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Hilarious Travel Complaints From People With Absurd Expectations

Though most of us would consider it a thrill to be able to travel for quite a long time, some people get bored and complacent about it. Every new place they see is less thrilling than the last because the wonder of the world has become commonplace. Such people develop extremely elevated requirements for what a spot should offer them and for how each encounter with the locals should go. 

When reality fails to fall in line with their demands, these people let loose on social media, sharing their “terrible experience” with the rest of the world. The only problem is, the rest of us see their unreasonable expectations for what they are. So, these social media posts tend to backfire spectacularly, with commenters piling on in support of the poor tour guides, wait staff, customer service representatives, and other folks who dedicate their careers to making others happy. These face-palm-inducing gripes from travelers across the world offer a glimpse into what can happen when people start taking their privileged lives for granted.

Not as Big as They Imagined

When you visit a notable sight, it’s not unusual to come with a few assumptions regarding what you will see, the number of individuals that will be there, and how you feel during your visit. 

Nonetheless, when you set your expectations excessively high, you set yourself up to be let down, and you likely won’t have a great time. Perhaps this couple imagined that the Statue of Liberty would reach past the clouds where they couldn’t see it? 

Fear of Bugs

If you’re the kind of person who loves the outdoors and invests a ton of energy out in nature, you’re aware of periodic mosquito attacks and experiences with reptiles, spiders, and bugs – they are fundamental to the great outdoors.

Our advice to this disappointed explorer: when you visit the woods, you’re going out into the natural habitat of bugs. This is why people have concocted bug repellents to keep them away from you.

No Longer a Child

As a parent, one of your small joys in life is having your kids eat for free when you’re dining out. This makes sense because their meals are simpler and smaller, and there are usually restricted menu alternatives as children are often picky eaters.

Meals from the kid’s menu are generally modest and simple to make. The comment left here is either made as a joke or left by somebody who is so entitled she truly believes her daughter should eat out for free for life. 

I Don’t Speak Spanish

If you visit another nation, it’s ideal to do some homework previously so you can have an idea of what’s in store. It’s particularly useful to gain proficiency in several vital expressions before you get there, simply on the off chance that nobody understands your language.

This person went to visit Spain and left a complaint that there were far too many Spanish individuals in Spain, only Spanish food available, and individuals just communicated in Spanish. Well buddy, what did you anticipate?

Shunning the Local Foods

There are countless exciting new things to experience when traveling. Truth be told, many of us travel explicitly for food – to find out about the cooking styles and favorite dishes of nations all over the world.

This person could benefit from taking a stab at something not offered in their nation of origin. It’s imperative to remember that when you’re making a trip to another country, there will be local foods that you may not really like. That doesn’t mean the country deserves a one-star review!

Unpleasant Advice

Perhaps the best part about visiting another nation is seeing historical structures created hundreds of years prior. Visiting these notable sites is like taking a time machine back in history. However, not everyone can completely see the value in the development and style of historical land sites. 

This person was overwhelmed at the shade of concrete and faint lighting at one structure they visited. It’s important to keep in mind that there weren’t many alternatives in earlier centuries, so you need to appreciate each old building within the context of its time.

The Unimpressed Guest

A large number of the hotels in other countries will make a special effort to be inventive, dazzling you at every turn in the hotel and room you’ve booked for your visit.

A typical approach is for housekeeping to make hearts and various shapes out of towels and even the covers on the bed. This hotel guest is clearly one of those people who will find a way to complain about anything.

Blaming the Brochure

Any brochure you read is designed to convince you that you should take up the products, services, or accommodation offered. They aren’t really going to reveal to you every potential issue you might face, down to the tiniest detail. 

One traveler depended on the pamphlet too much, implying that mosquito data should have been included. Next time you intend to remain anyplace outside, particularly in the rainforest, remember that mosquitoes are a given. 

Cheap Ray-Ban Shades

In many nations, you’ll discover road trucks on the sidewalks selling a wide range of food, clothing, and all sorts of things for you to bring home as souvenirs for friends and family. 

Here’s a tip: if you see designer clothes or accessories at a fraction of the price you’d pay for them in-store, that’s a not-so-subtle hint that they’re fakes. Some people are unbelievable

Nothing in Life is Fair

This person has clearly never seen those billboards that say “if you lived here, you’d be home now.” It’s also obvious that they didn’t pay any attention in geography class. 

If you’re lucky enough to have been able to visit Jamaica despite having no understanding of where it is in the world or the fact that it takes more time to travel longer distances, then you should probably refrain from writing travel reviews.

Stating the Obvious

One wonderful spot to visit on a sweltering summer day is the waterpark. Known for their exciting slides and beautiful pools, waterparks draw in families who want to chill out and let the kids go wild.  

Would you ever go to a waterpark without bathing suits and towels? Apparently, not everybody is as logical as you. These people genuinely needed to be told to bring swimming costumes and towels to a waterpark.

More Explanation Needed

Each hotel room you stay in has a telephone in it with a neighborhood registry situated close by. In many hotels, you can simply press the number nine to reach the front desk and request whatever you need. 

This guest was extraordinary. Yes, you can reach reception if you dial 9 on your hotel room phone. How on Earth would the hotel be able to magically make this possible from your cell phone?  

How Dare You Keep Fish in Your Aquarium?

Visiting an aquarium is a special encounter for anybody intrigued by the marine world. You can find out about coral reefs, discover distinctive fish species, and see sharks swimming around in a tank. The whole reason you go is to experience the underwater world and meet the fish from a protected distance, right? 

The experience for young children in a spot like this is usually one of awe and excitement. Strangely, this family wasn’t expecting there to be living fish in the water, and somehow this frightened their kids. Unbelievable. 

No Bathroom on the Canoe

Prior to any boating excursion, it’s highly recommended to utilize the restroom. Some larger boats do have restrooms, but we wouldn’t rely on having one in a canoe. 

When traveling by canoe, your restroom is normally the water you’re rowing through, or there are arranged stops for washroom breaks in the wild. These individuals apparently weren’t satisfied with this state of affairs. 

‘Lazy’ Shopkeepers

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to live in a country where you shut your business in the hottest part of the day for a little break before the evening swarms? A few nations support this lifestyle, and it’s a cultural activity most foreigners enjoy getting used to (even if it is occasionally inconvenient). 

The review left by this traveler appears to be an impolite grievance, considering this is a long-held tradition. The appropriate response would be to adjust your own habits and shop during their open hours. When traveling, it’s always better to respect the local customs.  

Yellow Sand Please

Many travel brochures will put altered images on the cover to portray a delightful scene more likely to pull in vacationers. While the scenes are wonderful, they aren’t always perfectly accurate. There’s also the question of lighting and climate conditions, both of which will alter the view. 

The explorer here is griping about the shade of the sand. Seriously, does the color of the sand really influence your time spent on the beach? 

Not Paying Attention

Nothing is more terrible than failing to catch a plane due to a timing misinterpretation. Whenever you book a trip in another nation, ensure you focus on the time zone differences, so you have a lot of time in the middle of each trip to make it to your next gate. 

Tragically, this traveler failed to factor in time zone differences. As you are crossing into different parts of the world, it’s critical to book your trip at the right time as indicated by the new time zone you will be in.

Searching for Wild Animals

The best part about going on a safari is seeing the wild creatures in their natural habitat, doing their usual activities. It’s thrilling to see distinctive and majestic creatures such as lions, rhinos, and gazelles. 

This traveler booked a safari for a whole week and didn’t see any of the exotic creatures they were excited to see. It seems they weren’t prepared for the fact that wild animals don’t work to schedules and aren’t bothered with whether some tourist gets a good look at them. The nerve of those animals!  

Dry River Rafting?

Needless to say, river rafting regularly involves going through rapids, and it’s almost unavoidable that you will get wet. If you intend to carry things that you don’t want to get waterlogged, it’s ideal to put them in a waterproof bag. 

Can someone explain why anyone would bring a $300 bag on a river rafting trip? Not only did this person bring the bag, but they genuinely thought it was someone else’s fault that it got ruined. 

Signs are Important

Hot air balloons are a captivating sight to see and a far superior encounter if you find the opportunity to go on one. The only exception is if you fear heights.

One individual chose to go on a hot air balloon ride and either didn’t understand the balloons went up high into the sky or were unconscious that they had a dread of heights. Possibly the hot air balloonist thought it was self-evident. We’re lost for words.

The Wrong Impression

If you’re an outdoor aficionado, you realize that you need to push outside your usual range of familiarity to better your abilities. That doesn’t really mean going to the limit and stretching yourself to edges you are not even close to prepared for. 

One skier chose to take on an extreme mountain without understanding what they were getting themselves mixed up in. Snowbird is famous for being the most difficult ski resort in the Salt Lake City region. Apparently, that wasn’t clear enough for this person! 

Um, Why is there Sand at the Beach?

Visiting the beach should be a charming encounter. However, things can sometimes go wrong since this is the realm of sharks, jellyfish, sea lice, and the like. This traveler didn’t encounter anything dangerous but still managed to take complaining to a whole new level. 

Their protest is befuddling. It’s like saying the sea was too wet (or the aquarium too full of fish). Perhaps next time she should do some research and pick a beach filled with big rocks. Better yet, don’t go to a beach.

The Mona Lisa was Small

The Mona Lisa is one of the most celebrated works of art on the planet. The woman on the canvas remains a mystery, and there’s no record found of her even existing. 

The Mona Lisa was made more than five centuries ago and hung in the royal palace until it was moved to the Louvre in the nineteenth century. One traveler grumbled that the artwork was excessively small. FYI, the artwork has more significance than its size.

Never Compare

Of all the crazy complaints on this list, this is the first one that appears to be a self-deprecating joke. There’s no way this woman is serious in her complaint about Russia.  

In certain societies, ladies are perceived as being the most beautiful on the planet, despite the fact that beauty is a subjective term. This tourist fixated on the looks of Russian women to the point that she began to feel awful about herself. Though we’re sure she’s having a little joke, it’s a good reminder to stop comparing yourself to others.

Outdoor Air-Conditioning

Nothing feels better than air conditioning on a hot, humid day. Despite the fact that it is an extravagance for certain individuals, others take it for granted. These individuals have ridiculous assumptions with respect to where they ought to have air conditioning.

How dare this country not offer air conditioning outdoors? Don’t they know it’s the 21st century? Good thing this person was there to complain.  

Outright Mean

Character and personality are far more important than how somebody looks. Still, some people are too mean and selfish to have regard for other people’s feelings.

One traveler left a review claiming that they couldn’t make the most of their visit on the grounds that their guide was too ugly. It’s one thing to make an assessment of someone’s appearance, but if you allow that assessment to demolish your experience, that’s all on you. 

Put Everything in the Brochure

If brochures put every single detail you might encounter in their pages, they’d all be longer than the Bible. The fact of the matter is that travelers need to have an adventurous spirit and accept the unexpected. 

A guest got disappointed in their trip to the nearby convenience store where they discovered, to their horror and dismay, that the locals had the nerve to stock local treats.  

Mexico Needs to Turn Down the Sun

One thing you’ll encounter when you visit Mexico is the power of the sun. Mexico is closer to the equator, particularly in some beachy zones towards the southern end of the continent. 

If you visit a place that gets more sun than your homeland, bring additional sunscreen or be prepared for the bright red results. Interestingly, some individuals (like this visitor from England) believe others should do all their thinking for them. Who is this mysterious “they” who should be providing all the warnings?

Unnecessary Complaint

This is another entry that we think might be a joke. If not, we hope we never meet this person or anyone like them. Can you imagine going to a country where the water quality is poor, and instead of feeling compassion for the locals, complaining that you chose to drink tasty cocktails all week? 

If you are visiting a place that doesn’t give filtered water, you could turn to cocktails as this vacationer did. However, you will also be given access to big bottles of filtered water. So, there’s really no need to complain. 

Just a Mountain

Did you know that not all volcanic mountains are active? A dormant volcano doesn’t stop being a volcano. Indeed, you can find these wonders of nature in many different states, and the last thing you want to be close to is an active one that’s bubbling over with lava! 

We’re trying to understand why this traveler wanted to see lava in action. It’s high time they research more about volcanoes and the dangers they bring.

Blocking the View

Plane rides can be a restless encounter as you are so high up with no control over how the vessel is being piloted. Many passengers appreciate getting a seat by the window as the peaceful scenes outside are relaxing.

Neither you, the carrier company, nor anybody else can tell the climate and the clouds what to do. Apparently, some people think this is a travesty. 

No Free Rides

Can you believe you actually need to pay for the seats your family needs on a plane? Outrageous. Yes, it seems carriers charge for pets, additional baggage, and kids because they all occupy space on the airplane. 

To the complaining parents who needed seats for their kids, what did you expect? Why should you be the only privileged people who don’t need to pay for the amenities they use on the flight? 

This Soup Tastes Like Gravy

Food is probably the most amazing aspect of exploring someplace new. From the heady scents to the creativity of the dishes, it’s an encounter we will never tire of. 

Sometimes, however, trying new food can be befuddling. Take it from this tourist who griped about his soup being excessively thick and strong. The waiter must’ve enjoyed saying, “ah sir? That’s not soup, it’s gravy.”

Authentic Food Experience

Italian food is loved all over the world. Who doesn’t adore pasta, pizza, and bread? If you ever become bored of eating it, there are different restaurants to pick from, even in Italy. However, if you are seeking out non-Italian food in Italy, don’t be surprised if you’re served by an Italian waiter.  

This tourist decided to try Mexican food in Italy. No problem there. However, they were furious that the waiter who served them was Italian. What is the world coming to when there are Italians in Italy? 

Rooftop Pools

Rooftop pools are a marvelous treat when you stay at a classy resort. There is something so special about having the option to swim and lounge above the city, enjoying spectacular views. Of course, even with such luxuries, some people will never be satisfied.

This complaint barely makes sense. Did they think each room had a pool above it? Did they never bother to take the elevator all the way up to the roof level?  

Kangaroos in the City

Australia is known for many things, yet most foreigners think of it as the home of the kangaroo. If you’re wanting to visit the country, you may hope to see them all over the place, however, that simply isn’t the reality. Kangaroos are wild creatures who prefer to stay away from big cities. 

One visitor thought kangaroos should be made to hop around in the middle of Sydney. The fact that these creatures refuse to do so for the sake of tourists is truly terrible (we hope you sense our sarcasm there). 

No Egg Slicer

Booking a vacation accommodation on Airbnb can save you cash and give you the feeling of having a home away from home. Of course, it’s important to understand that every home won’t have precisely the same features as yours. 

One individual who booked an Airbnb left a survey concerning the absence of a very specific kitchen tool – an egg slicer. We wonder if they know that you can slice eggs with a knife?

Salt in the Water

The Gulf of Mexico is associated with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, both of which are comprised of salty seawater. If you’re wondering why we’re saying something so obvious, take a look at the complaint below. 

The only thing worse than discovering that seawater is salty is discovering it against your will because nobody warned you about it. The funny thing is, someone did warn this person about it – their second-grade teacher.  

Free and Wild

Creatures that spend their lives in confines so people can gawk at them often exhibit signs of anxiety and depression. Thankfully, there are people in the world who dedicate their lives to rescuing captive animals and rehabilitating them so they can venture back out into the wild. 

Sadly, some people just don’t understand that wild animals deserve to be just that – wild. Yellowstone is a public park known for its untamed life and hot springs. Apart from the fact that creatures there should be left wild and free, how on Earth would you manage the logistics of catching every one of them and caging them?