. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest 15+

The little guy might not know how to read yet, but that smile suggests that he knows daddy is coming. Yes, daddy’s finally home, and it’s time for some father and son bonding. Sorry, mom!

Reverse UNO Card

If you are going to make a big announcement, why not do it via an airport welcome sign? That’s the logic behind this picture. To say that Matt was shocked to learn his little sister was pregnant is an understatement. 

image courtesy of funnysigns/pinterest

We have a feeling Matt is the rather confused-looking fellow on the left. Let it go, Matt – your baby sister is all grown up. Instead of being sad about it, why not start researching how to be a great uncle.