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Clever and Simple Hacks To Make Life Easier

If you feel like you’re constantly dealing with minor dilemmas around the house, then you’re in the right place. From phone charger dramas to dirty shoes and broken kitchen utensils, it seems there’s no end to the things that can go wrong. So many products claim to have the solutions we need, but they end up being ineffective. Not only do we end up wasting money on such products, but then they also clutter up our homes. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to every household problem, and we’ve gathered as many as we could find into this article. 

We rounded up these easy hacks that will save you a lot of time and money. As a bonus, you get to enjoy that sense of accomplishment from taking care of a problem yourself. Indeed, some of these tips may end up being major lifesavers. 

Let There Be Light

Some hacks sound crazy but work perfectly. This spaghetti trick is one of them. As displayed in the picture, you can use a stick of dry spaghetti to light any candles that would otherwise be difficult to reach. 


When trying to light a candle in a deep glass, it’s always a struggle. The possibility of getting burned is higher than your chances of successfully lighting the candle’s wick. If you have a lot of candles, don’t worry as we have an easy trick. Use a spaghetti stick next time.

Fixing Highlighter Mistakes

It’s frustrating to come across something that would have made your life easier if you just knew it earlier. While it’s too late for some of us, to those who are still at university or high school, this hack will be very useful.


Highlighters are the best way to mark certain phrases or words you want to memorize. However, there are times when we make mistakes in highlighting such words. Who would have thought that a simple mixture of lemon juice and salt could totally remove the ink?

A Balanced Doggy Diet

This might be a surprise, but did you know that half of the population of dogs are considered overweight? This is a staggering number that shocks animal lovers. It is indeed alarming, but there’s a way to provide food to your fur babies without overfeeding them.


All you need is a PVC pipe, some end caps, and a drill to create multiple holes in it. The holes should be big enough for the kibble to fall through. The only way for them to eat is to roll the PVC pipe. This simple trick ensures they get exercise every time they want to eat.

Another Use for Nail Polish

Picture this: You are in a hurry for a meeting, corporate attire perfected, all you need to do is get your car keys, but they are nowhere to be found. Most people have been through an experience like this, and it can be maddening. 


This trick can put an end to such dramas. Pick up some nail polish, and paint your keys. Not only will they be more eye-catching, but this will also prevent you from mixing up keys as well.

The Amazing Faucet Extender 

We just realized we’ve been filling buckets wrong our whole lives. It’s so annoying trying to angle a big bucket so that it fits in the sink. Even if you manage to get it wedged in, then you have to awkwardly lift it down once it’s full. Thankfully, there’s an easier way.


The easy way to fill a bucket is to leave it on the ground and use a pool noodle to create a bendable extension between the faucet and the bucket. Who would’ve thought pool noodles could be so useful? 

The Magic of Silica Gel Packets

Gardening is not that popular right now due to the rise of technology and online games. However, this simple activity should be reintroduced and done by everybody. Let’s say you finished planting your garden but you still have a lot of seeds left. What should you do with them?


Just place them in a waterproof container and add some silica gel packets. This will keep the seeds in good condition by preventing moisture from building up.

Mirror Magic

Taking a bath or showering is an underrated way to relax. While some tend to spend lavishly to reset and recuperate, this old method is a winner every time. To those who already understand the beauty of a hot shower, the one vexation is the way the bathroom mirror fogs up.


If you have spare car wax, try polishing your mirror with it. We guarantee that the result will blow your mind. You can also apply vinegar or shaving cream for a fog-free shine.

Cleaning Toys the Easy Way

Since the pandemic started, the need to be healthy has been emphasized by different government departments. While taking vitamins, eating healthy food, and getting enough exercise are commonly recommended, it’s also important to sanitize your belongings.


If you have kids, this is beneficial. Small toys like Lego can be cleaned in the dishwasher. All you need is a laundry bag to keep them all together.

Removing Stickers like a Pro

It is no secret that we are willing to do anything to look after our kids and ensure they are happy and content. This is unconditional love, and it’s the way all parents should be.


Sometimes, though, the things we give them end up giving us a headache. Kids love stickers and will stick them in all sorts of inconvenient places. Removing them by hand is possible but messy. Instead, use a blowdryer to dry out the adhesive part of the sticker. There you go!

Making the Experts Proud

Currently, more and more people are now leaning towards doing stuff by their own hands. Not only will it save them money but it will also help them develop skills they never thought they could have.


However, doing DIY stuff can be tricky. So instead of running the risk of messing up your home repair project, why not follow the experts’ advice? If you are trying to paint or hang a picture, use a carpenter’s tape and a level. This is simple but highly effective.

No More Ironing Clothes!

Doing laundry isn’t that hard compared to earlier years when washing machines hadn’t been invented yet. Most of the high-end washers now also have a built-in dryer, but something is still missing.


Who else gets annoyed when their clothes are wrinkled as soon as they come from the dryer? Luckily, there’s a trick to fix this issue. Adding ice cubes to the dryer will make the clothes softer due to the moisture that the ice cubes will create.

Gardening Made Easy

Any person who loves gardening will tell you that repotting without a proper plan is time-consuming and infuriating. However, you need to repot plants if you want to help them grow and flourish.


If you’re planning on moving plants from pots to a garden bed once they’ve grown big enough, a great way to ease the transition is to keep the potted plant in the spot you’ll eventually be planting it. This will save you from having to do any heavy lifting and will help you ensure the plant is getting the right mix of shade and sunshine in that part of your garden. 

Caution: Flammable

There are many ways to start a fire. You can use a lighter, a match, or even an old car’s lighter socket. Warning: The trick we are about to showcase could be considered gross by some due to the nature of the material we are going to use.


Instead of disposing of the lint from your dryer, you can use it as a quick firestarter when camping. Simply stuff it into an old toilet paper roll, and then add it to your camping kit. You’ll never struggle again to get a crackling campfire going!  

Zip Tie Cell phone Holder

Cell phone holders aren’t hard to find. Nor are they expensive. However, what happens if you lose your cell phone stand or hybrid case? If you have some zip ties on hand, there’s nothing to worry about.


Zip ties can be used as a makeshift cellphone stand as long as they are positioned properly. So, the next time you are missing your lovely phone stand, try this easy trick. It will also save you money.

Secret Cash Stash

This is a great trick for parents whose kids constantly raid their wallets. It sometimes feels like the little rascals have a radar for where our money is hidden. However, this trick will throw them off. 


Instead of throwing out your empty chapstick containers, use them to hide a stash of cash from your kids. This is also a handy hack for travelers who want a secret cash stash. Just make sure you don’t ever throw the chapstick away by mistake!

Repurposing Old Hosepipes

What do we usually do when our hose pipes have holes in them? We throw them away and buy a new one. Some folks will try to fix them by covering the holes with sealant, but this can become a costly exercise.


Instead, why not use those tiny holes as an advantage and create a makeshift sprinkler? The more holes in your hosepipe, the better. Just look at the picture above. We have to say, it’s a genius idea!  

Carrying Plywood Using Ropes

This trick may be new to some people, but it’s old news to those who work in construction. Rather than awkwardly trying to carry a large sheet of plywood with a friend, secure some rope around it and carry it yourself. 


All you need is an 18ft rope and some practice in wrapping it around the corners of the wood. As demonstrated in the picture, balance is needed. Make sure that the length of the rope is the same on each side.

Splitting Resealable Bags

Resealable bags are among the best creations in recent human history. Although they are relatively small, they serve their purpose well. These bags can help food stay fresh and can be utilized as a dependable container.


If you don’t have enough bags on hand, there’s a quick trick to creating more from the ones you already have. Cut the bag in half with a knife heated by a lighter. The heat will seal the cut, leaving you with two smaller bags instead of one.  

Pump it Up

Usually, when you buy inflatable things, they come with a hand pump or foot pump. These little pumps can do the job, but to be honest, it does take time.


If you have a leaf blower, then this trick will help you a lot. By duct-taping a nozzle to the pipe of the leaf blower, you can create a makeshift, portable, automatic air pump. This is another easy but very reliable hack.

Protect Your Walls

The idea of hanging pictures or paintings on your wall is to highlight the interior design of your house. You can practice mixing and matching pictures that complement each other and the color of the wall.


However, due to our excitement, we often end up damaging the wall instead of making it more beautiful. Before hanging those pictures, apply some glue from a glue gun to the edges of your picture frames. Allow the glue to dry, and when you hang the picture, it will serve as a cushion or stopper.

The Easy Way to Remove Paint Stains from Carpet

Even if you put newspapers or sheets of paper on the floor to avoid stains, accidents do happen, and it is pretty normal to be left with a mess after painting the walls or ceilings in a room.


Denatured alcohol might not sound familiar, but you need to remember it. Though it must be kept safely out of reach of children, it’s a useful substance that can help you easily remove paint from any carpet. 

A Handy To-Do-List Board

If you haven’t gotten into the to-do list trend, now is the time. Though you can write your list in an app, there’s something to be said for having your list on a board in your house. 


Next time you visit Walmart, buy some dry-erase paper. Buy a large frame or make one out of scrap wood, fit the dry-erase paper inside, and you’ve got an instant to-do list. All you need are some dry-erase markers.

So Much Time Needed

This might be the first time you’ve heard about it, but this hack is one every gardener needs. Mulch is needed to boost soil moisture, improving fertility and the health of the soil, reducing weed growth, and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.


Although mulch is relatively lightweight, moving it from one place to another in its original packaging can be tiring. It’s also largely unnecessary. Mulch is simply made up of leaves and other dead plant matter – collect this from your yard, and you have your own free mulch! 

Step Up Your Rug Game

Did you know that the most expensive rug ever sold is Sotheby’s ’17th Century Antique Persian Carpet’ which sold for $33 million? Yes, you are reading that correctly – a whopping $33 million for a rug.


Though not everybody is a millionaire (obviously), we can still upgrade our rug game with this simple trick. Next time you visit a hardware store, ask for rug padding. Then just lay it on the floor as shown in the picture. Your rug will be extra cushy underfoot. 

Getting Rid of Dust Easily

Why is dust so hard to remove? Feather dusters don’t work on all surfaces, and if you use a damp cloth, you run the risk of creating stains from the moistened dust. What can we do about this pesky household problem? 


According to professional dust cleaners, it takes a certain amount of patience and the right technique to remove dust. The best tool to use, particularly for tricky surfaces, is a lint roller.

Table Protection

If you’ve ever wished your folding table had adjustable legs, we have the hack for you. With some PVC pipe, you can make your folding table any height you want. 


All you have to do is measure the extra height you want and cut a PVC pipe accordingly. Insert the legs into the PVC pipe pieces. If you’ve cut the pieces evenly, you’ll have a perfectly stable table at the precise height you want. 

Removing Gum from Carpet

Another common issue in households with kids is when gum gets stuck to the carpet. Thankfully, there’s an easy trick that will save your sanity.


The first step is to get a zip lock bag and fill it with ice cubes. The next step is relatively easy. Just place the bag on top of the affected area for a few minutes. The gum should lift off easily once it’s stiffened by the ice. 

Landscaping Hacks

This is not considered a hack by professional landscapers, but that’s okay because we’re all amateur gardeners here! To create the perfect line while you’re designing your backyard, you must use a piece of wood.


This wood will serve as your guide in creating straight lines and designing your garden beds. All you need now is a concept that will match your backyard. Once you have it, don’t be afraid and start digging!

Sawdust as a Wood Filler

If our woodwork gets damaged, we automatically call an expert to fix it, even if the hole isn’t that big. This is understandable, but we can tell you from experience that it might cost you more than you expected.


Instead, try mixing sawdust and wood glue. Blend the two into a thick paste, and then apply it to the damaged area and let it dry. Sand it down once it’s dry, and if needed, apply a wood stain or other treatment. 

Ice-Cold Soda in an Instant

Summer is fast approaching, and having cold drinks on hand is a must. Sometimes, though, you forget to restock the refrigerator, leaving you with only warm drinks. Adding ice cubes is okay, but what if we were to tell you that there’s a better way?


This trick is popular with college students, and we can see why. By wrapping damp tissue paper around your soda can and putting it in the freezer, you’ll have an ice-cold drink in no time.

A Second Life for Sponges

Plants have no trouble growing in nature, but when we try to cultivate them in our gardens, they can sometimes struggle to conform to our pots and flower beds. One of the main problems they face is a lack of access to water. Thankfully, you can easily remedy this with household sponges. 


Sponges are especially good at absorbing water and water-based solutions. So, before putting soil in your pots, line the bottom with sponges. Your plants will thank you.

Toothpaste is Not Just for Teeth

It is truly amazing to see how some ordinary items can perform extraordinary tasks. Toothpaste, as the name suggests, was created for cleaning teeth. However, its whitening, brightening capabilities can be used elsewhere as well. 


Have you ever tried cleaning white shoes using ordinary soap or laundry powder? It might remove some visible dirt, but it will restore your shoes to their former glory. When all else fails, toothpaste can do the trick. 

Modified Lawn Mower

Alright, the heavy machines are finally out. To those who have a big backyard, having a lawnmower is a lifesaver. Cutting grass is time-consuming, but a good lawnmower can make it a breeze. Of course, these machines have limits as well.


For safety purposes, manufacturers of lawnmowers add a shield on the side to stop the blades from hitting walls. Instead of having to manually adjust these shields, simply attach a rope to them so you can pull them up when you need to cut close to trees and other objects in your yard. 

Prolonging the Life of Sandpaper

For those who are heavily involved in working with wood, this tip is a gamechanger. Sandpaper is not that expensive, but if you run out in the middle of a project, it can be frustrating.


Stocking up on extra sandpapers is a great suggestion, but there’s actually a way to prolong the lifespan of the sandpaper you already have. Sticking duct tape to the back of the sandpaper will make it thicker and stronger, allowing it to last longer.

Salvage Your Charger Cord

According to a respected web magazine, chargers are one of the most commonly damaged everyday items. There’s no disputing this as, one way or another, we have all experienced this.


Instead of throwing it out and buying a new one, this simple trick might help you. If you have a spare pen with a spring, wrap the spring around the damaged area. Slip some shrink wrap tubing over it, apply some heat, and your charger should be as good as new. 

Dustpan Hack

Cleaning can be therapeutic. However, it can be frustrating as well. One of the most frustrating things is when you’re using a dustpan and brush, but you just can’t get that last little line of dust to sweep up into the pan. 


If this problem drives you crazy, we have the trick you’ve been waiting for. Sticking duct tape face-down at the edge of the dustpan will create a dust magnet. The next time you whip out the dustpan to clean, we strongly suggest doing this.

A Handy Ice Pack

Ice packs are simple but versatile. In addition to keeping your food and drinks cold, these clever inventions can help remove gum from your carpet. 


For some, ice packs can pose issues when they melt. We have a trick to solve this issue. Instead of using plain water, why not soak a sponge, seal it in a zip lock bag and freeze it?

DIY Car Mats

This is technically a DIY trick, though it’s not widely accepted by DIY purists. Most people buy pre-fabricated car mats when they need to replace the ones they have in their car. What if we told you there was another way? 


You can often get free or heavily discounted carpet offcuts from hardware stores. This gives you the freedom to experiment with different colors, patterns, and styles of carpet that are just never made available for cars. 

Say Goodbye to Wood Dents

The last trick up our sleeves will help you get rid of dents in wooden furniture like dining tables, chairs, and computer tables. Dents are perfectly normal, especially if you are using the wooden surface on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live with them.


To remove these dents, simply get a wet cloth and a hot iron. Place the wet cloth over the damaged area and run the iron over the cloth. This simple process will let the moisture and steam work their magic on the wood.