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39 Easy-Breezy Ideas to Modify IKEA Furniture

When it comes to furniture, appliances, and accessories for your office or home, IKEA has it all. Aside from its high quality and affordability, the international Swedish company is well-known for offering easy-to-assemble pieces that customers truly love. Despite the modern design aesthetic, most of IKEA’s furniture is minimalistic, making it a great fit for most homes.

This is where things can get pretty fun and exciting. It allows people to be imaginative and creative in curating their own style. If you’re a crafty person, you will surely love this compilation we’ve made for you. From turning bookshelves into luxurious shoe organizers to creating your own plant stand using a trolley, these DIY ideas will help you make the most out of your IKEA experience.

By the window

You no longer need to get a custom-made window nook. Just get an IKEA Kallax shelf, place it by your window, put a cushioned seat over it, and add some cute throw pillows. There’s your new window seat!

Image: Pinterest

To make the most of your new seat, grab your preferred cup of coffee, and read your favorite book by the window. This idea is not only cool, but it also allows you to create a sneaky bit of extra storage space. Maximize the shelf by storing books and other items in the pullout baskets.

Like a luxury item

You can transform IKEA’s basic Kallax shelf into something far more luxe. Paint it your preferred color, add legs (like the ones you see in the picture below), and to make it more stylish, you can also decorate it with your accents of choice. 

Image: Daddest

The normal IKEA Kallax usually looks plain and white. It is a great opportunity to DIY and play with different patterns or designs. The same goes for their other basic furniture pieces – feel free to personalize them as much as you want.

Make it vintage

Rattan furniture creates a unique aesthetic, but you don’t have to fork out for the expensive rattan pieces on the market today. The photo below shows how easy it is to transform basic IKEA furniture with rattan mesh. 

Image: Daddest

Your cabinets can make a huge difference to the overall mood and appearance of your home, so don’t be shy about giving them a makeover. All it takes is patience, innovation, and a little bit of time. IKEA’s cabinets vary in design, so keep this rattan idea in mind the next time you’re selecting furniture.

Marbling effect

Want a marble table? If you are on a budget but want to add luxury to your dining area, we have just the right hack for you.

Image: rebeccastonephoto / Via reddit.com

All you need is IKEA’s 180 dollar Docksta table, spray paint, table epoxy, a blow torch, and some creative DIY skills. Watch some YouTube tutorials on creating a marble look with epoxy, and once you’re feeling confident, give it a go.

A beautiful customized dresser

IKEA has many kinds of dressers. Whatever type you have, you can always make it fun and fashionable. Paint it with your favorite colors, patterns, or stickers. Unleash your creativity, and let it scream your personality! 

Image: Daddest

If you feel like adding legs, do so. You can also add handles, knobs, or drawer pulls to complete the look and make your dresser doors easier to open. Everything depends on your imagination. Let your dresser add a pop of color and life to your personal space.

Fairytale theme

This dad transformed a normal IKEA Kura bed into a castle for his little girl. If you are a parent who is planning to buy pre-decorated beds, it can be a bit expensive. If you have the time and the creativity, it’s far more fulfilling to make it a DIY project. 

Image: Daddest

With creativity, the possibilities are endless. You can decorate the bed with wood or cardboard, flowers, leaves, cloth, and all sorts of other materials. It all depends on the theme you are going for. Your kids will thank you!

A customized bar

A Vittsjo laptop desk can make a nice DIY bar. You’ll just need wood planks and glass holders. Place them on the top and lower shelves. This hack requires a bit of effort and some carpentry skills.

Image: piersmorganschin / Via reddit.com

This IKEA desk is already durable and sleek, so it will hold your bottles and glasses with ease. Though it takes a bit of work to build the bar around it, you’ll find the project works out far cheaper than buying a custom-made bar for your home.

A nicer pet bed

Your kitties deserve a chic bed too. Instead of buying a boring old pet bed, you can DIY and use two IKEA Duktig Doll Beds. Secure them together, and add some good pillows and cushions. 

Image: Daddest

You can save money by getting rid of easily broken pet beds. If you’re gonna get a bed for your kitties, you might as well go for something that’s both durable and fashionable. Just make sure it is cozy enough to get your pets to sleep.

Dresser makeover

Your basic IKEA Hemnes Dresser can look even better with a DIY makeover. You can sand it to roughen its texture then paint it with your preferred color. Changing the drawer pulls can also give it a whole new look. By doing so, your simple storage solution will become a beautiful piece of decor.

Image: Daddest

Dressers can change a room’s entire appearance and can even affect our mood. So, for a fun happiness boost, why not give your IKEA dresser an update? You can do it when you’re bored or if you have free time.

Plant in a hole

If you want an innovative coffee table, you might want to try this hack. First, create your succulent plant box. Then, measure the box and mark out your IKEA table to make sure you cut the perfect hole for the box to fit. 

Image: iris201196 / Via reddit.com

This is a better alternative to the usual idea of putting a vase of flowers on your coffee table. The look is far more stylish, there’s no risk of knocking the plants off the table, and you never have to deal with dead and wilting flowers as your succulents will be alive and thriving!

Space-saving cabinet

Here is another hack to save some space. You can join two IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinets together and place them in your entryway. This is one of the advantages of IKEA furniture. It is easy to personalize and rearrange.

Image: Daddest

Your once crowded entryway can breathe now. You can put together both cabinets with a wooden top and the same stand. Paint it with your favorite color, design it with your accents of choice, and you have some chic space-saving furniture!

Twin cabinets

The photo below shows how one clever person made use of two IKEA cabinets to create a minibar. She joined the Ivar cupboard and Applaro wall panel together. This doesn’t look like a budget DIY piece at all. 

Image: rizzotoe / Via reddit.com

Because bigger bar cabinets are relatively pricier, this hack is pure genius. You just need to give both items a good coat of paint and add some decor. You can order stylish cabinet feet online too. This is the perfect hack to spice up your bar area.

Cat cabinet

This hack is both adorable and practical. Out of IKEA Kallax shelves, this owner created an eating station for his pet cats. He also used storage baskets for the cats’ food. This division allows his cats to eat peacefully. 

Image: Daddest

For pet owners who find it hard to feed their cats or organize their pets’ food, this is a brilliant solution. Just make sure you find the right size shelves for your cats so they can have a comfy eating experience.

Fit for a TV

Why spend tons of money on a huge TV Unit when you can make one yourself? This family came up with a hack that all homeowners can use as inspiration. All of this was achieved with simple IKEA shelves.

Image: OriginalSiri / Via reddit.com

With a $680 budget, they created a TV storage unit out of Kallax shelves. The unit can fit their TV set, alongside their DVD player, PlayStation, and other stuff. They spent just a day on this project.

Book haven

This life hack is for all bibliophiles out there. Most of you probably dream of having your own library in the comfort of your home. Just take a look at the photo below and get inspired.

Image: Daddest

With creativity and resourcefulness, you can curate a library where all your cherished books can stay. IKEA offers shelves of different sizes and reasonable prices. Pick your favorites, arrange them along your room’s walls, and paint them your desired color. You can complete the look by adding shelves over the door frames, just like in this picture.

For music lovers

Yes, you can utilize IKEA shelves and create your own music unit. Old vinyl records can be pricey, so they need a sturdy storage area. Below is a retro DIY project you can replicate with IKEA furniture. 

Image: Bonepainter / Via reddit.com

Set an IKEA shelf sideways and remove blocks of wood if necessary. This will give your records a larger space. You can order some feet for your new unit and put a wooden board on top. This is a great DIY idea for all music lovers.


Create your own key hanger with IKEA shelves. If you are someone who often misplaces your keys, all you need are some Bekvam Spice Racks. It’s simple and easy – you just mount them on a wall near your front door, and add some magnets to the underside of the shelf. 

Image: Daddest

You may also paint your new key racks with your choice of color or add other designs to them. This is perfect for your keys, sunglasses, hair ties, and even indoor plants. They look cute hanging out together.

Shiny shelves

IKEA’s Kallax shelves are incredibly versatile. With this DIY project, you can have your own whitewashed storage unit. There are a lot of tutorials you can watch online to achieve that look for your furniture.

Image: TheMommywood

To emphasize that bohemian effect, you may place your preferred indoor plants on top. Woven baskets are a great way to keep everything organized. This IKEA hack is a game-changer.

Cool handles

Oftentimes, it’s the handles or knobs that make a difference to a cabinet’s look. Thankfully IKEA also offers various knobs and drawer pulls that you can use to jazz up your basic Besta cabinet. 

Image: The Aesthetic Eye for Pretty Pegs

Though its built-in knobs are already sleek, you are free to play with different styles to make the cabinet look more expensive. Of course, you can paint it with whatever color matches your taste. Complete the look by placing antique pieces and abstract paintings on top.

Woven pieces

If you are leaning more towards a tropical vibe for your room, you might want to add woven pieces like cushions and mats to your collection. These DIY items will surely give an ethnic touch to your room’s overall interior design. 

Image: StylIkea

The photo above shows cushions made from IKEA’s woven placemats. You can copy the hack by getting some cushion stuffing and then sewing the placemats together. This decor piece is easy to create and perfect for crafty, artsy homeowners who love designing.

Not your ordinary shelves

You might want unique shelves to touch up your living or dining area. Instead of spending so much time and money on finding a ready-made option, you can create your own with basic IKEA shelves. 

Image: Daddest

Paint your shelves with your preferred color (or colors), then add doors for some of the cubbies. Feel free to experiment with different patterns, designs, images, and decals.

Graphic drawers

Transform your regular IKEA Malm drawers into a masterpiece by going for graphic prints. It can be as easy as using decal kits for your preferred sticker design. These patterns will revolutionize your basic drawers. 

Image: Locco Stickers

This DIY hack can be applied to any IKEA furniture items. The decals are usually easy to remove, meaning you can change the look of your furniture whenever the mood strikes. You’ll have an Instagrammable room in no time!

IKEA treehouse

The photo below shows an IKEA Kura bed and Trofast shelves converted into a wonderful treehouse bed. The children’s parents added some wood boards and used the Trofast as steps, resulting in this enjoyable bedroom experience.

Image: Daddest

Not only is this treehouse bed fun, but it also maximizes a lot of bedroom space for the kids. With proper construction and use of materials, they can play safely on top of the bed. Indeed, creativity and hard work make life better.

A stylish sideboard

This hack will help you transform a basic IKEA Stockholm sideboard into a stunning art deco piece. You can add gold accents or paint it with a neutral color for an elegant look. Adding golden hairpin-type legs can also increase its fashion sense.

Image: Kristi Murphy

Although the regular sideboard is fine and simple, you can always touch it up. This affordable furniture will look extravagant when styled the right way. It can change the entire feel of a room.

More convenient laundry

Of all household chores, we can agree that laundry is one of the most unpleasant, especially if you have a cluttered laundry area. You can make things easier by installing IKEA’s Karlby Countertop and Voxtorp design. 

Image: Daddest

This life hack will surely make your laundry area sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing. It will also make sorting and folding laundry a whole lot easier.

‘Roll’ your plants

Because your plants are valuable, they need a comfortable space to grow. Thankfully, you can use IKEA’s Raskog Trolley to house your greens. Each shelf can be its own little ecosystem.

image: succulentsandsunshine.com

Get rid of your ordinary indoor plant holder and try this DIY project. This innovative plant stand enables you to move your plants around to ensure they get enough sunlight.

Safe and fun playtime

With two IKEA Hejne shelves and some wire mesh, you can give your cats a safe area for playing outdoors. You can use wooden boards to turn the play area into a multistory funhouse. 

Image: Daddest

If you want to let your cats play outside without getting into trouble, this is a perfect hack for you. Fill the play area with toys and scratch poles, so your fur babies will stay entertained.

A chic kitchen island

This kitchen island will save space and add a touch of class to your kitchen. Pre-made ones can be costly, but this DIY project allows you to make the most out of your IKEA Kallax shelves. 

Image: Jen Lou Meredith

Attach some wheels to the island, and you can easily move it around the kitchen. This hack will help you stay more organized and put the fun back into preparing meals.

Shared workspace

Your basic IKEA Karlby Countertop can make a fantastic workstation. This works best if your partner or roommate also needs one. Why have separate areas when you can share? Just place a regular set of IKEA drawers in the middle to create a division of space.

Image: Daddest

If you are working or studying from home with another person, this easy hack will be helpful. If you have a suitable window in your home, it’s always nicer to have a workstation with a view. Finish the look off with a small indoor plant.

Show off your shoes

Aside from books and plants, shoes can also benefit from IKEA Lack shelves. Feel free to display your shoe collection. Not only does this allow you to organize your kicks properly, but you can also have easier access to them. 

Image: Instagram/Dayswithnina

The best part is, these shelves are durable and come in different sizes. Just mount them on your wall, give your shoes a clean, and then display them on the wall. This hack is perfect for anyone addicted to collecting sneakers.

Bathroom organization

Who says IKEA spice racks are for the kitchen alone? You can also use them for your bathroom. If your bathroom does not have much space left for your stuff, you can mount these racks on your wall or door. 

Image: Daddest

This hack allows you to properly store your personal care products in a tidy, accessible place. You can even hang your towels, headbands, or hair ties if you mount one of the racks upside down.

Great for your coats

This person created an innovative closet using two IKEA Besta TV cabinets. They mounted one high on the wall, set the second one below, and added a coat rack in the middle. This is a simple but cost-efficient hack for homeowners.

Image: Daddest

This idea will help you store your clothes neatly without consuming too much space. You can paint the cabinets to suit your decor, but we love this sleek black and natural wood combo.

Joint cabinets 

Create a larger storage space for your home by combining two IKEA PS Cabinets. Remove the other one’s legs and put it on top so you can make the most of your space.

Image: Little Wild One

At first glance, you wouldn’t know that the cabinets above are actually a DIY creation. Just paint both with your desired color to match your room’s theme. You can also replace the knobs with different ones to amp up the new look.

Benches for everyone

This is another cool IKEA hack for every homeowner. To create adequate workstations in your house, get yourself some shelves and wooden countertops. The picture below shows a bench and a higher workspace drilled together.

Image: Daddest

Because so many of us are now studying and working from home, we need enough desks and areas for everyone. This hack will help you maximize your space while adding extra storage. It also gives you the option to switch between sitting and standing while you work.

Toy kitchen shelf

Here is another interesting hack for kids to enjoy. To get kids excited about food and cooking, you can create a little cooking station for them. This is safe, fun, and easy to do with the help of IKEA furniture.

Image: @from_ck_to_cr on Instagram

Your regular IKEA Bekväm step stool can make a great play kitchen. Use placemats as stoves and knobs as stove switches. Add some other kid-sized kitchen accessories, and the new play area is complete.

Sew your pillows

Why buy a custom-made pillow online when you can just DIY? With a sewing machine, you can create the pillow of your choice with IKEA’s rugs. Just put some padding in and personalize your throws however you like.

Image: Daddest

If you are crafty and have a lot of time on your hands, feel free to make your own fringed pillows. You can play with different colors and designs. IKEA’s rugs vary in styles and textures, so you have a lot of options.

Design your desk

This clever person created her own custom workspace with the help of some furniture picked up from IKEA. She joined several IKEA drawers to come up with this beautiful desk below. To be honest, this doesn’t look DIY-ed at all.

Image: In My Own Style

Once you’ve stacked your drawers, feel free to decorate them any way you see fit. This person used gold accents and even put labels on each drawer. She also gave the unit some rollers for easy movement.

Art exhibit

If you have a lot of artworks and want to keep them beautifully displayed in your home, IKEA’s Magasin Hylla is the furniture for you. Just organize your paintings on each shelf so your living room can stay minimal but brimming with creativity.

Image: Daddest

This way, you won’t have to risk damaging the walls by hanging artwork on them directly. Feel free to display your art pieces as you would in an art gallery. With the right arrangement, your favorite works of art can add color and life to your home and complement your home’s overall design aesthetic.

Donut skip this DIY project

This is a fantastic DIY project for parties. All you need is an IKEA Lack coffee table to create your very own donut bar. This is a great idea for kids’ birthdays and other casual gatherings. 

Image: Ikea Hackers

All it takes is a little bit of creativity. You can use your preferred paint, decals, stickers, and other decorations to complete the look. Of course, don’t forget the donuts and drinks! Kids (at heart) will surely love this.